Do Threading Eyebrows Hurt: Guide to Know Before Threading

Do Threading Eyebrows Hurt: Guide to Know Before Threading

It’s likely that you’re unfamiliar with eyebrow threading if you’re asking this, but don’t worry; we’ll explain everything in detail. Here at Ziba Beauty, we are firm believers in eyebrow threading, an ancient Indian hair removal technique that requires nothing more than a spool of cotton thread.

By winding the thread around their fingers, Brow Artists can grasp stray brow hairs at their follicles, eliminating the need for waxing. Being chemical- and preservative-free is always preferable when dealing with your skin, and this is definitely the case. Does it hurt then? Well, sort of.

No method of hair removal is completely painless, but Threading causes the least discomfort. This is due to the fact that the hair is being plucked out from the root, whereas brow waxing causes discomfort not only from the removal of hair but also from the tugging of skin and the application of sticky wax to sensitive areas of the face.

Does eyebrow threading hurt?

Do Threading Eyebrows Hurt: Guide to Know Before Threading

When I first tried eyebrow threading, it was because I had no other choice. Even though I had previously waxed and tweezed my eyebrows, my current method was to do nothing at all until I saw the photos from the photo shoot at the Glamour headquarters (of my actual and very untidy brows, no less).

My brows still needed to be perfected (read: totally redone), so I gave in. That, or have a picture of myself going viral online where I look like a cross between Peter Gallagher and The O.C.’s dad-hunk Sandy Cohen (in case your memory needs some refreshing). The thought of what might happen worried me.

Until the advent of painful methods like plucking individual hairs and ripping wax off the skin, threading the eyebrows seemed like the cruelest technique to remove unwanted hair. The method, which has been used for generations in Asia, consists of rolling twisted cotton thread over the hairs, ripping each follicle clean out of its pore.

How painful is eyebrow threading and why?

Threading is akin to plucking five hairs at once with a tweezer, so if you’ve ever tweezed your brows (it’s okay, we’ve all done it at some point), you’ll know what to expect. A little discomfort is possible, but it goes away just as fast.

The degree of discomfort felt during Threading can vary greatly from one person to the next as well as depending on the area being worked on. One common example is that threading the top of one’s eyebrow is far more comfortable than threading the bottom. The good news is that discomfort can be mitigated.

Grip your eyelid closed and stretch your skin with your fingers; your Brow Artist will show you how to do this; a fast piece of advice we have is to hold your skin tightly since the tighter your pull, the less discomfort you’ll feel from the Threading.

How are eyebrows threaded? 

Once you’ve threaded your eyebrows, you can never go back to the old way of doing things. It’s a certain approach to improving your brows, no matter where you’re at. If you have never heard of the traditional Indian method of depilation before, allow us to enlighten you. The cotton-twisting procedure is neither painful nor scary in any way, but for your convenience, we have outlined what to expect below.

Eyebrows, whether you like it or not, contribute significantly to your overall appearance. They can be manipulated in a myriad of ways to suit your aesthetic preferences and enhance your facial features. Threading one’s brows are one of the most well-liked beauty trends of late. Threading the eyebrows involves using a very fine thread to pull the hairs out of the follicles. 

It’s an easy method that can be mastered with enough effort and yields predictable outcomes very quickly. It’s important to think about a few things before getting your eyebrows threaded. In any case, it’s not any more painful than waxing or plucking. To remove unwanted hair from one’s eyebrows, a piece of thread is typically used, as previously described. The thread is usually composed of cotton and is thin enough that a firm grip may be maintained on each individual strand.

What to expect when you are getting your eyebrows threaded for the first time? 

Do Threading Eyebrows Hurt: Guide to Know Before Threading

Even though Threading has deep roots in Indian grooming customs, its precise history is murky because it has connections to Asia, Europe, and Africa. Still, rather than being put off by the longevity of certain cosmetic routines, I find myself comforted by them.

