Gel Vs Liquid Eyeliner: Which Is Better as a Eyeliner?

Gel Vs Liquid Eyeliner: Which Is Better as a Eyeliner?

Introduction to the topic

Gel Vs Liquid Eyeliner: Which Is Better as a Eyeliner?

With so many options for enhancing and defining your eyes, the question of whether gel liner or liquid liner is preferable arises. It might be either way, though. Everything you need to know about which liquid or gel eye liner is best for you is right here.

Which of these two eyeliner types is the simplest to use: gel or liquid? Gel liners are a much better choice for newcomers to practice with before making the switch to liquid liners. Due to the fact that liquid liners need to be extremely precise and dry quickly, there is very little tolerance for human error.

While gel liners are more difficult to get right the first time, they can be more forgiving because the bigger brush is easier to control, and the formula itself lends itself to an effortless glide across the eyelid. Instead of a perfect wing line, try for a smokier effect. A gel liner will allow you to achieve the same thing. The versatility and ease of use of gel liner can’t be argued with.

Is gel eyeliner better than liquid eyeliner?

When it comes to eyeliner, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution. When it comes to eyeliner application, the possibilities are endless. You could easily spend a month trying out new products and techniques every day to come up with a new look. However, choosing the right eyeliner is the first step in creating your signature style. To use an eyeliner pen, you’ll need to choose between a liquid eyeliner and a gel eyeliner. Continue reading to learn the ins and outs of eyeliner types.

Eyeliner is one of my favourite beauty items since it can be used in a variety of ways, from a smudged smokey eye to a precise winged liner. Even a brief application of eyeliner and mascara can instantly transform your appearance.

The problem is that with so many options, applying eyeliner may be a real pain, and what to buy? It’s utterly perplexing. Makeup novices who have only recently discovered the exciting world of beauty tutorials may find this article very helpful.

Gel eyeliner comes in first. Neither a liquid nor a pen, this is… So, what exactly are we talking about here? Does it work for you, and what sort of eyeliner are you using?

What is the purpose of gel eyeliner, and where can you buy it?

Gel eyeliner resembles a cross between a pencil and a liquid eyeliner in that it’s both thick and thin. Using a liquid eyeliner has several advantages, but you need a lot of practise to produce good results with it.

Gel eyeliner comes in a jar and is used with an angled brush because of its creamy smoothness. You can use it to draw a precise line or to achieve a smudged smokey eye.

Ask yourself: liquid or gel eyeliner work better?

That mostly relies on your intended purpose for using it. Both liquid and gel eyeliner have advantages that beauty connoisseurs can use to elevate their make-up game. Having said that, gel eyeliner may work best for you in some situations, while liquid liner may be your preferred choice in others, depending on your desired look.

Compare gel and liquid eyeliners side by side, and it’s like comparing apples and oranges. If you’re a rookie or have repeatedly failed to apply liquid eyeliner, gel is a better option for you than liquid if you’ve previously attempted it and failed.

Unfortunately, liquid eyeliner is still required for some cosmetic styles. Those looks are well worth the learning curve, though.

One of the reasons is that, as a working artist, I have a responsibility to maintain a certain level of hygiene. The majority of liquid liners are available in pen form with a felt-tipped refill.

To make things simpler, these come with a built-in liner that is always available until you’ve used it all up. Rather than using a brush and guessing how much product to apply to it, the applicator does it for you. As a result, these are best kept for personal usage only because they are difficult to clean (particularly without drying up the tip).

The runnier, more liquid-y formula of liquid liner makes it more difficult to apply. It’s more difficult to work with, and it takes a long time to dry.

It’s true that gel liner has the advantage of drying rapidly, so you’ll need to work quickly with it to get it in place before it dries and you’ll be stuck with a ruined look until you remove it and start over.

Gel Vs Liquid Eyeliner: Which Is Better as a Eyeliner?

What are the differences between gel and liquid eyeliner?

