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Can You Swim with Eyelash Extensions  Makeup Guide

Every now and then, many of us want to dip into the pool a lot. When summer comes, without a cooling swim, it’s difficult to beat brimming afternoons. But what about the lash extensions you wear. Do you have eyelash extensions for swimming?

The eyelash extensions can be used to swim. We recommend that you prevent your laminates from being moisturized for a full cure for 4 hours after your appointment. It is safe to moisten your eye lengths without falling off after this waiting period.

Heather Elrod, CEO of Amazing Lash Studio, said: “It is totally possible to go swimming with eyelash extensions. “Therefore we would recommend to clean the cloves immediately after your swim, keeping in mind that both chlorine and salt water could affect the retention of the cloves. Use an eyelash safety extension cleaner such as the Eyelash Foamed Cleanser or the GarnierSkinActive Water. Use eyelash safety extension cleanser.

This article answers all your questions about lash swimming. While the retentiveness of lash extensions is affected by chlorine and saltwater, be assured, that there are ways to swim without damaging your precious new lash. You will also find out how you can clean and dry your wrong eyelashes ahead.

What are the 7 myths abouteyelash extension swimming?

Can You Swim with Eyelash Extensions? | Makeup Guide

Ever since 1916, eyelash extensions have been worn and are still used. Famous people such as Jennifer Beyoncé Lopez and Kim Kardashian rock fabulous falsities. Although eyelid extensions are literally part of the past, many of us are still not properly informed.

Myth 1: If you have lash extensions, you can’t dive into the pool or swim.

False: you can swim with lash extensions absolutely. Please remember to put your extension for the first 24 hours before it is moisturized.

Myth 2: Water resistant mascara is safe for lash extensions during swimming.

Wrong: Nope! Mascara is likely to smudge or run during swimming and is also waterproof mascaras. Know what’s not going to make you look like a raccoon while you’re splattering? Extensions of Lash! Every extension is directly connected to the natural lattice. It maintains them, making swimming easy for you.

Myth 3: I can’t go to swimming with sensitive eyes.

Of course, you can apply every single lash with Platinum Bond® adhesive from Novalash or the Sensitive EyesTM adhesive for those with hyper-sensitive eyes.

All adhesives in Novalash are both water resistant and oil resistant. So, while you’re swimming you even look fabulous.

Myth 4: Day activities won’t be inhibited.

“You can swim, sweat and shower and they’re going to remain intact. It is a common misconception that swimming and contact with water are more temporary or prohibited,” said Le and Do.

“If one day or two is applied, we recommend that you avoid these things for one to two with most applications, but this is a minimal time period that should make sure that your wear is long-lasting, as the adhesive is properly cured.” “

Myth 5: Saltwater is safe for my lashes.

FALSE: No, I’m sorry. It is not advisable to spend too much time in the ocean on your laughter. That is because salt can break the bond of your extension and release it prematurely from your natural cloth. Take your goggles and give your lashes extra protection when you’ve already had a vacancy in the ocean!

Myth 6: All Knoxville, TN lash extensions are easy to swim.

True: here our professional eyelash extension designer is able to cure your individual extension by applying the correct amount of adhesive. So you’re good to dive into the pool all the time. But we would advise you to throw two glasses on to avoid further friction of your extensions if you are running laps or splashing waves on.

Myth 7:  After you go swimming, your cloves will not look like more complete and voluminous

False: if you take care of them, they might look the same. Browse through your lawn extension with a clean mascara wall and professionals always recommend following a normal treatment routine after hitting the water. After you hit the pool, you brush and clean your hair, right? For lash extensions, that’s the same. They are always going to look their best, especially if you take the memorable photos of cheese on a vacation!

5 things to consider When swimming with eyelash extensions

Can You Swim with Eyelash Extensions? | Makeup Guide

The use of eye extensions would never mean that you limit yourself to selecting activities, types of travel or time. However, some people may still doubt whether you can go for an eyelash swim. If you still have doubts about the link between water and your eye extensions, this information can act as the key points to save time and nerve cells.

When you swim with eyelash extensions, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

1. False eyelashes for swimming

If you are aware of the nuances of the process, swimming with eyelash extensions is absolutely safe and real. The most important thing for all brands is to be able to hold up the glue perfectly to your eyelashes for about 48 hours on average.

2. Evite oily products

 Better to avoid eyelash treatment by using oily products (remover). As the chlorine and salty water can in rare cases affect your eyelid it is more practical and safe to protect your eyes and beauty always by taking immediate care after you’re swimming. You can use this wide range of alternative cleansing products to choose from.

3. Summer – Sweat More

You cannot run around in the sun rather than sweat. Sadly, sweat carries natural skin oils, which can run into the eyes and impact on lash retention. We at The Lash Professional believe strongly in the advantages of exercise and “sweat.” We recommend that you use a towel or sweatband when you hit the gym to counter the effects of this sweat on your lashes. Rinse the laundry after workout with fresh water in extreme sweating conditions (such as hot yoga).

4. Use goggles

You should wear glasses when you can, because the massive water pressure can affect the extensions of your eyelash.

And ensure that your lens is comfortably fit without touching your eyelashes.

When you swim without glasses, you don’t rub your eyes, most people rub their eyes when they swim, and don’t rub your eyes.

Wipe it gently, avoiding or touching your eyelashes extensions above your eyes and under your eyes.

