The 10 Best Eyelash Glue to Use: Buying Guide

The 10 Best Eyelash Glue to Use: Buying Guide

A quality bottle of eyelash glue is an essential component of every cosmetics kit. Hear us out: a decent lash glue may help reduce the likelihood of lash accidents like complete lash loss or lash peeling up from the corner of your eyes, even if you don’t use falsies often or just for special occasions.

To avoid wasting the little container of glue that comes with your false eyelashes, consider upgrading to one of the long-lasting glues we’ve listed below.

Faux eyelashes are a great way to look glamorous for a particular event. False eyelashes, as they are more often called, are a great way to draw attention to your eyes and frame your face.

Having a high-quality eyelash adhesive makes it much simpler to apply false eyelashes. They complement one another well, and you may get some very stunning results if you want to wear lenses. The finest eyelash glues facilitate the effortless application of fake lashes. There is also no risk of skin irritation or pain from using these glues. 

What is eyelash glue?

eyelash glue

False eyelashes are attached to the skin above the real lashes using a cosmetic product called eyelash glue, also known as eyelash adhesive. This product is often a white or clear paste that, once dry, disappears into the skin or is mixed in with other cosmetics.

False eyelashes are attached to the eyelids by applying a thin line of eyelash adhesive to the back of the lashes. Before the glue dries on the fake lashes, some individuals secure them in place using q-tips or tweezers. One must use caution so as not to poke their eye while doing this.

Some brands of fake eyelashes already include the necessary glue. However, this glue is often only suitable for single use. In order to reuse the lashes, eyelash glue is required.

False eyelashes, particularly those created from high-end materials, may be rather expensive, but with the aid of eyelash adhesive, they can last for a lot longer and look just as good. Eyelash adhesive is a must-have beauty product for those who use artificial eyelashes regularly.

Can you use nail glue for false lashes? 

Mascara and eyelashes are essential finishing touches to every look. In order to successfully apply for eyelash extensions, eyelash glue is required. Some individuals wonder whether they may put eyelash glue on their nails, while others are hesitant to try it. This article addresses a popular topic in the beauty world: whether or not eyelash glue may be used on fingernails. 

The eyelashes are adhered to the eyelid using eyelash glue; the skin of the eyelid serves as the base for the fur that is added to it. This is why the drugs are utilized properly. Instead, nail glue is often thick and rigid.

Since the plastic of the fake nail and the keratin of the natural nail are both rigid, a strong glue is required to bond them. Nail glue is not suitable for use on eyelashes. However, eyelash glue is. In fact, using nail glue to adhere to false eyelashes might cause serious injury to the eye.

How to choose right eyelash glue?

When selecting an adhesive for eyelashes, makeup artists must take into account client safety, aesthetics, and longevity. Focusing on these three elements is essential.

When applying for eyelash extensions, it’s important to have a variety of lash adhesives on hand in case a client has particularly sensitive skin or an allergy. However, if you’re still learning, you may decide never to work on a client who has an allergy to lash glue.

1. Cyanoacrylate

All lash adhesives have the bonding chemical cyanoacrylate as their primary constituent. It is a staple ingredient in every lash adhesive, and its unparalleled drying time makes it indispensable. Cyanoacrylate is found in all fast-drying adhesives. However, the amount used might vary greatly. To start curing, cyanoacrylate must be exposed to moisture in the air.

Customers may eventually develop a sensitivity to cyanoacrylate. The exact cause of delayed allergy development is unknown, but once an immunological reaction has been triggered to a particular component, it cannot be prevented. Common signs of a cyanoacrylate allergy include watery, puffy eyes that discharge. Customers who may be allergic to cyanoacrylate may appreciate having access to a low-cyanoacrylate glue.

2. Hyposensitivity and Gases

Different customers may have varying degrees of sensitivity to the adhesive’s fumes or the substances used. Sensitive eyelash glue will have a milder solution to reduce the likelihood of irritation. However, they aren’t completely smoke-free. Slower drying time and frequently poor retention are the main reasons lash artists don’t always use them.

It is crucial to inform the customer of this before the application in order to set realistic expectations. An allergy test including the application of 5-10 extensions to each eye is the best way to ensure that the lash glue you choose will not trigger any adverse responses. This specific test is done around two days before application to rule out the possibility of an allergic response.

3. Time to dry

Your speed, accuracy, and ability will determine how long your lash adhesives dry. To guarantee the proper application of eyelash extensions while learning the technique, beginners should start with adhesives that dry more slowly.

You’ll be able to take your time and apply for each extension perfectly, thanks to the extended drying period. Because your speed and dexterity will increase as you practice, you’ll benefit from the quicker drying time with faster-setting lash glues. That is to say, you and your eyelash adhesive need to be on the same wavelength.

