Beauty blenders alternatives at home:

4 Best Beauty Blenders Alternatives at Home: DIY Guide

Introduction to the topic

We’ll do anything to achieve a flawless finish with our makeup, aren’t we? How we apply makeup can make a huge difference in whether or not we achieve a stunning result.

What are your go-to methods for applying makeup? It is possible that you have some makeup brushes. Your fingers, perhaps? The kitchen sink is probably not the best place to find a sponge. Is the Beauty Blender enticing you?

If that’s the case, you’re not the only one out there. Known for its bright hues and claims of air-brushed finish, the $20 makeup sponge has taken the cosmetics industry by storm. It certainly does an excellent job. However, the $20 price tag for a Beauty Blender does not appeal to everyone. You’ll have to replace it every three months or so, unlike your makeup brushes. For many women, that’s a significant outlay for a makeup applicator.

What is a Beauty Blender?

Beauty blenders alternatives at home:

When the beauty blender became the must-have makeup applicator of the era, we all remember. This magical sponge is capable of flawlessly blending any substance. However, each one will set you back about $20. The best beauty blender alternatives, dupes, and similar sponges on the market are just as good as the originals at a fraction of the price.

For liquid foundation, you’ll want a blending sponge that won’t crumble under pressure. Spotting a splotchy, streaky application when you look in the mirror is the worst possible feeling. However, there are a few Beauty Blender dupes that are just as good as the original.

To help you narrow down your options, I’ve compiled a list of the best cheap beauty blender alternatives and look-alike beauty blenders (and save money). Afterwards, you’ll be able to thank me!

When it comes to makeup and cosmetics, the egg-shaped Beauty Blender is a multipurpose tool that can do just about anything. As the tip is small, it bounces on the surface of your skin.

To get the airbrushed look, you simply dab a small amount of product onto the sponge, and the sponge does the rest. As if you hired a professional to do your makeup.

Although it has been mentioned, the Beauty Blender costs $20. Fortunately, there are many lower-cost alternatives. Whether or not you can afford to spend $20 on a single Beauty Blender is entirely up to you.

In addition, you’ll probably need more than one brush for your foundation and concealer, as well as for your illuminating powder and eyeshadow. Oh! Moreover, you can use them to apply your skincare products with them as well. All of them must be kept apart. It’s at this point that you realize you’ve spent more than $100 on a family of Beauty Blenders and you need help.

There are plenty of great options out there if you don’t want to get sucked into the Beauty Blender rabbit hole. Remember that the Beauty Blender hasn’t been around for a very long time. Makeup artists were still able to achieve flawless results on their clients.

What’s the best way to use a beauty sponge?

Beauty blenders alternatives at home:

A little more information isn’t going to hurt anyone. I’m sure everyone is already aware of this. Beauty blenders work best when they’re slightly damp. There are many ways to get the best outcome. Your beauty blender can help you remove your makeup flawlessly, smoothly, and uniformly by adding water to the mix.

It doesn’t have to be just makeup, but if you use a beauty blender to apply your skincare, make sure it’s damp. It blends in well with the skin and provides excellent coverage all over the body and face. Makeup should be applied and set with a water or setting spray first, regardless of how light or heavy the foundation is. Trust us when we say it will last you the entire day.

Top 12 beauty blender substitutes

You may not be aware of these other great beauty tools, but they’re just as good as the BeautyBlender, and they’ve been making headlines for the past few months. Even if you have never used an oval brush before, it’s definitely worth a try. For example,

A few ideas for brushes that you can use while your other ones are drying if you like to stray from “the norm” every now and then are listed below.

1. The Artis Oval Brush

Since its release, the Artis Oval Brush has become a must-have for beauty bloggers on the Internet. In addition to its distinctive form, the brush’s fine and soft bristles allow it to blend flawlessly. YouTubers swear by it, even though it’s a bit pricey.

2. Miss Bella makeup sponge

– It’s soft, expands like crazy, and comes in a variety of shapes and colors so you can apply foundation quickly. P.S. Latex-free, as well!

3. Automatic Foundation Applicator for Color Me’s Professional Edition

technology was used in the development of this motorized make-up tool. Makes your face appear instantly airbrushed, no matter what products you choose to apply. This was a little out of my price range, but it got the job done nonetheless.

4. Beauty sponge from aesthetica cosmetics

For less than $4 each, these Aesthetica Cosmetics Sponges are excellent Beauty Blender replacements. This sponge is ideal for contouring because it applies makeup with a smooth, even finish that leaves no visible edges. Similar to the beauty blender, these sponges can be used to remove makeup.

5. Morphe Y6 Brush

Morphe has yet another great alternative to the Beauty Blender at a fraction of the cost! This is a kabuki style flat-topped brush. When it comes to applying both liquid and powder foundation, this brush’s dense, soft bristles are ideal.

6. A High-Quality Kabuki Brush Designed for Professional Use

I’d describe it as a “tiny but mighty” piece of equipment. This brush is ideal for applying powder or liquid foundation and ensures that your make-up gets into every nook and cranny for a flawless look. It’s also extremely portable!

7. Using a BlendSmart Brush

In order to provide you with the best possible coverage while minimizing your efforts, the BlendSmart Automated Foundation Brush rotates.

8. Blending Sponge from Japan

– In terms of form, softness, and durability, this is the closest thing I’ve found to a Beauty Blender dupe. Plus, P400 gets you just two sponges and a sponge cleanser!

9. Whipping sponge by club clio

– A sponge with a diamond shape for applying makeup to the chin and cheeks. In addition to being extremely absorbent, this sponge stays damp so that you can apply foundation evenly, and it grows like crazy!