Gel eyelinerLiquid eyeliner
Cream gel liners are smooth and easy to apply. A gel liner’s texture is the ideal middle ground. Because of this, it has the pigmentation of a liquid liner and the firmness of a pencil, but it’s creamy enough to apply easily.  The use of liquid eyeliner is common. A pigmented, dark black graphic eye look is easy to achieve with liquid liner. Because liquid liner is so obvious, it’s best used for looks like cat eyes or graphic liners that need to be bold and noticeable. When you want a dramatic eyeliner look, this is your go-to product.    
Gel liners are a fantastic option for those who have trouble drawing wing shapes with liquid liner formulae. When using a gel liner, it’s much easier to fix mistakes than when using a liquid liner. Because it doesn’t set as quickly, it’s softer and allows for more area for fixing. Also, unlike liquids, the colour does not flow from the brush, reducing the likelihood of a smudged drawing.As opposed to creams and pencils, this one doesn’t smudge on greasy eyelids. It’s ideal for people with oily or sweaty skin, or who live in humid regions. This is due to the fact that once it sets, it cannot be moved or smudged. If your eyeliner smudges in the heat, consider switching to a liquid eyeliner instead. When applied correctly, liquid eyeliner may last all day without smudging or fading, giving you a bold look all day long. So, if you want an eyeliner that won’t budge or fade during the day, liquid eyeliner is a great option.  
In contrast to liquid eyeliners, which have a glossy finish, gel eyeliners are matte, and they must be applied with a brush. Gel eyeliners are cremè based. A long-lasting, smudge-proof gel liner that may be applied precisely with a brush. Use it for defined or Smokey eyeliner styles; it may be built up and layered.    It’s difficult to apply with the little, flexible brush that comes with this sort of eyeliner because its consistency is so glossy and rich.  
Gel eyeliner comes in a compact container and is applied with an eyeliner brush that is either pointed or angled. It’s no surprise that so many makeup artists favour gel eyeliner for its adaptability and velvety texture.  The wand of liquid liners has an applicator with a fine sponge tip, making it faster and simpler to apply. Because liquid liners cannot be built up like gel liners, you must get them right the first time! The applicator wand for liquid liners has a small brush at the end, allowing users to paint on eyeliner on their lid. You’ll need a steadier hand to use a painting wand than you would with an eyeliner pencil because you can only draw on your eyeliner with them.  
Gel eyeliner is an excellent choice for a look that stays on and is less likely to smudge than a typical eye pencil once it has dried. Because gel liner is applied with a brush, you have more control over the thickness of the line and can even smudge the line before it dries. It can be used to make a small flick at the end, although liquid eyeliner is more precise for creating a perfect wing. Tightlining using gel eyeliner is also an option, but be sure to keep your brushes clean to prevent the spread of bacteria to this particularly vulnerable area.  When used for tight-lining (doing a very fine line down your lash line), it creates an extremely opaque, lustrous look. With this product, you may enhance definition to your eyes without doing a large flick, but you’ll need to set aside some extra time to practise.  
A little brush and a small amount of gel eyeliner are all that is required to create cat’s eyes and other graphic forms with these eye makeup essentials. If your gel eyeliner doesn’t come with an application brush, an angled brush works just as well. However, gel liners dry up faster, so keep an eye on the lid and don’t expect your pot to last forever with the thicker recipe.  When it comes to experimenting with eyeliner designs like winged tips, cat eyes, and other unconventional ones, precision is important with liquid eyeliner.  

How to choose the right eyeliner?

Liquid eyeliners can be applied with a felt-tip pen or a thin nail polish brush. To create winged appearances or to thicken your eyelashes, use the fine brushes with the mascara to apply it incredibly thinly along your top lash line. The runnier formula, on the other hand, might get sloppy and accentuate bumps. Even yet, once you’ve tried liquid eyeliner, you’ll never want to go back. So don’t be afraid to experiment; practice makes perfect!

The applicator in the tube or a separate eyeliner brush is used to apply liquid eyeliner (if it’s for personal use only) whereas the brush used to apply gel liner depends on the thickness of the line you want to create.

