Can You Use Mascara on Eyebrows Makeup Guide

Can You Use Mascara on Eyebrows? | Makeup Guide

Introduction to the topic

Can You Use Mascara on Eyebrows  Makeup Guide

There appear to be two key methods when it comes to using mascara on the eyebrows. The first is the use of a clear mascara as a brow gel for keeping hair in position, while the second involves the use of a regular lash mascara for a seemingly more natural 3-D appearance than that of crayon or powder. 

And while the second way makes people apprehensive to try it, Luhrs has said that it is a method we “definitely” should go with whole online fora devoted to questioning the technique. 

Many people are a little nervous about trying. But you can take your dreams’ brows if you get the right color for your skin tone.


According to Luhrs, there is not much difference between a clear mascara and a brow gel if it is strictly the holding factor you are looking for. She has said that you can earn more money by opting for a lash mascara rather than a gel. 

Can you use mascara on eyebrows? 

Can You Use Mascara on Eyebrows  Makeup Guide

“It can certainly create a more dramatic effect with a lash mascara in place of a brow gel,” Luhrs said. “I find also that mascara’s hold is stronger than gel. If you want a more natural brow that’s less complete, try a gel. [It’s] perfect to perfect your stroke for first time. 

“Test a lash mascara [particularly] once you feel safe, if you have a long day to go and want it to last every day. One of my preferred hints is to use a mascara/gel, and then brush through the brows with a spoolie to make the most defined fluffy brushed-up look.” 

Now, you might be more bang-for-buck with your eyebrow-specific tinted mascaras if you are using the mascara to add texture and fill in your brows, as they probably have more hold than a colored mascara, and often have a gel-to-powder formulation. 

The drugstore finds Jenna Dewan’s full. Although her skin care routine is worth more than $1,900 (which may well be the skin that you wear for your life), the 37-year-old manages her beauty collection, which is so affinity to the dry shampoo of Bastiste in her signature beach waves, to remain relatively cheap. Now, Dewan shares with us another pharmacy, but it may not be as she uses it. 

The host “World of Dance” showed her to be using the Great Lash Clear Mascara of Maybelline, for a $7-cool retailing, in a tutorial on her YouTube channel. But Dewan used that mascara to brush her brows, instead of using it for fun, thicker and luscious lashes. 

By using a mascara spoolie to brush her brows up and out, Dewan showed her beauty hack, which she does after she fills her brows. “I love these things. I love these things. It doesn’t have to be brow gel, but the mascara is clear and it works just as well,” said Dewan. “Let me tell you. Let me tell you. It’s all day long.” 

This is a beauty trend that will not die soon, so it’s time for you to learn how to achieve magnificent arches yourself. You could think that eyebrow maquillages are not the easiest to use — sometimes it can be as challenging as liquid eyelines — but take the time to learn how to take good looks into account.

Seriously, your face can change completely with the perfect eyebrow pair! If you are ready, but do not want to try too complicated, to learn how to use maquillage in your eyes, let us point to an eye brown mascara. You already know how to use ol’ mascara regularly, and this is no different. Stick it on and your eyebrows look completely cared for – immediately. 

5 different ways to use mascara on eyebrows

Can You Use Mascara on Eyebrows  Makeup Guide

Clear mascara appears to be an easy conception: it improves lashes while maintaining low maintenance of your make-up routine. This simple product has a variety of uses, from maintaining your brows to preparing and finishing the eye area. This comprehensive guide was created to help you experience all the advantages of clear mascara. 

1. As an eyebrow gel 

Clear mascara is a huge multitask, which means that you can save your money and invest in only one, dynamic item instead of splashing into a dozen different beauty products. To keep your eyebrows order during the day, you can use clear mascaras: Simply fill them with a brown comb and brush a coat of clear mascara over them if desired with a pencil. 

2. Good brow days 

Let’s face: Good brow days are more easy to say than to do. Using your favorite pencil to add hair to space makes brows look more comprehensive, but what about unruly (or dare we say, gray) hair?

Learn your favorite mascara to the strays and grays! Brush your mascara’s wand with a light hand to tint, calm, and hold them all up. This tip is certainly best for the beauty of the dark brow! 

3. Fill brows with mascara 

This is perfect for nicely shaped brows, but the brow hair is too thin or too light, making the brows unnoticeable. 

Use mascara with your brow. Apply another coating on the brows that you want to look bolder/darker if you are not content with one coat. Clean the smudges and errors with q-tip. 

The concealer brush is used to define browline and achieve a clean finished look with the concealer right under your brows. On top of your brow, if you want, you can also put a concealer on it. 

Combine the concealer and put your browbone highlighter. 

4. Create DIY color 

For your brows, you would like to create a customized color. If you have your hair colored or cannot find your natural hair’s shade, brow mascaras allow more room to mix. I tend to first apply a dark pencil, for example, and then add a reddish brown mascara to set all. That matches the warm copper highlights of my current dark brown hair. 

5. Line and define eyebrows 

Combination of the above techniques and tools for browsing filling. Well, sometimes in one part our brows are perfect, then scarce, or too light with no definite shape, and so on. In this case, depending on the type of your eyebrow you can always use the above techniques. Use a browse, fill them in with an eye shadow or mascara, use a clogger or a white eyewear pencil under your brows. You can also always line and define brows. Choose the way your brows work best. 

How to use mascara on eyebrows? 

Can You Use Mascara on Eyebrows  Makeup Guide

Step 1: 

First of all, you will need an eyebrow mascara like the Boost & Set Brow Mascara Stylist from L’Oréal Paris. Glides easily on the eyes to boost your volume and to create a natural to thicker look. This gel-mousse formulation Moreover, it provides wear all day! Once the Eyebrow mascara is in hand, you need to choose the eyebrow maquiladora look you want because it depends on how you use your brow mascara.  

