Can You Use Vaseline as Mascara? | Substitute Guide

Can You Use Vaseline as Mascara? | Substitute Guide

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Can You Use Vaseline as Mascara? | Substitute Guide

Since women have been looking to beautify themselves, they have always been looking for ways to attain long, healthy, stunning eyelashes which help to frame the face and improve the impression of eye-catching beauty. Over the years there have been numerous ideas and methods to lengthen eyelashes. However, there is one method that has stood the test of time and remains popular today, which is the use of mascara. 

Mascara is applied to the lashes to lengthen, thicken, and darken them, supposedly making them more beautiful. 

Well, using mascara does not lengthen the eyelashes, but makes them appear longer. 

Whereas Vaseline, on the other hand, has been around for many years with many household and personal uses. Also, it has been used in the beauty, cosmetic, and hair loss industries for a very long time. 

But using Vaseline as mascara is a different method. It enhances the growth of eyelashes and makes them grow longer. Although, there are people that swear by this method, and there are also people that are very skeptical as to if this works or not.  

So who are you supposed to believe? Can you use Vaseline as mascara? What does Vaseline do to your eyelashes? These are the questions that will be resolved in this content. 

Can you use Vaseline as mascara? 

Can You Use Vaseline as Mascara? | Substitute Guide

The answer to this question is a Yes! You can use Vaseline as mascara. 

Vaseline, often known as petroleum jelly, is one of the most frequent items found in bathroom cabinets. Do you know that Vaseline may be used as a quick repair cosmetic in addition to its various healing properties? 

It’s astonishing how a dab of plain Vaseline can sometimes accomplish the job of a more expensive cosmetic! Put your money aside and let me show you how to replace it with Vaseline instead of mascara. 

Vaseline can function as a great moisturizer and conditioner for dry and crisp lashes. Vaseline strengthens the lashes and helps them stay secure in the follicles, thus possibly making them longer. 

This is done by applying Vaseline directly to your eyelashes carefully and avoiding getting any into the eyes, using a clean mascara wand dipped in Vaseline to do this. When throwing out an old mascara, keep the wand for this motive. If you don’t have a mascara wand at hand, you can also utilize a Q-tip to gently coat your lashes in Vaseline.  

This will give your eyelashes an instant uplift, and also keeps them moisturized. This is a very useful hack for people who have dried out their eyelashes from using mascara frequently. 

Though some people believe that wearing mascara every day can cause your lashes to dry out and become thinner. So, now and then, give your eyelashes a rest from mascara. On those days, all you need to do is apply Vaseline on your lashes. 

Vaseline can be used to help with eyelashes in a variety of ways. It gives lashes a deeper, more glossy appearance. It provides the impression that the person has used mascara right away. It also makes eyelashes grow longer and softer, and it helps to prevent them from falling out. It is inexpensive and widely accessible over-the-counter in medical and department stores. 

Vaseline creates a soberer appearance, which is ideal for more modest make-up. It can also be used as a base for mascara application by those who want darker eyelashes for a more beautiful evening look. Vaseline is an excellent alternative to mascara if you don’t want to wear make-up for whatever reason. 

What happens when you use Vaseline do to your eyelashes? 

Can You Use Vaseline as Mascara? | Substitute Guide

This method has been proven and tested. It is not geared specifically for eyelash loss. It’s practically impossible to know whether or not Vaseline will make eyelashes longer. While it has been tested, the results that are out there prove nothing but that the results will 100% make your eyelashes longer. 

What does it do again? Like earlier said, Vaseline will excellently moisturize and condition your eyelashes making them look fuller and lusher, and also helps to make eyelashes longer by reducing the rate at which eyelashes fall off. 

7 things to know when using Vaseline as mascara 

It is critical to thoroughly clean your eyes before using Vaseline. This clears the pores of oil-secreting glands and avoids an accumulation of oils around the eyes, which can cause puffiness. Make sure to clean up after yourself at the end of the day. Some people choose to apply Vaseline at night rather than during the day to minimize the potential discomforts. 

Even though most cosmetic and medical goods are tested before being used, each person’s reaction to a product may vary. Before applying to your eyelashes, test for allergies on a small spot of skin. 

1. Makeup should be removed

Make sure your eyes and lashes are free of makeup. This makes it easier for Vaseline to do its function. 

2. Combine the Vaseline and the water in a mixing bowl

Move the top layer of Vaseline around with your clean finger. This will warm it up and make the application easier. 

3. Using the Vaseline, coat your wand

Apply a generous amount of Vaseline on your wand. It has a tendency to cluster on the brush’s front. If this happens, simply spread it evenly down your wand with a damp paper towel. 

4. Apply to the tops of your lashes

Apply Vaseline to your upper lashes in the same way you would mascara. Apply a generous amount of mascara to both sides of your lashes, being careful not to get any in your eyes. You can smudge some Vaseline back over your eyelid for smoother skin if you want. This may produce a reaction if you have sensitive skin, so test it out on the back of your hand first. 