Eyeliner mistakes may easily be fixed by dipping a Q-tip or cotton ball into eye makeup remover or micellar water and dabbing it on the mistake to make it disappear without having to remove your entire eye make-up application.

What should you know before picking an eyeliner?

Not only should you know the differences between liquid, gel, and pencil eyeliner, but you should also know how to use them. Another important consideration is knowing how to pick the best one for your needs. No matter what other people think, in the end, it doesn’t matter what you prefer. To be effective, you must use the strategy that works best for you. Here are some pointers to help you make the best decision.

  • Do you have no prior experience with eyeliner? If that’s the case, then get a pencil and start writing. It’s the most user-friendly.
  • Liquid eyeliner is the greatest choice for creating a stunning cat-eye. It’s the best for drawing smooth, black lines.
  • The gel eyeliner is ideal if you want complete control over the thickness or thinness of your line. The eyeliner is applied with a brush. You have complete control over the brush’s thickness.
  • If you purchase a high-quality pencil that makes lines easy and dark, the pencil eyeliner is the easiest to use. The gel eyeliner can be used by makeup artists with experience.
  • Liquid eyeliner is most popular since it can be used for a variety of looks, including the most flattering cat-eye. This liquid eyeliner is easy to use, creates a smooth line, and doesn’t smudge like cheap liquid eyeliner does.
  • Before making a purchase, think about which eyeliner will best suit your needs and the aesthetic you want to achieve. In addition, you must select an eyeliner that is both waterproof and long-lasting if you want to maintain the look throughout the day.
  • To begin with, it is suggested that you use a pencil eyeliner and then move on to a liquid eyeliner. Because the gel eyeliner is applied with a brush, you’ll need some practise with it before you can put it to use.

When you grasp the differences between gel, liquid, and pencil eyeliners, you’ll see why some individuals prefer liquid eyeliner. Also, why it’s a good idea to start out with a high-quality pencil for beginners.

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Top 5 FAQs & answers related to Gel vs Liquid eyeliner

Does gel eyeliner dry immediately?

Despite the fact that gel eyeliner doesn’t have the same moist formula as liquid eyeliner, there is still a drying time. Allow your eyeliner to dry for a few seconds before continuing with the rest of your makeup.

Which eyeliner application method is the simplest?

The Nourishing Eyeliner from Burt’s Bees.
Ink Liner, NYX Epic, by NYX Cosmetics.
Sex Kitten Liquid Liner by Tarte Cosmetics.
Creme Gel Liner in Colorpop, by Colorpop.
Waterproof Liquid Liner by Stila Stay All Day.
A gel eyeliner from Marc Jacobs called Highliner.
Ink Eye Pencil by Urban Decay (Glide-On).

Is gel eyeliner a decent choice for those who are just starting out?

If you’ve never used eyeliner before, the sheer number of possibilities can be confusing.… Pencil, gel, liquid, felt… all of these things. Eyeliner beginners should start with this method because it’s the simplest.

Which eyeliner, gel or liquid, is superior?

However, a liquid liner’s consistency is typically less creamy and waterier than a gel liner’s. It’s a terrific tool for producing a precise line and a defined effect, according to makeup artist Susan Vargas.

Is it harmful to use gel eyeliner on your eyes?

Dr. Sood-Mendiratta notes that wearing sparkly eye cosmetics can aggravate dry eyes already present, and that glitter is also a common cause of corneal inflammation and infection.


As a result, to achieve the perfect eyeliner look, start by tightlining the eyes and applying a pencil liner as a foundation. After that, applying a gel to the lash roots and stretching the line down the lashline into a wing makes sense. Finally, use a liquid eyeliner to paint on the winged flick. There’s a reason for using a particular type of eyeliner!

Whatever your eyeliner needs may be, you’re sure to find one that’s perfect for you. The gel liner will be your best buddy if you’re new to the eyeliner game, while the pen eyeliner will give you the sultry winged eyes of your dreams. Last but not least, liquid liner is for the perfectionist who wants to look like Adele.

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