How Long After Lash Lift Can I Shower? | Makeup Guide

How Long After Lash Lift Can I Shower? | Makeup Guide

Introduction to the topic

How Long After Lash Lift Can I Shower? | Makeup Guide

Lash Lift is a procedure that gives your natural lashes volume, curl, and length. Your Lash Lift specialist will first apply a specially contoured silicone shield around the eye instead of a perm rod. This ensures that the procedure’s product does not come into contact with the eye’s delicate area. 

An eye-safe glue is then put to the top of the pad, brushing your lashes upwards to get the appropriate length and volume. After that, a lash-lifting solution is used. This solution relaxes your hair’s links, allowing you to mold it into the shape that the glue has created. The adhesive will be carefully removed after 30 minutes, and your lashes will be completely flutter-worth. 

The lash lift is a procedure that curls your lashes from the base to the tip, allowing you to view their entire length. Though all lashes have a natural curve, this procedure uses a tiny curling rod and a lifting solution to change that shape. The treatment, however, should always be carried out by a registered practitioner. 

Now that you are successfully done with your lash lift, how long after can you now shower. 

Let go! 

How long after lash lift can I shower?

How Long After Lash Lift Can I Shower? | Makeup Guide

The first 24 hours after a lash lift are critical to the procedure’s outcome. During this time, experts advise against exposing your lashes to water or any other source of moisture, but there is still a normal time frame that you shower after a lash lift or eyelash extension. 

We’ve been refuting the myth that water and lash extensions don’t mix for quite some time now. Don’t be concerned. 

When you have lash lifts, it’s fine to swim in the pool, bathe in the tub, and, yes, shower! But the appropriate time for you to want to do this is after 8 hours. 

Remember, wait for at least 8 hours first

However, there is one time you’ll need to resist water with eyelash extensions, and that’s after your lash appointment. 

Wait 8 hours after your appointment before getting your lashes wet, or shower. 

This will give the glue bond time to cure. After that, you’re free to shower as much as you like! 

Also, you can shower the same day, but only for a few minutes. Do not take long showers in the first 48 hours since steam will harm your lashes. Additionally, avoid getting the treated area wet. 

Few things to know when showering with lash extensions

How Long After Lash Lift Can I Shower? | Makeup Guide

While you want to shower, follow these 4 tips to conserve and maintain your lashes for the long run. 

1. Resist the temptation of rubbing or scrubbing your eyes. 

If you enjoy a good face scrub when showering, you should reconsider. Why is that? Rubbing, tugging, or any other form of friction that is applied to your lashes can cause them to be damaged. 

2. Stay away from the shower jets. 

While a powerful showerhead may feel great, the surge of water might cause friction and harm your lash extensions. 

3. Analyze the products you use in the shower 

Think about the products you’re using in the shower. Because many body washes, lotions, and soaps contain alcohol and oil, this is the case. These two components aren’t good for lash extensions since they can weaken the adhesive binding, causing the extension to fall out of your original lash. 

5. After showering, brush your lashes. 

Once you’re clean, take a fresh lash wand and gently comb through your lashes to keep them fluffed and in place. 

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5 Tips for lash lift aftercare

How Long After Lash Lift Can I Shower? | Makeup Guide

One of the most popular permanent makeup treatments right now is a lash lift. It is risk-free, produces excellent results, and requires little upkeep. Your lashes have been lengthened, but they still appear natural. 

Aftercare is an essential component of any permanent makeup procedure. It is made up of various rules that must be followed for the results to be as intended. 

So, here is everything you need to know about the lash lift aftercare routine: 

1. Keep them dry 

Because a lash lift involves the application of specialist solutions to a sensitive area, you should keep your eyelashes dry for at least 24 to 48 hours following the operation. Avoiding moisture will aid in the appropriate establishment of the curl. This also includes not getting your lashes wet in the shower! 

2. No pillow cuddling 

Allow at least 48 hours for nothing to come into contact with your eyelashes. Avoid anything that could cause you to cry unintentionally or endanger your lashes in any way. Additionally, sleep on your back for a few days to avoid your eyelashes becoming twisted. 

3. Using mascara 

While you do not need to use mascara after lift lash to appear gorgeous, you may wish to do so to add a finishing touch to your look. If you plan to do so, apply only oil-free mascara, and that too, only after 48 hours of the treatment. 

4. Be aware of allergies 

If you wear eye makeup after getting your lashes lifted, make sure to remove it with an oil-free eye makeup remover. This will prevent any allergic reactions or injury to your eyelids. When choosing an eye makeup remover, avoid ones that contain parabens. 

5. Condition your eyelashes 

 To keep the results, any treated hair should be conditioned regularly. After the lash lift process, you can protect and moisturize your eyelashes using a gentle nourishing essence. However, before using any conditioner on your newly curled lashes, you should contact a cosmetic specialist. 

The lash lift effect lasts for 2-3 months and you don’t need to do anything specific to keep it going. Although the aftercare protocol is not difficult, the first 24 hours are critical. After you’ve gone through it, you’ll be able to truly appreciate your lashes without fear of destroying them. 