5. Apply to the bottom of your lashes

Return your wand to the Vaseline. Apply Vaseline to your bottom lashes, again being cautious not to get it in your eyes. When you apply Vaseline to your lashes, they will clump together. However, don’t put too much on or it may end up all over your face and bedding. Use just enough to evenly coat your eyelashes in one thin coat. 

6. Allow it to rest

Vaseline will moisturize your lashes and prevent breakage if you use it every night. The conditioning properties will enable each eyelash cycle to last longer, making your lashes look fuller and healthier. 

7. In the morning, wash it off

Wash the Vaseline off when you wake up. Use a cleaner if you’re having difficulties getting the Vaseline off your lashes. Water might not be enough because it’s oil-based. During the day, stick to your regular make-up procedure. You can see effects in as little as three days if you practice this consistently.  

What can be a substitute for Mascara? 

Can You Use Vaseline as Mascara? | Substitute Guide

Here’s What You Can Substitute for Mascara 

How do we adore you, mascara? It not only lengthens and thickens lashes, but it also makes eyes appear larger and brighter. A quick stroke of the mascara wand is frequently included in even the most basic makeup-in-a-minute routine. 

But what if you’ve misplaced your mascara and need to make a beauty emergency? You are not doomed to the awful fate of leaving the house with your face uncovered. There are various stand-ins for a mascara that can help save the day, much like there are stand-ins for components in a recipe. 

1. Substituting Vaseline for mascara 

One of those all-purpose beauty products is Vaseline (or any generic petroleum jelly). It can be used to remove eye makeup, as a lip gloss, and yes, it can even be used as a clear mascara. Apply a small dab of Vaseline to your finger, then dip a clean mascara wand or Q-tip into it until a smooth coating of Vaseline covers the wand or swab. 

If the Vaseline clumps, use a moist piece of toilet paper to smooth it out. Apply Vaseline to your lashes as if you were applying mascara. Vaseline can assist your lashes not only in “glisten and catch the light,” but it can also strengthen and nourish them. 

2. Substituting eyeliner for mascara 

If you want to use eyeliner instead of mascara, you’ll need a liquid or gel version – an eyeliner pencil won’t suffice. Cosmopolitan suggests using a clean mascara wand to apply the liner, while we suggest using a mascara fan brush. 

If you don’t have either, you can always hold the eyeliner just below your lashes and carefully blink onto the tip of the liner brush to pick up some hue on your lashes. The advantage of using gel or liquid eyeliner over mascara is that it does not clump, and it may even be better for ladies with light lashes. 

There has to be a better way to get gorgeous lashes while you have exhausted your mascara or maybe misplaced your mascara. Luckily, there are a few possibilities out there for those that need alternatives or whether you are looking to find a healthier alternative for your lashes or just want to save time in the morning, one of these clues might work for you.  

Here is the list of some other substitutes for mascara: 

  1. Coconut oil 
  2. Aloe Vera  
  3. Vitamin oil 
  4. Castor oil 

What are the drawbacks of using Vaseline for eyelashes?

Can You Use Vaseline as Mascara? | Substitute Guide

Applying Vaseline to the eyes might cause any other eye make-up to smear. So, if you’re going to use eyeliner and eye shadow, be careful not to overdo the Vaseline on the lashes to avoid scattering of your make up. Also, if the person wears glasses, the Vaseline from the eyelashes is likely to rub off on the glass. If you’re going outside, Vaseline will trap dust particles, which might cause eye irritation. 

In other circumstances, a person with oily skin should avoid using Vaseline in this manner since it might cause acne or eye infection owing to clogged pores, and in severe cases, medical treatment may be required. 

Although it cannot be said that Vaseline is a perfect mascara substitute, it performs a good job in terms of appearance if you are lacking mascara! 

It’s exceedingly improbable. Vaseline does not combine with the water (tears) on the surface of the eye, so if you get some in your eyes, you should be able to wipe it away with a moist washcloth, according to the firm. 

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Top 5 FAQs & answers related to Can you use Vaseline as mascara 

Can I use something besides a mascara wand to apply the Vaseline? 

Yes, you can use your fingers to apply the Vaseline. If you use this method, just make sure you wash your hands beforehand. 

Like how many days do I apply Vaseline? 

As many as you can or want, but three days’ minimum is very much better. 

Can I use this Vaseline method every morning and night? 

Yes, you can, but using it that frequently may clog the pores near your eyes. I strongly recommend using it only at night, especially if you are a teenager. 

What will happen if I don’t wash off all the Vaseline in the morning? 

That’s not good because your eyelashes will be greasy and you may get acne from the Vaseline clogging your pores. 

Can I apply Vaseline and then mascara? 

Yes, you can and you should. It is very good for your eyelashes, and when you apply it before mascara, it moisturizes and coats the lashes to make applying mascara even very much easier, and you’ll get better coverage. 


Can You Use Vaseline as Mascara? | Substitute Guide

Vaseline can solely be used as mascara and it’s very much good at enhancing the growth of eyelashes. You can start today by applying some Vaseline made from natural plants, which will keep your eyelashes more moisturized and healthier. 

Lastly, follow the simple steps to apply the baseline and always read precautions before use of any baseline you see. 

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