Step 2:  

So choose a natural look, a boy’s look and a defined look — then go on to read a minibus or — if you can’t just look at it — it doesn’t harm how to make multiple effects from your eyebrow mascara! 

Step 3: 

If you don’t want to purchase a special brow product, use a regular mascara. There are many mascaras specifically designed for eyebrows on the market, but do not fool you about the marketing hype. Follow the lead of many pro-make-up artists and swap your regular Eyelash Booster if you don’t want another make-up product to shell off. [1]X 

Step 4: 

Take the excess out of the wand before touching the wand, then press down on your skin with some pressure to tint your brows evenly. Don’t go beyond your brows’ natural shape – it will look clear and unnatural. 

Step 5: 

Try it if you take a natural look. Clear brow mascara is great when you like a natural brows look, because it gives you control and brightness without adding extra colour. See the packaging carefully, so you know if your product is or is not tinted. Check for “clear” or “colorless” labeling products.  

Many of these mascaras also make your brows bright and healthy to help keep your hair. 

For even coverage, move in the direction of hair growth. Don’t worry for now about cared for your brows. Follow each hair’s natural direction as you swipe over the mascara. This ensures that every hair is completely covered.  

Step 6: 

Do not fear to push it down and apply a little pressure, if you use a mascara that matches the color of your natural brow. It’s fine if you put a little of it on your skin, while you remain within your eyebrow’s natural limits. 

Be a little more cautious if you use a darker mascara. Take it slowly and make sure you just cover the hair without mascara. 

Step 7: 

After the mascara has dried, comb the hair with a clean spoolie. 

This cleans your brows and removes any clumps of mascaras. It also separates the hair for a sophisticated look. Just take a minute to set your mascara, or until it feels dry. Then take a clean spoolie brush and peel it gently into the direction of hair development through your eyebrows. [13] 

If you prefer a feathered look, brush the hair up instead. 

If you want to blow your hair thicker brows back to get maximum volume in the opposite direction. This trick covers more areas! I’ve been learning it from a MAC maker. Wait and you’re finished for the product to set! 

Is lash mascara different form eyebrow mascara? 

Can You Use Mascara on Eyebrows  Makeup Guide

Not really, but clear mascara has several uses, of which one can be used as brow gel. But you may not know, we’re unfolding a fact, that Mascara not only has multiple jobs. 

No need to wear mascara on your eyebrows, but the mascara brow is generally much dryer and less dense than the mascara Eye so your lashes are not as full or thick. The other thing to consider is drier formula, because it tends to flake, so that you might have this problem. There is no reason, however, overall why you can’t try it. Please let us know how you do it. 

Good hacks in the world of beauty, especially with regard to our ever-important eyebrows, are not short. 

And if it’s covetous, natural brows that you are looking to create, you might have missed one particular make-up task: putting your eyebrows on a mascara. 

While standard lash mascaras on your brows are included in the classic brow hack, there are specific mascaras on your brows, and the use depends on what you are after. 

According to Luhrs, there is not much difference between a clear mascara and a brow gel if it is strictly the holding factor you are looking for. She has said that you can earn more money by opting for a lash mascara rather than a gel. 

When selecting a good specific mascara from the eyebrow, coloring with the color of the hair is important before proceeding, stressed Luhrs. 

“Try to find a color close to your natural hair color and add to your skin tone,” she explained. 

“I think staying around the cooler colors keeps the brows natural rather than warm tones. In fact, my favorite is BY TERRY’s mascara. It’s my ultimate destination for dramatic brows because I like its holding element and color.” 

Watch How to get natural eyebrow using black mascara | Video

Top 5 FAQs & answer related to can you use mascara on eyebrows 

Can lash mascara work for eyebrows? 

Like mascara lash, mascaras brow add volume to their hair. If you have exuberant brows, you can skip totes! If you don’t, they are essential to make your brows healthier and more glossy. You’ve got eyebrow hair stuck in all directions. 

Is brow gel same as clear mascara? 

“I want to use clear mascara another way,” explains Ma. “I want to use clear mascara. “Once again, each hair is defined while the brows are set.” Consider it as a sub-supplier to your brow gel. This product is technically a brow gel to show that it is obvious. However, Ma also uses it on laughs. 

Is it possible to use mascara on eyebrows? 

“It can certainly create a more dramatic effect with a lasha mascara in place of a brown gel,” Luhrs said. At first, I use a mascara/gel to brush through the brows to make the brushy brushed-up look that’s defined as high as possible. 
How can I brush my mascara eyebrows? 
Take the brush in the pomade lightly. Sketch and define your eyebrow. Draw your eyebrow hair in sparse areas with the tip of your brush and fill it to the intensity of your choice. Take your eyebrows and mix with the spoolie. 

What is the purpose of brow mascara? 

Use brow mascara if: 
You have fine hair on your eyebrow and want to thicken it. Like lash mascaras, brow mascaras add volume to their hair. 
You’ve got eyebrow hair stuck in all directions. 


Can You Use Mascara on Eyebrows  Makeup Guide

If your eyebrows aren’t naturally ready for Instagram, don’t worry, it’s as fast and easy to boost as swiping a mask. Take your favorite eyelash mascara tube, or purchase an eyebrow tube. You will be on your way to the darker, more comprehensive brows that you want! Wax-or gel-based eyebrow mascaras can help you achieve a feverish boy brows or a sleek, sophisticated look. 

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