Can You Get Lash Extensions After a Lash Lift: Guide to Care

Can You Get Lash Extensions After a Lash Lift: Guide to Care

You may achieve thick, dramatic lashes with any number of mascaras, but if you want them to remain longer, you may want to try eyelash extensions or a lash lift. Semi-permanent lash curling is possible with a lash lift, and it may last for up to eight weeks.

Lash extensions, meanwhile, can make even the shortest natural lashes seem longer and fuller. When you combine the two services, it creates an effect somewhat unlike a doll. Andrea Starr, a lash specialist, says that the two go together well, particularly for those who use lash curlers often and have naturally straight lashes. Follow this guide to learn all you need to know about combining a lash lift with lash extensions in a secure manner.

Starr recommends having a lash lift at her salon at least two days before receiving extensions. “Lash lifts leave a virtually imperceptible solution on your natural lashes,” explains Starr, “but you still want to avoid water and cosmetics for the first day, so the lift can completely set.”

If the procedures are performed too closely together, the results will not last as long. Starr suggests cleaning your newly-lifted lashes after 24 hours to make sure they’re set and provide a clean slate for your lash technician when you return for the extensions. You may be certain that your lashes will be unharmed by this procedure, which is also the gentlest.

What is a lash lift? 

Can You Get Lash Extensions After a Lash Lift: Guide to Care

You may apply as many coats of mascara as you want, but sometimes your lashes still need a little something more. Falsies and lash extensions are always a possibility, but they’re a lot of work to keep looking good. Here, the lash lift comes into play.

A low-maintenance alternative to lash extensions, this technique lifts, and curls lashes permanently. These results suggest that this therapy may be worth investigating for those who want to get out of the house faster in the mornings. We have analyzed the procedure, the expense, and most importantly, the outcome for you.

Clementina Richardson, the celebrity lash specialist and creator of Envious Lashes in New York City and Miami, adds that “a lash lift curls your lash from base to tip so that you can see the complete length.”

This technique uses a small curling rod and a lifting solution to change the natural form of the eyelash. You keep your eyes closed while it’s being done, so don’t worry, but there are chemicals involved. A qualified medical practitioner should always provide the therapy.

What are lash extensions? 

Honestly, I’m not proud to admit that the first time I had eyelash extensions, I failed to prepare enough by not asking all the important questions. Because I was so excited to leave with full, fluttery lashes without the use of falsies, I neglected to do any research.

“People believe they have lashes put on and they’re done, but there’s still care afterward,”

Dionne Phillips, celebrity eyelash extension specialist and owner of D’Lashes.

Even while they don’t need to be maintained as often as daily mascara or artificial eyelashes, eyelash extensions aren’t a “set it and forget it” beauty treatment, either. We consulted Phillips and other lash specialists to learn what to do before a visit, how to care for your lashes afterward, and other essentials. In this article, we will cover the fundamentals of getting eyelash extensions, which are things that I wish I had known before getting them myself.

Andra Marin, the creative director and master lash stylist at NYC’s Courtney Akai Lash Boutique, defines eyelash extensions as artificial lashes that are hand-glued over a person’s natural lashes for a temporary effect.

Individual lash extensions, as opposed to pre-made strips, allow for more customization and a more realistic appearance. Eyelash extensions, if properly cared for (more on that below), may last anywhere from six to eight weeks before falling out normally with your own lashes. When they start to come out, though, you may have your lash artist reapply them. Therefore, it is possible to extend the life of your extensions forever.

Actually, there isn’t much proof that using eyelash extensions shortens or harms your natural lashes in the long run. But, explains Zaina Al-Mohtaseb, MD, assistant professor of ophthalmology at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, there is a very small danger of getting traction alopecia, where your natural lashes might fall out as a consequence of the persistent weight of recurrent eyelash extensions.

Don’t worry, however, since this isn’t typical. Poor application and maintenance are often the root cause of “long-term lash damage,” as stated by Marin. Consequently, stick to known and trusted salons (no matter how good that Groupon deal is). Asking your technician to verify they are using the right sanitation and disinfection methods is perfectly acceptable. In addition, go with your gut. If you’re nervous about going to the salon, it’s probably better to reschedule.

Can you get lash extensions after a lash lift? 

Natural lashes may be curled in a semi-permanent fashion with a lash lift. A silicone rod is surgically implanted in the upper eyelid. The next step is to get your lash rod installed. To keep the curl in place, we use two different lotions, and if you like, we may also color your lashes black.

Your lashes will seem curlier and darker for up to four weeks after your procedure is complete. Synthetic mink eyelashes, often known as “eyelash extensions,” are applied to each natural eyelash and remain in place for up to two months. You may use them to make your own lashes seem longer and fuller.

If they are applied properly, they will not do any harm to your real lashes. When your eyelashes fall out, it’s because they were ready to shed and begin the growth phase of their life cycle all over again.

