How to Clean a Spoolie by Top 7 Different Ways

How to Clean a Spoolie by Top 7 Different Ways?

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How to Clean a Spoolie by Top 7 Different Ways

It is time we talked about the most important yet unknown makeup product: the spoolie. Spoolie brushes are a secret product that can be used to do many things starting from brush your brows to de-clumping mascaras. Even though you don’t know the tool on your own, you probably used it as an application method. Mascara wand and brow gel, both have a spoolie. We recommend always keeping some additional items on hand to clean your make-up needs. The small synthetic hairs don’t fit in with the same circular cleaning method as a traditional brush, but fortunately it is quite an easy process to clean a spoolie.

Your spoolies always tend to collect small amounts of fibers and particles when using the brush.

Run your spoolieover and over again on your palm.

When the spoolie is shampooed, rinse thoroughly underneath the water until the shampoo is gone.

With a towel, pat it dry and leave it to dry completely overnight.

What is an eyebrow spoolie?

How to Clean a Spoolie by Top 7 Different Ways?

If you’re a makeup beginner, your favorite beauty gurus might have spoken about spoolie in their eye-making routine. And the term could not ring a bell, as it is new to makeup. Indeed, you’ve probably just went to Google to see what the make-up tool is and how it should be used. And you’re in good hands, if you’ve ended up here. We will break down what an eyebrow spoolieis.

The spoolie brush is a tool which looks often like a wall with a tapped head and soft braids, but which looks like the mascara wand.

You can use a spoolie before you begin to clothe or fill your brows or after your brows is filled to soften harsh markings. A rapid brush in your eyebrows with a spoolie even makes the finished style appear like your natural brows.

Imagine the wall of a mascara minus the mascara. This is just what a spoolie brush is! A spoolie is a popular tool that you have probably found without even realizing it before. A spoolie often comes with the make-up eyebrow products you buy.

The unsung hero of the make-up world, the spoolie brush is the missing element. You are the one who is missing if you don’t have a spoolie. A spoolie is the small mascara wand brush found on numerous products of the eyebrow.

A spoolie is the ultimate Mr-Fix-It for your face and can help you with more hiccups associated with maquillage than you think. It can also help you do simple maquillage steps with perfection – like mascara and brows plucking.

Whether you have a clumpy mascara or just want to pick up a spoolie, it is an excellent tool to keep in your arsenal. If you wear a mascara, just comb with a clean spoolie through your labs after applying 1-2 coats to help lengthen and smoothing your look. Use a clean spoolie each day to separate each clove for a more floating look if you have lash extensions.

If they come with so many products, it must be quite important! A spool brush is intended for scratching your brows, mixing them and shape them. While you can fill your eyebrows without them, following up a few spoolie strokes can naturalize your eyebrows and help you get a trendy look like brushed-up brows.

Can you clean a spoolie?

How to Clean a Spoolie by Top 7 Different Ways?

Spoolie Brushes are a secret maquillage weapon that can be used to brush your brows in epic proportions from the decaying mascara. Whether you are using a mascara, brow gel or an individual spooly, they have to be cleaned every once in a while, just like any other tool for make-up applications. We will guide you how to do this, just keep reading.

Even if you do not know about the tool yourself, it is probably an application method that you have used. We recommend that you always have a few extras on hand to clean your makeup needs. The small synthetic hairs are not suitable for the same circular cleaning technique as a traditional make-up brush but fortunately, it is quite a simple process.

Chanel Temple, Hourglass Cosmetics’ Global Makeup Artist, says you need to identify the material for your spoolie before cleaning up. According to the Temple, mostly synthetic nylon, easy to clean, is produced. All you need is a towel and alcohol for synthetic spoolies that can clean and sanitize the product. Temple sprays alcohol directly into a towel to ensure that it is immobile—a process that squeaks your brush smoothly. Temple warns against use of alcohol if your brush is made from boar hair or natural bristles, recommending baby shampoos or soap for gentle foods.

You aren’t alone, if the word spoolie stumbles you. Although you’re surely using it every day, maybe you don’t know what it’s called or worse. Aspoolie brush, is your mascara wand without mascara and a longer handle with soft bristles. If you often use your brush, it is important to know how to correctly clean the spoolie brush. Cleaning it could not be easier, whether it is covered in mascara or brow gel.

If you still have to be obsessed with spoolie, you must try this nice little brush! There are many uses in the brush. Writer Miki Hayes has deemed it to be an eyebrow filler and comb, and an eyelash splitter and volumizer that everyone should have in their arsenal of beauty. In addition, indicated that even a lip exfoliator can be used as a spoolie. You simply dip it into your preferred exfoliating scrub and move across your lips before rinsing in small circles. But look forward to give this idea a go! I still use my spoolie on my lips!

