How to Remove Poly Gel Nails at Home in Easy Ways: Guide

How Long Do Polygel Nails Last: Guide with 6 Tips

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You’ve probably heard of gel nails, acrylic nails, and maybe even dip powder nails if you’re a fan of stepping up your nail game with bold colors and elaborate designs. But if you haven’t heard of Polygel nails, we’ll fill you in on this cutting-edge nail polish formula. Find out more about Polygel nails, including what they are and how they stack up against gel and acrylic manicures, so you can make an informed decision about your next manicure.

Amazing! That’s what Polygel Nails are like. They look great, and unlike acrylic nails, they’re much simpler to apply.

The main disadvantage of Polygel nails is that they don’t last as long as acrylic ones. However, there are some techniques you can employ to extend their useful life.

Polygel: what is it?

How long do polygel nails last?

As a hybrid formula developed specifically for use by nail technicians, polygel polishes have the best of both worlds (although there are now at-home kits on the market). It’s like getting the best parts of both acrylic and gel manicures. You can get the perfect set of nails by using an enhancement made of acrylic powder and clear gel. It’s a moldable gel formula, so you can give it any form you like.

The monomer-free, ratio-free, all-in-one formula is designed to give nail technicians unprecedented control over creating the perfect nail shape and finish. Since polygel doesn’t harden until it’s cured, your technician can take his or her time creating the flawless finish you’ve been hoping for.

Like regular nail polish, it is available in a wide range of hues and sheens. The gel can be applied over natural nails with an acrylic brush in the same way that tips and extensions are. Brush it on, shape it however you like, and cure it in the same way you would gel polish under a UV or LED light.

What is the average lifespan of polygel nails?

How long do polygel nails last?

If done properly, polygel nails can last for up to four weeks. The lifespan of Polygel, however, will vary greatly from person to person.

In other words, the more you use your Polygel Nails for things like gardening, cleaning, and cooking, the more likely they are to be damaged by the harsh chemicals and other environmental factors.

Lim claims that Polygel manicures last for up to four weeks. Aaron adds that the length of the nail and your lifestyle will also affect how long your Polygel manicure lasts. A Polygel manicure may not last the full month if you regularly engage in activities that are harsh on your hands.

Like acrylics, polygel manicures are more expensive than standard gel polish, but in my experience, they last nearly twice as long. Manicures last even longer than you might think if you choose a light nude or pink color because you can’t really tell when they’ve grown out.

“Polygel nails have the strength of an acrylic but are lightweight and flexible like a gel,” says Lim.

Is it safe to get a polygel manicure?

Polygel manicures are safe for your nails if you apply and remove them correctly. Since no chemicals are emitted during the application of polygel, it can be considered safer than other nail enhancements, such as acrylics. Polygel nails, on the other hand, require expert removal.

How come my gel nails chipped in one day?

You are not alone if you spend all day admiring your newly coated gel manicure and then are devastated to see it peel off the next day. Unfortunately, peeling is a common issue with many forms of gel polish, and it can occur as quickly as 24 hours after application.

Gel nails often peel because of the following:

1. Low-quality gel used

Thicker, poorer quality gels are more challenging to cure completely.

Shrinkage occurs when a lower quality gel polish shifts position on the nail plate, separating the polish from the cuticle.

2. Client-inflicted loss

Gel nails are fragile and can easily be damaged if picked or pulled.

Even if you think your gel nails are too long after application, DO NOT file them.

By doing so, you will prematurely peel your nails because the seal on the nail cap will be broken.

3. Not preparing the nail bed properly

Gel will not adhere to nails that are too smooth or oily. Maintaining a flawless manicure is as simple as:

  • You should make sure your cuticles are pushed back.
  • You smoothed out all the rough spots.
  • Took some isopropyl alcohol and scrubbed the nails.
  • The nail was then primed with a dehydrating primer to remove any remaining oils.

How to extend the life of your polygel nails?

How long do polygel nails last?

1. Properly clean and prepare your nails

If you want your Polygel Nails to last as long as possible, the first step is to properly prepare and clean your nails.

2. Put some dehydrator powder and nail primer on your nails

If your manicures always seem to lift, then you need to invest in a nail primer and dehydrator.

The nail plate can have any excess moisture or oil removed with the help of a dehydrator. Polygel’s bonding abilities are compromised by both oil and moisture, which can also cause it to peel off the nails.

To achieve the desired roughness, nail primers create tiny, microscopic scratches in the nail. This makes it possible for the Polygel to firmly adhere to your nail plates and last significantly longer.

3. It’s important to purchase a high-quality Polygel

It’s important to note that there are many different Polygel brands to choose from. Additionally, many of these brands are dirt cheap for a reason: they’re not very well made and won’t last long.

If you want something that will last and look good for a long time, go with a reputable brand.

4. Choose a gel base and a gel top coat

Polygel Nails can be made more sturdy and shiny with the help of a gel base and top coat.

Gel base coat firmly adheres to the nail plate and provides a sticky surface for the Polygel to adhere to.

Using a gel top coat will add a protective layer of hard, glossy material to your Polygel Nails, preventing them from:

5. Being prone to scratches

The Polygel is protected from the damaging effects of chemicals by the layer of buffer created.

In order to preserve the integrity of your Polygel Nails, you should not expose them to harsh chemicals.