It’s possible to combine lash lifts with eyelash extensions. The lash lift and tint should naturally come before the extensions. The eyelash extensions will adhere better to your natural lashes if they are curled beforehand, and this is particularly true for those who have naturally straight lashes.

How long after a lash extension can you get lash lift?

Can You Get Lash Extensions After a Lash Lift: Guide to Care

Whether you call them “lash extensions” or “magnetic lashes,” you’ve probably heard of them by now. Both claim to make it possible to have long, fluttery lashes without the bother of applying mascara. However, there are other choices that have gained popularity.

What I’m referring about, of course, is the lash lift and tint procedure. When I was originally exposed to the concept of getting my eyelashes permed and colored, I wasn’t really enthusiastic about it. After my lash extensions mysteriously disappeared during the Circuit Breaker, I decided to attempt the much-touted lash lift and tint procedure for myself.

After four years of using eyelash extensions, I never would have thought to go without them for so long. Once I took off the extensions, I saw that my eyes no longer sparkled as brightly as I had imagined they would. Believe me, and I know how frustrating it can be to make the change to something healthier.

But if you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of lash lifts for your eyes, keep on reading. Simply put, a lash lift and tint treatment do exactly what its name implies: it makes your lashes seem bigger and darker by lifting them and applying color. The process is similar to perming in that a chemical solution is used to elevate and strengthen each individual eyelash to create an upward and natural-looking curl. Permanent, cream-based dyes are then used to deepen and enhance the color of the lashes.

The YUMITM Lash Lift Keratin Treatment is now the most popular lash tint treatment. This cutting-edge method, developed in France, involves injecting your lashes with a mixture of proteins, vitamins, and colors to enhance their length, curve, and thickness. You can have a lash lift and tint in about an hour to an hour and a half, which is less time than it takes to apply for lash extensions. But it depends largely on the lash salon you visit.

Salons like The Lash Chapter and many others charge around $80 for their unique YUMITM Lash Lift Keratin Treatment. Getting lash extensions or a lash lift and tint treatment both have their benefits. A lash lift may last for up to 8 weeks, but lash extensions typically only last for about half that long.

What factors influence how long after lash lift should you get lash extensions?

When compared to using eyelash curlers, a lash lift will keep your lashes lifted and curled for much longer. Unfortunately, the effects don’t stay forever (if only). But how long does a lash lift last, exactly? I can’t wait to show off my beautiful oh-la-la lashes. The effects of a lash lift might be seen after four to eight weeks.

Your natural eyelash growth rate, how well you prepare for your lash lift, and how well you care for your lashes immediately after your surgery and in the weeks that follow all contribute to the durability of your results. You may be thinking, “That’s a big jump from 4 weeks to 8 weeks.” If you fell in love with your new lashes the moment you opened them, you may be wondering how to preserve their curl for the whole four weeks.

I can’t guarantee that your lash lift will endure for the whole two months because of external circumstances beyond your control. However, I do know certain secrets that can help your eyelashes stay curled for much longer. To give you a sense of how long you may anticipate waking up with your natural lashes looking their finest after a lash lift, I’ll go through the precise aspects that impact how long lash lifts last.

Eyelashes develop at a rate of roughly 0.15 mm each day1, and the whole process may take up to two months. 2 The pace at which your eyelashes develop may vary from person to person. Some advance at a quicker rate than others. It’s great that your eyelashes are growing so quickly, but it’s not so great that they’re outliving your lash lifts. You should expect your lash lift to wear off faster if your lashes are naturally growing at a rapid rate.

Early lash loss is another factor that reduces the duration of your lash lift. Your eyelashes will look their best and last longer if they are lifted by a professional. One of the first things you should do when planning a lash lift is to locate a qualified lash technician. Avoiding water, steam, heat, eye products, cosmetics, and cleaners around the eye region during the first 24 hours following a lash lift will offer you the greatest chance of keeping your results. If you want your procedure’s effects to persist and look their best, you should avoid these items for a day after it’s over.

How to care for lash extensions after a lash lift? 

Your natural lashes may be permed and curled with a lash lift, making you feel and look fabulous. A Lash Lift has the added benefit of requiring nothing in the way of upkeep. However, special attention is needed during the first two days. Here are some things you should avoid doing if you want your improvements to persist. Avoid getting your eyelashes wet at all costs.

Do not apply anything to your eyelids or lashes. You shouldn’t touch your eyes. Stay away from the pool, sauna, and bath. Don’t experiment with other facial beautification procedures. The effects of your lash lift and tint will last longer if you follow these easy guidelines.

Depending on factors including your hair’s growth cycle, lifestyle, and aftercare, the effects may continue for up to a year. Here at Maxi Care Beauty Secrets, we utilize Elleebana Lash Lift products that only need to be used once.

