Can You Put Mascara on Fake Lashes Beginners Guide

Can You Put Mascara on Fake Lashes? | Beginners Guide

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Can You Put Mascara on Fake Lashes  Beginners Guide

None of the freshly painted faces make you feel more magnificent than a set of large, lengthy eyelashes. We have been clamoring for “eye-catching” eyelashes since Medieval times that turn heads and perfectly polish our wondrously created look. Given that the majority of us haven’t been born with this type of lava, we turn into magnificent strip lava to give the flirtation that we love.

In the case of false eyelashes and mascara, there are many misconceptions. Many people presume that they should not be used together, misleading you to believe you only have to choose one of the products. However, if used correctly, it can actually help each other to use mascara and false cloves. There are a number of things here that don’t really tell you how to use them.

Although it is possible to use them together, it is important to remember that applying heavy mascara to your favorite cloves could deteriorate more quickly than they would if the glue were not applied.

Can you apply mascara on fake lashes?

Can You Put Mascara on Fake Lashes? | Beginners Guide

First of all, the mascara cannot be applied to all kinds of lash extensions. While it’s good for classic wafer, other sets such as volume or hybrid wafer extensions do not have the same thing. Recall that classic lash extensions consist of one natural eyelash extension whereas volume lash extensions to one natural lava are multiple. A mega volume fan contains six to even seventeen natural lash extensions.

You can put mascaras first on the wrong eyelashes? First things. You can technically, but usually we don’t recommend it. Most of our users do not need it to begin with. With our latest lace toppings of double-layered lash fibers, our lax styles already offer the desired length and volume.

Our fibers are hand-made from the finest Korean silk and dark-tinted, so they are naturally mascara-free. Think this way, you’re using mascara to darken your cloves and lengthen them. If you already have dark, bulky lash fibers to extend your labels, you really don’t have to use mascara with them.

Additionally, it will significantly reduce their lifespan if you use mascara on your wrong cuts. Doe Lashes are as light as air and as long as they stand, if properly taken care of and stored, for up to 15 applications. By applying mascara to the fibers, you cannot care properly for your false eye lashing.

But you can use a mascara with your fake eyelids, provided that you know the formulas which will not damage your fake clothes. You can wear mascaras in any form on your natural cleaves as long as they are not water resistant. Whenever you wear a mascara on natural pinches, at least the smidge of the product on your fake eyelashes will probably end up. You must clean up your false cleanses as such. Waterproof mascaras do not easily remove them from false lash strips, so that mascaras are easily removed and damaged.

False laughs are intended to make your laughs longer/denser and dark, which is also meant for mascara.

False lashes are delicate – so the more often you wear the less “manipulation” you give them. It can be difficult to remove a mascara from false pipes, so you can lower the number of times before they get damaged. You should not apply any type of makeup remover to them in order to keep your false lashes unpleasant – which you would have to do if you routinely cover them with mascaras.

You don’t even need to use the make-up remover to remove the adhesive from the lash band after you take off when you apply stripe cleaves correctly – by using minimal adhesive to allow it to dry until tacky before it can be fixed to the clothes. Use your fingertips to simply peel it off the band.

I want my lashes to look at the very rare time like I’d used mascara, I use a light coat with clear mascara that is not waterproof. This can easily be wiped with a cotton pad moistened with water after you remove your labelling without damaging your labelling.

What products should be avoided with fake lashes?

Can You Put Mascara on Fake Lashes? | Beginners Guide

The other products that you need to shy from when you have lash extensions include oil or alcohol-based ones when it comes to taking care of your eyelash extension. Products such as lotions, creams and oils are not useable on or near the cloth. Why do you ask? The bond of the extension adhesive that is then released from your natural lace can be broken by products which contain oil. This reduces the lifetime of your lash extensions.

The adhesive may break down faster than others in some cosmetic products. The major ingredient in eyelash adhesives is cyanoacrylate which is a polar molecule. I’m sure you know, “Look like attractions like,” but “Look like dissolves like” in this case.

Other polar molecules break up polar molecules. This also applies to non-polar molecules. Many cosmetics contain both polar and nonpolar molecules and should be avoided to preserve the life of the lash extensions by those that contain more polar molecules.

Making your lawns, such as powder or base, that has no direct contact with them, should not be avoided irrespective of its chemical composition. Typically, eyeliner, mascara, eye shadow, and make-up removers come into direct contact with the pins.

You can use almost any maquillage you like, as long as it is formulated to work with and not with your pinches. Oil-laden products are a big no-no, as already mentioned. Even with an oil-based foundation, your lashes may sometimes interfere.

Another product you want to avoid is the oil-containing maquillage remover. Almost every maquillage remover contains oil unless it specifies it is oil-free. Because oil has the capacity to dissolve other oil, making it a great cleanser for oil-based eye products.

If your false eyelash fibers contain some unwanted product, every hope is not lost. If they are not too dreadfully damaged, your false laughs can be cleaned, shaped and reused. You just need a mild soap (such as hand soap) and warm water to clean up your false laughs. Use your fingertips carefully to rub the lash fiber to remove any product accumulation.

You can try to soak them in warm soapy water for a minute or two if this procedure is not effective, and your false eyelids are still showing signs of buildup. This should break down the unwanted product molecules that stick to your lash strips sufficiently to dissolve them easily.

