Can I Apply Fake Eyelashes on Top of Eyelash Extensions?

Can I Apply Fake Eyelashes on Top of Eyelash Extensions?

Introduction to the topic

The big day is approaching, and your lash extensions are looking worse for wear. Like yesterday, you could use a filler.

No time for a fill, so you open the bathroom cupboard and grab a pair of false eyelashes.

I mean, what’s the harm?


Damage to both the extensions and the natural lashes occurs when false eyelashes are worn over them.

Experimenting with falsies over your extensions can be very tempting when you have a big event coming up and your extensions are appearing bare.

However, the risk is not worth it!

In addition to damaging your extensions and natural lashes, falsies should be avoided at all costs. Instead, make sure to book a fill appointment ahead of time for your most important occasions. Thank you for taking care of your eyelashes!

Fake lashes on top of eyelash extensions: is this possible?

Can I apply fake eyelashes on top of eyelash extensions?

Definitely. When placed correctly, lash extensions are attached to your natural lashes and do not come into contact with the skin on your upper or lower eyelids.

At the base of the natural lashes, strip lashes are glued to the eyelids.


In order to avoid this problem, it is best to attach strip lashes while the lash glue is still wet so that the adhesive does not seep out of the band onto one’s natural eyelashes or the lash extensions and dry. Once the strips are removed, it’s likely that some of the lash extensions will come out as well (and pull out some of their natural lashes as well).

Strip lash application videos on YouTube have taught me that most individuals use far too much lash adhesive and apply the lashes too soon after applying the adhesive.

It is similar in composition to rubber cement*, a temporary adhesive used to bind paper together. It is possible to separate the sheets without damaging them if rubber cement is used properly.

It is important to apply the temporary lash glue sparingly and wait for it to dry before attaching the lashes on the eyelid, just like when using rubber cement with paper.

Get a different style if you’re not happy with the length or fullness of them. Or if your technician lacked skill… Ask for an older technician.

Just like your nails, you require a filler if your eyebrows are discoloured and falling out. Having eyelash extensions requires a lot of upkeep… Maintenance visits are typically scheduled every two weeks.

It would be extremely risky, which is the correct response to your original query. In order to avoid getting glue on your extensions, you’d have to be quite careful. It’s possible that you’ll damage your extensions in the process.

Make an appointment with your eyelash extension professional if you’re unsatisfied with them. She’ll be happy to help you with the length and thickness.

It only takes 5 minutes to apply strip lashes, which are ideal for creating a dramatic effect on the upper lash line.

But the damage done to the eyelash extensions by using artificial eyelashes will remain for weeks, and you know why?

Your natural lashes will become unbalanced if you use false lashes on top of your eyelash extensions.

The eyelash adhesive you use can do a lot of damage to your natural lashes. This happens when you remove your eyelashes from your eyes at the end of a party.

To remove the adhesive from your lashes, you’ll have to use a special remover (even a lash technician can help you). It has a dreadful appearance.

Yes, it has an impact on how you appear. Eyelash extensions, as well as how they are applied and maintained, will be impacted as a result of this decision.

Do eyelash extensions interfere with the application of fake lashes?

Can I apply fake eyelashes on top of eyelash extensions?

I don’t understand what you’re saying at all. Damage to both your natural lashes and your eyelash extensions would be catastrophic.

Eyelash extensions and artificial eyelashes are not a good combination.

Applying fake lashes while wearing lash extensions is problematic because the adhesive used will leak out from under the lash band, destroying both your natural lashes and your lash extensions. Additionally, it’s possible that you’ll remove some of the lash extensions and your natural lashes when you take off the false lashes.

Using both false lashes and lash extensions may be tempting for a special occasion, but you’ll be squandering money on the extensions and damaging your own natural lashes in the process!

Fake eyelashes aren’t a good substitute for eyelash extensions for the following reasons:

The following are a few reasons why you should never, ever use false lashes over eyelash extensions.

