Can You Use Baby Oil as Makeup Remover Makeup Guide

Can You Use Baby Oil as Makeup Remover? | Makeup Guide

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Can You Use Baby Oil as Makeup Remover  Makeup Guide

Whether you like your beauty routine with only a little lip gloss and mascara or a few layers of high-coverage foundations, you must get everything out of your face at the end of the day, particularly as makeup is bad for your skin. 

While countless maquillage removers are available on the market, from good old Pond cold cream to high-end goods including Lancôme’s Bi-Facil, some beauty gurus have found a product which does the task and costs less than 5 dollars: Johnson’s Baby Oil. 

Baby oil has a multitude of other uses, apart from its traditional baby use to keep your skin smooth and supple. The formula can be used as a moisturizer, since it is non-comedogenic. Is it possible to apply baby oil and remove maquillages in the face? 

Baby oil works as a maquillage remover efficiently, and a lot of people have switched to this gentle formula. Not everybody likes to apply oil all over their face and most of them use the product exclusively on their eyes with the aim of removing maquillage. 

Can you use baby oil as makeup remover? 

Can You Use Baby Oil as Makeup Remover  Makeup Guide

Yeah, that’s right. Women worldwide have used the Johnson baby oil as their maquillage remover for years now. Although we are not sure who first discovered its maquillage ability, baby oil is used to remove maquillage from the eye and whole face as well. 

Baby oil: One super literal use withing two words. Yet the product, originally designed to keep the skin of a baby soft and smooth, is used as everything from rash “crème” to removing make-up — in fact, Martha’s favorite way to make-up at the end of the day. She said in an interview with ABC News, that “I always have Baby Oil of Johnson ($3.99, in my medical practice.” “I wash my face really well at night, because I’ve got to do a lot of maquillage. With a warm washcloth, Johnson’s Baby Oil is an excellent way to get it out. It keeps my skin moist and works for me, so I like oil. I’m not getting pores clogged.” 

Dr Blair Murphy-Rose, a New York-based dermatologist, is of the view that baby oil has become such a prime source of skin care for its affordable price. “Baby oil is inexpensive and can be versatile in comparison to many beauty products on the market.” What’s baby oil, however? Baby oil is typically made of mineral oils or vegetable oils, says dermatologist Dr. Y. Claire Chang of New York City’s Union Square Laser Dermatology.

“Something like vitamin E and aloe vera also has other additives in the baby oils,” she explained. Where mineral oil is the petroleum’s colorless odorless derivative, the mineral is often made of coconut oil, avocado oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, or sunflower oil. “These oils function as occlusives when they lock the skin in humidity and softness,” she adds. Just put, if you are looking for a cost effective beauty product for your workhorse to add, baby oil can be exactly what you need. 

Baby oil is an excellent alternative to commercial makeup removers because it is often cheap, easy to find and extremely gentle in the skin. Make-up removers can be quite costly, in particular if you wear make-up every day and buy these products constantly. When a baby oil format such as Johnson’s Baby Oil is used as a maquillage remover, it is advisable to use it. 

While some people refrain from using baby oil as a make-up remover throughout the face, others swear that. It’s called the oil cleansing method, whereby the product is used on the front, cheeks, and chin and massaged with circle movement.  

The makeup remover is not always a good option on the market. You can purchase several make-up removing bottles to remove maquillage when you use maquillage on your skin every day. 

The maquillage removers on the market are often loaded with chemicals. These are side effects. 

So, we’ll let you know if you can use baby oil for make-up removal from your skin in this article. It works for the removal of maquillage as a natural remover. 

So you can still remove your makeup using baby oil even if you wear heavy maquillage. The skin is mildly irritated and dry, and dermatologists recommend a baby oil. 

Baby oil has mineral oil and an extremely effective light fragrance in removing eye maquillage. 

How to remove makeup with baby oil? 

Can You Use Baby Oil as Makeup Remover  Makeup Guide

Baby oil should primarily be used as an eye maker, as it works well in all types of skin. 

It’s pretty easy to use baby oil to make up. Follow the following steps: 

Step 1:  

On a cotton pad or ball, pour 2-3 drops of baby oil. 

Step 2: 

Begin your make-up of your eye. Fill your eyelashes, eyelids and eyes gently in cotton to remove shades of your eyes, mascara, eyeliner, and anything else you used. 

Step 3: 

You can also directly apply it with your fingers and wipe away every eye shadow, liner and mascara. Then rinse the area and remove traces with your typical purifier with warm water. 

Step 4: 

Pick up another cotton ball or ball piece. Put on it some sweet oil. Rub your entire face and lips carefully. Wipe your face with a clean pad after you’ve finished making-up. 

Step 5: 

Baby oil is considered a great lips make-up remover, especially when long lasting colored formulas are taken into account and are difficult to remove. 

Step 6: 

Use a cleanser to remove the oil and grate from your face subsequently. 

Is baby oil safe to use as a makeup remover? 

Can You Use Baby Oil as Makeup Remover  Makeup Guide

Baby oil is very gentle in large part, but it does not have negative side effects completely. Neither Dr. Chang nor Dr. Murphy-Rose recommend that you can use primer on your skin if you have acne-prone skin. “Mineral oil is considered to be non-comedogenic and non-pore obstructing,” says Dr. Murphy-Rose, who said, “is quite occlusive and promotes acne in many patients prone to acne 

Finally, Dr. Murphy-Rose says it is very important to find highly purified baby oils, given that mineral oil was regarded as a controversial ingredient given its origin from petroleum. “Baby oil can potentially contain carcinogenic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) if not sufficiently refined” she warns. “The baby oil mineral is refined and purified in order to remove PAHs, but some people do not use mineral oil as this process is not necessarily well regulated in beauty and skincare products.” 

