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Introduction to the topic

A custom-made mask isn’t necessary to provide the impression of a masculine face. Create the look of a manly face by drawing thick eyebrows and using pressed powder foundation in light and dark hues. If you want to look like a real man at a Halloween or costume party, don’t just stick to a mask and a wig.

As men’s cosmetics become more widely available, they may provide men greater freedom of expression, but they may also put men under greater stress to meet societal beauty standards that are unattainable.

“Style is an important part of beauty. It’s asexual, and has no concept of gender.”

A Chanel press statement announcing the launch of the Boy de Chanel makeup range declares as much. The brand, which is named after Coco Chanel’s lover Boy Capel, debuted in South Korea in September and will be available in US department stores in 2019.

This product could be taking advantage of a rising market trend. Makeup for males is growing increasingly popular, according to some, thanks to shows like Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and a more open-minded view of masculinity among American millennials.

Men’s cosmetics and skincare are now not just acceptable, but recognized as tools that men should use “to practice self-care, but also just to look and feel better,” according to David Yi, proprietor of the men’s beauty website Very Good Light. By reading this guide, you will be able to know, How to Apply Masculine Makeup.

How to Apply Masculine Makeup

What is the best way to apply makeup for men?

If you’re a man, consider wearing some eye shadow or lip gloss to bring out your best features. You could possibly be considering a change in gender identity or in the midst of a transition. Whatever your motivation, there are a plethora of methods to utilize makeup to boost your masculinity.

Men’s cosmetics are nothing new. Cosmetics were used by male courtiers in Europe in the 18th century, and as Yi points out, men in South Korea are already big users of cosmetics. Men in the United States, on the other hand, are often opposed to wearing cosmetics.

A shift in gender conventions means that if makeup is effective in assisting guys, they may be able to break free and express themselves more freely. As well as forcing guys to deal with issues that have until now been primarily reserved for women, it may also push them into spending an increasing amount of money on cosmetics in order to meet unattainable beauty standards.

Step 1: Apply some lip balm

First, apply a little layer of beauty balm on your lips.

This will make your skin look smoother and hide some of your skin’s imperfections and discolorations. Use a balm instead of foundation. The use of foundation will draw attention to the fact that you are wearing cosmetics. Balm will soften your features and prepare your skin for makeup application without drawing attention to the fact that you’re wearing it.

Dots of beauty balm can be applied to your face using your index finger. Pay attention to any parts of your body where your skin is discoloured or uneven.

Blend the balm into your skin with your fingertips or a fluff brush. Blend the foundation in circular motions till it becomes natural. Your face should be free of visible wrinkles or scars.

Step 2: Use concealer to hide spots and other imperfection

Target acne-prone regions, like the chin and forehead, along with your undereyes. The easiest way to apply concealer is with your fingers. You can also make use of the included wand. Use circular movements to blend the concealer into your skin, just like you would with foundation. Use a brush or a cosmetic sponge instead of your fingers.

Continue blending the concealer until it is undetectable. Your foundation and skin tone should be undetectable after applying this concealer over it. Your face should be wrinkle-free.

Step 3: Reduce shine by dusting on some powder

If you use foundation and concealer, your makeup will seem very similar to a woman’s after application. Powder should be applied to your face with a fluffy brush to help your foundation look more natural.

Powder foundation should match your skin tone perfectly. With a big brush, apply the foundation all over your face.

Focus on the areas of your face that are the shiniest so that you can achieve the best results. After using cream foundation and concealer, your cheeks and cheekbones may appear glossy.

Step 4: Face-contouring is the process of removing excess skin from around your features

Men’s faces are often more angular in shape. Use a deeper highlighter or foundation to give the appearance of shadows behind your cheekbones, on your jawline, and on your forehead to achieve this look. Apply the makeup with a small contouring brush.

Let’s begin by looking at your cheekbones. Draw a dark line around your cheekbones by sucking in your cheeks. Trace your chin and jawline with a second line. By doing this, your facial structure will be more defined and masculine-looking.

In the middle of both your brows, make a small l-shape. Once you’ve done that, draw a triangle on your forehead from side to side. Make a triangle directly over each brow’s arch with the pointy end of your pen.

Blend the contour tones all over your face with a fine powder. If you’re wearing makeup, it shouldn’t be evident. To mix, apply the colour with a big, round brush.

Step 5: Strive for more defined lines without over-contouring the face.

In order to amplify the appearance of your nose, apply a darker shade around it.

The noses of men are typically bigger and more angular. You can enhance your nose’s prominence by sponging on some black foundation or luminizer around the area. To apply, make use of a big brush.

Both the top and bottom of the nose should be shaded. This will make the region even darker as a result. Because men are less likely to wear foundation, their skin appears darker in certain spots. If you have a pointy nose, be sure to apply some concealer under the tip and on the sides of each nostril.

Make a shady space around your nose and brow bone. There will be a shadow beneath the brow as a result of doing this technique correctly. This is critical, as men’s brows tend to be more arched.

What are the popular ways to improve the masculinity of your face?

How to Apply Masculine Makeup

You can try these hacks to improve masculinity of your face:

1. Jaw exercise

You can practice jaw exercises and chew gum to help your jaw. Getting rid of the peach fuzz on your face by shaving it gives you a more masculine appearance. But, do you know how a certain way your brows rest on your face? You may try fiddling with them instead of applying cosmetics.

