How Long Does Mascara Last Unopened

How Long Does Mascara Last Unopened?

What’s the life of unopened makeup mascara?

How Long Does Mascara Last Unopened

After the opening of the product, the expiration dates you see on the makeup or packing are guidelines. It may be difficult to find out if the unopened maquillage is sealed, given that it is not stamped.

Generally, the most unopened and completely sealed make-up should be kept for 2 to 3 years when properly packaged in a cool and dry place.

This would mean that creamier products, such as cream concealers or liquid bubbles containing oil or butter, can turn early because oil may be rancid. The product may also go bad even if it is screened if the formulation is a natural make-up without a strong preservative.

The symbol printed on the composition (open jar with a number and “M”) of the period after opening (PAO) will show the number of months between the day you open it to the day it expires. That’s the shelf life of the maquillage.

When your make-up expires, you should throw away it, but if you use it a little later, you might be healthy, but you can’t realize its best.

Products such as lip liner or eyeliner pencils can be expired longer because they can be sharpened. To ensure that your makeup lasts as long as it should, wash your hands before application, clean regularly your makeup brushes and avoid splitting.

Does your mascara dry out if you haven’t opened it?


The answer is no; your mascara usually doesn’t dry out if you haven’t open it yet and stored it in a cool and dry place. But in any case, you shouldn’t keep your unopened mascara for more than 3 years.

But if you wonder how long an unopened mascara can last, open it.

When an expired but unopened mascara is properly stored, it can still be good up to 2 years. If you open it and feel odd, however, you must not use it and throw it away. It is thick and gloppy or it has changed color.

You might not have it long before the unopened makeup goes bad, even if you stock backups before your holy-grail item leaves the shelves. Although this might sound like bad news for all of us beauty hoarders, the upside is that when makeup, skin care and hair care are over, there is really no hard-and-fast rule. Moreover, you control how quickly your products go wrong.

Indeed, the FDA does not require labels for beauty products to reveal how far the product will be fine and most labels only indicate how long a product will be maintained after it has been opened. Since unregulated beauty labels don’t really help us with our hosting habits, both experts agree that you can determine the duration of this untouched limited edition palette by using your storage practices and senses.

According to the FDA, if they were properly stored and are in perfect condition, you might safely use expired yet unopened beauty products long after reaching expiry date, as the expiry date is simply ‘thumb rules.”

It’s a bit more than that, of course. Neither can you ignore the dates. But the key to not waste beauty products even after the expiration date is to know what to look for.

Usually it is about 3 or 4 months after you open it, but most businesses put it on the bottle. It can last years if it is not opened. In the fridge is the best place to keep them.

But you could worry about getting a little from your stash when you snap up and tuck up all your hydrates, lipsticks and other beauty products until you run off the one you are using. You might wonder whether you need to cast them all away if this expiration date has passed. After all, you try to save your items by selling them or buying them in bulk!

However, no need to be sad, because the products unopened can still be used safely.

It must be thrown away, replaced every three to six months with mascaras and fluid eyeliners. This is not a marketing system to make you buy more mascara, whether or not you believe it.

At first you may have thought it absurd to substitute mascara every 3 months. Why should I cast it off before it is vacant? I mean, when you buy a mascara tube of $6 it doesn’t sound too wasteful to replace every three months. For beautiful eyes, that’s just $2 a month. It’s not wrong. But if you spend over $20 for mascara, it just sounds lazy and stupid every 3 months to replace!

The truth is, if you don’t care about your mascara, you still get bacteria if you pay $6 or $26.

Practice proper hygiene and cleanliness with your mascara, which lasts for about 4-6 months until the tube is empty. It’s also best to have only 1 or 2 mascara tubes at once, so you can use them before they get rancid. It’s not a great idea to keep used mascara tubes for over 6 months. However, it takes up to 2 years to maintain brand new and unopened mascara tubes.

What happen when your mascara is expired?


An open jar image should be stamped on all maquillages, followed by a number of the letter M. The symbol for that period after opening (PAO) indicates how many months the product will expire after opening. Remembering which month you opened it around is helpful.

Other eye makeup products and mascara have a shorter shelf life.

Confident Source and may for instance be stamped with a 6M, and usually around 12M is concealed. Fragrance can last for up to five years.

It may have been on the original packaging, which is probably discarded, if it does not have a symbol.

The first step is to smell the maquillage. If it smells anything, throw it away.

See whether it’s color changed. Many products, for example, oxidize and turn a little orange.

Be sure that the texture has changed or not and throw away if your skin feels different.

Mascara is one of the maquillages most women know how to toss after 3 months. The eyelash area is prone to bacteria that get on that mascara wand even when you’ve just cleansed your skin. These things build up in the tube and after a few months, if you haven’t used up all of the product, you’ll notice it becoming thicker and clumpier.

Expired maquillage can be dry or crumbly, and no water or saliva may be used for moisture, as bacteria can enter. Pigments in color may not be so vibrant and powders may appear to be packed and difficult to use.

“If unused, mascaras may last up to two years. But a general rule: replacing yours should best be every 3 months. If you use it longer, your mascara will flake on your face (or worse, your eye), and will not yield your desired result. Your eyelashes are designed to protect your eyes and prevent air and environmental contaminants and particles from entering.

Watch 8 ways to tell if your makeup has expired [Video]

Top 5 FAQs & answer related to how long does mascara last unopened

Is your mascara expired?

The mascara lasts about three to six months, and should not last longer. Think of it: every day you put it close to your eyes! An old mascara tube could be an eye infection, so consider swapping your old tube for another one every season to be safe.

How can you tell whether mascara went wrong?

One by one, open and check for dryness, caking, or funny smells every mascara used – these are signs of the end of that mascara. Remove any excessively dry or chunky mascara. Remove any old mascara or rancid smelling. Remove any mascara over the age of 6 months.

How many times must the mascara be substituted?

When replacing it: “All beauty products have their shortest shelf duration and should be disposed of two to 3 months after opening,” says Wu.

If you don’t open mascara, does it go bad?

It’s not a great idea to keep mascara tubes used over 6 months. However, it takes up to 2 years to maintain brand new and unopened mascara tubes. Dames who don’t use their mascara for good hygiene should definitely replace them every three months.

How do you store mascara without opening?

Both Mattioli and Hume recommend to store their products in a cool, dark place in your cabinet or even in the fridge, to ensure that your backup products last as long as you can. While this helps ingredients deteriorate as quickly, it is also dependent on their fabric that your products last.



It is not unusual, especially if you just use a small bit, or each time, like blush or eyeliner, that you make the same makeup for years. All expiration dates should be considered, however, in order to avoid infection and irritation of the skin.

The products expired are not optimally performed either. In order to find the expiry date, look for the PAO symbol stamped on the product or packaging, indicating how long you will last.

Unfortunately, we can’t get through the favorite products always before their times run out, especially when they are changed to the latest formulas and trends. Naturally, you could have a tube half full and seemingly yet intact, but still ridden with bacteria. So change your mascara is opened, after 3 months and after 3 years if unopened.

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