What Are the Differences Between Primer and Concealer?

Is primer and concealer the same thing? | 2023 MakeUp Guide

What is primer?

What Are the Differences Between Primer and Concealer?

A primer can be gel or cream based that is applied before any layer of compensate for guaranteeing a smooth utilization of base make up like establishment/expanding the life span of the establishment/developing a securing layer between the skin and the make. Primer is applied after the face has finished its lotion (Evening) or SPF (Day) schedule.

There are different sorts of primers accessible in the market contingent upon your skin type. They are either straightforward or clear. Not many of them can likewise be colored. I’m right now on Inglot Base Make up which is gel based and incredible for dry skin or winters.

What is concealer?


A concealer is exceptionally thick/thicker rendition of establishment that is utilized to shroud dull under eye circles, any scar, pimple or imprint. They are for the most part cream based and can be found in different shades. Limiting myself to the Indian Skin tone, the yellow tones concealers work the best for us. I lean toward applying it after my establishment any place I believe I require the additional inclusion and afterward mix it well with finger touching.

The bundling can be in different structures like containers, containers, or sticks. The market is brimming with concealers. Most of them work hard. What should one pay special mind to is something that coordinates with one’s skin tone? At present, I utilize sheer Cover concealer. It’s a blessing and I would purchase or evaluate something new just once I finish this one. See I am on a saving binge!

Top differences between primer and concealer


The significant difference between the previously mentioned since it comes in various shading alternatives, it works out in a good way for skin tones and making a uniform perfection. A concealer on other hand accomplishes the completing work while covering the spots and flaws which are as yet apparent after establishment and other cosmetics items. Normally utilized for red spots and dark circles, it guarantees an even smoother surface.

A primer isn’t about the sparkle, and neither does establishment give it, yet concealer gives a try to please cosmetics. A primer will set the state of mind for the cosmetics while the establishment is utilized to play as indicated by the setting and mind set by the primer. In the last, contacting is needed for concluding, and that is finished by covering the arrangement. Subsequently concealer comes in last.

Cosmetics items aren’t a lot, truth be told. In any case, there are not many principle pointers which ought to be recalled when you are discussing the differences between a primer, establishment, and concealer. In a cosmetic normal, a primer is applied first while an establishment is applied on the second. A concealer is applied to the last disturbing the three cosmetics items.

A primer is typically boring item; however, it can come in skin tone. This dreary item will guarantee a saturating and hold the perspiration and oil back from escaping pores and upsetting the cosmetics setting while an establishment is a base on which any remaining cosmetics is fabricate.

How do you use face primer and concealer?

Face primer


A many individual ask me what the difference between a Primer and Concealer is and whether they are exactly the same thing. The short answer is “NO” they are most certainly not. Primers are utilized to set up the face for cosmetics while concealers are utilized to stow away and cover inconvenience zones all over.

Here are the means that you need to continue to apply face primer:

Before we start, I might want to bring up that face primers are not appropriate for eyelids. There are primers for eyelids however those won’t be talked about here. This instructional exercise is stringently for the use of face primer.

Stage 1 : Prepare the Face

Wash your face with your customary face cleaning agent. After you have cleaned and dried your face, utilize a light cream and guarantee that you cover the zones all over that you plan to add the primer. Let the cream sit a few minutes to permit it to be retained into the skin. A light cream assists with the use of the primer later on simultaneously.

Stage 2 : Apply the Primer

Using an establishment wipe or your fingers, apply a dap of primer under your eyes. Spread the primer out tenderly and equitably around this space. Ensure that you utilize meagre layers. After you have gotten done with the under-eye region, apply and mix primer around your nose, brow, jaw, nose and cheeks.

Focus on where you have added cream in Step 1 and cover similar regions with your primer. On the off chance that you are utilizing a wipe here, make certain to sodden it in water to permit simpler use of the primer. It is essential to take note of that “clammy” here implies the wipe has the water crushed out. It is erroneous if the wipe is trickling with water.

Stage 3 : Check and Re-Apply if necessary

After you have applied and mixed the primer around your face, twofold check to ensure that you have all zones covered. Consider the T-zone zones (brow and nose). Cosmetics as a rule wear off quicker there as these spaces will in general make more oil and sweat. You can utilize a touch more primer in the T-zone territory in the event that you like.

Stage 4 : Wait and Prep

Give your primer a couple of moments to dry and get comfortable. Meanwhile, take out your establishment and concealer as this is the thing that will be applied straightaway.

That is in support of applying primer. It’s really a truly basic interaction that just require a couple of seasons of training to arrive at flawlessness.



Actually, like the name infers, concealers are intended to “disguise” or shroud troublesome flaws on the skin. They are generally thicker than establishments and are utilized on pain points on the face that require additional inclusion. A typical inquiry that I get a ton is whether somebody ought to apply concealer or establishment first. There is no set-in stone response to this however I generally suggest that individuals use concealers first.