False eyewear is an excellent way to add volume and drama without huge time and money investments. It is simply because you use fake clothes that you don’t have to scribing your other favorite eye makeup products. It is not only practicable to find your favorite products in formulas that are safe for false eyelash, with all the options available today it is easy.

While we don’t feel that you’ll ever need to put mascara on your fake eye strips, before you apply the fake eyelid strips, you can certainly wear a waterproof, oil-free mascara. False eyelashes last longer and better maintain their natural form and brilliance when products have not been applied to them directly.

What type of mascara should I use for false lashes?


Always use a mascara with a water-based formulation, because the pulp holding extensions of your eyelids is broken off by an oil- or waterproof mascara.

Bear in mind that maquillage removal products can also damage your cloves as the glue on your extensions is dissolved. Water based or extremely light products can help to reduce your extension damage.

First, let’s get out of the way with this question. Can you wear mascaras with fake eyelashes? Completely in one word!

Either extension, strip clog, or magnetic clog – whatever your favorite eyelid improvement – you want from your mascara. Ultimately. You want this next level of impact, but in the process you don’t wish to rub your laughs. Who wants to return to the parlor and pay for repairs or extensions to replace them? I don’t. I’m all about your investment safeguarding.

There may be some questions as to how to use mascara and falsifies. A variety of mascara products are available. You want to make sure you use the product that best matches your lash needs while you still get your buck bang.

One thing to note is that your mascara shouldn’t be put to the wrong lash too heavily. The lash can be weighed down by a thick mascara. It can also give you the dreaded, clumpy, voluminous “spidery” cloves. Stick with only one or two coats instead.

It will also be difficult to remove mascara that is applied too heavily after you have removed the lash. Falsifications can be quite long-lasting, but you won’t risk tearing the strip.

The type of mascara you buy is another thing to consider. Avoid masks which are waterproof or extended. Even a small mascara coat is particularly difficult to remove. Choose a mascara instead that can be removed easily, but still has some power.

What to know when using false lashes with mascara?


Mascara is waterproof and hard to remove to stay all day. To remove any residue, you really must stick hard on the false lashes. This can damage and wear your fake eyelashes.

High mask. Heavy mask. Never use thick mascara on your false wipes because it can be hard to remove too. It can make it look clumpy, so you can’t get the look you want

Let’s get this question off the ground first: can you even wear falsified eyelash mascara? Completely in a word!

Whatever your favorite enhancement in eyelids is – extensions, strip pins or magnetic pins – you want your mascara to do the same. But you do not want your pins in the process. You want this next-tier impact. Who would like to return to the lounge and pay for repairs or substitute extensions? I don’t. I’m all about your investment safeguarding.

There may be a few questions about what to use in terms of mascara and falsification. A wide array of products is available from Mascara. You want to make sure to use the product that best suits your lash needs while still banging.

One thing to notice is that your mascara should not be too hard applied to the wrong laugh. The latter can weigh down a thick mascara coating. It can also give you the dreaded, clumpy “spidery” cloves, which lack volume or plenitude. Stick with only one or two coats instead.

Mascara, too heavily applied, will be difficult to remove after the lash is removed. Falsification can be quite lasting, but you don’t want to risk tearing the strip.

The type of mascara you buy is another thing to consider. Avoid masks which are waterproof or prolonged. Even a small mascara coat is particularly difficult to remove. Choose a mascara that can be removed easily but has still some resistance.

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Top 5 FAQs & answers related to can you put mascara on fake lashes

Should I apply mascara before putting on fake lashes?

Before applying false eyelashes, it is advisable to place a thin mascara coat on your natural lashes. This makes it easy for the false to adhere to your natural clogs and provides you with a seamless, natural blend. You can wear under lashes, alternatively. 

What to know about wearing mascara with false lashes?

Do not directly apply false cunning. 
Glue like a pro!  
Don’t go with the glue overboard! 
Too much glue can be damaging for your natural cloves. 
Stick your cords right across your cordyline! 
Do not skip mascara application!  

Will mascara ruin the eyelash extensions?

Yes, but less is the best and mistaken make-up can cause a lashing repercussion, extension damage and reduce the time your lash extensions look fabulous and full. Water-resistant mascara or any kind of oil based mascara will dissolve the bonding agent and reduce eye lengths. 

Can I wear an eyeliner with lash extensions?

You can wear an eyelash extension eyeliner. Lipid and shadow liners are best for lash expansions, and gel and waterproof liners are worst. You should avoid eyeliners based upon the oil, because if used repeatedly, eye lashing can be dissolved with oil. 

What ingredients with eyelash extensions should I avoid?

Do anything that is commonly found in oil-free removers, such as PEG (polyethylene glycol), Hexalene glycol, Butylene, or Propylene glycol, to prevent it from breaking the limp. 



Make sure you check out the list of ingredients in your cosmetics and products to prolong the life of your pins and keep your extensions in top shape. You have invested in the laundry and you definitely want to protect it!

You got it there! If you wondered whether you had to wave faulty departure from your mascara wand, or vice versa, you don’t need to. Use both lawnmowers and mascaras for added impact if you use them properly! We have a blog post consisting of the advantages and disadvantages of mascara and falsities, when you are unsure whether you are demanding laughs at all.

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