Does eyeliner have oil in it?

Does Eyeliner Have Oil in It? | Beginners Guide

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Does eyeliner have oil in it?

What eyeliner do you use if it damages your lashes? That kind of negativity has no place in your life. While waterproof formulas are often regarded as the best non-problematic eyeliners, oil-free eyeliner is the way to go for individuals who want long-lasting colour without sacrificing their skin’s sensitivity or their lashes.

“Oil-free eyeliners are wonderful for false lashes and lash extensions, as there’s no oil to perhaps break down the glue in the falsies,” says green beauty makeup artist and content creator Samantha Kolk “she goes on to say. “For individuals with hooded lids, they’re perfect because the oils warming up on your lids don’t move around as much, causing contamination. It’s possible that some of your favourites are already oil-free if you haven’t checked the ingredients.)

Is there oil in eyeliner?

Does eyeliner have oil in it?

Long-lasting and waterproof formulations are available for different purposes in eyeliner, which is a tried-and-true makeup. You may, however, be curious in the substances, such as oil, that go into these goods.

Oil is frequently used in eyeliners. There are a few eyeliner formulas that are oil-free, but it depends on the one you choose. Many eyeliners use oil as a thickening ingredient, with the oil constituting the majority of the product’s size and weight.

There are several factors to consider, such as the type of oil used in eyeliner, the importance of oil in eyeliner, the most frequent oil-based ingredients, and how to decide whether your product should contain oil or be oil-free.

According to WebMD, no matter which manufacturer makes eyeliners, all eyeliners have the same basic structural features, regardless of the ingredients listed on the product’s packaging. Film formers, thickening agents, and pigments are all components of eyeliners, and each has a specific function. The use of eyeliner film formers helps to guarantee a flawless application of eyeliner. Glue thickening agents keep the liner in place while pigments give it colour and shine. Cosmetics Info states that as they are used on your delicate eye area, substances must be both non-irritating and anti-microbial.

Eyelash extensions usually eliminate the need for eyeliner for most ladies, but sometimes a little more “humf” is required. Most of the makeup you were wearing prior to getting eyelash extensions will work just well after getting them. If you want to keep your long and lush lashes, you’ll need to take extra care. Do eyelash extensions interfere with the application of eyeliner on the upper lash line?

Eyelash extensions go well with eyeliner. Liquid and shadow-based eyeliners work best with lash extensions, but gel and waterproof liners don’t. Eyelash glue can disintegrate in oil if you apply it often, so avoid using oil-based eyeliners.

We wouldn’t be so concerned with oil-free eyeliners if it weren’t for our eyelash compulsion. The oil in eyeliners, as you’ve probably noticed, has a tendency to dissolve the glue in eyelash extensions. We’ve rounded up 10 of the best oil-free eyeliners so you don’t have to deal with any unpleasant surprises.

Most of us adore the ideal gliding form of superb greasy eyeliners. However, persons who wear eyelash extensions must exercise extreme caution when applying them. However, this does not imply that oil-free eyeliners are inferior in any way. There is a plethora of wonderful choices. The best oil-free liquid and gel eyeliners are great whether or not you’re wearing falsies.

Top ten oil-free eyeliners

Does eyeliner have oil in it

The best oil-free eyeliners are perfect for both natural and dramatic looks, whether you’re wearing falsies or just your own lashes. Take a look at our recommendations for the best.

1. Japanese MicroLiner Eye Pencil by Shiseido

Applying the eyeliner is a cinch with this oil-free, retractable eyeliner. It comes in a variety of matte colours and finishes. This “micro liner” is the finest if you want complete control over your eyeliner.

You can apply it with a light, thin stroke when you only want to define your eyes. It has the tiniest tip. You don’t have to redo your eyeliner if you want to make it thicker.

2. Tattoo Liner by Kat Von D

It’s Kat Von D’s most popular liquid eyeliner. Tattoo Liner’s small brush is perfect for lining your eyes with precision when wearing eyelash extensions. This eyeliner is easy to use for beginners, regardless of whether or not you use the extensions.

This one doesn’t require any straining or pulling, even with the hooded eyes. It’s not water-resistant, but it does have a lengthy lifespan.

