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Can You Dry Regular Nail Polish with a UV Light? | Guide

Normal nail polish will not dry faster under a UV or LED lamp.

Liquid part of nail polish evaporates, leaving behind volatile solvents such as ethyl acetate, butyl acetate, and alcohol. Citation.

Also, UV or LED lamps will not significantly accelerate the evaporation of these solvents.

You can speed up the process by turning on your lamp, which will generate a lot of heat. The drying process could take a long time, and too much exposure to UV light can be dangerous, so I don’t recommend using this product.

When drying regular nail polish, can UV light be used?

UV light dry regular nail polish

Gel polish, on the other hand, must be ‘cured’ by a UV or LED lamp in order to become hard. UV or LED lamps can’t be used with regular nail polish, and the polish won’t dry any faster if it’s placed under the lamp.

When a UV or LED lamp emits UV light, a chemical reaction occurs that causes the polish to dry or cure.

UV light causes a polymerization reaction, which hardens and cures the gel polish.

A nail polish’s normal drying time is about 15 minutes.

The drying time for regular nail polish ranges from one to two hours. As a result, your nails will look dull, especially if you have applied base and top coats to them.

A UV lamp dries gel nail polish in 10 seconds, followed by 2 minutes for the gel polish and top coat.

After the base coat, the gel polish and top coat will dry in 1 minute.

Nobody wants to ruin their freshly painted nails, especially when they didn’t dry as quickly as they thought.

As a result, you will want to take care of your nails properly. Use more than just the right nail polish (although this is super important). You also need to consider how to properly dry them.

When it comes to applying gel polish, a lamp is the best tool to use. What about nail polish that isn’t glitter?

The answer to this question is yes. A LED or UV lamp will not speed up the drying time of normal nail polish. Gel polish dries with LED and UV lamps, as well as heat lamps. Evaporation causes normal nail polish to dry.

Typical nail polish evaporates to dry.

Consider this your one-stop shop for all of your basic nail polish drying questions and concerns! If you’d like to learn more about why LED and UV lamps are ineffective at drying normal nail polish, or why it’s not a good idea to use them at all, read on.

It takes a long time for nail polish to dry by evaporation.

Even with base and topcoat, standard nail polish can take up to two hours to dry completely.

Nail polish contains ethyl acetate, which is a volatile compound. As a result, it doesn’t take very long for the paint to dry. When you compare nail polish to, say, house paint, you’ll see that it dries relatively quickly.

On the other hand, gel nail polish dries in the presence of UV or LED lamps. The UV lamp brand and model determine how long it takes to apply the foundation coat. The gel polish and top coat will take a few extra minutes. In the presence of an LED lamp, it dries much more quickly than usual.

However, LED and UV lamps do not speed up the drying time of regular nail polish. Even if they could speed up the drying process a little, they aren’t worth the money for your standard nail polish.

When used and exposed for long periods of time to UV radiation, LED lamps emit UV radiation, just like UV lamps.

Even though a few minutes of nail-drying is unlikely to cause a problem, there is no good reason to increase your UV radiation exposure, especially since these lamps won’t make a noticeable difference in the drying time of your nail polish.

Let your nails dry the old-fashioned way, as it is much safer to do so.

Why do LED and UV nail drying lamps differ?

UV light dry regular nail polish

While UV bulbs will need to be replaced from time to time, LED lamps will last far longer.

When using a lamp provided by the manufacturer, you’ll usually get the best results. Your lamp’s ability to cure gel polish should be your first priority. LED or UV lamps are used to cure most gel polish brands today, but some may only dry under UV light.

Gel polish is cured by both LED and UV nail curing lamps. Technology, bulb type, and light type are the main differences between these two lamps.

Gel polish can take longer to cure when using UV lamps. Typically, a gel polish layer will cure in 2 minutes. Polish can be cured faster with LED lamps because of their narrower wavelengths. One layer of gel polish can be cured in 30 seconds with an LED lamp, and nail art designs can be flash-cured within 15 seconds.

Based on the type of radiation the bulb emits, LED nail lamps and UV nail lamps differ. To ‘cure’ or harden gel nail polish, photoinitiators are used. ‘Photoreaction’ is the term used to describe this process.

It’s the same for LED and UV nail lamps. While UV lamps emit a broader spectrum, LED lamps produce a narrower and more targeted spectrum of wavelengths, according to the company.

What are five tips for drying normal nail polish more quickly?

UV light dry regular nail polish

Nail polish can be dried faster with specialist nail drying sprays, but there are also some cheaper tricks to try!

1. Hairspray can be used.

Paint your nails and let them dry for a minute before removing them. Spray your nails with hairspray while holding the can about 8 inches away from them. After a minute, gently wash your hands with cold water to remove the sticky residue from your hands.

2. Use a nail polish drying spray to speed up the drying process

They contain chemicals that speed up the evaporation of nail polish liquids so that your polish dries faster.

Using these sprays, your nail polish can dry in minutes.

3. Use ice water instead of regular water

Instead of using hairspray, you can simply use ice water, but you’ll have to do this ahead of time, before you apply any polish.

The steps are easy to follow.

  • Cold water can be used to soak unpainted nails. A couple of ice cubes in the water will help.
  • Keep your nails submerged in the water for a few minutes to soften them.
  • Put on your favorite nail polish next.
  • The drying time will be shortened if you do this.

4. Apply thin coat.

If you want your nail polish to dry faster, apply thin coats of polish.

I’ve found that using multiple thin coats of regular nail polish instead of one or two thick coats speeds up the completion of a manicure.

Since thin coats of polish evaporate more quickly than thick ones, the solvents are released more quickly.

5. Use a hairdryer

Immediately following the application of your nail varnish, turn your hairdryer to the coolest setting possible and hold it at a distance of six inches from your nails. Blow-dry them for about a minute before storing them.

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Top 5 FAQs & answers related to does UV light dry regular nail polish

How do you tell the difference between UV and LED nail lamps?

LED vs UV Nail Lamp: What’s the difference? Gel polish is cured by both LED and UV nail curing lamps. Technology, bulb type, and light type are the main differences between these two lamps. Gel polish can take longer to cure when using UV lamps.

Can normal nail polish dry under UV light?

Using a UV or LED lamp will not significantly speed up the drying time of your nail polish. The drying process could take a long time, and too much exposure to UV light can be dangerous, so I don’t recommend using this product.

Why does my nail polish never dry?

If your nail polish is taking a long time to dry, you’ve probably applied too much. When applying multiple thin layers, let each layer dry completely before adding another…. Ice cold water can be helpful, but be careful not to let it flow at a high rate, as this could ruin your nail polish or varnish.

How to make your nail polish dry quickly at home? 

Top coat that dries quickly. You can dry your nails faster by using a clear coat of nail polish that has been specially formulated to reduce drying time. 
Cold water dries very quickly. 
Baby oil 

To cure gel nails, can you use any LED light? 

Yes, but it would be utterly ineffective if it were to be implemented. If you don’t have a UV-LED light, you should get one. When gel polish is exposed to ultraviolet rays, it cures. If you’re having trouble drying Gelish, Shellac, or other products that require an LED light, there are usually two reasons for it. 


UV light dry regular nail polish

Regular nail polish is solvent-based;evaporates to dry. A few days or weeks depending on the nail polish quality, the solvents evaporate and the nail polish remains on.

The answer to this question is yes. No, is the short answer. For faster drying, you can use a nail fan or drying spray.

Because LED and UV nail lamps only work on gel products, you can’t use them to dry regular nail polish. In order for gel nail polish to dry properly, it must be exposed to LED or UV nail lamps.

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