Can You Use Eyeliner Without Mascara? | Makeup Guide

Can You Use Eyeliner Without Mascara? | Makeup Guide

Introduction to the topic

Can You Use Eyeliner Without Mascara? | Makeup Guide

All have their beauty product for the desert island. The one thing without which they feel naked. It’s mascara for most. Without completely forgetting makeup — on special occasions like exercising, practicing, or relaxing alone — Mascara is a must if you wear a maquillage even. For me, the visual equivalent of the noise of a chalkboard is mascara on my fabricated face. My eyes look dead, my face look pale, and no bold lip can save this. When I’m looking in the mirror, my eyes look dead.

Even on a bad skin day I would skip a foundation much sooner than I could go out with undefined clogs to the world.

If you want to, I think it doesn’t look good, but that really depends on so many factors, such as how much eyewear you wear, what color, and how much natural cloves you wear (particularly, their color).

Are your lashes as complete as it is?? That’s the only thing I think could look a bit out. But who cares simultaneously? I don’t like how they look without mascara, I have thin lashes, but that’s just me.

Can you use eyeliner without mascara?


There is no mascara trend in the beauty scene as part of the no maquillage trend! You just don’t want to bother with this, if you’re like us, some days, are we correct? The problem however is how to look and feel polished without a few black mascara coats? How can I still feel beautiful and put together?

For you we got the tricks! You’re ready in minutes for these makeup ideas but still feel very nice. In addition to the following descriptions, take two great tips into account in order to improve the look: Use a curler still, then try a clear mascara coat! This curler helps open your eyes and lashes and clear mascara adds a bright finish (all without the difficulty of removing black mascara later on!).

Models and maquillage (artists and products), twisters, hairstyles, curlers and sometimes hair-network, tissues and various lightings (some with their helpers), a swarm of photographers of the first look and beauty reporters who are trying to figure their own angles, and often very much dismissed are available.

Something this season we couldn’t find? Mascara. In contrast, artists such as Charlotte Tilbury, James Kaliardos, and Diane Kendal put in gel or cream without the laughter—no flick, no overt thickness—a thin, neat, lashed black line. Sort of a booster shot on lash if you think.

I only think I would notice if it wasn’t super obvious for your lashes and you chose a dark eyeliner. Just like you’re pretty blond/pale and you’ve been wearing a black lid. It looks strange to me.

The person and their eyelashes are also dependent upon it. Some women have pale, sparse and straight eyelashes (like me) and yes, I think that only eyeliner looks weird. I wear a mascara every day, because I hate my wretched eyelashes, but I usually have an eyeliner available for evenings and weekend.

When I see this hard look, I guess the girls don’t know how to use make-up, I see girls wearing dark, thick liners in the lower deck. I suppose that’s the kind of people your FB friend was referring to, or girls that have eyebrows that don’t get mascara covered. OP, you have a natural curling and filling and I don’t know if in pic 2 you wear mascara. You are all right! You are all right!

Without a mascara, I almost always wear the eyeliner. Because I don’t truly think it’s necessary, I just don’t use black. I have brown eyes really deep and I usually wear a bronze, brown or purple eyeliner to make my eyes really pop. I believe you should try some pruning colors, some purple eyeliners, perhaps even coppery eyeliners. Try the eyeliners of Urban Decay, they’re my favorite!

Without my winged eyeliner, I feel empty. Liquid eyeliner is also a product that cannot be substituted for anything else. Yes, kohl and kajal pencils can be used as eyeliners, but the gray effect on my eyelid does not appeal to me.

You can also easily use fake lashes rather than mascaras, so I use falsities when I don’t have access to Mascara. In fact, although I have access to mascara, I use falsifications, and for that there is another reason. When you wear high-quality glue, my eyes feel lighter at the end of the day. However, you can nevertheless not get the mascara off completely at times, despite using a lot of makeup remover or oil, and some clumps remain.

Since I already wear a lid every day, I would choose the eyeliner. I’m not winged every day, but my eyelid is lined. There are a few reasons why I choose eyeliner over mascara.

