How to Clean and Maintain Your Magnetic Eyelashes Guide

How to Clean and Maintain Your Magnetic Eyelashes? | Guide

Introduction to the topic

How to Clean and Maintain Your Magnetic Eyelashes  Guide

In any make-up routine lashes are a very important step. The pandemic still present makes it feel like a risk to go to the lash appointments. This doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t look glamorous with long curved eyelashes that make your eyes feel trustful. In a few easy steps, magnetic cloves can help you achieve seductive eyelids. AddictaLash has many styles, depending on your choice. You can choose from them. Pixy Kit is an excellent choice if you enjoy a natural look, but Perfection Kit enables you with fluttered, long lashes to create a dramatic eye appearance. Whatever your preference, you must clean the magnetic laminates properly if you want to be able to use them as long as possible.

Your magnet clogs can be washed. Actually, you should actually clean them regularly.

They won’t stick well with the eyeliner if you don’t clean your magnetic clots, because of the dirt and dust they have. To clean your magnet clothing, use a non-oil maquillage remover.

Do not apply liquids to your magnets or cleanses or fluids on your magnets. The use of fluids damages your laughter. Never apply your magnetic lashes to makeup directly.

Is it important to clean magnetic eyelashes?

How to Clean and Maintain Your Magnetic Eyelashes? | Guide

Yes, it is very important to clean magnetic eyelashes, if you don’t maintain them, you are going to lose them sooner and will hurt your eyes as well.

Use your fingernail to clean the magnets softly to scrape any magnetic residuum off the magnets. It can be difficult to see whether a magnet is dirty because it’s so small. It is a good idea to sometimes clean them just to ensure that they remain clean. Dirty magnets are not going to stick to the liner well.

The key here is to scrape excess magnetic liners with your fingernail carefully from the magnets.

You can use a plastic tweezer or a lash-applicator instead if you have false nails or they are too short to easily do so.

Do not use pads with makeup remover, alcohol, water or other substances. You certainly don’t want to do that and you can ruin the lashes!

Once the magnets are removed, make sure that the latch is stored in their magnetic case. This also contributes to protecting their lives (and protecting them from being blown away by a hairdryer…

You can also clean your magnetic lashes to help them stay better with the magnet liner so don’t skip this step!

I don’t recommend swimming or showering, although it is safe to clean magnetic lashes. They would very quickly dislodge and fall away.

Non-oil, micellar water designed for waterproof eye makeup may be used for magnetic lash cleansing. Put in a clean, soft tissue some maquillage remover and clean the magnet top.

Clean your magnetic eyelashes using following different methods

How to Clean and Maintain Your Magnetic Eyelashes? | Guide

You should learn how to take care of your lash with ease. Here are some simple tricks:

Method 1:

To clean your magnetic lashes, this method will help you:

What do you need?

  • Plastic container
  • Makeup remover
  • Tweezers
  • Tissues
  • Eyelash comb

What to do?

1. Take the Lashes away

Remove the magnetic eyelashes and wash your hands again. Pull your cloves gently until they are unfinished.

2. Clean Your Lashes

You will put your magnetic cushions in a vacuum container with AddictaLash and then place the make-up remover on top. Make sure the maquillage remover covers the lace, as the maquillage and eyeliner is dissolved on the lace.

You want to remove your cloves for up to 5 minutes in the makeup remover. Make sure you don’t leave them for longer than 5 minutes because you won’t harm the lashes. Then remove the cloves from a container and put them into a tissue using a pair of tweezers.

3. Excessive Eyeliner

Some eyeliner may still be left behind after you have soaked your magnetic eyelashes. You want to ensure that you completely remove it. Hold the magnetic cloves between your thumb and forefinger to accomplish this. Remove the residue of the strip and the magnets with tweezers. In this step, be careful again to prevent damage to the cloves.

4. Clean the lash twice

You must clean the container and put into it a thin layer of make-up remover to ensure that your magnetic lashes are totally clean. Grab your pipes and dip them into the container and move them gently from side to side with a pair of pinches. Do this on both sides of the cum.