Therefore, I decided to give this threading thing a try, despite the fact that some brow experts are against it. I’ll tell you about the tiny emotional roller coaster I went on because of it, in case you’re on the fence about trying it yourself (or if you just want to laugh at my pain). I’ve tweezed fairly regularly to keep my brows looking presentable. 

It would be a stretch to suggest that my eyebrows have ever been “on point” or “on fleek.” When I initially started shaping my brows in the late ’90s, I used these bad boys like they were nothing. I started my path to perfect brows in the decade when pencil-thin brows were trendy, so I aped Drew Barrymore and Pamela Anderson around 1997. Using the advice of Cosmopolitan, I tweezed my brows into submission when I was a young adult.

1. It’s not really all that painful

According to Sabah Feroz, a brow expert at NYC’s BlinkBrowBar, this is the main reason why so many people are reluctant to try Threading. It is not necessary that Threading, she notes, is “described by our clients as a strange sensation but not uncomfortable.”

You can ask the threading technician to practice on the peach fuzz on your hand if you’re really nervous. Feroz claims that once people had that experience, they are generally okay with maintaining their brows.

2. It helps you get a flawless, defined brow

Precision is the key to successful eyebrow threading. It is possible to remove even the tiniest hair from its follicle, as Feroz puts it. No stray hairs will be left behind because it removes them all. In addition, when threading, the user has a complete say over which hairs are removed.

Marco Ochoa, the owner of EcoBrow Studio in Beverly Hills and a celebrity brow threader, says, “You can get incredibly accurate with shape.” Well-defined brows are the result of “threading,” a technique that allows for the removal of a single hair or a line of hair. Combine it with microblading or microshading to add even more definition.

3. Upkeep is a breeze

Umbreen Sheikh, the owner of NYC’s Wink Brow Bar and the person who shaped my brows, adds that Threading can remove all of your undesired hairs at once, whereas tweezing doesn’t always catch onto shorter, partly grown follicles.

This means you won’t have to constantly pull out the tweezers or drop by for touch-ups because they’ll all come in at once. The average person will “clean up by tweezing at home after two weeks of threading,” explains Ochoa. Once the brows have healed, I have my customers come back in four to five weeks to have them reshaped.

4. You might wish to limit your use of cosmetics

It’s best to go without foundation or eyeshadow on the day of your threading appointment to minimize discomfort. When you wear too much makeup, your hair follicles are more likely to be tugged and pulled, which can lead to a terrible illness.

5. Following this, there is always the possibility of minor hiccups

Small red pimples may appear on your brow bone and in the space between your brows as a result. Worry not! Hair pulling and teasing are to blame for their appearance, but two to three hours is all it takes for them to go away. If they don’t, you can speed up the healing process by applying cold to the area. Don’t mistake the bumps for pimples and try to pop them; doing so can spread illness.

6. You should express your personal tastes

Make sure they understand your desired outcome. No matter if you want your brows to be full and thick, thin and pointed, or anywhere in between. If you tell your consultant exactly how you want your brows to look when they’re done, rather than asking for their opinion, they can tailor their work to your specifications.

7. It doesn’t take long at all

Getting in and out of the majority of brow studios won’t take long. Having each brow hair yanked and pulled out seemed like it would take forever, yet the whole process just took about 10 minutes. In addition, if your brows are already in decent condition? In fact, that time frame should be reduced much further.

3 Things you never knew about eyebrow threading 

Do Threading Eyebrows Hurt: Guide to Know Before Threading

In recent years, the practice of threading one’s eyebrows has exploded in popularity in Arlington. It’s safe to say that our eyebrows are one of the most noticeable parts of our faces. They aid in facial framing and facilitate self-expression. It is possible to have lightly arched brows for a softer look, or thickly defined brows for a more fierce one.

Your brows can take on whatever form you like. Depending on your desired look, you can use a number of different approaches to brow shaping. Tweezing and waxing are the standards and most frequent methods of shaping up your eyebrows. However, these procedures are laborious and uncomfortable. Threading your brows is a superior alternative. Listed here are five little-known facts regarding eyebrow threading that you should know

1. Threading is the best way to get perfect brows

Thanks to the threading process, your brows will look better than they ever have before. This is not a joke or an attempt at advertising. Get your brows threaded by a specialist if you want to see a noticeable difference.

