Can You Wear Contacts with Eyelash Extensions? | Guide

Can You Wear Contacts with Eyelash Extensions? | Guide

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Can You Wear Contacts with Eyelash Extensions? | Guide

While lenses remain a stylish accessory, in recent years contact lenses have become increasingly popular. They are comfortable, easy to wear and when a person wears them you can barely tell. The following question might be asked by many maquillages and cosmetic lovers: could you wear eyelash extensions with contact lenses? 

Contact lenses are all right to wear with extensions of eyelash. Individuals with eyelash application may prefer to remove contacts, as the eyes are closed during the drying process, but they shouldn’t have any trouble on a day’s basis. This also applies to removable fake clogs, but it is necessary to apply the contact lenses first. 

During the application process, individuals should remove their contact lenses because they are pelleted backwards and some strain may be caused to the eye. Customers must keep their eyes shut for a long time usually approximately 90 minutes during the application process. This may lead to dry or wretched eyes if they are wearing contacts. 

Can you wear contact with eyelash extensions? 

Can You Wear Contacts with Eyelash Extensions? | Guide

Yes! Eyelash Extensions with contact lenses are usually safe to wear. If you have highly sensitive eyes, during the eyelash extension service you might need to remove the contact lenses, but after this, you will be safe to put them back in. 

Most lounges have a sterile unit with contact solution for removing your lenses before service. You may choose to wear glasses on the day of your service if you are still nervous about contacts the same day you receive your services. 

Most customers have no problems or irritations with after-and-during eyelash extensions. It is recommended that you remove your contacts during the service if you tend to sleep during your service or have sensitive eyes. Ideally, if not specified to be compatible in sleep, you should never sleep in your contact lenses. It is advisable to take them out with sensitive eyes, as in rare cases eyelash expansion glue fumes can be trapped under your contact lens, increasing sensitivity and irritability. 

If you are a lens wearer, it’s important that you do not pull your eye extensions when putting the lens into your eyes to keep the lifespan of your eyelash extensions. Your contacts are best placed by opening your eyes and placing the lens directly on your eyeball, regardless of how your extensions are pulsed or affected. Pull your eyelid down to open your eyes, as opposed to the upper deck with extensions if you need to pull your eyelid down. 

If any doubt arises, the person should contact his/her experts on the eyelash extension or ophthalmologist to ask for a contact lens worn with eyelash extensions. 

Because of the large number of people wearing contact lenses, several lounges provide customers with a brand-new sterile case and visual solution drops for removal of contact lenses on site and the process. Customers may also be encouraged to remove their contacts at home and come to the session with easily removable reading glass and removable glasses. 

Many women gladly wear extensions and contacts without problems. Contact lens can be used after the first application but you must be careful to position your lenses gingerly, avoid troubling curses and possibly get them between your lens and your eye. 

Mixing contacts and lash extensions may not fit you well if you are prone to eye infections or have otherwise sensitive eyes. Wear glasses, instead, or leave extensions if wearing glasses is not a good thing after application. 

Naturally! However, it may be easier for you to remove the contacts before your appointment or take your contacts so that you can immediately remove them beforehand. Before your appointment you must remove hard-core contact lenses because they often prevent you from comfortably close your eyes. 

Are eyelash extensions safe to wear with contacts? 

Can You Wear Contacts with Eyelash Extensions? | Guide

While there were a few problem cases in most users using their contact lenses after the eyelash extension session. Sometimes the glue used for the lash extensions can penetrate the eye and irritate. Within contact lenses, this can be more abrasive and more difficult to subside.  

When you put in and remove your contact lens if you have eyelash extensions you must be extra careful. One of the largest recommendations for longer lashing extensions is to limit unnecessary contact. The contact lens users constantly touch and test the eye area and have to take appropriate precautions so that clog extensions are not removed during these processes. Try to pull down and apply contacts to the bottom deck, instead of pulling on the top deck, where the extensions are embedded. Make sure no cursor gets off the eye and the contact lens, as it could be very uncomfortable. If this happens, use a cleaning solution for the eye carefully to minimize irritation, remove contacts and easily remove any dropped cloves. 

Usually it’s a good idea to see your ophthalmologist before you set an appointment for eyelash extensions. He or she can give you specific instructions and tips to ensure that your eyes are safe and secure during the accommodation of extensions when putting contacts in and afterwards taking them out. 

Your ophthalmologist can warn you against mixing extensions and contact lenses or warn you against wearing false cursors with your contact lenses. In such a case, you should probably avoid wing extensions unless you want to switch to glasses. 

Also you can still have an occasional lift from temporary laundry to wear for a certain event if you need to avoid prolonged laundry extensions. By using thickening mascara and the flattering shadow application, you can also enhance your eye definition. 

The colorful contact lens is another option for creating an unforgettable look. Choose a variety that gives your classic look a subtle color layer, shadow or any other dramatic definition. 

You should not have any problem wearing your eyelash extensions for contact lenses, but before extensions are applied or removed you will want to remove your lenses. If anything gets into the eye it will make flushing the eye easier. You can have an extension loosened and trapped below your lens. If this happens, treat it like a natural lash. Remove the lens, remove the offending extension, clean and replace the lens. 

