Can You Perm Bleached Hair: Things to Consider Guide

Can You Perm Bleached Hair: Things to Consider Guide

Introduction to the topic

Straight hair is beautiful, but no one can deny the majesty of a woman’s luscious locks. The ’80s most memorable haircut, the permanent wave or perm, has never gone out of style. Modern perms, on the other hand, are softer and gentler than the tight corkscrew curls of the 1980s.

For fine hair, perming is the greatest approach to enhance body and volume. Getting your hair permed after it’s been bleached or dyed requires special caution. Pre- and post-care processes for perming dyed or bleached hair are covered in this article. Continue reading for more information.

Is it possible to have a perm on bleached hair?

Can you perm bleached hair?

Hair that has been bleached can be permed, but it should never be done the same day. A permed hair should not be bleached or dyed the same day as any other service at a reputable salon. Before you perm your hair, examine a strand to see how damaged it is.

Perming can be done on hair that has passed the strand test, but it’s best to wait at least two weeks after bleaching before doing so. After bleaching and perming hair, use deep conditioners and high-quality moisturizing hair care products.

Perform a strand test to evaluate if bleached hair can be permed without causing harm or causing hair to fall out. There are two methods for accomplishing this. The first step is to put a few hairs in a glass of water.

Dry hair soaks up water, which causes damage if the strands drop to the bottom of the glass. Healthy hair can be permed if it floats. A strand test can also be done to see how your hair reacts to the perming solution and neutralizer. A perm can be applied if the hair does not appear dry and brittle following this test.

After at least two weeks of bleaching, perm hair. For at least 24 hours, don’t wash your hair after getting a perm.

Use a perm lotion for bleached hair, as long as it doesn’t dry out your hair. Cystine perm may be an option for you. Pretreatment is being used prior to the perm.

Before perming bleached hair, a reconstructive treatment will produce a bouncier and longer-lasting curl.

Please meet with your hairstylist for a one-on-one discussion about your alternatives.

My recommendation is to have a perm first, then colour.

Take a break from bleaching your locks. Instead of bleaching your hair, use a high-lift tint, which is significantly less harmful to your hair.

To have a perm on bleached hair, you must wait two weeks after applying the dye before doing so.

If you’ve coloured your hair and want to have a perm, what should you do?

You should wait at least a week between the two processes in this situation.

These methods involve highly strong chemicals, which work to alter the hair’s natural structure by altering its cuticle.

How can you keep your hair healthy if you’re going through two different processes in one day?

I’ll never understand how a stylist could colour and perm a client’s hair on the same day. It’s absurd. Most likely, a dishonest individual who doesn’t have a lot of knowledge.

That’s why getting a perm should be postponed for at least a week after colouring your hair.

After colouring your hair, you should give it a break before using any further chemicals.

The same rules apply to bleached hair, with the exception that fifteen days is the recommended waiting period.

That’s the reason I’m so thrilled right now. This is a good sign that you’re here before you make a decision on your hair.

There are a lot of people who bleach their hair to get the colour they want. However, most people are unaware that bleaching hair damages it since it removes the keratin and natural pigmentation from the hair. As a result of the bleach, the colour may be applied more easily and fades away much faster than without it.

The combination of bleaching and perming, both of which use chemicals, is a bad idea because of the harm they do to the hair. You must wait at least two weeks before perming bleached hair if you want your hair to recuperate from the bleaching process.

Because bleached hair will burn when it is subjected to perm cream, the answer is yes, you can perm bleached hair. A professional should do this procedure and it should be done with a gap between treatments in order to avoid entirely destroying your hair.

How to perm bleached hair: Stepwise guide

Can you perm bleached hair?

You’ll need:

  • Bleached-hair perming set
  • A gentle shampoo that is free of harsh chemicals

Process of perming bleached hair

Step 1:

You should use a clarifying shampoo on your hair to get rid of any oil or dirt that has built up.

Step 2:

After you’ve dried your hair, use a brush to remove any knots.

Step 3:

Take a part of your hair at a time and divide it into sections.

Step 4:

The curling rod can be wrapped around the rat tail of one portion with a thin strand of hair. Sections two through four should be treated similarly.

Step 5:

Perm the rods for five minutes using the perming solution.

Step 6:

Remove the curling rod from the hair. Keep it on for another two minutes if you can’t see the waves.

Step 7:

Curling rods can be left in the hair until you see S-shaped waves in the hair.

Step 8:

Apply the neutralizing liquid to the rods after the hair has been dried using a blow dryer.

Step 9:

Rinse with warm water after 10 minutes to remove the solution.

Step 10:

After blow-drying the hair, remove the rods with care.

Pro Tip:

Do not use a hairbrush. Do not shampoo your hair for at least three days.

Is it safe to perm bleached hair?

No harm done, although perming bleached and dyed hair should be avoided unless absolutely necessary. Due to the fact that your hair has previously undergone a chemical treatment. The hair’s structure may be altered by several chemical processes, resulting in cuticle breakage, split ends and frizzy hair. Perming coloured hair, on the other hand, may result in a lighter shade.

Perming products for coloured hair are available, however. However, although being softer, these perming products are still quite pricey. Consult a hair specialist before perming your bleached and coloured hair, and be aware of the potential damage it could do.

If you prefer, you can do it yourself in the comfort of your own home. Perming and bleaching hair should be done as least two weeks apart. This is how it’s done.

