Can You Go Swimming with Lash Lift: Myth Buster Guide

Can You Go Swimming with Lash Lift: Myth Buster Guide

One 45-minute salon visit may give you a luxuriant lash lift that lasts four to eight weeks (or more) without any touch-ups. At Smoothie, we employ a special procedure that involves raising lotion and silicone rods to enhance the appearance of your natural lashes, giving them the appearance of being longer and fuller.

Lash Lift is an excellent replacement for eyelash extensions since it requires almost little maintenance. Simply open those gorgeous eyes and go moving.

Time spent in therapy is minimal and painless. Allows you to avoid the hassle of applying fake eyelashes by making your own seem longer. Aftercare is minimal. Get wet, get sweaty, and have fun without fear of repercussions. It might last anywhere from four to twelve weeks. Whether your eyelashes are short or long, they may use this. The leading, exceptional solution that nurtures and conditions hair.

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Can you go swimming with lash lift? 

Can You Go Swimming with Lash Lift: Myth Buster Guide

If proper care is taken, one of the most amazing things about lash extensions is how long they last. The question then becomes whether or not you can swim with the lash extensions still on. Eyelash extensions are completely waterproof, so you may swim with them on.

Just get yourself a nice set of goggles and stay out of chlorinated or saltwater pools for long periods of time. Wearing goggles when swimming in chlorinated pools or the ocean is a must since the water may weaken the adhesive holding on your false eyelashes and even harm them.

However, you should still avoid rubbing your eyes too vigorously after swimming in freshwater since it might harm your lash extensions. If you follow these easy steps, your lash extensions will last all summer long and still look great, no matter how many times you dip your toes in the pool or the ocean.

Getting your eyelash extensions wet is not recommended for the first 24 to 48 hours after getting them done. In order to determine whether it is safe to go swimming while wearing eyelash extensions, you should consult with your lash technician about the kind of extensions you are having and the adhesive they will be using.

After this little time has passed, you may safely water your eyelashes. Your lash extension glue will be fully dry and bonded, so you may safely go swimming without worrying about damaging your lashes. If you get your extensions wet, try not to wipe your eyes or mess with the lashes too much since they are much more delicate when wet.

How to care for your lash lift for first 48 hours? 

The newest innovation in eyelash enhancement, lash lift, help you get longer, fuller lashes with no effort. The effects of the surgery typically last between 6 and 8 weeks, with no touch-up appointments necessary during that period.

Before applying the perming lotion, a specialist will deep condition your eyelashes with a keratin solution to strengthen them during your initial keratin lash lift appointment. This will aid in achieving beautifully curled lashes that are longer and stronger than they would be without treatment. However, if you want the greatest effects, it’s essential to wait at least 24 hours before touching your lashes again.

Since a lash lift requires the application of specialist solutions to a sensitive region, you should avoid getting any water on your eyelashes for at least 48 hours following the treatment. To help the curl set correctly, avoid getting any water on it. If you want your eyelashes to look their best, you should protect them against water at all costs.

Keep your distance from your pillow and avoid having anything contact your eyes for at least 48 hours. Never do anything that puts your eyelashes in danger of becoming wet or causes you to cry accidentally. Also, to avoid damaging your eyelashes, consider sleeping on your back for a few days.

Even while you won’t need mascara if you’ve had a raised lash treatment, some people find it to be a nice finishing touch. When using mascara, wait at least 48 hours after the surgery and choose an oil-free formula.

Consider using an oil-free eye makeup remover if you plan on wearing eye makeup after getting a lift for your lashes because of the risk of allergic reactions. This will prevent it from irritating your eyes or causing any harm to your eyelids. Avoid using any eye makeup remover that contains parabens.

Keep your eyelashes in good condition by conditioning them periodically, just like you would with any other kind of treated hair. After having your eyelashes lifted, apply a gentle, nourishing essence to keep them supple and healthy. However, before you put any conditioner on your freshly curled lashes, it’s best to get the beauty expert’s opinion.

How to do aftercare of a lash lfit after 48 hours? 

Envision your lashes already curled and a dab of mascara applied before you wake up. There are no smears or clumps on them. Tell me the secret. A professional eyelash lift and tint may be had at any decent spa or salon.

Getting a lash lift is often less expensive than getting eyelash extensions, and the effects may last for up to 8 weeks. Using a Lash Lift, you may have your eyelashes lifted and curled in a semi-permanent manner. The lash lift technique is performed in place of lash extensions and achieves a similar effect by changing the shape and color of your natural lashes. Both keratin lash lifts and perms lash lifts are available at your local cosmetic salon.