3. Efficacious Long-Wear Eye Pencil by Essence

This oil-free eyeliner is easy to use and lasts all day. Plus, it’s a steal for under $5, so it’s well worth the shot. It’s easy to apply, and users report that it leaves their upper eyelid looking smooth and polished.

4. Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner from Stila

Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid is one of the best oil-free eyeliner alternatives available, regardless of whether you cry at sentimental things or live in a warm area.

If you’re a makeup novice who keeps messing up, this is the one for you. It’s a cinch to use using the applicator tip.

It’s also available in a wide range of colours, so the options are virtually endless. It doesn’t smear or flake in the heat, either.

When it’s hot or I’m going out dancing all night, this is the outfit I reach for. It has never melted down my face when I’ve gone to the bathroom, so there you go!

5. Wolverine eyeliner in noir, £5.50 by zoeva soft

Cult German brand Zoeva has the best smokey upper and lower lid liner for under six pounds. It has a silky feel to it, yet it’s packed with pigment, so you don’t have to use as much pressure while applying it (a no-no for lash extension wearers- easy does it). It’s long-lasting and easy to remove with a cotton bud and oil-free eye makeup remover.

6. Almay eyeliner pencil

In my opinion, the greatest eyeliner pencil I’ve ever used is this one. It’s creamy, yet firm and solid; it doesn’t run off; I wear it all day with no issues; and I’m excited to use it in a more formal night look. I’m confident that this pencil will live up to my expectations.

They don’t last very long; if you apply it to your waterline, the colour fades quickly. The only way I’ve been able to keep it in place is to dry my waterline with a q-tip first, then apply eyeliner. After applying eyeliner, I apply the same colour eyeshadow to my waterline to cover the eyeliner.

Long lasting, highly pigmented eyeliner pencil that won’t budge thanks to its smooth, creamy application.

The hue Black Amethyst of this pencil eyeliner is a gorgeous dark purple that works well as an alternative to black. Eyeliner with a built-in sharpener for a long-lasting, water-resistant finish. Because of the vitamin E in the composition, it’s incredibly comfortable to put on and take off. Vitamin E

7. Eyeliner with Fit Glow Lash Boost for Healthy Eyelashes

‘I love this eyeliner,’ Kolk exclaims. “It’s a three-in-one vegan solution that defines, lines, and even enhances the appearance of your lashes. Fitglow’s creations never fail to wow me, and this one is no exception. Kale, carrot, and bamboo peptides in the eyeliner help strengthen and thicken lashes by making it semi-waterproof. As an added bonus, it contains cucumber to help moisturise and moisten your eyelashes. The serum contains natural mineral and plant pigments to enhance the definition of your lashes while also enhancing their health.

8. Lash Domination Eyeliner by Bare Minerals

The matte smoothness and superb pigmentation of the Lash Domination Liquid Eyeliner give it a stunning look. This is the ideal brush for achieving a dramatic cat-eye look.

It’s a shame there’s only one colour option. Eyelash extensions look great with this eyeliner because it’s one of the greatest eyeliners for creating the sexiest wing effects.

9. Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil by Terry Crayon Khôl

By Terry Crayon Khol Terrybly Waterproof Eyeliner is a pencil-style, oil-free eyeliner that you could like better than the others.

To be fair, their marketing staff most likely gave it a cheesy name to avoid offending anyone. This eyeliner pencil is wonderful for people with ageing eyes because it’s specially formulated for them.

Because the skin surrounding your eyes thins with age, using liquid eyeliner might be more difficult.

Instead of making you look younger, this can make you appear older, which is why a pencil eyeliner like this is so helpful.

When using a crayon pencil, you can achieve a very exact look without mistakenly looking older than you are.

It has a pencil sharpener built in, so you’ll never be without a sharp point when you need it to draw your desired lines. If black isn’t your hue of choice, there are lots of other options.

10. The professional eyeliner by dlux

This black liquid liner with a brush tip is perfect if you’re seeking for one. It is available in an opaque Vivid Black colour and is safe to use with eyelash extensions as well as natural eyelashes. It’s also water-resistant, but smudges won’t stick to it.

What to look for while buying oil-free eyeliner?

