How Long Does Bleached Hair Last: Guide to Care

How Long Does Bleached Hair Last: Guide to Care

Introduction to the topic

Someday, you may consider bleaching your hair if you frequently change the colour of your mane, experimenting with various tones of the same colour.

But many women are concerned about this operation because they are unsure if bleaching is permanent or if they will be able to return to their original hair colour at some point in the future.

So, if you’re curious in the longevity of bleached hair, this post is for you.

In this guide, you’ll find out how long bleach stays in our hair, how to get your hair ready for the bleaching operation, and how to keep your hair healthy and strong after the bleaching procedure (since, as you know, this procedure is very harmful for our tresses).

Naturally, we’ll also provide an overview of the process of hair bleaching.

Bleached hair can last up to a year or more.

Does bleached hair wear off?

How long does bleached hair last?

Are you second-guessing your decision to bleach your hair? At some point or another, we’ve all done it.

Now is probably not the best time to hope for the return of your once-bright hair.

The situation isn’t going to be as simple as it appears. Having a magic wand would be awesome if you could simply utter the magic words to make your bleached hair disappear.

In reality, there is no magic that can grant your wishes, and this is not a fairy tale.

How long does bleached hair last in the real world?

After bleaching your hair, you will never be able to get it back to its natural colour. Bleaching, as painful as it may be to hear, is a process that cannot be undone.

However, don’t worry. While you wait for your hair to grow out, this article will give you tips on how to care for it!

Bleached hair never has the colour removed, and it doesn’t mysteriously get its colour back. That’s the truth. If you keep cutting your new growth, you’ll eventually go back to your pre-bleached hair, no matter how long it takes for your hair to grow out.

Bleached hair takes a long time to go back to its original colour. When a woman is considering going blonde, this is one of the most often asked questions.

You never know how long you’ll get to enjoy your new hair colour, so it’s a good idea to know how quickly it fades.

With bleaching, we’re unable to guarantee that your hair will become lighter over time.

We can’t undo bleaching; once it’s done, your hair will always be that colour!

It’s the only way to get back to your natural colour is to grow your hair out.

What a long time that takes. Just think about how long it would take you to regrow a 12-inch mane if you bleached it.

For this reason, you should think twice before visiting a local salon to get your red or chestnut hair dyed platinum blonde.

There will be no turning back once this is completed. A change in hair colour can’t be reversed in the blink of an eye.

And if you don’t want to grow your hair out, there are just a few other ways to change your blonde hair colour.

Adding more colour to your hair typically involves using balayage or other hair colouring processes.

How is bleach used to colour hair?

Because of this, bleach is known as a “aggressive” substance.

It works by dissolving the colour and opening the hair cuticle (melanin). In order to break down the protein linkages (keratin), you must leave it on for a longer period of time

Ammonia and hydrogen peroxide are the two most commonly used bleaches. Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of items out there that can help prevent harm.

According to Nikki Goddard, a trained hairstylist and cosmetics artist, don’t be tricked by “peroxide-free” products.

Using another oxidising agent, which may be even more damaging to hair than the previous one, is all this means.

After bleaching, how can you get your hair back to its natural colour?

How long does bleached hair last?

In terms of getting your natural hair colour back after bleaching, there isn’t a quick fix, but it is possible with a little patience and preparation.

The only thing you can do now is wait patiently for your hair to grow.

You can also trim the bleached ends to make your hair look and feel better as it grows out.

You’ll have to wait how long?

Months is the answer. Half an inch of hair grows per month.

Because hair grows around half an inch per month, if you had 12 inches of hair before bleaching, it may take two years to get rid of all of the bleached hair.

As you wait for your hair to grow, there are a few things you can do to keep yourself sane.

Check out these tips if you have your hair bleached:

1. Weave dye

If you’re not a fan of the balayage appearance, you can cover up the new growth using hair dyes or toners.

Make an effort to match your natural hair colour as closely as possible. If you’re worried about how long it will take to grow out your bleached hair, this is the quickest answer.

You should be aware, however, that this shade will not last long. Regular cleaning will cause it to get brighter, which will give it an artificial aspect.

2. Regular hair trimming is critical

The best approach to remove bleach from your hair is to get a haircut. When you think about it, the shorter you go, the less you have to grow out.

At least two inches of growth is required for a hair appointment at the salon. To get rid of bleached hair, cut the ends of your hair once a month.

Your hair, especially the ends that have been over-processed, must be kept in good condition at all times.

3. Supplements for hair growth

Biotin, for example, can have a major impact on hair growth. You’re not alone in your quest for rapid hair development. Many people who are doing the same thing notice significant gains with iron pills.

Healthy hair growth can also be aided by taking fish oil supplements and vitamin D supplementation.

Make sure you talk to your doctor before you start taking any kind of supplement, especially if you have any health issues or are currently taking any kind of medication.

4. Hair care products of superior quality

Stop using sulfate-containing hair products!

It is well known that sulphates remove excess oil, dirt, and other impurities from your hair between washes. The pigment molecules in your hair are also removed by sulphates, thus your hair colour will fade.