  1. There’s give definition of your eyes
  2. You don’t really need mascara if you’ve already got pretty long lashes.
  3. You can use various eyeliner styles to manipulate your eye shape every day.
  4. So many styles can fit in your eye form and you can experiment with fun.

How to look good without mascara?


James Kaliardos was inclined to agree on Theyskens Theory (where the look was clean and freshly sculptured faces with a small fish-tones on the eyelid and not so much else). “I think the girls look so lovely—gorgeous in a really pure manner. Unlike ‘beautiful because I wear mascara,’ this is more of a pretty, quite like the way in which we were born…’born this way,’ pretty.

I think because your natural lash is softer, so it softens the eye straight away,” But what about our years of tracking Sephora’s aisles with the perfect width/lift/curl?! “Mascara seems to be ‘commercial,'” shrugged Kaliardos many designers and designers. ” “They said so much, ‘No mascara!’ They are very determined to do so,”

And then yesterday, Diane Kendal cemented her “very well groomed, very New York girls for the fall show of Reed Krakoff’s bare-lash trend suspicions. She said, “The skin looks magnificent and flawless. “For that dewy and luminous quality, we’re using lipstick on the cheese. We brush the eyebrows, and if necessary fill them, and then place a black cream liner near the lid to make the definition for the road look like that.” ” Neither had Kendal done much of Wang’s eye, come to think about it.

What has happened? We always associated with the concept of beauty in full swing bombshells that had disappeared. “Without a look that’s very YSL or 1950, it’s so, I don’t tend to do any snaps… because somehow putting the mascara on is not very modern,” said the makeup artist. “I don’t use mascara generally. “You create this depth at the root, without using mascara, when you’re doing the thin, black cream line, so that the girls look really modern and refreshing and it gives a genuine perspective,” Kendal used the damped “very thin and pointed eyeliner brush.

Long, thick lashes were always important in beauty, so that many might find one of today’s latest trends, the ‘no mascara’ look of make-up, so shocking. However, this option is long overdue, based on the fact that some customers will always have few or no cum because of health problems like thyroid conditions, infections, cancer therapies and more.

But what does an application without a mascara makeup look like? The making application has always emphasized the eye with so many lash growing and enhancing sérum, conditioners, extensions, lifts, fakes and coatings, with an emphasis on the cuts. So what happens to mascara when the equation is removed? Nothing gives a woman a naked feeling, right? Fear not, even for clients with healthy lashes the mascara-free look is a legally legitimate new alternative in beauty — and actually removes a few common problems.

Check out Michael Kors, Stella McCartney and Prada’s backstage pictures of the Spring 2016 shows, you’ll see something missing — clogged lashes, a curious turn, for Fall was pretty much about spider lashes and graphic twiggy fringes. But as most of us cannot go home without a large coat of our waterproof formula, how does one look fab sans mascara exactly?

You see, makeup artists are always dipping the tube, because it takes some time for each model to use a mascara. To tell the truth, there really isn’t a need for women naturally talented with long, thick borders. But there are a few other tricks in Betty Boop’s fake eyes for those of you who aren’t dotted with lush screws.

Don’t worry when you forget your home mascara. Without the product you can make your eyes beautiful.

Keep a Lash Curler in your bad

Throughout the day, you can touch your eyes with curling. It is going to make a far greater difference than you would have thought.

Eyeliner or Thin Liquid Liner for Long Wearing

It helps to thicken the basis of your cloves. Then if you’re not, it will look like you wear mascara.

Use beige color in eye

This helps to make your eyes wider illusory. Don’t forget to buy your favorite black liner with a beige eyeliner.

5 different ways to use eyeliner without mascara

Can You Use Eyeliner Without Mascara? | Makeup Guide

We are all aware of the power of several simple eyeliner styles. Your eyeliner can change the look of your world. And the stuff you can do with a simple black liner is really awesome. Here are some of the best eyeliner models with only one black eyeliner!

1. Smooth winged look

This is one of the most popular eyewear styles that is both perfectly subtle and glamorous. Start with a liquid black eyeliner at the innermost edge of your eye and carefully line your top lash line. Extend the liner a bit past your eye’s outer corner and finish well. Leave your bottom lash line bare or use a nude pencil to open the eye. A lovely, eyewear-style winged is ready!

