Can You Use Eyeliner as a Lip Liner Makeup Guide

Can You Use Eyeliner as Lip Liner? Why or Why not Guide 2021

What is an eyeliner?

Can You Use Eyeliner as a Lip Liner  Makeup Guide

A cosmetics used to define the eyes, is the eyeliner. It is applied in a range of esthetic effects around the contours of the eye.

Eyeliners were used for the first time as a dark black line around the eyes in Ancient India, Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. Egyptians and Mesopotamians used different cosmetics from 10,000 BC to protect the skin against the sun in the desert, including a layer of the eye not only for aesthetics. Research also showed that eyeliners were used to protect the person wearing them from the evil eye. In ancient Egyptian art the characteristic of having strongly linear eyes was often depicted.

But these days, in the daily make-up routine, the eyeliner is often used to define the eye or create a larger or smaller eye appearance. As a tool to create different looks and emphasize different features of the eyes, the eyeliner can be used. The eyelid can be placed in different parts of the eye for different looks with a flanged eyelid or tightly lined on the water. The eyeliner can even be drawn over the top or under the bottom of the eye or on the eyelines on both sides. Its main objective is to make the pins look luxurious, but it also lures the eye and can either increase or alter the shape of the eye. A large range of colors are available in eyeliners.

Can you use eyeliner as lip liner?

Can You Use Eyeliner as a Lip Liner?

While lip liners have mainly adhered to the traditional shades of nude, pink and red, eyeliners are available in a broad spectrum of colors. So it is very handy to use eyeliner as a lip liner if you want to experiment with more adventurous lip shades without extending your budget. Furthermore, many eyeliners have a formula waterproof which improves lip color longevity!

Eyeliners can drier your lips; thus, before you apply eyeliners to your lips, you need to feed and moisturize your lips. Lip gloss may be great to keep your lips moisturized while keeping them dry.

When it comes to giving your eyes wings, black eyeliner is all you can use for this elegant make-up of the eye. And most of the pencil eyeliners are safe to use as lip liners, but ingredients may be present in some of these eyeliners that may not be safe to use when considering using them on your lips. Therefore, before deciding whether to use it on your lips, you must check for all safety alerts of ingredients used in these products.

But there is another observation, according to which you’re never supposed to use a lip liner as an eyeliner. This is why: Although the ingredients of pencil eyeliners and lip liners are almost identical, the pigments and color additives are different from each other (and they are not always clearly recognizable in the list of ingredients). “With regard of pigments suitable for the eyes, the one specifically made for the eyes was not to be interchanged,” said Joseph Cincotta, a cosmetic chemist. “You have to be attentive to the eyes.

The FDA is very serious about this whole affair. You have strict guidelines as to what color additives in cosmetic eye makeup can be used. In this general vicinity you even warn against using lip liner or any makeup product not meant to be close to your eyeball (you can read their eye-cosmetics safety guidelines here). It means that you should never get close to your eyes with any lipstick, blush or lip liner or color.

Lipsticks and lip liners are available in different colors, but black is always evident, and at times loud. If you can commit to dark lips, your eyeliner can serve you well particularly if you are used to emphasize your lips.

According to another perspective; you can use eyeliner (type of pencil) as a lip liner. A creamy eyeliner should be used near the natural tone of your lip, with a shade that matches the shade of your lipstick you plan to use. It is best to use it.

However, you may find that your eyeliner is “Not to be used on the lips” with the same disclaimer, which is “Not in the area of your eye” for certain lip and cheek products. This is because a product formulated for use in the eye area can contain non-eating ingredients (which, if used on the lips, some could be “washed off” by your tongue and swallowed). Or lip/cheek products can contain colorants and/or other non-FDA approved ingredients for use in close contact with the eyes.

It turns out that while the core ingredients are the same, eyeliners do not have additives. The eyes are sensitive organs and certain chemicals found in lip liners can’t be used safely around the eyes. Instead of the eyeliner, you must never use a lip liner.

How can you use eyeliner as a lip liner?

Can You Use Eyeliner as a Lip Liner?

Only if your skin tone color or nude shade is similar to that of the lip shade, you can use eyeliner as your lip liner. You can only use cream pencil eyeliner as your lip shade. You are able to use your eyeliner. It makes mixing your lip shade easier. Never use your black liner like a lip liner unless you wear a black lip shade.

It’s not possible for everyone to like the idea of showing the black lips, but this guide is sure to clarify a couple of questions for people who want to get creative.

This is how you can make your eyeliner work as a lip liner or lipstick:

  1. Moisturize your lips, allow them to sink in for about 10 minutes before application, then let them set.
  2. Give an outline to your lips with the pencil, tracing your natural lip line carefully just outside. Make sure you’ve got a clean and super smooth line. This acts as a kind of lip color trap and prevents it from being feathered.
  3. Then fill your remaining lips with the eyeliner and cover them with the nude shade completely. Just blend them together.
  4. Now: Choose as you normally would on your preferred lipstick color. It should glide smoothly, pay off in high colors and, above all, last long.

When using eyeliner as lip liner, keep your eyes on your pigments (pun carefully designed). More vivid shades can stain the lids if applied too heavily, depending on the chemical composition. And, of course, make sure that the liner concerned is clean before every use. Wash off immediately if any irritation occurs. Actually, exercise general corneal caution.