1. A longer, curlier, and darker set of eyelashes may be yours with the help of a four-step keratin lash lift and tint treatment

The first step is to break down the protein in your lashes so that you can add structure using a serum. After that, the lashes are restored and revitalized with a serum containing keratin, and the darkness of the lashes is brought out with a tint. Last but not least, a coat of pure keratin is applied as a finishing treatment to provide a protein conditioning layer.

2. A lash lift’s effects might last anywhere from a few weeks to a few months

Although some people may have short-lived skin irritation or an allergic response, lash lift surgery is generally regarded as safe. When the chemicals used to perm eyelashes are left on for too long, however, they may damage and break the lashes. Always use the help of an expert, and look at both before and after pictures of the salon in question.

3. After getting a lash lift or eyelash extensions, you shouldn’t use any conditioners that include oil

Using an oil-based mascara or castor oil can straighten your lashes and diminish the lengthening effects of a lash lift. Do not touch your eyes or get them moist for at least 24 hours. Makeup, face cream, and conditioning oils should all be avoided. Stop using the sauna and facial steamer immediately.

4. They were straightened up

Instead, thicken and lengthen your lashes by using a water-based mascara and an oil-free eyelash boosting serum. It’s not a good idea to massage your eyelashes. Stop using the sauna and facial steamer immediately. If you don’t want to lose your eyelashes, don’t touch your eyes.

To avoid greasy hair, avoid castor, coconut, and jojoba oil-based treatments and conditioners. If you want your mascara to last, avoid using waterproof varieties. Take advantage of a mild foaming face cleanser. Apply a serum that lengthens and thickens your lashes but doesn’t contain any oil. Use a soft brush to help your lashes keep their curl.

5. If you follow the aftercare instructions and use the lash serum to boost the lash lift’s effects, you’ll end up looking like you just woke up like this

The lash lift procedure is used to improve the appearance of your eyes by curling the eyelash strands. Eyelash color is used in addition to chemicals. Some upkeep for your lashes after getting a lash lift is required to maintain the effects. If you take good care of your eyes following your lash lift, you won’t need to have another treatment for at least a few weeks.

What happens if eyelashes get wet after lash lift in first 24 hours? 

Can You Go Swimming with Lash Lift: Myth Buster Guide

When we spend money on a cosmetic treatment that promises to stay for a while, we want to get the most out of it and have the benefits continue as long as possible. Average outcomes from lash enhancements, especially the lash lift, may last as long as 6-8 weeks. This is the length of time that the lash development cycle takes.

All treated lashes will have shed by then, but you shouldn’t let the curl loose any sooner. So, one of the most often inquiries lash artists get whether or not their clients may swim after getting lash lifts. The application of chemicals that alter the molecular structure of the lashes constitutes the lash lift procedure. The first step is to let them loose and straighten out, and the second is to set them in an upward curl.

You shouldn’t get your lashes wet for 24-48 hours following a lash lift since this gives the chemical bonding (disulphide bonds) time to establish and forms the desired shape for your lashes (your lash tech will tell you exactly how long). You might potentially destroy the bonding and outcomes if you wet them before the full 24 hours have passed. Your eyelashes’ curl will diminish if you moisten them, but it probably won’t go completely. Even so, if you value your investment, you should avoid getting them wet for at least two days.

How to clean eyelashes after a swim?

Are you a water enthusiast? Samesies! The vast majority of us enjoy a leisurely swim in the pool every once in a while. In the heat of the summer, nothing beats a refreshing dip in the pool. But suppose you had artificial eyelashes applied. If you have eyelash extensions, can you still swim?

Whether you’ve ever wondered if swimming is safe with lash extensions, this article has the answers. While the retention of lash extensions is negatively impacted by chlorine and saltwater, there are methods to go for a swim without risking damage to your new lashes.

In the silent film Intolerance, starring Serena Owen, the actress used poisonous glue made of spirit gum to apply fake eyelashes. How far we’ve come as an industry is shown by this example. Multiple advancements have been made to adhesives in recent years. The glue’s ability to set after being applied has also improved significantly.

In the silent film Intolerance, starring Serena Owen, the actress used poisonous spirit gum glue to apply fake eyelashes. We can see how far we’ve progressed as an industry overall by looking at this one example. As a result of these developments, adhesives are now more useful than ever. The bonding time of the adhesive is one area that has seen tremendous development.

Eyelash extensions are waterproof and may be used when swimming in the ocean. False eyelashes may be used instead of mascara or strip lashes to maintain a stunning appearance all the time. However, sea salt and the pressure of the waves might compromise the longevity of your lash extensions if you’re out in the ocean.