The explanation is on the grounds that conspicuous flaws, dark circles and different blemishes on the face can be spotted before establishment is applied. Covering these flaws with concealer first can assist with guaranteeing that they are covered. Expecting that you have effectively chosen your concealer, here are the means that you need to take to apply concealer:

Stage 1: Clean and prime your face

You should first appropriately spotless and prime your face. Utilize your normal facial cleaner to guarantee that your skin is liberated from oil or earth. Concerning preparing your face, I have composed an instructional exercise on the most proficient method to do this in the “How to apply Face Primer” instructional exercise above. Applying primer initially is very significant and ought to be not skipped.

Stage 2: Locate Problem Areas

Study your face and find regions on it that you might want to cover with your concealer. These territories may incorporate the region under your eyes, over your lashes, around corners of the eyes, under your jaw, around the sides of your clamor and around your lips.

Step3: Tap and Blend

Using your fingers, a cushion or brush, tenderly tap and apply the concealer on the trouble spots that you have recognized in the progression above. I find that utilizing a brush is the most straightforward approach to do this as it gives you a decent mix.

Stage 4: Double Check

Repeat Step 3 until all spaces have been covered. It’s alright to add more layers for zones that show through the main layer. Notwithstanding, remember that you need to restrict the measure of layers that you are applying. On the off chance that you add an excessive number of layers, your face will get lopsided and will look unnatural.

That is all you expected to do to apply your concealer. In the event that you have followed every one of the means accurately, you are currently prepared to complete the look with establishment.

Does concealer go on before or after foundation?


Continuously apply your establishment first, except if you are utilizing a powder establishment. Applying establishment initially makes an even base to lessen in general redness, staining and minor imperfections. If you apply your concealer first, you may wind up clearing some off when you apply establishment or utilizing much more item than needed, which can make a hefty, cakey look.

To begin, whenever you have prepared your skin, apply a sheer layer of establishment everywhere on the face, including around the eye region. This will permit you to utilize less concealer later on. After your establishment has had the opportunity to settle, you can cover extra zones (for example skin inflammation imprints, hyperpigmentation, and under eye territories) with concealer. Follow with a setting powder to secure your appearance cosmetics.

In case you’re utilizing a powder establishment, for example, Derma blend’s extreme powder camo, you will need to apply concealer straightforwardly to territories that need more inclusion first and afterward buff on your powder establishment second. This will permit you to construct your powder establishment inclusion however much you want without looking cakey.

Can I wear concealer without foundation?


The appropriate response is indeed, totally!

Indeed, heaps of ladies sport the concealer-possibly look when they simply need to streamline things. It makes a more common look, permitting you to pinpoint trouble spots and orchestrate skin tone without going all out for that all out full face of cosmetics.

Concealer is actually a handyman. It’s a fundamental in each lady’s cosmetics stash all things considered. It’s there for you when you remained up past the point of no return and must be up ahead of schedule and don’t have any desire to turn up resembling a raccoon. It’s your shoulder to incline toward when your pulverize says he’s privilege first floor and would he be able to think of wine and you’re staying there sans cosmetics with a super zit. While we could probably manage without establishment, we would never get by without concealer.

A concealer can possibly help your skin quick for an in a flash improved appearance even in nanoseconds. In any event, when you’re not in a rush however, it tends to be all you need to make a new confronted and normal look while easing up into your cosmetics schedule.

In the event that you need a more insignificant look, need to prepare instantly, or simply need to realize how to amplify your concealer’s latent capacity, keep it here and continue to peruse to discover how to adore this cosmetic fundamental significantly more.

Watch Primer vs concealer | Full day wear test | Video

Top 5 FAQ and answer on difference between primer and concealer


How would I pick a concealer?

For the undereye region, make certain to choose a shade of concealer that is close to a couple of shades lighter than your common skin tone to stay away from a conspicuous white circle around the eye territory. For your face, select a concealer that coordinates with the shade of your establishment precisely.

Do I truly require concealer?

There’s no standard saying you should utilize concealer! you use it on the off chance that you need! Nobody HAS to utilize it, a few groups simply favour their cosmetics more with or without it. It’s acceptable in case you’re concealing skin break out, dim spots or dark circles under your eyes.

Is fluid or cream concealer better?

Offers preferable inclusion over fluid concealer on account of the thicker surface and dark colours. Ideal for ordinary, dry or touchy skin. Pick your own inclusion, from medium to full. Ideal for under your eyes.

Does primer have an effect?

Cosmetics primers are utilized under eyeshadow, establishment, lipstick, mascara, and even nail clean to make a smooth base that helps keep your different items set up the entire day. Primers can likewise diminish the measure of cosmetics you use and make application somewhat simpler.

How would I pick a primer?

Search for primers with words like “hydrating,” “mitigating,” or “renewing.” Pick a mattifying primer if you have slick skin. On the off chance that you battle with overabundance oil and sparkle, you need to battle this with your primer. To do as such, your smartest choice is an incredible metrifying primer that will decrease your skin’s oil creation.



All things of cosmetics which are primer, and a concealer; they are of most extreme significance as they help in making the look total and energizing. Yet, you should recall that their application timing should be in a specific order of primer first then establishment and in the end concealer. In any case the outcome won’t as productive as you might suspect.

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