False eyelashes can harm your extensions as well as your natural lashes, which is why you should avoid them at all costs.

1. Eyelash extensions and your natural lashes can both be damaged during the removal process

Remove your extensions when you remove your artificial eyelashes. Fake lash adhesive is strong and abrasive, and it will tug your extensions out of your natural lashes. Much if you had not utilised the falsies, you’ll be in even more need of a fill now.

Your natural lashes will also be damaged. The falsie glue can also harm your natural lashes, which may be beyond repair in some situations.

2. The weight of falsies is too much

A fine balance must be struck between the weight of the extension and the strength of your natural lashes when having individual eyelash extensions applied by an eyelash technician.

The length and diameter of lash extensions that are applied to your natural lashes should be sufficient to last for the duration of the treatment. To avoid damaging your natural lashes, it’s important to keep this balance in check.

However, what happens if you add a second layer of lashes on top of your existing ones, such as a strip set?

3. Unwanted extra bulk

The glue used to attach fake eyelashes is tough to remove.

It’s nearly impossible to remove the adhesive from your lash line without rubbing your eyes. To damage eyelash extensions, rubbing your eyes is one of the most common causes. If this is the case, you’ll be smeared in falsie glue for weeks.

There is no point in doing this.

If your lash extensions break or fall out before they should, the money and time you invested in them are useless. You’ll also have to budget for the cost of repairing your extensions after the false eyelashes have been removed.

4. Look unnatural

To be clear, let’s be honest. When applied over eyelash extensions, false lashes seem artificial. They appear sloppy and untidy.

Ok. Yes, the image above is a little bit exaggerated. However, you get the gist of it.

Straight strip lashes don’t function well with most people’s natural lash lines, so they end up looking fake and unnatural.

Inquiring about whether or not your eyelashes are real might be humiliating! That’s why it’s never a good idea to combine strip lashes with eyelash extensions.

Eyelash extensions are an excellent alternative to strip lashes.

5. Unnecessary

To acquire eyelash extensions, you’ve spent a significant amount of money. A lot of time and effort went into finding the perfect hairdo.

As opposed to using strip lashes, why would you want to do that?

Make an appointment with your lash stylist to discuss any specific requests you may have for your big day. The possibilities are unlimited when it comes to eyelash extensions, and they’ll look far more natural than falsies ever could.

What is magnetic lashes?

Can I apply fake eyelashes on top of eyelash extensions?

For those who want to wear false eyelashes but don’t have the time or patience to put them on, there are now magnetic lashes. A key benefit of magnetic lashes is that they can be applied in just a few easy steps.

Magnetized false lashes have a magnetic strip running along the false lash’s base. Magnetism is used to keep the strip hidden and in place.

Generally speaking, magnetic lashes are safe for most people.

In terms of magnetic lashes, there are two varieties to choose from:

  1. Magnetic eyeliner
  2. Lash extensions

Lash strips fused together to create magnetic lashes is a popular choice for many individuals because of how comfortable it is to wear. If you know what you’re doing, they’re simple to implement and can have a profound effect.

Why you don’t want to wear magnetic lashes over eyelash extensions?

The process of putting on magnetic lashes while wearing eyelash extensions is more difficult but not impossible. Removing them without injuring your lashes is the most difficult part.

1. Using lash extensions to remove magnetic eyeliner lashes

This sort of magnetic lashes uses a certain form of eyeliner to stick the artificial lashes to the lash line, as we have already mentioned.

You’ll have to wash your face and take the eyeliner off eventually.

However, what if the eyeliner is difficult to wash off?

When you try to remove it, you run the danger of damaging your skin. You run the risk of harming both your extensions and your natural lashes if you do this.

So, we recommend water-based eyeliner that is very easy to remove. Magnetic eyeliner, of course, is a no-no for this guideline as well.

2. Using lash extensions to remove magnetic strips

The result would be two magnetic strips sandwiching your natural lashes and extensions if you applied them over lash extensions.