However, since salt is normally produced by the human body through sweat, even trace quantities do not cause long-term harm to lash extensions. Keep a bottle of fresh water on hand at all times so you may rinse your eyelashes after swimming in the ocean.

When you’re done swimming for the day, be sure to give your lash extensions a good washing with lash shampoo or lash cleaner. Wearing goggles is also recommended for any future aquatic expeditions. Be careful not to wear goggles that are excessively tight since this might crimp, wrinkle, or bend the extensions, causing even more trouble.

Top 5 myths about going swimming with lash lift

Can You Go Swimming with Lash Lift: Myth Buster Guide

Most of us have the hankering to take a swim rather often. Without a refreshing swim, hot summer days are hard to beat. Well, what about your eyelash extensions? Could you please tell me whether you have waterproof eyelash extensions?

You may swim while wearing eyelash extensions. For the first four hours following your consultation, we advise you to keep your laminates dry so they can cure completely. After this time has passed, you may safely moisten your eye lengths without the risk of slipping.

1. You can’t take a deep dive or go for a swim if you wear lash extensions

False: lash extensions prevent you from swimming at all. For the first 24 hours after you get your extension, please remember to keep it dry. No, I’m sorry, that’s not the case. There is a limit to how long you should spend floating on the ocean floor laughing. That’s because salt might cause your extension to detach from your natural fabric before its time. When you have a free slot in the water, you should definitely use goggles to protect your eyes and eyelashes.

2. If you have eyelash extensions, you may swim with them and put water-resistant mascara on

That is definitely not the case! Waterproof mascaras prevent mascara from smudging or running even if you swim. Do you want to know what won’t make you appear like a raccoon if you spatter it over yourself? Lash lengthening! There is a one-to-one relationship between every addition and the underlying natural lattice. It keeps them in good condition, facilitating your swimming.

3. With my eye condition, swimming is out of the question

Of course, Novalash’s Platinum Bond® glue or Sensitive EyesTM adhesive (for individuals with very sensitive eyes) may be used to adhere each and every one of your lashes. No Novalash adhesive will be damaged by sweat or grease. That means you can still look stunning in the water.

4. Daytime pursuits will not be impeded

They will not break if you swim, sweat, or take a shower. Le and Do argue that it is widely believed that swimming and other forms of interaction with water are either allowed temporarily or are forbidden altogether. This is a limited time period that should ensure your wear is long-lasting, as the adhesive is adequately dried, but we suggest that you avoid these items for one to two days if one or two days are applied.

5. All of the lash extensions in Knoxville, Tennessee, are completely submersible

Here, our expert eyelash extension designer will use the precise quantity of glue for your specific extension and cure it for you. That means you can swim in the pool whenever you choose. However, if you plan on sprinting laps or splashing waves on, you should wear two pairs of glasses to protect your extensions from damage.

Watch ☆ swimming 2 hours after getting lash extensions (10/10 don’t recommend) | Video

Top 5 FAQs and answers related to can you go swimming with a lash lift? 

A lash lift may be worn when swimming?

Water may delay the process by which the lashes settle into their new position and take on the appearance of a permanent lift. After 24 to 48 hours, customers may do everything they want (swim, wash their faces, go shark diving, etc.), and their lashes will still look great.

If I get my lash lift wet, would it still work?

If my eyelashes become wet, what will happen to them? Because water will modify the disulphide bonds in the hair’s cortex after they have set chemically, you should wait at least 24 hours before letting it in with your lashes after getting a lash lift.

After 24 hours, can I go swimming again after getting a lash lift?

Use of Sauna/Steam is permitted after 24hrs but may impair the efficacy of the lift. Do not use eye makeup for at least 24 hours. Do not use mascara that is watertight. For at least 24 hours, you should stay out of the water.

How long after lash Lift Can I shower?

Showering is not recommended for the first 24 hours following a lift and tint. We utilize 24 hours as a buffer period to enable the lashes to set properly and prevent any difficulties with the lift. After the 24-hour waiting time, you may wash your face and eyelashes as usual.

After getting your lashes lifted, is it OK to sweat?

Following a lash lift, is it OK to expose my eyelashes to water? Within the first 25 hours after your lash lift treatment, the serum is doing its magic and helping to lock in the benefits of the therapy. Maintaining dry eye and lash conditions for that duration is a fantastic reason to miss the sweaty gym session, and then you’ll be set to go.


Eye extensions wouldn’t force you to pick and choose between pursuits, modes of transportation, or periods of time. Some individuals may still have doubts about whether or not an eyelash swim is possible.

This data may be used as a starting point for further investigation, saving you time and energy if you’re still unsure about the connection between water and your eye extensions.

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