5. Dry Your Fleece

On dry tissue, place magnetic cloves. Dry them in an air moisture-free room. Once the lash is fully dry, comb it with an eyelash comb. This step helps the eyelids to maintain their form.

Method 2:

It takes pinion twists, a cotton swab, cotton rings and 90% alcohol to make up your eye.

Step 1: Get your lashes off

Wash your hands first and foremost before your magnetic pulleys clean! In that way, no bacteria can be passed on the magnetic pinch. Your lashes may cause problems such as eye infection by handling dirty manuals.

You can gently remove your lattices from the eyeliner once your hands are clean.

Step 2: Clean the lashes

You want to wipe them of any eyeliner residue that may be left once your magnetic clogs are taken off successfully. The lifetime of your curses is extended and it is kept in good form.

Take the cotton pad with a non-oil maker to clean the liner waste. Rub it in front of the lashes. This dissolves any remaining residues on the cloves. Apply only a light pressure, since the shape of your clogs is not desirable.

Once this step has been done, concentrate on cleaning the magnets too!

Step 3: Reinforce your magnets.

You need to clean the magnets on your lace carefully. You could scratch them otherwise. Enter your magnets with all of the eyeliner. This helps to keep your magnets efficient for future use.

You should use 90% alcohol to ensure that your magnets and laminates are clean. In alcohol, give a cotton swab. Then ride the magnets and the cloves along the strip. Crisp clean lashes will be delivered.

Step 4: Dry now

The last step is to dry. After cleaning, it is important to dry your magnetic cloves. This can be achieved by putting your magnetic cloves on a towel and letting them dry in the air.

Method 3:

What do you need?
  • Three small containers
  • Alcohol rubbing pads
  • Micellar water
  • Tweezers
  • Q-tips
  • Paper towels
What to do?

Prepare the small container, fill it with enough rubber-alcohol to soak the cups.

Soak your magnetic eyewear and make sure that they are not attached to each other.

Make sure that your magnetic lashes are soaked for 2-3 minutes only, extending the soaking time may cause damage.

Remove the magnetic cloths and put them on the other small container and make sure that they are not still attached.

Get your q-tips, pinpoints and towels for paper.

Get one lash at a time (usually free of magnetic eyelashes) using the tweezers

Use q tips for removing and removing excess mascara or eyeliner on the lawns.

If clean, get another q tip, saturate it with Micellar water, only if you have more eyeliner or mascara.

Dry with a paper towel attentively. You must not dry throughout.

Remember to leave them open to let them dry for some time and put it back into the packaging.

You can also use a blower to ensure that all is dry before it is stored.

Do all these steps and you will be happy to go!

How to remove magnetic eye lashes?

How to Clean and Maintain Your Magnetic Eyelashes? | Guide

You can remove them from one side and pull them down to your mouth from one corner to the next.

For nerdy people who want to know why it is powerful but still easy if it is pulled off the sides…

One reason is that pressure among the 5 micro magnets is evenly distributed.

However, you attack every magnetic bond from one corner on its own. This makes it easy to remove the magnets. Very similar, but not easily tearing it apart diagonally, as you can easily zip open your bag from the corners.

You can also easily adjust or touch the eyeliner with this same mechanism. All day long, you can take the lash out and put it on really fast.

Enter a magnetic link. Remove one. Adjust it to the right location. And then snap it in. It’s so simple.

So don’t yank them off your eyes directly, please. Not only will the longevity of your magnet lashes decrease if you do, but it will also be quite painful.

Some tips to consider while cleaning magnetic lashes

How to Clean and Maintain Your Magnetic Eyelashes? | Guide

We take care of our bags, shoes and clothes because of their value. But how do you look after something you don’t cost much, but use around your eyes.