Why doesn’t everyone keep using baby oil if baby oil is such a cost-effective maquillage remover? 

Well mineral oil is considered to be a controversial skin care ingredient. But mineral oil is not, according to experts, toxic and is indeed recommended for some applications. It works as well as an emollient, softening or softening the skin. Thus, dry skin, scalp, burn, psoriasis, and other irritations can be treated. It is also useful. The FDA is also controlled by mineral oil and highly refined and cleansed if used as a component of the baby oil. You can use it fully safe on your skin in its best form. 

But is baby oil safe for the removal of makeup? Well, it depends on how you use it. If you use baby oil to remove make-up from your eye, proceed. It is as safe, except if you are allergic to mineral oil and the perfumes. 

But if your skin is sensitive and acne-prone, it’s best to clear away your whole face with baby oil as a maquillage. Although baby oil cannot clamp your pores directly, it can create a thick layer that prevents natural cell rotation and causes outbreaks. So if you are susceptible to pimples, continue with caution, except if you want only baby oil to remove the maker lip and eye. 

Only two components of baby oil are present: 98% pure mineral oil and 2% fragrance. Mineral oil is an odorless and colorless derivative of petroleum which has been a staple ingredient in skincare products. It screens moisture into the skin and protects it from external elements such as contamination and wind. 

Baby oil is a fantastic hydrating agent, because of its mineral oil. It softens and hydrates the skin because it locks in moisture. Also, scaly, itchy, raw skin as well as small skin irritations such as diaper rash are often used to prevent or treat baby oil. 

Its ultra-hydrating properties make it an effective maquillage remover. Baby oil is particularly useful when eye make-up, eyeliner and waterproof mascara are removed. Since it is silky smooth, it does not take much to scrub around delicate areas such as the eyes. 

What are the beauty benefits of baby oil?

Can You Use Baby Oil as Makeup Remover  Makeup Guide

Every girl’s beautiful cabinet should include makeup remover. Makeup is very important for our everyday skin care at the end of the day. Once you return home after a long, tired day in office, you feel such pain when you take off our liquid eyewear or lipstick, but it is never a choice to sleep with makeup.

At night, our skin repairs and rejuvenates while we sleep. It is therefore crucial that our skin is free at night. Make-up layers don’t allow our skin to breath and thus hamper the rejuvenation process. Make-up products can also block our pores in combination with oil and dirt, and eventually result in breakouts. 

1. It’s a big moisturizer

Dr Murphy-Rose said that baby oil is occlusive and keeps the skin hydrated by locking humidity in effectively. “This reduces the loss of transepidermal water and creates a barrier to the safety of your skin and the environment,” she added.

“After bathing, it’s best applied.” She recommends that you pat with a towel so the skin is still somewhat damp when you apply. “Then cover your palms and massage them all over your skin by a few drops of oil,” she teaches. 

2. Makeup remover 

Baby oil really works well to makeup, particularly the makeup of the eyes. Also, baby oil does a great job to remove even when you are using heavy maquillages. Using oil to purify your face, it dissolves dirt on your skin naturally without removing its natural oils. It isn’t only easy and much more affordable to use baby oil to remove makeup, but also better for the skin. 

3. Makeup brush cleanser 

Make-up brushes need to be cleaned at least once a week as germs can build up consistently on them. Baby oil works great as a brush cleaner; put the product on your palm and swing the brush. It works very well. End with a few drops of soap and rinse with warm water. The oil will also shape your brushes and keep your hair dry and tough. 

4. Hair booster 

To give them a boost, use baby oil on dry ends. They look softer, brighter and healthier instantly. Make sure that you do not directly put baby oil on your hair that can weigh and make it greasy. 

Use a small bit to makeup a reusable pad or tissue and let it absorb a few tissues. Take your hair through the pad/tissue that is slightly soaked. Finally, let the baby oil drink a little bit into your hair and then normal style. 

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Top 5 FAQs & answer related to Can you use baby oil as makeup remover?

How to remove makeup with baby oil? 

On a cotton pad or ball, pour 2-3 drops of baby oil. 
Start with your eye makeup. 
Take a cotton pad or a cotton ball for another phase. 
Use a cleanser to remove the oil and rinse your face. 

Can you use baby oil as face cleanser? 

Because it is non-comedographic, the base for most OCM cleaners is baby oil / mineral oil. Simply add a little of the oil to your cheeks, your forehead, your nose, and your chin. Besides the removal of dirt and make-up during the day, the skin is also removed with small scratching plugs. 

Does baby oil clog pores? 

Baby oil is non-comedogenic in design. So pores will not be blocked, but acne is susceptible to breakouts in those. 

Is it good to use johnson baby oil on the face? 

While baby oil is safe as an alternative to other creams, it should not be used on the face. It is not recommended. Baby oil tends to obstruct pores, causing acne when the facial is used. 

Is it OK to remove makeup by using baby oil? 

“It can be used as a cotton ball makeup remover without the risk of the sensitive skin being irritated around the eyes and the face,” says Dr Chang. 


Can You Use Baby Oil as Makeup Remover  Makeup Guide

Initially used for babies, baby oil is a popular skin care product, but it is used also by adults. It can help plump, moisturize, and smooth the skin through moisture screening on the face and throughout the body. 

While it is a synthetic oil, it is fairly mild and rarely allergic. However, you should not put this product on your face when you have a skin prone to acne, because it could lead to break-outs. 

Furthermore, there’s plenty of vegetable oils for all skin types if you want to opt for more natural facial oil. 

It is safe, extremely efficient, hydrating, natural and ultimately inexpensive. I definitely understand whether you prefer a luxury brand to perfume and other powerful ingredients. But give baby oil as make-up remover to try if you’re in a pinch. 

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