Do You Put Top Coat Over Rhinestones: Guide to Apply

Do You Put Top Coat Over Rhinestones: Guide to Apply

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Rhinestone nails are here to stay, and our rhinestones come in a wide variety of colors, styles, and shapes so you can add some sparkle to your designs. To make matters even more difficult, you’ll have to figure out a way to keep those rhinestone crystals on your nails no matter how rigorous your hand abuse becomes. Rhinestones can be worn for a long time if you know how to properly care for them. The following are our top tips for keeping your rhinestones on your nails for longer.

In this article, we’ll show you how to apply rhinestones to nails, so you can take your manicure to the next level. Creating your favorite rhinestone nail designs is actually quite simple if you have the right tools.

A rhinestone applicator, rhinestone adhesive, and rhinestones are all you need for nail bling. It’s easier to apply rhinestones with these tools, which also help to keep them in place for longer.

Rhinestones: is there a top coat to protect them?

The answer is yes! If you’re adding rhinestones to your nails, be sure to use a top coat over any polish you use, whether it’s gel or regular. You don’t want to dull the rhinestone’s radiance by applying a top coat over your crystal-studded nails.

Isn’t that the whole point of getting your nails covered in rhinestone crystals? Crystals adhere to the nail without a top coat thanks to the strength of our GEMGEL Adhesive. Don’t hide the rhinestone’s glitz and glamor by covering it up!

How to apply Rhinestones on nails?

1. Rhinestone adhesive application

Begin by applying rhinestone adhesive to the area where you want your rhinestones glued into place. You don’t have to cover your entire nail with it. Once you’re satisfied with the placement, cure the adhesive before moving on to the next nail. This will help keep the rhinestones from falling out of the design.

Some people prefer to apply rhinestones with a thicker substance. This is typically sold in jars and resembles hot glue or jelly in consistency. Large, heavy gems may necessitate this method, but it may not be necessary for smaller stones. In addition, you may notice that a lot of product tends to accumulate around the stones when working with thicker adhesives.

2. Place your rhinestones

The wax end of your rhinestone applicator can be used to pick up a stone. You can use the tip of your applicator to adjust the placement of the rhinestone if necessary.

Use tweezers to pick up the stones, and a toothpick to position them if your wax pencil or rhinestone applicator is broken.

3. Cure your rhinestones

Make sure to cure the nail under an LED lamp after you’ve applied the rhinestones. You can use a nail polish top coat if you’re working from home without a lamp, but keep in mind that it won’t last as long as the gel adhesive.

See our complete nail rhinestone collection, which includes an applicator and adhesive.

4. Apply a finish coat

Applying a top coat after the stones have been cured is perfectly acceptable. The top coat should only be applied around the stones, never directly on top of them (so if your entire nail is covered in stones, skip this part). If you want to preserve the sparkle and clarity of your gemstones, avoid using a top coat.

You should not apply a top coat directly on the stones, but you should do so close to and around them to help secure them even more.

How long do rhinestones stay on fingernails on average?

Do you put top coat over rhinestones?

Nail techs should be able to do crystal nail art for at least two weeks when you go to the salon to have your nails done there. GEMGEL AdhesiveTM, a strong resin adhesive that cures like a gel, is the best way to apply MAXIMA Crystals by Preciosa®, the highest quality brand of crystal available for nail art and the closest comparison to Swarovski.

Before applying the GEMGEL Adhesive, gently buff the nail. After curing under a UV/LED light, the gel hardens into an ultra-strong hold with a glossy finish. For the best rhinestones, ask your nail technician for GEMGEL Adhesive. Your new crystal manicure is going to be a big hit!

Rhinestone nail art: what’s best; gel or regular polish?

To ensure long-lasting wear, opt for long-wearing gel-based nail varnish over regular polish. Having a hard acrylic or hard builder gel under the gel polish is even better. The crystal manicure will last longer if the nail is thicker and less flexible. Natural nail manicures can be crystallized, but they will not last as long as nails with a hard base.

UV light is used to cure a gel base coat in the gel process. UV light is also used to cure each new coat of polish. This procedure aids in the longevity of the gel manicure. The final step is to apply a special top coat. It takes about two weeks for gel polish to wear off.

An ordinary base and top coat can only keep polish on your nails for about a week before it starts to chip. Regular nail polish can be used as a base, but be sure to let the top coat dry completely before adding crystals.

Tips to remember for making rhinestones last longer

Do you put top coat over rhinestones?

1. The surface must be ready for you to begin

Nail color must be completely dry before you apply nail adhesive.

It’s best to add rhinestones to acrylic or dip-powder nails before you apply the top coat if you’re doing so. The rhinestones will last longer because of the nail’s rough surface.