An improvement in the appearance of a crooked brow can be achieved by trimming the hairs in the area to a more uniform length. The brows will be thinned out if they are too heavy. Threading at a beauty salon is the solution for unruly brows, leaving you with perfectly arched brows.

2. Increased brow definition

When compared to other methods of hair removal, Threading is a more targeted approach to shaping hair. This is because individual hairs or a somewhat straight line of hairs are required. Your brows will look neater and more defined as a result of this. Having well-defined eyebrows is highly sought after because of the dramatic aesthetic effect they have.

Threading is for you if you want perfectly shaped brows that you can arch confidently. The threading specialist’s skill will also play a role in how your brows turn out. Your threading professional should be able to give your brows a strong, defined shape thanks to their expertise, and they should be able to make your brows look great no matter who you are thanks to a combination of their artistic skills and knowledge of how your face shape works in creating the best possible frame for your eyes.

3. Rapid time reduction will occur

Getting rid of unwanted hair can be a time-consuming chore. Tweezing takes time since you have to carefully pluck off each individual hair. While waxing your eyebrows won’t take a lot of time in and of itself, it does require many appointments, can be uncomfortable, and will take some time to recover from.

Threading requires regular sessions, but unlike laser hair removal or waxing, you won’t have to spend time healing or plucking individual hairs. Also, keep in mind that regular threading sessions have been shown to slow hair growth, meaning fewer visits to the salon over time. Your future brow maintenance efforts will be aided by this.

Watch People try threading for the first time | Video

People also ask questions and answers related to the do threading eyebrows hurt?

Does threading your eyebrows hurt?

It can kind of hurt but it also subsides just as rapidly. Discomfort also varies on each individual person’s sensitivity and the area being threaded. One common example is that threading the top of one’s eyebrow is far more comfortable than threading the bottom. Luckily, there is a solution to ease the agony!

Does it hurt when you get your eyebrows threaded?

With every hair-removal treatment, there will always be some level of discomfort. However, Threading is the gentlest method. This is because the hair is plucked right from the root. If you’ve ever tweezed your brows, you may relate the experience of threading to plucking five hairs at once.

Why is threading more painful?

Threading can be more painful than waxing since the hairs are drawn out at a much slower rate. Because of this, waxing is still widely regarded as the preferred method of removing unwanted hair. You’re not limited to simply your brows when it comes to waxing.

The threaded eyebrows look great, but how long do they last?

Approximately 2-5 weeks To what extent do Threading’s effects last? Although hair growth cycles vary from person to person, most threading sessions result in smooth skin that remains hair-free for 2–5 weeks. Touch-up sessions, which are less extensive than full-scale brow shaping, can help you keep the appearance going for even longer.

How does it feel to be threaded?

Intense discomfort that is manageable. Depending on the therapist/your tolerance/the time of the month, threading feels like tweezing numerous hairs at once. Obviously, try not to flinch while it. Otherwise, you could wind up with unsightly bald patches.


Threading the eyebrows is an excellent method for those who want to have their brows looking neat and tidy. Yet, many wonders if it hurts to have one’s eyebrows threaded. It’s a valid concern; the answer, while it might be non-painful for some, varies greatly from person to person. Nonetheless, we can assure you that it moves quickly and that any discomfort you might feel is temporary.

There are patients who report no discomfort but yet experience watery eyes. Threading eyebrow hairs can irritate the tear ducts, which might cause watery eyes in many customers. Since the sinuses and nasal passages are related, sneezing can also occur. The time of your monthly cycle (if applicable) is not a good time to come in if you are extremely sensitive to pain, even if you do not find it terrible.

Additionally, numbing ointment can be applied to the area 30 minutes before the service begins. Though painful for some, threading one’s eyebrows is usually considered a minor annoyance at most. Once finished, there may be some redness that goes away after 5-15 minutes.

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