10. Bobbie cosmetics makeup blending sponge

Try Bobbie’s makeup sponge if you’re on a budget. Even though it’s more brittle than BYS, use it frequently and it will soften up over time.

11. Traditional Japanese Brushes of the Kabuki Style

The classic kabuki brush, how I love thee. A small but dedicated fan base persists in using only this particular brand of brush, no matter how many new brush technologies are developed.

It’s easier for you to find a kabuki brush because there are so many to choose from. The bristles of these brushes are typically thick and fluffy, despite their small size and portability. Kabuki brushes can help you achieve a flawless finish by allowing you to apply your makeup to every nook and cranny of your face!

12. Sponge for applying liquid and powder makeup by Vera Mona

Now, this sponge is a little more expensive than the others on the list, but it’s still a lot less expensive than the Beauty Blender. It’s also multifunctional because of its unique shape, which makes it worth the price.

Useful for applying a full face of makeup because of its rectangular shape and flat edges Applying and blending foundation, concealer, and contouring with a sponge is easy, and you can also use it to apply baking and setting products.

4 Best Blender substitutes you have in your home

Beauty blenders alternatives at home:

What if you don’t want to spend a fortune on Beauty Blenders and have to replace them every few months? If you’re looking for an alternative to the Beauty Blender, check out these tried-and-true options.

1. Use your fingers

The good Lord gave you two hands, and there are still many makeup artists who adhere to this tenet. When it comes to applying makeup, you have a free tool right at your fingertips. You can also use your body heat to help blend concealer into your skin.

Experts like Charlotte Tilbury and Lisa Aldridge have all said that fingers are the best tool you can use, and the experts know it! Applying it with the right amount of pressure ensures that there are no streaks, while also allowing you to blend it all in seamlessly.

2. Beauty buffing with your bra

Isn’t this even weirder than using your socks as an alternative to using the Beauty Blender? As they say, it’s so crazy that it might actually work. And yes, it does in fact.

Your bra can serve as a Beauty Blender, so go ahead and try it out! Nonetheless, it’s not the entire bra you’re picturing. As a bonus tip, you can also use a folded-up piece of your bra’s special removable pads to apply your makeup flawlessly if you don’t mind looking a little uneven for the rest of the day.

The silicone-style cutlets that some bras had are an even better option. A Silisponge, which competes with the Beauty Blender, is available. However, you can create your own. Huda Kattan, the beauty whiz behind Huda Beauty, cut a silicone insert from her bra to use as a makeup sponge.

3. Your socks have the power to make a difference.

Before you get the idea that we’re telling you to remove your socks and put them to good use, read on. Socks that fit snugly around your feet are fine to wear.

In order to make a cushion out of the socks, she twisted them, folded the sock inside-out, and rolled the sock into a ball. To apply foundation to your face, dab a small amount of the cushioned end of the sponge onto your face. Because of the socks’ composition, there are no streaks when applying the product. And it doesn’t take in as much makeup as you might expect.

4. Using sponges as a beauty blender replacement is cheaper.

Is there a difference between a Beauty Blender and other makeup sponges? Actually, these sponges are just as effective. They’re meant to be thrown away after a few uses, and they’re incredibly cheap. So why not put them to good use?

While fingertip application is excellent, a simple makeup sponge can help you achieve a flawless finish. Even so, they’re best used wet, just like the Beauty Blender, but they’re less expensive.

A Beauty Blender can be washed to remove the stains, but if you don’t have the money for one, it really will not be an issue. Washing and drying it are the only two options. You have a bag of replacements if it smells or looks bad afterward.

Watch How to make beauty blender at home without sponge | Video

Top 5 FAQs and answers related to Beauty blenders alternatives at home

Do you know what can be used as a makeup sponge?

If brushes aren’t your thing, you’ll appreciate our handy guide to alternative makeup applicators.
A Wedge Sponge.
Use Q-tips.
Cotton Pads.

Do you know how to make a DIY beauty blender at home?

Foam Cutting. Make a beauty blender-like shape out of the memory foam by cutting it into cubes.
Try Various Sizes. It’s convenient to have both a large and a small blender on hand, so I tend to make a batch of blenders at the same time.
Mix the Fabric Dye
Get your blender in the bathtub and soak it…
Squeeze the Foam.
Take a Breather.
Utilize the Customary Merchandise.

Without a beauty blender, how do you blend?

“If you’re working with creams or liquids, your fingers and hands are ideal tools for the job. Using your fingers to warm a product can help it blend more easily into the skin, making it easier “She goes on to say more about it.
For blending, she suggests using your fingers on products like cream blushes and cream eyeshadows, as well as cream highlighters and bronzers.

I don’t have a beauty blender, can I use a sponge instead?

The dish sponge isn’t as soft as the Beautyblender or its rivals, but it got the job done. Moving on, I used my brush to apply concealer, cream contour and blush. A sponge’s job is to melt the product into your skin as you use it.

Can I use my fingers to apply foundation?

While using your fingers to apply foundation may seem daunting at first, it is possible to achieve a flawless look without the use of a brush or sponge. The foundation is more like a moisturizer in terms of absorption and blendability.


Beauty blenders alternatives at home:

The good news is that there are numerous alternatives to the Beauty Blender that you can use when applying your makeup. The placement of your makeup doesn’t have to cost a lot of money.

As long as you keep your fingers clean, you can use your own hands. Soft socks or makeup sponges can also be used. We’re not a fan of the idea of using marshmallows to apply it unless you’re camping and have no other options.

One of the best choices you can make for your makeup is a high-quality set of brushes. To get started, you can usually find a decent starter set that you can expand on. You’ll learn the fundamentals of applying makeup from start to finish. Most women do not need to purchase a large makeup artist’s brush set. Even more so if you’re just getting started with them.

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