Does eyeliner have oil in it

Let’s have a look at some factors you need to consider, while buying oil-free eyeliners:

1. Components

Many eyeliners on the market contain potentially harmful ingredients. Cosmetic artist Sammie Kolk states, “I always look for a delicate formula that would not sting or irritation my eyes.” For someone like myself who has a lot of sensitivities, I’m always on the lookout for more natural formulas that are also effective. It’s critical to find ophthalmologist-tested eyeliners if you have skin concerns.

2. Brush tip eyeliner

If you like a cat-eye look, the flocked-tip applicator in Beauty Garde’s oil-free liquid liner will make swiping easier. A brush tip might be more your style. The ink liner from Dlux Professional looks and feels like the oil-infused brush-tip liners you’re used to, but it doesn’t contain any of the harmful ingredients. If you’re a pencil liner addict, Almay’s eyeliner pencil comes in two colours: a sensual dark purple and a black that can be worn day or night. It also comes with a built-in sharpener, so you won’t have to hunt around for one.

3. Pigmentation

Liners vary widely in quality. Those with a more translucent shade need to be used more than once to achieve the desired effect. While there are some excellent liquid eyeliners on the market, gel and pencil eyeliners are your best bets if pigmentation is crucial to you.

4. Cost

When it comes to purchasing cosmetics, especially eyeliner, I believe this will always be the first consideration. Even though e.l.f. is one of my favourites, I believe many of you will prefer something a little more sophisticated. Treating oneself is worthwhile in and of itself.

In addition to the ingredients, the composition of the product is also critical. There is an oil-free version for each of these eyeliners. So you don’t have to worry about destroying the adhesive holding your eyelash extensions in place when you buy with these. In addition, I’ve provided vegan and cruelty-free formulas for you to think about.

5. Appropriator kind

Applying eyeliner to your falsies using an applicator tip may be simple in theory, but your degree of makeup knowledge, as well as the type of liner you use, will have a significant impact on how your look turns out. Tighter lines can be achieved with thin felt tips, while thicker ones and brushes are ideal for producing cat eyes. When deciding on an applicator, think about the look you want to achieve.

Watch how to apply oil-free liquid eyeliner with eyelash extensions

Top 5 FAQs & answers related to Does eyeliner have oil in it

Is there oil in my eyeliner?

Wax, oil, and other ingredients are used in eyeliner to keep it shiny and smudge-free for as long as possible. There is a risk of breaking down the eyelash extension adhesive if the oil from your eyeliner gets on your eyelash extensions or penetrates into them while you wear them.

How can you tell if an eyeliner is oil-free before applying it?

Look for a formula that doesn’t contain any oil as a general rule. The liner should come off easily with only a little warm water if you apply it to your wrist or hand and let it dry for about 10 minutes.

What are the ingredients of eyeliner?

To cosmetic scientist Nick Morante of Nick Morante Cosmetic Consulting in Holbrook, New York, all eyeliners contain the same basic types of ingredients: film formers, thickeners and pigments, no matter how they’re applied. A thin layer of film is left on your skin after using a film forming.

Is there oil in waterproof eyeliner?

That kind of negativity has no place in your life. The best non-problematic eyeliners are usually waterproof formulas, but oil-free eyeliner is the way to go for individuals who desire staying power without compromising their skin’s sensitivity or their lashes.

Is it better to apply eyeliner first, then artificial lashes?

“I always do my lashes after my eyeshadow and liner,” Ricky says. They might get eyeshadow fallout on top if you do them first.” This is true. To disguise the lash and finalise the look, I’ll use a smudge of liquid liner. It’s been proven that individual lashes look more natural.


We love Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel Eye Crayon Eyeliner because it’s oil-free and long-lasting. You get the best of both worlds with this hybrid gel crayon formula, which comes in a variety of finishes, allowing you to have fun without worrying about damaging your lashes.

While there are plenty of pencils to choose from, the Smashbox Always Sharp Waterproof Kôhl Eyeliner Pencil is a top pick because of its self-sharpening capabilities and strong colour. Beauty Bakerie Lollipop Liners Liquid Eyeliner is smudge-proof if you prefer liquid liners.

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