2. Think about where you’re going

It’s likely that you want your stones to stay on your nails for a few weeks if they aren’t for a specific event. Consider your placement — both how and where you place your stones — to prevent them from popping off prematurely. (Check out these popular rhinestone nail designs for placement ideas!)

Are the stones laid down correctly, with enough of their base embedded in the adhesive?

Are you sure the stone isn’t going to get caught and pop off?

Make your own rhinestone nails with our complete rhinestone nail kit!

3. A tool is what you want

You should still use some sort of tool to pick up and place your rhinestones if you don’t have a rhinestone applicator (a wax pencil or tweezers work). Because it gives you more control and makes applying rhinestones easier, using a rhinestone tool is the best option.

4. Adhesive selection is critical

The secret to long-lasting crystal nail art is finding a way to keep the crystals in place on the nails themselves. GEMGEL Adhesive is the solution we have for you. Incredibly, GEMGEL Adhesive was created with the strongest resin adhesive – the same adhesive that is used on the space shuttles!

5. Adhesive dosage is critical

The rhinestones should sit slightly in the GEMGEL Adhesive without the gel covering too much of the crystal. Make sure the rhinestone is not covered in gel. When placing your crystal, we suggest using an equal-sized bead.

6. Around the rhinestone, apply a Top Coat

 To recap, a top coat on your rhinestone can cause it to lose its shine and clarity. In order to keep your rhinestone design in place for as long as possible, you should apply a top coat to your nails and the area around your rhinestone. Do not do this, of course, in the event that your entire nail is encrusted with rhinestones!

7. Protect your nails by wearing gloves

The wear of your polish and nail art will be negatively affected if you don’t use cleaning gloves to protect your hands while doing the dishes. Wearing gloves is always a good idea if your hands are going to be submerged in water for a long period of time. As a bonus, your hands will stay hydrated for longer. Protect your hands while washing your hair and don’t soak your nails while bathing, as well. It is especially damaging to manicures done on natural and flexible nail beds that are subjected to the effects of water.

How do you use gel to apply gems?

Even the heaviest stones can be attached using this method. Gems can be soaked off, saved, and reapplied at future appointments because gel does not harm glass or synthetic crystal. There’s no need to do any special surface prep before painting. Gel and crystals can be applied directly over the dried color or acrylic set.

According to Silvestro, applying gems with gel necessitates two steps. Set the gem in place with a thick, stiff gel and have your client move her hand back and forth while the gel cures under the UV lamp. “This allows the light to cure the gel in between the crystals,” she says. Using a medium-thin viscosity gel, cap the crystal’s edges and ensure it’s securely in place. For her, the gel acts as a “prong” to hold the gem in place, similar to how prongs hold diamonds on ring shanks. “The stone’s girdle needs to be covered with gel before it can be properly secured.”

Be open to new experiences. When it comes to applying gems, many technicians combine gel and resin. Larger stones are first attached with a thick, hard gel by Garcia before being filled with resin after curing. Other jewelers use resin to secure gems before using gel to fill in the gaps.. It’s critical that large stones be firmly affixed to the nail’s surface all the way around the gems’ bases.

Watch My secrets to Rhinestoning: how i apply rhinestones in two ways | Video

Top 5 FAQs and answers related to Do you put top coat over rhinestones

Rhinestones need to be sealed, so what can I use?

You can use a variety of high-quality adhesives. These include Fabri-Tac and E6000, but there are many more. Check to see if the glue you’re using is safe to use on the material you’re blinging.

Before or after applying the top coat, do you apply the gems?

Make sure customers are aware of the possibility of stones falling off quickly before starting the service. Allow the nail to air dry for a few minutes after applying the top coat. Garcia recommends pressing the gem into the top coat just before it becomes too wet to prevent it from sliding or smudging.

What’s the secret to making a dull rhinestone shine?

Facial powder, perfume, and hair spray residue can dull the glimmer on your rhinestones over time. Using an old, soft toothbrush dipped in mild soap and water, gently brush the stones to bring back their sparkle.

Is it possible to apply resin to crystals?

As a result, there are two ways to maintain that luster: Let your resin set up for 1-2 hours so that it’s firm enough to support the crystal but still sticky enough to bond, or pour a super-thin layer of resin.

How do you put rhinestones on your clothes?

Rhinestones can be applied to fabric using glue, which is the most common method of application because of its flexibility. A household iron or heat tool can also be used to apply rhinestones to a garment.


Do you put top coat over rhinestones?

Fun and simple to do, sparkly nails are a must-have this season. Pick up some rhinestones and gem gel or nail glue to give your nails a little extra glimmer. If your nails are already polished to your satisfaction, you can simply apply the crystals and wait for them to dry.

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