How Long Do Makeup Brushes Last & Top 5 Makeup Brushes

How Long Do Makeup Brushes Last & Top 5 Makeup Brushes

What are makeup brushes?

How Long Do Makeup Brushes Last & Top 5 Makeup Brushes

A maquillage brush is a bristle tool used to makeup or face paint. The braids can be made from natural or plastic materials, whereas the handles are usually made of plastic or wood. The cosmetics are better fused to the skin when using the appropriate brush. Let’s read How Long Do Makeup Brushes Last?

Depending on the facial area, the cosmetic product and the required result, a large number of shapes and sizes of the maquillage brushes are available. The shape of the brush tip, for example, can be chiseled, straight, angular, circular, flat or tapered.

What is the purpose of makeup brushes? How often do I need maquillage brushes? Which brushes can I buy for the best make-up? How long should you keep your makeup brushes? How to clean them? How do you know when to replace them? Today, we will help you get answers to all these questions. So many choices and price ranges are there, it’s insane! Even if you are a professional, choices can be overwhelming, especially when you’re just a normal person.

Why should you replace makeup brushes?

How Long Do Makeup Brushes Last & Top 5 Makeup Brushes

Makeup brushes provide you with a very precise application to makeup look natural. Brushes also make mixing harsh lines easier on your face, because you have greater control than if you had a basic app. If you are a make-up expert or a beauty newbie, you can easily replicate the trends in Instagram beauty you love with.

But not the only thing that can affect their shape is to store your brushes. Patinkin (a makeup expert) notes that using your brushes can make them lose their shape and the bristles collapse by putting too much pressure. However, what is the pressure of “too much?” When you use the product, if bristles are split, you can probably make it a little easier.

In addition to the lost shape and collapsed bristles, Patinkin also says that if the bristles have been dried and snapped, their hair will fall all over or if they never feel clean even when they are washed, some signs will be necessary to replace them.” No exact timeline exists, but in general, it is time to let the brushes go if they look a little rough.

Many people ask this question every day. Make-up brushes are something which people think they don’t end, they don’t pay a lot of attention to them and it damages their skin or spoils your make-up look to some extent.

If they are properly cleaned and stored, good brushes can last for years. Every time you use it, you don’t want to transfer old makeup, germs and bacteria to your skin that can end up leading to blemishes and other skin problems.

Make-up brushes have no specific expiry date, unlike mascaras or foundations. They could last for years if they are well cared for. But their life will eventually come to an end like all good things. The telltale signs below are brand new tools for beauty.

1. Brushes are no longer in their original form.

Makeup brushes tend to lose their shape, especially when you are hard-handed with them; however, after washing, they often return to their original shape.

2. Washing regularly

If even after being cleaned, yours looks messed up or fanned up, then it’s time for a new one.You need to wash your brushes regularly – so they can not only be kept in the best possible condition, but bacteria can also avoid building on your brush.

3. Stinking brush

Some beauty routines require a good brush, but bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other non-so-destroying substances may also be present in these brushes that lead to eye infection, skin irritation and other problems.

So if it is time to replace your makeup brushes, you should know.”Your application won’t be the same when using your sponges and brushes [when they are] dirty as it would be fresh,” Estime says. “You will find that it’s strange because your base brush has so much product buildup.”

4. It’s shedding

Another sign your brush expires is if the brushes appear to have fabricated, according to Nic Chapman, the makeup artist and founder of Real Techniques. “Brushes can be misformed daily — particularly if you are handy. In case of heavy duty.

5. Not feeling good even after washing them

Make-up can be applied unevenly with a misshapen brush, so if the bristles are not shaped, even after washing, it’s time to replace them.

How long does makeup brushes last?

How Long Do Makeup Brushes Last & Top 5 Makeup Brushes

Do you regularly wash your brushes? Well,the bad news is that they will never last. Elle journal experts say that if they start scratching, smelling, or are discolored, you should buy new brushes every 3 months. As for this sponge mating of foam, In Style says that at least every three months, if not two, needs to be replaced—and this is the case if you keep it clean.

So make-up brushes are something people don’t think they expire, they don’t really care about it at all and it damages your skin to some extent or it starts to spoil your make-up look. We all know that make-up is the greatest invention, because it so good settles your make-up that you can do it with your hand.

Some signs that your makeup brushes should be thrown out:

1. Broken handles

Ferrules or broken handles are really bad news. Yes, accidents occur, but replace your brush if you drop and it cracks. Why does it happen? You have explained that even the smallest cracks can contain bacteria that then move into your hands and face. Yikes. – Yikes.

We have to wash your brush regularly, while we are talking about brush maintenance and keeping your tools in good condition. It not only helps you maintain your brushes in good condition, but also improves the make-up application.

2. Make your skin scratchy

If you regularly clean your brushes and store them properly, the makeup artist Jenny Patinkin says that they should last you for years. “If you start throwing your browns or leaving small hair behind on your skin, start feeling broken or scratchy, get irreparable or misforming, then it is time to replace them,” she said.

Wash each week with a makeup brush cleanser to extend the use of your brushes and make sure that they are dry flat (allowing them to dry standing upright can cause the water to loosen the glue in the head of the brush).