The best option is to use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner designed for color-treated hair. Oh, and don’t forget about the importance of moisturising your skin.

Hair products containing alcohol should be avoided as well. Moisture can be lost by the use of these things.

5. Massage the scalp

Massage your scalp to keep it loose, preserve your hair follicles, and improve blood flow and hair growth..

To promote hair development, you can use a variety of scalp massage techniques. Among these are the two most crucial:

You can use the fingers of both hands to gently massage your scalp, moving in little circles. Your scalp should be thoroughly covered at all times. You should massage your head for at least five minutes per day.

While shampooing your hair, give your scalp a five-minute massage with your fingertips. Finally, as always, wash your hair.

How long does it take to grow out bleached hair?

The average length of hair increases 0.5 inches every month. Asians’ hair grows 6 inches per year, Caucasians’ hair grows 5 inches per year, and Africans’ hair grows 4 inches per year. If you have bleached your hair, it will take three months before you can go back to your natural colour or colour it again. In addition to UV exposure, diet, and hormonal changes, hair grows a little faster.

The good news is that I have fast hair, so it wasn’t long before my natural hair was taking over. I was able to get rid of my bleached-out ‘do quite quickly thanks to a nice haircut. I had to be patient, but it wasn’t easy.

Bleaching is a permanent treatment. The best way to restore your hair’s original colour is not to apply hair dye over it, at least not on your own. Because you’ve gotten rid of your hair’s natural colour, you’ll need to reintroduce those hues. The fact that you’re doing it in your own bathroom doesn’t exactly inspire confidence. It’s possible that you’ll end up with an even more repulsive shade of green or blue.

If you don’t want to go to the salon, you’ll have to let your hair grow out for a while. If you don’t want to lose length, trimming it off is an option. “The waiting is the toughest part,” Tom Petty once sang.

Let me help you get through this with advice on how to grow your hair quickly and reverse the damage done so that you can finally put this bleaching nonsense to rest!

Is bleaching hair difficult to maintain?

How long does bleached hair last?

Here are a few tried-and-tested methods for restoring color-treated hair, as recommended by professionals.

1. Use a purple shampoo

Blonde hair is not only tough to keep healthy, but it is also difficult to avoid turning brassy. A purple shampoo isn’t a necessity if you’re dealing with serious damage, but if your hair is healthy and you want to retain the colour as much as possible after a salon appointment, try using one.

Purple shampoo might change the colour of your blonde hair if you use it too frequently or soon after your colour session because the hair will be very porous and absorbent. ” For those who only wash their hair twice a week, I recommend waiting two weeks before using purple shampoo.

2. Be careful with the bleach

Bleach overlapping, according to Dueas, is the most typical cause of devastating damage. According to this, my earlier bleaching mishap was caused by this. (The hairstylist had just given me a full head of highlights the day before).

To be on the safe side, Dueas advises paying attention to the hairline (where we have very thin hairs) and keeping track of how long each piece of hair is left coloured for while colouring a hairstyle.

3. Style with care

Be aware of your ponytail habit, even if it’s not a surprise to you at this point. In addition to causing breakage at the hairline, over-tightening a ponytail can also weaken the part of hair held in place by the knot.

4. Invest in a shower filter

Blonde hair’s worst enemy is water, which can cause brassiness, dehydration, and breakage due to dirt, minerals, and chemicals.

Watch What bleaching does to your hair up close | Video

Top 5 FAQs and answers related to How long does bleached hair last

When will bleached hair go back to its natural colour?

As with most things in life, there is no quick remedy when it comes to returning to one’s original hair colour after bleaching.

How long can you expect to be unable to wash or style your hair after bleaching?

Your ends will be less able to withstand bleach damage over time because it is both cumulative and irreversible. Do not use strong shampoos or excessive brushing.

How long does bleach stay on your hair?

Yes. It’s not going anywhere. Hair that has been bleached will eventually regrow in its normal colour, but until that happens, the bleached hair will remain. There is no way to get rid of bleached hair.

Can you bleach your hair again quickly after the first time?

3 months
The risk of overprocessing and breakage increases with each subsequent bleaching. If you’re going to bleach your hair again, give it three weeks to repair, close, and lay flat again before you do it again.

After bleaching your hair, how do you rehydrate it?

Reduce the frequency with which you shampoo your hair.
Condition even more…
A hair mask may do wonders for your hair’s appearance.
After washing your hair, use a towel to gently dry it….
Maintain a cool demeanour and avoid becoming overly aggressive.
Toss in a few drops of hair oil.
The heat styling is unnecessary….
Get a hair gloss treatment from your stylist.


How long does bleached hair last?

At-home hair bleaching is a complicated technique that must be done correctly. This entails following all instructions to the letter, using appropriate safety gear, and exercising due caution.

First and foremost, don’t leave the bleach on for an extended period of time. Doing so could result in brittle strands that are impossible to repair.

You can always consult a hairstylist for further information on how to bleach your hair at home.

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