Cleaning it couldn’t be anymore easier when your spoolie gets dirty. Three minutes are all that are needed, a clean towel and the right shampoo.

Top 7 ways to clean the spoolie brush

How to Clean a Spoolie by Top 7 Different Ways?

Cleaning a spoolie brush is not a rocket science, but if you are one of those 70% people, who don’t even know spoolie by its name, you may not have cleaned it in a while. So here comes some simple tricks to clean your spoolie brush:

1. Remove the clumps with a towel from your mascara wall

If you do some maintenance, you probably don’t need too much to clean your brush. Check the dried Mascara Clumps on your brush once a week. Grab the braids in a paper towel, fold carefully and wiggle it forward and back. The clumps are loosened and braids are also broken down.  

2. Sweep your mascara wall to the dried product with hot water

Put very hot water in a cup and let your wand swim for about five minutes (not boiling, it may melt the plastic). The brush is meant to release mascara clumps and the water is cloudy, gray or dark. Pour the dirty water out and reuse the cup to keep your brush clean.  Use a cup of make-up remover rather than water if the mascara is waterproof or water resistant. 

3. Next day you probably use the tool—your name may not be known.

A “spoolie” is the small spiral brush for cleaning your cloves, applying mascara and brow gel. Spoolies can be purchased individually, combined with a brow, separated pinches and exfoliated lips. Yeah, you ought to purify it! It’s perfect every two weeks. Substitute once a month. 

  • Step 1- In warm water, rinse the spool. 
  • Step 2 – Use Soap (again, lash cleanser is fine) 
  • Step 3 – Rub your fingers into the soap 
  • Step 4 – Rinse and repeat until residue is clear and the hair and water runs smoothly. 

4. Clean your synthetic spoolie by using this method

You just need a paper and a brush-cleaning product to sanitize and remove product accumulation for synthetic spoolies.  

  • Step 1 – Test the NYX Professional Brush Cleaner on the spot. Apply the product directly in the paper towel on the spoolie – a method that squeaks clean your brush. 
  • Step 2 – Next, leave to dry before using it again overnight. 

5. Purify your spoolie with natural bristles 

If your brush is made of boar hair or bristles, we recommends a brush shampoo such as the Sigma SigMagic Brushampoo Liquid Brush & Sponge Cleaner that is alcohol free to avoid harm to your materials.  

  • Step 1 – Put a small amount of the shampoo on the palm of your hand and run it under water. 
  • Step 2 – Run your spoolie over the palm of your hand again and again. 
  • Step 3 – When the spooly is moistened, rinse thoroughly under the water until the south is gone. 
  • Step 4 – Place the towel dry and leave your bowl dry until fully dry overnight. 

6. Wet your spoolie brush with cool water

Take some shampoo of brush and put it on the brush. Rub your fingers thoroughly in small circles over the brush until sudden and old make-up starts lifting.  

Rinse off the soap and roll in a towels before putting the brushside up in a cup to dry your now clean spoolie. 

7. To purify the spoolie in the tube, use a cotton swab

On the side of your mascara pipe, the small plastic handle on your wing can have a bunk. Place the bottom of the cotton swab on the threaded section of the handle, which tweaks and sticks to the mascara tube.  

Dampen the swab first with some water. Fibers will not stick to the tube. 

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Top 5 FAQs& answer related to How to clean a spoolie?

How can you purify a mascara brush?

A brush cleaner (Mascara is available with a great brush cleaner!) Squeeze some fluid on the brush bristles or directly on the towel. Take the brush and rub the bristles gently back and forth to make them clean.

Can I use old mascara brush as a spoolie?

If you don’t already have a spoolie, then the new best friend is your new clean mascara wand. To keep the brows more defined, use the soft bristles to brush. You can use the nice hairspray trick above to maintain brows

What can you use instead of a spoolie?

As a spoolie: You can use the toothbrush to match your brows by brushing away stray hair with its bristles.

Are spoolies reusable?

Although we still do not have recyclable spoolies at our disposal, we could supply these incredible spoolies that are reusable, eliminate plastics for single purposes, and the handle is compostable.


How to Clean a Spoolie by Top 7 Different Ways?

A spool brush is intended for scratching your brows, mixing them and shape them. While you can fill your eyebrows without them, following up a few spoolie strokes can naturalize your eyebrows and help you get a trendy look like brushed-up brows.

Cleaning your spoolies is as much important as you like to use them. May be it is often the time you are prepared to use them, but you don’t want the wet brushes, and not ready to wash your beauty tools. So keep cleaning them on regular basis. After you know why cleaning tools is so important, this will be your priority. Read the whole to article to know how make-up brushes can be cleaned.

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