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How Long Does Semi-Permanent Hair Dye Last: Guide

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Introduction to the topic

Think a playful hair makeover without permanent coloring seems like fun? With semi-permanent hair colour, you get the opportunity to experiment with a new appearance without being tied to one hue for the rest of your life.

The average lifespan of semi-permanent hair dye is four to six weeks. For touch-ups, you can continue to use the same colour if you feel in love with it during that period. When it comes to your hair colour, you have the option of fading it out if you don’t like it.

Even if you’ve merely always wondered how you’d appear as a strong redhead or you’re a fan of keeping up with the latest hair colour trends, semi-permanent hair dye is the innovative hair colour movement that allows you to express yourself in a variety of ways.

In this post, we answer some of the most frequently asked questions concerning semi-permanent hair dye.

What Is a Semi-Permanent Hair Dye?

For a limited period of time, semi-permanent hair colour can be used to change the colour of the hair’s natural tint. Hair is coated with semi-permanent pigment on the hair shaft’s surface. These dyes, on the other hand, do not fundamentally alter the hair colour like permanent colours. Because semi-permanent colour is easy to apply and quick to remove, most people consider it. In addition, a variety of hues and tones can be achieved by mixing and matching various dyes.

How long does semi-permanent hair dye last?

How long does semi-permanent hair dye last

Some semi-permanent colours, such blues and greens, can last up to a month or more because of their molecular size (and other exciting science things!), but most dyes last between 4-6 weeks. Each time you wash it, the colour will begin to fade a little, but that’s what makes it so much fun!

Having a hard time letting go of your long, luscious locks? We’ll take care of you! You should only use little amounts of cool/cold water when washing your hair. If you haven’t previously, wash your hair with a color-protecting shampoo and conditioner. Add a drop or two of dye to your conditioner once a week and let it lie on your hair for about 10 minutes to deposit colour. Once you’ve shampooed and dried your hair, apply a color-protecting primer to help shield your hair from heat damage and UV rays, which can also fade your colour.

What is the difference between permanent and semi-permanent hair dye?

Several characteristics of permanent and semi-permanent hair dyes differ. Chemical composition is one of the main differences. Additionally, our semi-permanent colours do not include peroxide or ammonia, which means they will not harm your hair.

Like other dyes, semi-permanent hair colour does not fundamentally alter the colour of your hair. A thin layer is all that is left, which is applied to the hair’s surface. Short-term and reversible effects are the result of this easy-to-use remedy.

Who is the right candidate for semi-permanent hair dye?

If you’re on the fence about dying your hair, semi-permanent hair dye is a good option because it gradually fades with each wash. Hair colour that can be washed away is especially useful if you’re a person who likes to experiment with new looks on a frequent basis.

Choosing a permanent hair colour may be a better option if you don’t want your new hair colour to fade. It’s easy to acquire a long-lasting, vibrant colour with permanent hair dyes, especially if you’re trying to hide grey hairs or touch up your roots.

If you’re looking for a long-lasting hair colour that can’t be washed away, you’ll need to grow it out when your roots appear.

How often cam you dye your hair?

How long does semi-permanent hair dye last

Dying your hair can have a significant impact on how healthy or damaged it seems, even if it’s just for a change of pace. To keep your hair in its best condition, we recommend waiting at least six to eight weeks between dyeing sessions.

Chemical straightening, colouring, and bleaching all destroy the di-sulphide bonds that hold the protein strands together. “You are creating severe harm to the fibre structure,” cautions Peter Bailey, Unilever Global Technical Manager, Hair Care.

There are now holes in both the cortex and cuticle of your hair, which makes it more vulnerable. Because of the porous nature of our locks, they can appear dry, coarse and damaged. In order to keep your hair looking its best, you may want to cut back on the number of times you colour it.

Is it possible to lighten hair with semi-permanent hair colour?