A few years ago, dye formulae were not as advanced as they are now. As a result, there have been a slew of new ways to dye your hair.

When it comes to hair styling at a salon, it’s important to seek assistance from hairdressers who have a lengthy history of working in the industry.

With a job of this magnitude, it’s best that you leave it in the hands of a hair salon or stylist you know and trust.

What should you know before perming bleached hair?

Can you perm bleached hair?

It’s important to perform a strand test on bleached hair before having it permed.

Once your hair passes the chunk test, you can proceed with the procedure of perming it.

To put it another way, what does the chunk test look like?

The first step is to put a few strands of hair in a glass of water and allow them to soak. Hair that sinks to the bottom indicates that it is damaged and dry, which means that it absorbs water from the glass. In this scenario, I would advise against getting a perm, but the choice is yours. But don’t break down afterwards.

If your hair has been bleached, this step is crucial. Preparation is key, because what happens next could be used against you.

If you’re able to pass the chunk test, you can proceed with the perm as described previously.

Want to know how to get the most out of your perm when you have bleached hair?

Visit a salon where the stylists are trained and experienced.

In my experience, bleaching is the most damaging technique you can perform on your hair. Damage or degeneration is always a result of this process, which affects the hair fiber’s most interior structure.

Consequently, it is imperative that you entrust this matter to trained professionals who can accurately assess the condition of your hair and the amount of damage it can withstand before it is irreparably degraded.

But, as I previously stated, the choice is entirely up to you, as well as your hair.

If you’ve recently coloured or bleached your hair, you’ll want to make some adjustments to your hair care regimen after perming it.

An alternative strand test that you can try is to soak some hair in perming solution, then neutralizer, and leave it for 15 minutes if you’re feeling bold. A perm can be applied if the hair doesn’t look dry and brittle after this test.

However, the only thing I can suggest is that you seek the opinion of a qualified hairstylist. Because these treatments are so harsh, you should leave them to the experts who can accurately assess your hair’s condition.

You’ll need to make a few adjustments to your hair care regimen after the perming procedure.

Care instructions for bleached and permed hair?

A few easy guidelines must be followed after perming your hair. Your hair care will no longer be as straightforward as previously, but if you follow the instructions in the following rows, your permed hair will look healthy and bouncy even after the rigorous chemical treatment, like perming.

1. Don’t wash your hair for 48 hours after a perm

After a perm, you’ve heard that you should wait at least 48 hours before washing your hair. If you don’t follow this rule, your curls may not keep their shape as well as you’d hoped.

Your hair will be damaged even more and become uneven as a result of the shampoo chemicals interfering with the perm cream chemicals. Make sure to use a dry shampoo that is made for permed hair if you must wash it.

2. Never use a hair dryer on wet hair

In order to avoid tangles and breakage, do not rub your hair with a towel after you’ve shampooed and conditioned your hair. When it’s possible, let your permed hair air dry to remove as much moisture as possible.

Make sure to use a hairdryer with a diffuser and on a cool setting throughout the winter months. Trim your hair’s ends three to four times a month to keep them healthy and bouncy.

3. Investing in fresh combs and brushes is a fourth rule of thumb to follow

I’d want to stress how important it is to utilise the proper comb and brush. Replace your old hair brush and comb because you’ll require a wide-toothed and soft brush after a perm. Remember to use the wide-toothed comb on wet hair and to be gentle with it.

4. Repair the damage

The only method to repair the damage these processes have done to your hair is to apply a deep conditioner on it twice a week.

It’s possible to lessen the frequency of deep conditioning treatments after a few weeks.

You should also acquire a soft brush and a wide-toothed comb so that you may use them on your hair while it is still damp.

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Top 5 FAQs and answers on Can you perm bleached hair

Is it okay to get a perm on coloured hair?

Perms should be avoided if your hair is heavily highlighted or if you have had more than one service performed on it, such as a colour and highlights. It’s also best to avoid perming severely damaged hair.

What happen if you perm bleached hair?

No harm done, although perming bleached and dyed hair should be avoided unless absolutely necessary. Due to the fact that your hair has previously undergone a chemical treatment. The hair’s structure may be altered by several chemical processes, resulting in cuticle breakage, split ends and frizzy hair.

I have bleached blonde hair. Can I perm it?

“It’s impossible to get a perm on bleached white hair,” declares Capri. When it comes to beauty school, the first rule is: Never ever perm highlighted or chemically treated hair. Olaplex breaks that rule, and it’s a game changer.

How long after I’ve had my hair dyed can I perm my hair?

During the same day, can I dye and perm my hair? Perming and hair colouring are two independent techniques, and they are not to be combined. It is recommended that you wait at least seven days and up to two weeks before dyeing your hair after perming.

How long does it take to bleach and perm the same day?

Bleached hair can be permed, but it should never be done on the same day as bleaching. As a general rule, having it done professionally at a salon is always preferable to having it done at home by someone without that experience. However, if you have the skills or know someone who does, then by all means, do it yourself at home.


Can you perm bleached hair?

In the end, perms are an excellent technique to tighten your curls and keep your hair looking tidy. A perm treatment can produce amazing results if you have healthy hair and a skilled hairstylist.

Hair that is particularly dry or damaged is not a good candidate for perms, despite the fact that they look stunning. You should consult with a hairstylist before perming if you’ve recently dyed or bleached your hair.

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