1. What to do if you get your eyelashes lifted and tinted

You decided to do something about your bare lash line, so you had a lash lift and color. However, you are concerned about maintenance today. When there is downtime between consultations, what should be done? Excellent news: If you receive a lash lift and tint, there isn’t much maintenance involved. Because of this, the lash-lengthening and -thickening combo is a huge hit with visitors.

2. After your lift and tint appointment, wait 24 hours before washing your eyes

Now that you have your eyelashes curled to perfection and a natural color burst to complement them, there are a few things you should slow down on to keep your new appearance intact for as long as possible.

This is particularly crucial in the first 24 hours following your scheduled visit. The following items are recommended so that your lash lift lasts as long as possible without being disturbed. When both eyelash perming and tinting are performed at the same time, special care must be taken to provide the finest possible outcomes from each.

Do not: in the 24 hours after a lash lift and tint. Wet your eyelashes or put them in a steamy or sweaty environment. If you want to get some rest, try sleeping on your face. Put on some eye makeup. Use a heating appliance or tanning bed to condition your eyelashes. Apply oil-based lash serums or products directly to the lash line.

3. In-between maintenance for your lash lift and tint

The first day following a lift and tint session is the most critical. Once that time has passed and you’ve taken the necessary measures (see above). However, aftercare will be a breeze.

A middle-aged blonde lady with lash extensions is seen here. Here are some extra aftercare instructions for your eyelash lift and tint to keep your lashes looking great in-between visits to the Lash Lounge every four weeks: Each day, brush your lashes briefly to preserve their curl.

4. Our advice is to brush your teeth first thing in the morning

Perform your regular face washing routine, paying special attention to the region around your eyes. Keeping your lash line free from aggressive rubbing is a good general rule to follow.

Wearing goggles when swimming will protect your eyes and your eyelashes from the harmful effects of chlorine. You should note that prolonged exposure to chlorine might diminish the quality of your lash color. Wearing sunglasses or a cap to shield your eyes from the sun can extend the life of your lash tint.

5. Your eyelashes will look gorgeous without any effort on your part

An eyelash lift and tint may make you look stunning for up to four weeks with no effort. This means you can skip the daily ritual of applying mascara and the annoyance of using curling tools at home.

6. When you have your lashes lifted, do you risk damaging them

Plant-based proteins and a keratin-based Lash Lift lotion that is safe for your eyelashes are used in Keratin Lash Lift to keep your natural lashes in good condition. In a nutshell, Lash Lifts won’t hurt your real lashes in any way.

However, there are a few things to keep in mind since they may explain why some individuals have unfavorable experiences. They haven’t given the lash salon they’ve chosen for the Lash Lift any thought. Before scheduling an appointment, it is recommended that you read additional reviews from previous customers and do research on the brand’s website/social media.

The salon probably employed subpar Lash Lift products, which might have included a high concentration of drying chemicals that weakened the lashes and led to their premature breaking.

The personnel carrying it out lack proper certification, enough training, and adequate experience. Without fully comprehending the potential dangers, they bought Lash Lift kits online and tried to do the procedure themselves at home.

7. What is the average price for a lash lift procedure

Pricing for a Lash Lift treatment at Singapore’s beauty parlors typically ranges from $80 To $120. The quality of the materials and the expertise of the lash technicians directly affect the cost. When considering your options, a low-cost Lash Lift may not be the greatest option. Many beauty salons utilize subpar Lash Lift treatments that might cause permanent damage to your own lashes.

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Top 5 FAQs and answers related to can you get lash extensions after a lash lift

Should I get a perm before getting eyelash extensions?

Tinting your lashes is an option, but it has to be done before your lash appointment. It is recommended to wait at least three months after an eye perm treatment before getting extensions put in.

A lash lift or lash extensions?

When it comes down to it, a lash lift is the greatest choice if you want to obtain something and never have to worry about it again. But if you’re looking for something that will last longer and you don’t mind a little maintenance, eyelash extensions are the way to go.

Does getting your lashes lifted harm them?

There is no risk associated with the process as long as you see a qualified specialist and wait at least six weeks in between treatments. A poorly trained operator, however, poses a risk to your eyelashes.

To what extent should one’s lashes be lifted regularly?

The average lifespan of a lash lift is 6-8 weeks. However, this range is very individual. The procedure only has to be performed every 6-8 weeks to raise the new hair growth, and maintenance treatments aren’t necessary for the meantime.

I was wondering whether I could have another lash lift the same day?

The hairs need at least 24 hours to rebuild and solidify their ties after being lifted, and 48 hours is preferable. After that time has passed, the lashes should be treated for just half as long as they were initially.


When it comes to aftercare, this procedure requires very little maintenance. You should just maintain your eyes clean and free of makeup over the following few days after your Lash Lift treatment. To maintain long, healthy eyelashes, use Lash Lift Nourishing Serum regularly. If you want the lift to last, you’ll need to receive another Lash Lift treatment every 6 to 8 weeks.

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