4. Price

Shopping for lash adhesives may quickly become as addictive as shopping for clothing. When you’re having a good time, you may not give much thought to the prices of the products you purchase. We advise making a strategy for your financial resources and adhering to it.

Input the price range in which you are interested in purchasing lash adhesives while shopping online. If you stick to your budget, you won’t overspend on unnecessary items. However, this becomes problematic if you do not have any say over which items are added to your shopping cart. Check to see whether the final cost will go beyond your set limit.

Remember that the bottles are rather tiny, making it simple to use up the whole supply, even if you’re always on the go. To get the most out of your money, pick options that are reasonably priced.

You may then more easily replace it with a new one. This guarantees that the quantity of eyelash glue you get is reasonable for the cost. Also, before making any purchases, investigate the options.

5. Superior natural conditions

There is a sweet spot in terms of temperature and humidity for the optimal performance of any lash adhesive. Make sure the glue you chose will work properly in your environment and the place you want to apply lashes. There is a sweet spot for environmental factors that determine how fast an adhesive cures; outside of that range, the glue may cure too rapidly or not quickly enough. Both you and your customers will be frustrated by the change in your lashing experience when this occurs.

The curing process of cyanoacrylate is triggered by atmospheric moisture. The curing process will be slower and retention weaker if there is insufficient moisture. Use a hygrometer to keep a close eye on the relative humidity in your home. A hygrometer may be used to determine the relative humidity in a given area, allowing for more precise climate control.

What is the best eyelash glue? 

eyelash glue

Several eyelash adhesives have accidentally landed on our work surfaces. When it comes to eyelash glue, we’ve seen and heard it all. There has been no lack of tragedies encountered in the pursuit of flawlessly luscious, long lashes, from glues that pulled eyelashes out at the end of the night to glues that were no better than pure water.

To save you the trouble of trying out different brands and types of eyelash glue yourself (because let’s be real, you don’t have time for that sh*t), we have compiled a list of the 15 best eyelash glues available today, based on our thorough research and analysis. Those sticky hands and questionable fragrances in the name of research (or maybe just beauty) had to go somewhere.

These alternatives have been approved by our in-house beauty experts and have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from customers all around the web. You can finally put an end to your lash problems since these glues are the greatest of all time.

1. House of Lashes Mini Clear Lash Adhesive

  • for just $5.

Some eyelash glues claim to dry clear but end up with a cloudy, off-white finish when fully cured. The contrast between the light eyelid and the black lash base is striking. However, this formulation dries completely clear. One reviewer raves, “The lasting strength of this lash adhesive is a force to be reckoned with.” I used this glue on my eyelashes for my wedding, and they didn’t budge at all!

2. Glue for Eyelashes, Pur Pro

  • A beauty item for only $8 at ulta

Paraben-free and cruelty-free, this eyelash adhesive can supposedly survive a full-on emotional breakdown without flinching. After a breakup with her partner, a reviewer writes, “[I] have definitely sobbed out all of my water weight, but, I still have my lashes perfectly in place after 5+ hours of full Kim K sobbing (complete with theatrical eye rubbing).” This is the best recommendation we’ve ever received.

3. False eyelash adhesive with a brush tip from the Sephora collection

  • Only $8 at sephora

Whether you choose black or white, this latex-free formula’s larger brush tip makes it simple to load up on the glue to prevent even the heaviest lashes from sagging or flaking off after a few hours. One reviewer said, “I have tried several other lash types of glue, and this one is the best.” So simple to use, and it holds up all day long! When I saw how nicely it performed, I couldn’t believe the low cost.

4. Dark-Toned Duo Strip Eyelash Adhesive

  • Save $5 at amazon
  • Costs just $10 at Walmart.

Actually, while discussing eyelash glues, the cult favorite Duo must be mentioned. The product dries quickly to a black, eyeliner-like finish that lasts, despite the unpretentious squeeze tube packaging. Proof: Throughout the day, the lashes HAVE BEEN. NOT. BUDGED. A miracle, indeed! One reviewer raves, “It came off with very little effort, and the adhesive came off the lash in one continuous string.”

5. A, C, and E Vitamin-Fortified Lash Adhesive Brush-On Set

  • It’s just $5 on Amazon.
  • Priced at only $5, this is a steal from Bed Bath & Beyond!
  • Only $6 at MACY’S

There are going to be two Duos on this list, and I know what you’re thinking: “But wait a minute, you say; I promised you the best, right?” In contrast to the other Duo formula, which has a blackish tinge (and hence works best with eyeliner and/or eyeshadow), this Duo is entirely transparent and thus undetectable even when applied to bare lids.