We understand you want your beautiful cloves, whether you’re a full-time glass person or simply wear them in style, or if you can’t bother about contacts The only real problem is that sometimes the wrong pair of false eyelashes can make you insane while you wear your glasses simultaneously. This occurs when the cloves are too long or thick. They hit your lenses if they are too long and thick and can even crumple or crush against them. This is bad for your glasses and doe cloves, which can be reused up to 15 times if properly looked after and kept. 

Eyelash extensions for people who use contact lenses on a daily basis are actually proposed. A mascara and other eye-make-up products that may result in eye infections look thicker, lengthier, and fuller are irritations. 

When wearing eyelash extension contacts, five things you should know

Can You Wear Contacts with Eyelash Extensions? | Guide

1. Remove contacts 

Make sure you remove your contacts when you make your appointment or when you decide to proceed with eyelash extensions. This protects your eyes from being trapped in your eyes with application materials such as glue. Bring your glasses back up to give your new lashes time after your appointment. 

Beauty trends go through cycles, as anyone who survived flaky jeans in the 1980s can only tell you when he has seen them return. Certain trends are harmless including bracelets and neon clothing. Other ones can be bad for your health like huge “door knocker” earrings or prescribed “circle” contact lenses. The new trend in eye extension is somewhat disturbing, as the eyes are one of our most delicate and vital areas. 

2. Allergic response 

You will always be allergic to the glue or solvent you use, which may lead to itchiness, irritation, excessive tearing, infections and scarring in serious cases. An allergic reaction may be extremely severe if you are allergic to the animal if the extensions are from mink or another animal’s fur. 

3. Hair Follicles Damage 

Since extensions to your natural clogs are attached, natural clogs might break down. This can permanently damage hair follicles, leaving you less scrubbed than you started. This could lead to a vicious cycle in which extensions were used to cover the sparse, causing follicle damage only and less natural rubbish. 

4. Less dense lash strips

Select less dense strips of lash. You do not need a lash band that contains 5,000 lash fibers, unless you’re ready for a photo op. Remember, your objective is to improve your eyelash; with a lashing band that has fewer fibers, you will still have a super visible look. Less fibers can be useful if your cloves are too long or the clod has clods in different lengths. The longer fibers will barely touch the ends of the lenses, but you will probably not notice whether the fibers are unbelievably thick. 

5. Be safe with glue usage 

If you have only contact, you will be glad you know that you are not limited to the styles you can chose if you want to only wear contacts with the false eyelashes. You can actually choose from exactly the same false eye strips as anybody else. You only have to ensure that your laminated glue is hypoallergenic and that your laminates are constantly applied and your contacts in the right place. 

First of all, contacts. You know your contact lenses go first, before anything else if you’re a regular contact lens user. You know. There is no difference in the use of false eyelash. First, your lenses, followed by your maquillage, followed by your false clogs. A great app tutorial can be found here. 

If you wear glasses or contacts, using false clots is a completely viable option. Just because you have fixed corrective lenses, you don’t have to settle for your natural lashes. If you wear glasses, it’s the most important step to choose the appropriate length and thickness for your false eyelash. If the cloves are too long, you can also consider curling or trimming, although the cloves look less natural. Make sure the lash glue is hypoallergenic and careful when using contacts. 

Watch How to: insert / remove contact lens for beginners | Video

Top 5 FAQs & answer related to Can you wear contacts with eyelash extensions 

How to remove contacts with eyelash extensions? 

Make sure no cursor gets off the eye and the contact lens, as it could be very uncomfortable. If this happens, use a cleaning solution for the eye carefully to minimize irritation, remove contacts and easily remove any dropped cloves. 

How much time can I wear contacts after lash extensions? 

For the first 24–48 hours after they are applied you cannot get your washing wet so try to shower before avoiding this. During the eyelash extension meeting, don’t wear contacts. The glue is smoke and it can cause some discomfort during your appointment if smokes are trapped within your contacts. 

Should I remove contacts before going for eyelash extensions? 

Yes! Usually, Eyelash extensions are safe to use with contact lenses. Most customers have no problems or irritations with after-and-during eyelash extensions. It is recommended that you delete your contacts during the service if you tend to sleep during your service or have sensitive eyes. 

Can you wear contacts with fake lashes? 

Could you wear fake eyelashes contacts? If you are a contact lens wearer, it is best to avoid the use of false lashes because if the glue used to apply the lashes will be in contact with contact lenses, your eyes may feel irritated. 

Are eyelash extensions worth it? 

Lash extensions can be valuable, but definitely not for all. It’s really about your budget, your time and your observance of the guidelines because they’re not easy to keep. 


Can You Wear Contacts with Eyelash Extensions? | Guide

Contact lenses, together with eyelash extensions, can certainly be worn in conclusion. Eyelash extensions are a lengthy and irritating process so it is better to remove contacts safely from your home and get ready to apply at the session. It is important to consider, however, that any negative reactions caused by eyelash contacts in combination should only be temporary and should not cause continuous harm. The objective is more personal comfort, and since the eye area is so sensitive, reverse reactions during the procedure can be avoided. 

Contact lenses are an important addition to eyelash extensions because sometimes longer extensions come into contact with reading glasses when worn and friction may result in some of these extensions being weakened or dropped. 

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