The strips’ magnets create a powerful grasp. If you tried to pull the magnetic strips forward, you’d rip your natural lashes out in the process.

Pull the upper magnetic lash strip toward your inner eye by grabbing it from the outside corner of your eye and lifting it up.

Why not?

There’s more to this storey. There are some tremendous magnetic lashes out there, haven’t you noticed?

While tugging on the top magnetic lash strip to break the bond between the two strips, you could easily pull on your extensions at the same time if your angle is less than optimal.

If you pull on the extensions, you risk damaging your natural lashes or maybe removing them completely.

It’s a waste of time.

I know this one is apparent, but I still feel the need to point it out for the sake of clarity.

Eyelash extensions, let’s face it, aren’t cheap. As part of your initial consultation, you’ll receive lash refills every two or three weeks, which cost a significant amount of money.

Eyelash extensions cost on average $164 for classic lashes and $71 for classic fills, according to a detailed case study I conducted.

There was great effort put into creating a unique look that properly matched your eye shape.

To avoid wearing magnetic lashes on top of the extensions, what other options do I have?

Can I apply fake eyelashes on top of eyelash extensions?

When your lashes are sparse and you’re nearing a refill appointment, it’s not unusual to consider DIY lash repair. Instead of making your extensions last longer and protecting your natural lashes, using magnetic lashes merely damages them and weakens your own.

Furthermore, because to the sensitivity of the area around the eye, only licenced experts are permitted to perform eyelash extension treatments. Once you’ve had this treatment, you run the risk of harming your lashes in the removal process if you try to tamper with it yourself using chemicals like magnetic eyeliner.

Instead, request a voluminous set from your lash technician or make use of a lash growth serum when getting lashes applied. Helps you grow lashes that are long, thick, and strong enough to hold profuse extensions for a long time period.

There are numerous subtle differences between traditional, hybrid, and volume lashes. If you want to learn more about them, I’ve published a complete post on the subject.

Watch How to apply false eyelashes for beginners | Video

Is it possible to combine eyelash extensions with strip lashes?

Strip lashes can be worn on top of eyelash extensions, although it is not advised. During the removal of the false lashes, this might harm both the natural and synthetic lashes.

How long will eyelash extensions last?

No, eyelash extensions will not harm your natural lashes if they are administered by a qualified lash technician. To keep your lashes looking as natural as possible, the professionals at Fancy Lash take great care to apply the right amount of pressure to them.

Putting artificial eyelashes on top of your extensions can cause them to fall out, is it true?

If you’re looking for a more dramatic look, adding artificial lashes to your extensions is a great option. You’ll be able to make a bold statement with your lashes. Is it worth the risk of ruining your eyelash extensions for one night’s worth of exuberance?

Is it possible to combine eyelash extensions with artificial lashes?

Just say no to eyelash extensions if you don’t believe in them.
However, it’s not worth it! In addition to damaging your extensions and natural lashes, falsies should be avoided at all costs. Instead, make sure to book a fill appointment ahead of time for your most important occasions.

When wearing eyelash extensions, what to do?

Avoid these ten pitfalls if you’re getting eyelash extensions.
It’s all about the eyeliner, really.
Face wash, baby wipes, cotton pads, moisturizers, anti-wrinkle treatments, hair conditioner, and baby shampoo are a few of the more common beauty products.


Can I apply fake eyelashes on top of eyelash extensions?

True, falsies may appear to be a simple solution to making your lashes look like they belong on the cover of a magazine.

Wearing falsies (also known as strip lashes) with eyelash extensions is not recommended for a variety of reasons, as detailed in this blog post.

If you don’t remove your false lashes correctly, you risk damaging the quality of your natural lashes and extensions.

Glue clinging to the lash line is even worse. They make your eyelids droop.

Prior to making a selection regarding what beauty items you’ll be using while having lash extensions done, it’s crucial to keep these difficulties in mind.

There is absolutely no justification for using false eyelashes with eyelash extensions. Fill up the spaces with lash fans or do a volume set instead.

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