Does Makeup Primer Expire? | Makeup Facts to Know

How Long Does Primer Last?

Primer acts as a simple barrier between your skin and makeup. Priming agents are mostly used to extend the life of makeup, smooth the skin’s surface, and even out skin tone. Under eyeshadow, foundation, lipstick, mascara, and even nail polish, makeup primers provide a smooth base that assists to hold the other items in place during the day.  By reading this guide, you will be know, How Long Does Primer Last?.

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Face, skin, lips, and even lashes may all benefit from primers. Primers will also help you save money on makeup by reducing the quantity you use and making application a little smoother. Due to their ultra-smoothing properties, silicone-based polymers like dimethicone are used in various makeup primers. 

There are also multiple types of primers, which are; 

  • Mattifying face primer
  • Color-correcting primers
  • Lip primer
  • Eyeshadow primer
  • Nail primer

How to apply primer makeup properly?

Does Makeup Primer Expire? | Makeup Facts to Know

Primers are mostly used after the last phase in skin care and before applying makeup. It’s best to use your fingertips to apply your primer. You may also gently smudge the primer with a makeup brush.  

A quarter-size dollop of primer should be used by anybody with extremely dry skin that absorbs makeup easily, while someone with oily skin should use the bare minimum as it sticks on the surface longer.  

To prevent scratching the makeup, it is also recommended that you wait a full minute for the primer to dry before layering something on top. Make sure it’s added in a tiny dime-to-nickel-size volume and completely blended in before using. 

How long do primers last before expiring? 

So how long can you use makeup primers before they expire? 

Makeup primers typically last about two years until they need to be replaced. This is the time after the protective package has been opened. Essentially, you can check the product’s label for the mentioned expiry date. However, if the primer protective package is not opened, the product could last for a long time until it is broken. 

You’ll be able to use the primer till the appearance, smell, or quality of the substance turns unusual. If you want to study them yourself, check for any significant changes in colour, texture, or shape. Even if you detect an unusual odour in them, it is best to stop using the product. If the makeup primer is made of latex, it will begin to smell like sour milk after it has surpassed its expiration date. 

Furthermore, you can simply close the lid on them after each usage to keep them usable for longer. It’s also a good idea to avoid exposing the makeup primer to intense sunlight or even higher temperatures. Try to store them in a dry place, with no more than room temperature. Even if the product is sealed, it is still better to preserve them to stop expiring. 

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This article explained the importance of primer cosmetics and how long they last before expiring. Moreover, proper methodologies of applying makeup primer was also mentioned. 

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