However, semi-permanent hair dyes can give brightness and dimension to the hair, but they don’t include any bleach or high-lift tints, so they can’t lighten the hair further. Chemicals are used to remove the hair’s melanin, resulting in lighter hair color. It is impossible to wash off bleaching, which is a long-term hair dye solution.

You may want to talk to your hairstylist about other alternatives if you aren’t sure if you are ready to take the leap. Highlights, balayage, and ombre all have the same effect. Depending on your hair colour and intended outcome, you may use bleach or a high-lift tint to lighten your hair.

What are the other alternatives to semi-permanent hair colour?

Box dyes and salon services aren’t the only options for experimenting with a temporary hair dye at home. For this year’s festival season, why not colour your hair a cool shade of blue? It’s all good! These alternative wash-out hair colour methods are even easier ways to get a new hair colour.

Color sprays

Color sprays that come in a can are ideal for Halloween, but they don’tprovide a long-term solution. With one wash, they are usually gone, but if your hair is really light or porous, you should be aware that they may discolour it.


Is it possible to colour your hair two times in one day? In the case of hair chalk, of course.

Hair chalks are ideal for summer parties and themed events since they allow you to transform your hair into a work of art without the risk of lasting damage. When it comes to applying hair colour, it’s vital to read the directions thoroughly before applying so that you don’t end up with any stains or unexpected results.

What are the benefits of Using Semi-Permanent Dyes?

1.After a few weeks, the colour completely fades

Semi-permanent hair colours, like hair masks, contain a high-quality cream basis. There is no guarantee that the colour will persist longer than six weeks.

2.Intuitive and user-friendly

Non-permanent hair dyes are less scary and easier to apply if you’re new to hair dyeing. Mix, apply, and massage L’Oréal Paris Casting Crème Gloss into your skin. Finally, after 20 minutes, it’s time to rinse.

3.There is no obligation, and no risk.

The obvious advantage of semi-permanent is that any mistakes you make may be washed away. After 28 washes, you can go back to your original hair colour!

4.Ammonia is not present.

As the UK’s number one ammonia solution, Casting Crème Gloss has a delightful aroma that you won’t find in other long-term solutions.

5.Semi-perms can be dyed a different shade if desired.

You can blend semi-permanent hair dye with other colours to produce a unique tint.

6.The damage caused by a semi-permanent colour is minimal.

Damage to your hair is not an issue. Semi-permanent dyes are free of parabens, peroxides, and ammonia. These dyes, on the other hand, are free of animal testing, unlike permanent hair colour, which isn’t.

7.Treat Your Hair Strands to A Little TLC

Hair can be moisturized and nourished using semi-permanent dyes. Essential oils, vitamins A, C, and E, and other additives are common in these colours.

How do semi-permanent hair colours affect the health of my hair?

Semi-permanent hair pigments, on the other hand, are just applied to the surface of the hair and do not penetrate the hair follicle. There is no ammonia or bleaching agents in semi-permanent colour treatments. Because of this, they are much kinder on the hair than traditional permanent dyes.

Even if you don’t change your hair colour at all, semi-permanent hair colour will make your hair appear more lively. Hair that is thin benefits greatly from the addition of pigments since it rapidly adds depth and volume, requiring less products and allowing you more time to appreciate hair that seems healthy and full. What’s more, semi-permanent hair colouring is straightforward and may be simply done at home.

How to make semi-permanent hair dye last longer?

How long does semi-permanent hair dye last

You can help your semi-permanent hair colour last longer by following these recommendations.

1.Optimize the Dyeing Methodology

It is possible to increase the porosity of your hair by washing it and not using conditioner. The semi-permanent dye’s pigment will be trapped even more effectively. Before you begin colouring, make careful to allow it to air dry completely.

2.Use dry shampoo instead of washing your hair.

To be clear, we’re not advocating that you completely abandon your beloved shampoo. To keep the colour vibrant for as long as possible, wash your hair no more than once or twice a week. Use a dry shampoo to limit the amount of moisture on your scalp and avoid looking greasy.