You might have complained about the perfect dark lipstick. So is the case with another makeup lover, she mentioned; no matter what my orange lip collection was for summer – your need for vampire lips must have been saturated! Whilst I was very tented to purchase a tube, because of my low purchased, I couldn’t find the color nuance at the price point I wanted. So, I was greatly intrigued by the tutorial by YouTuber Sarah Cheung, who created Canto-Pop Queen Faye Wong to create a 90s look. She used a brown pencil eyeliner from a Colorpop pencil and she mixed it to create the Grunge-style signature of the time.

You can mix up your eyeliners with your different color lipsticks to get a new perfect shade of lipstick you were never able to find in the market. Let’s see how it’s done with couple of experiments:

Blue eyeliner is a fun, less tricky alternative to a blue eyeshadow and this is a good way to harmonize colors if you’d like to figure out how to match your lip! In Dark Indigo (P595) you will find the Artdeco Soft eyeliner too dry and not as richly pigmented as the other pencils, but this is whereL’Oreal color Matte in Rich Merlot will easily be transformed into a deep violet. You will be amazed.

But, if you want to have a blue that stands alone, see the Midnight Blue Browhaus Heavy Duty Bi-Liner (P498). As the name implies, it is a shimmering dark blue that is smooth without a grain. You can wear it alone or match a true blue lippie.

If you have been on the black matte lipstick market and are frustrated at the costly price tags of the best, this is the hack for you. Most black lipsticks that we appear to meet are very creamy, which means they easily reflect light- so, what about black gel eyeliner? Isn’t it ideal for the matte aesthetic look, right?

Enter the hack of the century by Kylie Jenner. Whether or not you are a fan of Kylie’s side hustle, her latest disclosure comes in handy when you have a breakdown. If you are simply not willing to commit to Dark Lip Life, then have a bump for this gel eyeliner that you already own. If you cannot afford a sprinkling in your brand new ‘Dead of Knight’ lip kit or simply do not.

Most of us in our collections now probably have the usual black and brown. No matter how dark and intimidating it might seem, they really work for raising your lip drama! I outlined my lips with the Black (P500), L’Oreal Infallible Gel Crayon, then layered with Rich Merlot, to achieve a truly dark red oxblood lip, said by the girl who experimented. That’s one of the richest black liners I’ve ever tried, so that my lips didn’t look too black. I had to slightly apply them. The outcome? It’s a perfect match when I top it with gloss for my coveted lips!

What are the benefits of using eyeliner as a lip liner?

Can You Use Eyeliner as a Lip Liner?

There are several benefits of using your eyeliner as a lip liner. Some of them are:

1. Your lips look glamorous

The first advantage is the lip liner that helps your lips look larger and more full. As we grow old, plumpness and elasticity are lost in our lips. Our lip line gets weakened and our lips’ color begins to diminish. This is easily and not invasively combated by Lip Liner or eyeliner.

2. A lot of variety

The variety that comes with them is another advantage.There are a large number of brands producing different kinds of brands. The individual or consumer must therefore decide which brand to use. There are also different colors, eye pencils available in various color types, allowing consumers to choose the color they want to achieve the particular effects.

3. Feels much better

It’s actually more effective to use eyeliner in your lips than with normal lip liner to produce and to prepare it for lip colors. Seriously, it does work better than the made-for-lip crayons you probably have in many different shades by using the pencil which you normally reach to set the eyes (depending of your skin tone, naturally).

4. Cost-effective

Above all of them, its cost effective. You just don’t need to buy all different shades for lip liners and eyeliners separately, instead you can buy whatever color you want in whether you find as a lip liner or eyeliner and make it useful for both.

Watch Lipliner Hacks | Video

Top 5 FAQs & answers related to Can you use eyeliner as a lip line

Can eyeliner be used as a lip liner?

Yes, as others have mentioned, you can use eyeliner as lip liner. It’s better to use a creamy shadow eyeliner near your natural lip skin tone or to match your lipstick shade.

How does the lip liner differ from eyeliner?

As it turns out, while the fundamental ingredients are the same, lip liners have no additives. There are sensitive eyes and some chemicals in the lip liner cannot be used safely around the eyes. Instead of the eyeliner, you must never use a lip liner.

If I have no lip liner, what can I use?

I use a lip brush covered with a lipstick rather than a lip liner to line up my lips. The brush will help my lipstick remain unblemished for longer. It also has a cleaner look and over time saved me money.

Do you even need a lip liner?

A good line also improves the true color of your lipstick, as well as making the colour stick, by acting as a basis on which the lipstick is attached. Hemorrhaging lips are a great no-no fashion! Again, all you need is a good lip liner to ensure you don’t bleed or smoke the lipstick.

What is the purpose of eyeliner?

The eyeliner can even be drawn over the top or under the bottom of the eye or on the eyelines on both sides. Its main objective is to make the pins look luxurious, but it also lures the eye and can either increase or alter the shape of the eye.



The best way to avoid cross-contamination is to use separate products for your eyes and lips. You can sanitize your pencils by sharpening or washing your tip with alcohol if this is not possible.

But eyeliners can be used on your lips, if you do not have lip liners. This is due to the specially designed pigments for the eye area to prevent irritation.

Just make some precautions like prepare the lips – scrub and hydrate if necessary! It’s a most favorite baking to prepare the lips. You may also like this scrum to remove flakes when many eyeliners dry out your lips too much and then you can nourish them with these picks to health. So keep rocking with your favorite lip colors.

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