More than often, after every use, we simply return our magnetic cleaves to their cases. Cleaning? What? Why? No one’s got time for that. (Trust me, we’re getting so much! Or, you just don’t know sometimes that these cleanings are to be EACH AND EVERY USE)

You ought to spend time on that. If you want the lashes to remain long-lasting, you need to clean them, even if used on a daily basis, which is the key to lasting magnetic lashes. Moreover, it is also for hygiene in general.

So what can I do with magnetic cleaning? What should I do to avoid damage to magnetic lash? How can I extend my adorable Magnetic Lashes of My Youthphoria?

Reusable magnetic lashes

They’re not one and done. They’re not one. You can give them a gentle clean after you have used them and they’re going to be good to go again. Because they are up to 50 times reusable, they have a much longer lifetime than regular falsified cuts.

Don’t put it away while it’s still wet or even damp

In the original box AddictaLash they came in, keep your laughs. This ensures that they maintain their shape and that they are not damaged.

Keep your lashes from direct sunlight or from light

The colour of the eyelashes can change with the sun, which is why you want to keep them in the dark. Make sure that they are stored in an environment without high air humidity.

Makeup should be dry before applying magnetic lashes

Set your eyelashes to the right location a few times. Also let the rest of your make-up dry before your magnetic pinches are applied.

We recommend using minimal makeup of the eyes or no makeup until the application of magnetic cloves is done.

Stop touching magnetic lashes with dirty hands

Wash your hands before touching eyelashes and eyes. Use mild soap and water. Then rinse your hands thirty seconds before rinsing. Only dry your hand with a clean towel.

At least once every 2 uses we recommend cleaning.

Yeah, it still looks quite clean. But every time we use, there’s some dust and eyeliner. It could also happen to your falsities if you wear mascara (on your actual lash).

Anyway, you can swipe it right after you have removed your eyeliner using the other end of the cotton bud. That’s quite convenient for us to think!

Make sure that you remove any residual eyeliner from the images AFTER EVERY USE before returning the latches to your case by gently scratching the remaining magnetic eyeliner away from your fingernail or tweezer.

Don’t use macemaking or mixed waters on the latter bands! (Alternatively, you can wash your clothes in a gel-based cleanser with water and wash gently the fibres and the belt of the cloth with a clean make up brush. Rinse on a towel of paper with cold water and dry air.)

Watch DIY cleaning magnetic lashes | Video

Top 5 FAQs & answers related to how to clean magnetic eyelashes

Can you place Mascara on the Eyelashes magnet?

Never use magnetic eyelashes with mascara. Eyeliner and mascara could damage and reduce the life span of your magnetic cloves. Before applying lashes, apply mascara.

How do you purify the eyelashes magnets?

You should use 90 percent alcohol in order to ensure that your latches and magnets are perfectly clean. Simply cover an alcohol cotton swab and run it along the lamina and magnet strip. This ensures that your magnets AddictaLash are totally free from any residue of Make-up or Eyeliner and ready for use.

Can you soak magnetic eyelashes?

Soak your magnetic eyewear and make sure that no other is attached to it. Make sure that your magnetic lashes are soaked for 2-3 minutes only, extending the soaking time may cause damage.

Do your natural eyelashes suffer from magnetic lashes?

Magnetic pinches should not damage your natural eyelashes when applied properly. In contrast to cluster lashes and laxative extensions, they stick on your lids instead of your true lashes.
Your true laughs will therefore stay completely secure and intact. One reason you shouldn’t worry about magnetic cloves is because they don’t have to stick with adhesives.

How can magnetic Eyeliner be removed best?

You should use one Q-Tip per eye to remove your liner quickly. You can also remove your magnetic eyeliner with an oil-based makeup remover. Just remove it from your preference maker with a serving bag or tissue.


clean magnetic eyelashes

It is safe and convenient to clean and remove your magnetic lash. Your magnetic lash is not difficult to keep clean!

This article can hopefully help you to learn more about magnetic pins and how to clean and store magnetic pins properly. Every question you are likely to think about, we also tried to answer.

If you take care of and properly apply your magnetic cloves, they are going a long way in general. For people around the world, they are a popular choice because they are reusable and look awesome!

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