Next, to extend the life of your Polygel Nails, I recommend keeping them away from extreme temperatures, harsh detergents, and pesticides.

Your Polygel nails will fade and become more prone to lifting as you endure these conditions.

If you want to keep your Polygel nails in good condition while doing housework, cooking, or gardening, I suggest you wear thick rubber gloves.

6. Give your polygel nails enough time to fully cure

Inadequately cured polygel is brittle and has a hard exterior and a mushy interior. As a result, your Polygel is likely to shatter easily.

Polygel nails vs. acrylic nails: which is better?

Polygel can be shaped, filled, or used to extend nails just like acrylic. However, polygel is noticeably lighter than acrylic (despite being equally strong), among other distinctions. It’s also not the same as a dip manicure, which is just like using granulated acrylic.

If your nails are on the softer side, polygel is a great choice, but if they tend to break easily, you may want to look elsewhere. She explains that this is a good compromise for people with healthy natural nails who want something stronger without the harshness of acrylics.

How do I make my own polygel nails?

How long do polygel nails last?

To begin doing polygel nails at home, you’ll need the proper tools. Attempting the procedure without the right equipment can be frustrating and even harmful to the nails. Everything you need to know about doing your own polygel nails at home is right here.

1. A set of polygel nails

You can find a wide selection of high-quality kits in a wide range of colors and price points on the internet.

Dependent on personal preference, you can choose between dual forms and nail forms. Both of these options involve placing a shell over the nail in order to sculpt it. One key distinction is that dual forms can be used multiple times, while nail forms can only be used once.

2. To begin with, a base coat and a final coat

These two items are essential for any do-it-yourself manicure, as they help with nail preparation and protection.

3. LED stands for light-emitting diode

To cure the nail, or harden the polish, an LED nail lamp is used. “The intensity of an LED light is a little bit more than a UV light,” she says, “and will help the product last longer on the nails.”

4. An artist’s tool for creating sculptures (with a spatula)

Use a gel sculpting brush designed for the purpose, preferably one with a squared-off tip, as suggested by Gonzalez-Longstaff.

5. Alcohol for rubbing

So that the polygel doesn’t stick to the brush entirely, this is used to dampen it.

How do you apply polygel nails?

An example of what a Polygel manicure entails is shown below (or attempt one yourself).

Step 1: Nail File and Buffer

To prepare your natural nails for gels, your nail technician will remove any existing polish and buff them to remove any shine.

Step 2: Use The Polygel.

After that, your nail technician will use a tiny, precise brush to apply the polygel formula to your nails. Like with acrylic, this will first be placed as a small bead or ball in the center of your nail.

Step 3: Spread the solution

With a brush dipped in a solution designed specifically for Polygel, your nail technician will spread the product evenly across your nail and shape it to your liking.

Step 4: Cure The Nails

Your nail technician will then have you cure the Polygel for about 30 seconds under an LED or UV lamp. The next step is to apply a second color to the nail, such as a white tip, by repeating the first two steps.

Step 5: Form and File

Your nail technician won’t need to use an e-file on Polygel because it is so much softer than the alternatives. A hand file can be used to achieve the desired result, eliminating any rough spots while also contributing to the overall shape’s definition.

Step 6: Put on the Final Touch

Your nail technician will apply a top coat to your nails to protect the Polygel and give them the desired finish, whether that’s a glossy shine or a matte finish.

Step 7: Treat Those Nails Once More

Nails will be cured under a nail lamp once more before you leave the salon.

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Top 5 FAQs and answers related to How long do polygel nails last

How does one go about removing Polygel nails?

In most cases, gentler removal methods are preferable. While some DIY kits suggest filing the Polygel away and soaking the nail in acetone, this is not a recommended method because it can cause damage to the nail.

What are the risks of using Polygel on your nails?

Polygel is not harmful to nails in and of itself. If removed properly, Polygel shouldn’t cause any damage to your nails. But every once in a while, a break from Polygel (or any nail polish or enhancement) is welcome. This will allow you to give your nails the attention they need to reverse the effects of dryness and damage.

Is acrylic more dangerous than Polygel?

Since acrylic nails require constant mixing, polygel is a safer alternative. When applied and removed properly, Polygel does not cause damage to your nails and does not release any chemicals into the air. However, you should be aware that infections can sometimes develop under artificial nails.

The Polygel Nails, how much are they?

Nail technicians and salons can affect the cost of Polygel nails differently. Other considerations include whether you want them applied to your natural nails or as sculpted extensions. Prices may start at $55 and go up to $150.

How can I extend the wear of my Polygel nails?

Polygel nails can be filled in to make them last longer than their typical three to four weeks of wear. How long they last is variable and is affected by factors such as your lifestyle and the rate at which your natural nails grow.

Closing Remarks

How long do polygel nails last?

Society has recently started looking for healthier alternatives to just about everything, including the beauty industry, as people become increasingly aware of the dangers of using products containing harmful chemicals. Polygel nails have taken the glam world by storm, and it’s no wonder given their toxin-free formula and harmless LED light.

Polygel nails are not only a healthier option but also superior in appearance, weight, and comfort when compared to acrylic. If you take good care of your Polygel nails after they are applied, the extra cost is said to be well worth it.

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