Lash Lift Aftercare in the First 24h: 

  • Don’t wear mascara or any eye makeup
  • Don’t get your eyelashes wet
  • Don’t use any products on your lashes
  • Don’t rub your eyes
  • Don’t go swimming
  • Don’t sweat
  • Don’t go to saunas
  • Be careful when you shower, don’t take long showers
  • Don’t sleep on your eyelashes
  • Don’t use oil-based products

How should you lash lift aftercare day by day?

How Long After Lash Lift Can I Shower? | Makeup Guide

Day 1

Your lashes have just been applied and need some time to settle. Be extremely cautious for the next 24 hours and follow all of the suggestions stated above. Contact your artist or a dermatologist if you see any concerning redness or irritation. 

Day 2

Because your lashes are still flexible, avoid rubbing your eyes, drinking water, and sleeping on your face. Allow for some time to pass before putting on makeup. 

Day 3

You can now relax and resume your normal behavior. However, avoid rubbing your eyes and removing eye makeup with harsh products. 

Day 3 – 20

You don’t need to do anything extra; just stay away from oil-based products and exfoliating products if you want them to last as long as possible 

Day 20

If you had your lashes colored to give depth, the tint will most likely start to go out at this time. Strong sunlight should be avoided because it will hasten the fading process. 

Day 21

You can begin nourishing your lash lift with oil. 

The lash lift will last approximately two months. 

What can you do to maintain your Lash Lift?

A lash lift is extremely low-maintenance and requires little attention. Brushing your lashes with a lash brush now and then is sufficient. 

After the first two days, when you must adhere to the lash lift aftercare recommendations, you can swim, exercise, wash your face, and sleep normally without fear of your lashes falling out or dropping. 

5 Myths about lash lift uncovered 

How Long After Lash Lift Can I Shower? | Makeup Guide

Lash lift procedures are popular these days since they have answered the most prevalent problem that every female has today: thin eyelashes. However, with each new technological advancement, there are several rumors about it, most of which are unfounded. Here, you’ll discover several popular misconceptions regarding lash lift that are just not true, but all are still manageable. 

So, because there seems to be a lot of uncertainty and inconsistent information about lash lifting and aftercare across the companies, we figured we would put together some information for you that will help you understand the procedure and avoid any issues or over processed lashes. 

1. A lash lift only lasts 1-2 weeks  

4-6 weeks is the standard and real answer here. Once you’ve had a lash lift that has been performed well and professionally, your lift will last 4-6 weeks. Just be sure to use the right aftercare. An aftercare serum, and cleaning your lashes daily will help retention and ensure your lift lasts for as long as 6 weeks! 

2. A lash lift will ‘fry’ the lashes 

Some lash lift products advertise themselves as ‘fast’ or ‘express’ options which means it is much more concentrated.  

A lash lift is essentially a perm for your lashes. This myth might have come about based on the fact that poor application and failure to prioritize aftercare can lead to brittle lashes, but the process itself is not dangerous or damaging. 

3. Lash lifts are only for people who can’t get extensions 

Not true. It is simply a matter of personal preference. Someone might just not like the feeling of having extensions on, prefer a more natural look, or want a service that takes 30-45minutes instead of 2-3hours! 

4. Lash Lifts are only for older people 

We don’t want to give too much attention to this big ol’ myth. Just like coloring your hair, tinting your brows, or going to the movies, lash lifts are suitable for any age, young or old (ok maybe not a 2-year-old).  

5. You can’t have tint with a lash lift 

This is a big myth and untrue! The addition of a lash tint will enhance the look of your lashes more! Many salons do this as part of the standard service. 

6. Lash lifts don’t work very well 

They work on pretty much everyone. The only time it won’t is if there’s a medical condition that affects the hormones such as pregnancy. 

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Top 5 FAQs & answer related to How long after lash lift can I shower

When can I repeat the lash lift treatment?

You should wait at least a month before you book a new lash lift treatment. The best option is to do a new one after two months when your old lash lift is completely gone and your lashes are recovered. 

Can I apply oil after the lash lift treatment?

Not immediately after it. You should avoid it as well as oil-based products. Three weeks after the treatment, when the tint starts fading, you should start conditioning your lashes. 

Can I wear eyeliner after lash lift?

Yes, but also 48 hours after the treatment. After the sensitive phase is finished, everything is allowed. 

Can I wear mascara after lash lift treatment?

Mascara and eye makeup are allowed 48 hours after the lash lift treatment. 

I have short/thick/light/dark/thin/stubborn eyelash hair. Will it work on me? 

Lash lifts can be great for a variety of hair types, however, not everyone’s lashes are the same. Everyone’s lashes have different porosity. The level of lift and duration will vary from client to client. 


How Long After Lash Lift Can I Shower? | Makeup Guide

Refresh your memory with further maintenance and aftercare instructions now that you’re “in the know” about showering with lash extensions. 

The first 24 hours after receiving your Lash Lift are the most important for effectiveness and safety. During this period, make sure you keep your lashes dry and makeup-free and also avoid any cream or lotion that is oil-based 

In General, do not use waterproof mascara, do not use an eyelash curler, do not rub or irritate your eyes. 

Lastly, I have attempted to cover all of the major features of lash lift in this article, and also tried to cover the aftercare of lash lift, as well as the dos and don’ts. Whether you want to become a professional lash technician or just want to lift and tint your lashes, I hope this article will be helpful. 

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