2. Casual weekend-day look

Line just your top outside eyelid for a casual look. It’s much easier to work with pencil liners than liquids, but you can try and know your favorite things. Cover girl creates a superb liner called Perfect Blend for easy smudging with a sponge tip on the other end.

Does the liner on your top deck and get as close as possible to your eyelashes? Use a cotton swab, spongy tip, or clean fingertips (look for the nail) on the contrary end of some eyeliners to combine points so the make-up looks natural, almost undetectable.

From the inside of your eye you can line where the top pinion stops or you can just line up the outside of your eyelid. If your eyes are wide, the lining of the whole upper deck makes them look closer. Line only the outer half or two-thirds of the eyelid if you have close eyes. This gives the illusion of broader eyes. I like this look with no dark eyes and just curled eyelashes, no mascaras.

3. The bigger brows look

For the last few years, bigger brows have been growing. A new long lash could only be a bold brow. But when a bold face is combined with a whole lots lashes, the face becomes too much dominated by the eye region. Brows are like lashes. Skip the mascara instead and hold the brow with a colorful brown gel strongly. Fine, feathery strokes make the illusion of extra hair and make your brows look beautiful and big.

4. Baby doll look

Create a beauty look for the 60s with a strong eyeliner without mascara and a baby-pink lip gloss or tint. Black or dark brown eyeliner imitates a loud, dark eyelash! Using a thick or thin eyeliner line, scattered across the bottom lines and drawn across the upper length (use cotton buds to merge it out).

5. Parallel dots twist

I don’t know about you, but this look obsesses me. Surely I’d do it again. The simplicity of the points is not shining with large, curled cloves. Also, to satisfy the minimum fantasy, I decided to wear less lightweight. In Brooklyn, it’s very happy to be my best friend Brooke, who is basically an uncovered Glossier and K-beauty spokesman.

I used a ball point tip to create the dots for the Revlon ColorStay Eye Pen. I got capsised eyes, so instead of the lid I pointed my brow bone. (I tried to do one right above my top line of lash, but when my eyes open, the dot just disappeared.) This arrangement helped to weep too. I shed a few tears and I kept my points in place. I didn’t have to worry about the running of my mascara, too.

What I received was the best part of this look. Either people were gung-ho or confused about it. I went to a bodega from my house around the corner, and the kennel man asked my dots whether they were tattooed.

Watch Why I Stopped Using Mascara | Video

Top 5 FAQs & answer related to Can You Use Eyeliner Without Mascara

What to use if you don’t have mascara?

One of those all-purpose beauty products is Vaseline (or any generic petroleum jelly). It can remove makeup from your eyes, it can be used as a lip gloss and yes, it also makes a quite good clear mascara.

Can you wear eyeliner on its on?

If you like it, you can only wear eye-make-up without a foundation. You may put a hide on your eyelids to make the colors pop over them. It would be better to keep the eye look subtle, as a daring eye look would look a little off with no foundation.

Is it all right to wear an eyeliner without mascara?

You’re all right! You’re all right! I’m wearing OR mascara pretty much and I don’t wear both. Your looks great! Yours looks good! For each day, I wear only eyeliner, but wear both if it’s a special lol opportunity.

Without a mascara how can I make my eyelashes look good?

9 ways to get longer mascara eyelashes
Use petroleum jelly
Eat healthy food.
Comb your lids
Use coconut oil.
Eyelids massage.
Use olive oil
Evite eyelash curlers

What can I use as a mascara replacement?

A lash-specialized trade show is the way to go if you’re looking for real set-and-forget option. But you can also try curling or applying beaver oil every day for cheaper alternative DIY mascaras. You have to choose!



Start with a clear mascara, for customers who have some lashes and want to experience with less mascara (run it over brows to keep unruly hairs from straying as well). Another way to start slowly is to minimize the rest of the make-up at the beginning, making it less obvious that mascara is not part of the equation.

Ironically, some of the major trends in the treatment room are still about lashes despite the non-mascara maquillage trend.

Lash lifts, tints and extensions are all hot ticket services that reduce mascara requirements.

These protocols improve every mascara-free look perfectly and provide a great way to grow your revenue as a professional of esthetics.

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