3.Consider using a shampoo and conditioner that are colour safe.

Shampoos and conditioners that deposit colour back into your hair with each wash help you keep the dye in your hair longer. The semi-permanent dye is disguised and your hair is kept vivid using these items.

Adding dye to your regular shampoo and conditioner will help deposit colour back into your hair as you wash. For best results, use it in combination with a moisturiser.

4.Stay Away from Harmful Products and Environments

If you’re on a budget, there are plenty of inexpensive shampoos and conditioners that won’t strip your hair of its natural colour. Make sure it’s free of sulphates to keep your skin’s natural oils intact. Reduce the frequency with which you utilise heated tools as well. All of these heat styling methods will lighten your hair’s colour.

Try to avoid using heat on your hair if at all possible, and always use a heat protectant.

Is semi-permanent hair dye totally washable?

Unlike temporary hair colours, semi-permanent hair dye gradually fades over time.

A small amount of pigment is washed out of your hair each time you shampoo. Hair dye will gradually disappear from your strands, so be patient.

Few things to keep in mind while coloring your hair

Keep these factors in mind if you wish to change your hair colour:

  1. Determine your hair colour first. If your hair is particularly thick or long, apply two equal coats of semi-permanent colour.
  2. Your hair may have been damaged by exposure to the sun, ocean, or a harsh environment. Consider shorter leave-in periods if you’re in this situation. A strand of hair can be used to test the results.
  3. Your hair’s pigments will last longer if you use high-quality hair care products.
  4. Permanent hair dye can be an option if you want to hide up a lot of grey hair.
  5. You can apply semi-permanent colouring for a longer-lasting but short-lived transformation.
  6. Try a semi-permanent dye if you enjoy changing your hair colour every few weeks.
  7. For costume parties or cosplay, use a temporary dye that can be washed out the next day.

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Top 5 FAQs and answers related to how long does semi-permanent hair dye last

How long does semi-permanent hair dye last?

As long as you use shampoo sparingly and avoid the sun and chlorinated pools, semi-permanent hair dye should last about six weeks (eight washes).

How harmful are semi-permanent hair dyes?

Damage to Hair with Semi-Permanent Hair Dye? It is unlikely that semi-permanent hair colour may harm the hair’s structure because it only applies to the hair’s exterior follicle. As a result, semi-permanent hair colouring is less likely to permanently affect your hair colour or melanin.

Does semi-permanent colour require shampooing?

Before or after applying a semi-permanent colour, should I shampoo my hair? The hair should be shampooed and towel-dried before applying a semi-permanent colour because it will wash out more quickly.

Is semi-permanent hair dye a better option than permanent hair dye?

Semi-permanent colour requires less upkeep and is less of a long-term commitment than permanent colour, but it only lasts around three weeks due to the lack of chemicals like ammonia or peroxide. Examples of semi-permanent hair colour include hair glazes and glosses.

How do you get semi-permanent hair dye out of ASAP?

Dish soap or detergent is also proven to aid. I would recommend washing and rinsing your hair like 15 times shortly after it happened to obtain the greatest effects. Using hot water will also help get the dye out faster than cold water.


How long does semi-permanent hair dye last

The difference between semi-permanent and permanent hair dyes is based on how much of the hair is coloured, not how long it lasts. Semi-permanent hair colour just covers the outer layer of the hair shaft, unlike permanent hair colour, which covers the entire length of the hair.

For one thing, semi-permanent colour does not contain peroxide or ammonia, two common elements in many permanent kinds. After all of that, however, the clincher for me came down to this: If you’re in need of a hair refresher, this product can be used to add shine and lustre to your hair while hiding greys and rejuvenating dull locks.

By now, perhaps, you have a better idea of the longevity and advantages of semi-permanent hair dyes. Semi-permanent dyes are the best option if you want to change the colour of your hair without damaging it. In addition, you can experiment with the colours by mixing the dye with different hair dyes.

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