To make them appear larger, try pressing them in the opposite direction. If you wear the “wrong glasses,” your face will appear more feminine. Glasses might draw attention to your nose. Hair that is cut too short can also make a round hairline appear more pronounced.

2. Nose features

The nose has a wide range of shapes and sizes. The nose’s features may be modest, yet they play a significant role in whether or not someone appears to be more masculine or feminine. As a result, rhinoplasty surgery (or nose surgery in general) is an art form in and of itself. It’s critical to keep the relationship between the forehead and the nose harmonious, and treating the forehead separately can occasionally result in the nose seeming more masculine.

Masculine noses are more likely to exhibit the following characteristics:

3. Beard

What is the secret to having a face like Brad Pitt’s? If you don’t have god-like genes, what can you do to look manlier? Because perceived masculinity plays a significant role in dating, getting a job, and making first impressions, this essay will address these and other related issues.

4. Plastic surgery

Plastic surgery, fillers, implants, and fat removal are quick fixes for a manlier facial appearance. Proper tongue posture is one long-term strategy (mewing).

5. Diet

Get your diet under control first, before you do anything else. It is impossible to have glowing skin, correct development, increased muscle mass, or regular testosterone levels if you do not obtain enough nutrients. If your diet is deficient in nutrition and you appear like a slob, you won’t be taken seriously as a man.

5 tips to follow for masculine makeup

Advice from Jimmy Fallon’s makeup artist Cyndie Lou Boehm, who makes one of Hollywood’s busiest men appear to get 12 hours of sleep every night in the subtlest ways possible.

1. Prep your skin

Prepare the under-eye area by cleansing and drying it well. The eyes are one of the most vital parts of the body to take care of, whether you’re male or female. First, Boehm uses a gentle under eye cleanser from Iceland, Iceland’s Glacial Cleansing Cloths for Eyes.

According to her, “cucumber extract will be calming. Apply eye gels for 10 minutes after cleansing the skin. Iceland’s Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels are her go-to choice. This is so unbelievably nice, relaxing and energizing.

2. How to pick the right concealer?

Finding the correct concealer is the most difficult part of the process, given the plethora of choices and the often-chaotic shop venues where they are displayed. There are a few things you should know before you go shopping (online or in-store).

3. Face and neck should be moisturized.

 Now it’s time to revitalize and rejuvenate the skin on the remainder of the face and neck. The Antidote Cooling Daily Lotion is a favorite of Boehm’s for applying on the face and throat. Despite its minty, cooling, and refreshing properties after application, this lotion is a personal favourite of the reviewer’s

4. Develop a beard on your face.

Secondary sex traits, such as facial hair, help to distinguish men from women. It is often interpreted as a sign of masculinity in males. If you’re a clean-shaven guy, consider growing out your beard for a more rugged appearance. Grow a full beard or moustache or just a few days’ worth of stubble.

5. Correct use of concealer

When concealing acne scars, keep an eye out for flakiness and dryness surrounding the outbreak. Many acne sufferers are wary of putting any oil on their face, however correctly moisturising during your regimen can actually help repair your face without triggering an overproduction of sebum (or oil). Plus, a silky oil formula helps concealer seem natural all day long by blending and applying it smoothly.

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Top 5 FAQs and answers related to how to apply masculine makeup

How can I make myself appear manlier?

To emphasize a man’s masculinity, draw attention to his jawline.
The Eyes Will Be Flattered If You Make Him ‘Squinch.’
Allow Him to Avert His gaze by Tilting His Head Away.
Tips from the Pros:
Make your shoulders appear wider by squaring them up.
Enhance the appearance of a slimmer waist….
Ensure that your model is well-balanced….
Use Your Hands to Perform Some Action.

What factors contribute to the appearance of a manly or feminine face?

What distinguishes a manly face from a womanly one? Men and women have different facial bone structures. Men and women perceive faces differently because of subtle changes in the features on the forehead, cheeks, nose, chin, and jawline.

What natural ways can I be more masculine?

With that said, here are the nine most powerful things you can do to sharpen your male edge.
There is a feeling of…
Intensity and fervor.
Develop a sense of purpose.
Say what’s on your mind.
Stop prioritizing the needs of others over your own.
Allow yourself to develop accustomed to being in a social situation where you may feel uncomfortable.

What distinguishes a feminine face from a masculine one?

A wide nose, thin lips, and a huge and robust jaw are all characteristics often associated with masculine appearance, according to our findings after applying these methodologies to a collection of facial images.

What distinguishes a woman’s face from a man’s?

Because of its prominent placement in the center of the face, the nose is a reliable way to tell if someone is male or female. When compared to female nostrils, men’s noses are typically larger and slightly more prominent. Male noses tend to have broader nasal bases and straighter or slightly arched nasal bridges than female noses.


How to Apply Masculine Makeup

 Male facial characteristics include a larger nose and narrower lips, as well as a larger jawline and bigger eyebrows that are situated closer to the eyes (not thin high arched eyebrows farther away from the eyes like females).

In order to have a more masculine appearance, it may be easiest and least expensive to shape your eyebrows and style your hair so that your jawbone seems wide rather than narrow. A nose job, on the other hand, may make you appear more masculine. keep in mind, however, that having an overabundance of male traits is also not appealing. To appear dashing, a man should have a blend of masculine and feminine attributes.

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