3. Bristles are falling

If its sticks fall regularly, the third sign that the brush should be discarded. The chance is that the glue with the bristles of the brushes does not work anymore. This may be if you pull them down while washing brush bowls, or if the brush has long been soaked in water. With poor quality brushes this can also occur.

4. All stained up with makeup

Months and years of making your broshes will stain its bristles, but with a gentle cleanser these can easily be washed away. It is time to shop for a substitute if they are permanently tinted, because brushes with product residue may result in a breakdown.

5. If its shape has changed

Extended usage can lead to changes in the brush shape, especially when used at high pressure. But try washing the bristles gently before throwing them away. Wait until dry. If the brush has not restored its original form, it is time to throw it away, as such brush won’t absorb powder, blush, shadow, eyebrow or lip paints evenly.

Top 5 Best makeup brush cleansers to use

The powerful cleverer for your brushes is one you could ever get—Dawn dishwashing soap, Monaco’s swears. “Everything and anything is removed literally!” Monaco says. “I’ll fill a small cup of warm water with a few drops of Dawn in a make-up cleaner urgency. Swish and voila about it!” It is not crazy that dish soaps are used to remove tough oil and grease—the precise by-product that you hope to remove when cleaning your brushes.

Anyways, let’s take a look at some best makeup brush cleaners you can use:

1. IT Cosmetics Brush Bath Purifying Makeup Brush Cleaner

IT Cosmetics Brush Bath Purifying Makeup Brush Cleaner How Long Do Makeup Brushes Last & Top 5 Makeup Brushes

The IT Cosmetics Brush Purifying Makeup Brush Cleaner is created to deliver fast results and instantly dissolutions maquillage, pollution and oil from your makeup brush’s bracelets and leaves them free of bacterial debris that obstruct them. It provides not only a profound purification, but also protection of the integrity and construction of hair in both synthetic and natural brush types.

2. MAC cosmetics brush cleaner

MAC cosmetics brush cleaner How Long Do Makeup Brushes Last & Top 5 Makeup Brushes

For a reason, this rose bottle is a bestseller. For a variety of reasons, users love this cleaner, including its usability. Just put the formula on the brush or towel and continue the brush on the towel until clean.

3. Quick change brush cleaner

Quick change brush cleaner

Keep this clever brush cleaner closer if you’re trying to follow this beauty tutorial from YouTube – it dries so you can switch shades in a cinch without any transfer. Ideal to play with just one brush and a brand new palette.

4. Real techniques brush cleaning balm

Real techniques brush cleaning balm

The Brush Cleansing Balm Real Techniques is an unmistakable way to make your pins super clean. Just dips the moistened brush in the coconut oil-infused solid cleansing bubble and turn the pigment out of the bristles on the heat-pink deep-cleansing pad. When scrubbing is done, fill your hair with cold water to ensure all that make-up is made of you.

5. General Pencil Company Inc. The Masters Brush Cleaner & Preserver

General Pencil Company Inc. The Masters Brush Cleaner & Preserver

During the Pencil Company General Inc. Technically, the Masters Brush Cleaner & Preserver is a paint brush purifier that has a cultivable effect on making up brushes because of the silk-small and profound purifying effect.

With a highly resistant formula that removes from the brush hair all the traces of oil, acrylic, and aquarel paints and ensures that the hair stays intact and perfectly conditioned, it can deeply penetrate your maquila bross to effectively remove accumulated maker, dirt and oil.

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Top 5 FAQs & answer related to How long do makeup brushes last

What’s the best cleaning product for brushes?

What are you supposed to use to purify your brushes? Water and a gentleness of the soap (standard soaps can dry the brows especially if made from natural hair) and brush cleanser are the best and most careful cleaning method for your tools.

Can I clean the brushes by using shampoo?

Making brushes must be cleaned regularly, otherwise dirt and oil can be carried into the skin. You can efficiently clean maquillage pins with home products such as liquid dishwashing or shampoo. A hair conditioner can be used to moisturise the brush bristles.

How many times should your make-up brushes be replacing?

“All in all, you should buy a few new brushes every three months to replace the old ones,” Monaco says. Checking for shedding is also important. “They can last a lifetime unless their brushes are shedding, smelling or severely discolored,” Ciucci says.

What to do with old makeup brushes?

Use them to paint.
Use them to clean window pads with white vinegar.
Use it for dusting fragile camera lenses.
Ave them for chaotic gluing projects
Dust off remote controls and very small component electronics (sewing machines, keyboards, etc.).

When should I replace my makeup brushes?

Even careful cosmetic brushes which are regularly cleaned should be replaced every three months or sooner if they throw bristles, discolor or have an unusual smell, as is well-known from Good Housekeeping.



There are now so many makeup trends and it is safe to say that every fifth woman attends makeup courses. You can’t do it without makeup brushes even if you choose the minimum make-up. Do they have a shelf life, just like cosmetics? Of course, yes, but that time by years can be hard to identify. Fortunately, other ways of identification exist.

Though every beauty conscious knows how important it is to keep your products and tools, but it is equally important to know when to throw them into the trash. Makeup brush is essential for our everyday maquillage, and while it can last longer than certain beauty items, it never ends.

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