6. Lilac Street Professional Lash Glue

  • Only $15 

Trying to find an ultra-strong adhesive? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. With the help of Lilac St.’s Pro Lash Glue, your eyelashes will be ready for anything. One reviewer claims that the black, mascara-like solution can survive even the most rigorous outdoor activities since it doesn’t smudge and has an extra-strong grip. The reviewer states, “This adhesive works absolutely wonderfully.

7. Hybrid Eyeliner/Lash Adhesive by Velour Lashes, called Lash & Go

  • The value of $25 at kohl’s
  • Only $25 at ulta beauty
  • A $25 deposit at jcpenney

This eyelash adhesive is so dark that it may be used as an eyeliner as well. Apply it to your lid like a regular liquid liner and while it’s still wet, stick to your lashes to secure them to your lash line. The remaining pigment will dry to a non-sticky, somewhat matte liner, a feature praised by several reviewers.

8. Lash adhesive with a black finish from Eylure that stays put for 18 hours.

  • $5

Try this eyelash glue if you need your lashes to stay put for 18 hours, which is like, really, really long (wut). The black, cruelty-free, quick-drying solution dries to a lustrous finish and contains no latex. Reviews vary, but one user says, “The glue/my lashes resist showers, cleaning my face (very gently, trying to avoid my eyes because duh), sleeping, exercising, etc.” However, k? (Please take off your makeup before bedtime.)

9. Bepholan is a high-strength eyelash adhesive

  • Get $6 at Amazon.

This lash adhesive goes from white to clear and has a cult appeal among those with sensitive eyes due to its delicate formula. Two reviews contradict each other: “My eyes are quite sensitive, and I have absolutely no discomfort whatsoever,” and “I have no irritation and can wear my lashes all day without experiencing watery eyes or redness.” I guess that’s OK, and I’ll take it.

10. Lash Essentials Kit by D’Lashes

  • Take $25 Off at

If you’re going away for the weekend, this kit has everything you need to apply your false eyelashes without any hassle. Two sets of eyelashes, two hypoallergenic eyelash glue, and a pair of tiny tweezers are included. One reviewer says, “I’ve never been able to put lashes on properly before, but the adhesive eyeliner mixed with these lashes makes it incredibly simple and comfy.” I plan to make frequent use of it.

11. Lash adhesive with a lifetime guarantee

  • $16

This certified cruelty-free and vegan eyelash glue does not include any animal byproducts, parabens, latex, sulfates, fragrance, or phthalates. Which features does it possess?

A hypoallergenic, water-resistant polymer that prevents false eyelashes from sliding down your face. One reviewer said, “This is the greatest eyelash glue I have ever used.” I have alopecia and have tried everything, but this one works the best.

12. Eyelash Glue, Esqido Companion

  • For just $10 at

Sensitive skin and eyelash glues are not a good combination. Nonetheless, its hypoallergenic formulation was developed with delicate skin in mind (though, obviously, all skin types and allergies are different).

It doesn’t contain any latex and has received over 1,400 raving reviews on I have ocular rosacea and very sensitive eyes, so I have to be very selective about the products I use in and around my eyes. This does not cause any irritation to my eyes or lash line.

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Top 5 FAQs and answers related to best eyelashes glue

What sort of eyelash adhesive do experts recommend?

Recommended for the Pros: Lonris Eyelash Glue
In addition to the other types of eyelash glue, this one is widely used in the industry. It takes less than two seconds to dry and may be worn for up to eight weeks. Because of its high binding strength and low viscosity, this adhesive can be applied quickly and efficiently.

When applying false eyelashes, should one use clear or black glue?

A black adhesive is less effective at bonding than a clear one, although it is less noticeable when applied to black extensions because of the color. However, clear lash adhesive is more durable and gives a more natural finish when used with colored extensions.

The question is, “What is the safest eyelash glue?”

The Lashe® – Lash Adhesives are the Most Secure and Highest-Performing Adhesive for Eyelash Extensions. Three different types of medical-grade, FDA-approved adhesives for eyelash extensions have been created by The Lashe®. More than 95% of customers can use Rapid Dry Adhesive without any problems.

My false eyelashes keep falling off, help?

Too Hasty Lash Application
It’s crucial to wait until the adhesive is sticky before adding the lashes. This will aid in getting a good grip and keeping them in place. Try our Lash Fix adhesive if you’re having trouble applying the glue to the lash band.

How do you maintain your eyelashes all day?

Glue. When working with adhesive, patience is essential. False eyelashes should be glued on with a thin, uniform coating and then let to dry before being placed on the eyelid. False eyelashes will remain securely in place for a longer amount of time if the adhesive is sticky.


When customers spend money and effort on eyelash extensions, they want those extensions to stay as long as possible. The quality of the eyelash extension adhesive is directly proportional to the end outcome.

The finest eyelash glue will hold the lashes in place until the next visit, and a Super bonder will keep them flexible. Check out what we have for eyelash glues below.

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