5. Don’t get your first 48 hours of laughter wet

Whether you’ve installed or not lash extensions, you should never have done them before you plan to go on holiday. NEVER! At least 48 hours before wet in any way, shape, or form, should be taken. Even if you avoid your face, you can’t shower. Steam’s also a large no-no. So no showers, no steam bath, no hot tubs, no steam baths.

Experts are actually going to say it’s really ideal if you wait 48 hours before you do anything like that. If you want to go to the beach in particular. And if you want to jump into the sea, even more so. It takes approximately 4 to 6 hours to screen your laminae and is critical this time. You don’t want the opportunity to get it moist.

How do I clean eyelash extensions after swimming?

Can You Swim with Eyelash Extensions? | Makeup Guide

You will need to know how to take care of your eyelash extenders once you’ve found a proper professional laugh technician to arrange an appointment with. It’s a huge investment, but it’s not cheap. And it won’t be a waste of money to ruin them right after you get them. It might ruin your holidays. Continue reading to find our best care tips for swimming, sunbathing and fun!

Maybe you emphasized how important it is to purge your fake laughter after swimming, no matter if the swimming pool is on the ocean. It’s important because the cleansing helps you to remove solvents such as salt or chlorine on your eyelashes before reacting with your lash adhesive.

Besides the salt and chlorine from your cloves, you have to cleanse every day if you swim, use maquillage, or have an oily skin at all times. There are high chances of your lashes dropping off prematurely or you will suffer from lashes if you don’t have a daily cleaning routine.

Care should be taken on an oil-free cleaner that is especially made for lash extensions for cleaning your eyelash extensions. Generic cleansers frequently come with glycols or emollients which have an adverse effect on your extensions’ adherence.

Once the cleaner is selected, you can use it according to your routine in either of the following two ways.

In a spray bottle, combine the purifier with the distilled water. Run your eyes and eyes through the foam then. Take a soft brush of make-up, run the foam carefully up and down your eyes and make sure the lashes are covered. Finally, let the fresh water run down the face for the cleaner to rinse instead of sprinkling or fired water directly on the face.

The second way is to pull a few cleansers into the palm of your clean hand when you have an unshakable bottle and spin it up with a soft maquillage brush. Next, brush the foam in a slow back and forth movements on the lash extensions. Rinse off the water until every last drop of foam is removed after you are finished.

Outdoors – camping, walking, swimming, etc. – can lead to more dirt and debris in your pants. We suggest keeping your extensions clean, so that water passes through by gently rinsing them in the shower. Consider using our spuming cleaner and a very gentle eyelash extension brush regularly for a deeper cleaning. This extension tip will look new and fresh for a longer time.

Say goodbye to many products and hi, there is more room for testimonials!

Lash Sealant: Add your must-have list to this product! Purchase longer life sealants for a longer period to lock your extensions in place.

lash cleanser: A cleaner should contain the same pH-balance as the natural tears and should be free from oil or alcohol. It is also suitable for sensitive eyes. The sparkling clean of your pinch will always stay! If you’re looking for a brush to cleanse your eyelash, Knoxville also has it!

Watch swimming 2 hours after getting lash extensions | Video

Top 5 FAQs & answer related to can you swim with eyelash extensions

What if eyelash extensions are wet?

Do not wet your lash extensions
Water reacts with the glue eye extension and causes a flash treatment. The way it is to cook a chicken outdoors – outdoors cooked and inside frozen. Water basically causes the lash bond to break and break.

Can I clean my lash extensions using Micellar Water?

Care for extensions of your lash
Your technician can sell a special cleanser or use micellar water for your lash extensions. Micellar water with your laughter is safe to use. Oil-based maquillage removers can wear off the glue and cause extensions to fall off.

Can my eyelash extensions be cleaned with shampoo?

Step-by-step: How to remove extensions for eyelashes
Wet with warm water your cloves. Tap into your lashes and your eyelids and use a gentle, oil-less, alcohol-free cleanser – including a sprayer for the facial cleanser, a facial sap or baby shampoo. Warm water for rinsing. The best way is to allow them to dry naturally.

Can I have shower with eyelash extension?

In the first 48 hours, you should be careful not to wet your new lash. The water reacts with the blood clotting glue and causes a flash treatment. Water basically causes the lash bond to break and break. You’re safe to shower again after the 48-hour period.

Does eyelash extension contain Wudu?

The face is one of the most important pieces of the body to be washed. Extensions of synthetic eyelash cover the natural eyelashes. Therefore, eyelash extensions would invalidate the wudu of a person. They do not allow water to reach areas which have to be washed during wudu.



Eyelash extensions are one of our favorite things. They’re particularly perfect for the summer when you don’t want to make up your face. But you have to take care of them in order to keep them fluttery and perfect. It is recommended not to wear waterproof eyeliner or use the mascara, and some activities should be skipped shortly after you have been extended.

If you have eyelash extensions, you can still enjoy your tropical holiday or the beauty of a fun summer outside. But you must know how to look after them. Ensuring that you get a real lash professional squared off your appointment a lot of time before your adventures start is the first step.

Afterwards, you must ensure that your eyelash extensions are not wetted for 24 to 48 hours. Even steam can ruin them in your own bathroom, watch out! You are free to wet your pins and enjoy the pool, or the ocean once the period has passed. However, the limitation of how much you moisturize them will affect the length of your lash extensions.

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