How to Clean Artis Brushes at Home Properly Tips + Guide

How to Clean Artis Brushes at Home Properly | Tips + Guide

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How to Clean Artis Brushes at Home Properly  Tips + Guide

Brushes, sponges, and even your fingers are all acceptable methods of applying makeup. When it comes to applying makeup, mastering the technique of utilising the right brushes and wielding them correctly is a revelation. However, with so many brush types available, figuring out which brushes you actually need—and how to apply them—can be a bit of a challenge.

The Oval 8 and, more recently, the Oval 6 brushes are staples in my painting arsenal, and I use them religiously. Even without the branded cleaning pad, the brushes are a bit costly. It’s simple to discover positive feedback about Artis, but it’s more difficult to locate reliable information about how to properly clean them without purchasing their $55 cleaning pad + $25 cleansing foam. For the past several months, I’ve utilised the procedures listed below to thoroughly clean my brushes, and they still look and feel just like the day I acquired them.

After each usage of the brushes with powder, clean the bristles gently with a delicate microfiber towel. There’s no need for any additional products or water.

What are Artis brushes?

The founder of Artis, Matthew Waitesmith, shares his knowledge of cosmetics brushes with us to know more about artis brushes. This is what he tells in his official website:

It is in the nature of any artist to (better control a tool) or to get it to do something it hasn’t done before, according to him. As a result, I began to wonder why the business ignored the tools artists employed and instead paid attention to the colours and formulas companies developed.

With a first-hand look at MAC, I concluded customers needed better tools to recreate the looks they saw at the beauty counter. For me, a beautiful and efficient makeup brush was more important than a waste-free one. I also wanted Artis brushes to be better at what they were designed to do. What’s the point of having a useful tool if it’s ugly? Instead of being cosmetic tools, our brushes are lifestyle “objets” that are meant to enhance the beauty experience of those who use them.

With its Next Gen Elite Collection of cosmetic brushes, Artis introduces a new sleek, lustrous, and incredibly fashionable line of brushes.

This brush’s look is still the same, but the handle is made of a new material: a proprietary metal alloy, which the firm says is similar in composition to what’s used in the production of premium vehicle engines. To eventually use the novel material, Artis’ product development team spent years researching and testing it.

Strength, seamlessness, and versatility are all distinctive features of the new alloy, which may be finished in the brand’s typical reflecting tones palette. To make each brush “as gorgeous to look at as it is to use,” Artis says the production process is highly complicated and hand-finished.

How to clean artis brushes?

How to Clean Artis Brushes at Home Properly  Tips + Guide

Lindsey Jackson, artistry lead at Artis Brush, suggests utilising the Premier Brush Cleaning Pad to give your brushes a quick clean. If you’d like, you can use the Artis Brush Cleansing Foam to make the brush even more effective at removing dirt and bacteria. Use Beauty Blender’s Liquid Blender cleanser for a more thorough clean.

Instead of using a liquid cleanser, Jackson recommends mixing a pea-sized amount of dish soap with warm water or using a bar of hard soap. Lather the fibres gently in clean water, making sure there are no bubbles left when done. Be cautious not to get the ferrule (where the glue holds the bristles to the handle) too wet if you use natural-bristle brushes because you’ll notice some shedding.

Please follow these procedures if you use a brush for liquid makeup (such as an oval 8) to properly clean your brush in minutes with no expensive tools/cleaners and no effort.

Step 1:

While holding the brush in one hand and rubbing the CosmeFibres gently with the palm of your other hand, run warm water over the entire brush head. Do this for 20-30 seconds, or until all of the residue has been removed. This isn’t something I do on a regular basis; it’s more like once a week.

Step 2:

Allow your brush to air dry before reusing it. For this reason, it may take several days for the brushes to completely dry. My brushes take around 24 hours to dry, and I lay them face down on a towel to catch any water that drips off.

Step 3:

Don’t worry if the brush shape hasn’t returned to its original state. Smooth, mould, and reshape the fibres with the help of steam from a teapot.

Dry your brushes with a microfiber towel after vigorous cleaning with soap and water, recommends Jackson. Towel absorbency is improved by using Artis brushes because they can be left face down.

They will be dried and ready to use in the morning if you wash them at night and let them air dry.” You should reshape natural-bristle brushes before drying them if necessary. Get as much moisture out of large or fluffy brushes before leaving them overnight to avoid mildew formation. Lip brushes, for example, are ideal because they dry rapidly due to their small size.

Pro tip:

Makeup brushes should not be stored in the bathroom since the dampness encourages the spread of bacteria. This brush set from Lila B. includes a case, while Rae Morris’ Rae Frame is a beautiful display piece for your dressing table.

If that doesn’t work, Temple came up with the brilliant idea of storing brushes in recycled candle jars. She suggests cleaning out the candle’s wax after usage and using it as a container to store your makeup brushes so you can see all of your options.

How often should you clean your brushes?

The answer to this question depends on how regularly you clean your brushes. Makeup artists clean their brushes after each and every use, to keep them looking their best. Depending on how frequently you use your brushes, you may be able to get away with cleaning them only once every few days or when switching from one colour or formula to another.

It’s important to clean your makeup brushes on a regular basis to keep them free of bacteria, oil, and debris. To what extent you use them, what products you’re using, and where on your face the brushes come into touch with will all influence how often you clean them. Most of us don’t have the time or resources to clean our brushes after every use as makeup artists do.

Because many of us don’t wear makeup as often as we formerly did, it’s critical that you don’t leave your dirty makeup brushes in a drawer or makeup bag where bacteria can grow and thrive. Then wash and dry them before putting them back in the cupboard. According to Chanel Temple, global beauty artist at Hourglass, “you should clean your eye brushes most often, at least every other week.” “If you have acne-prone skin or are more sensitive, cleaning them on a weekly basis may be beneficial.”

Washing once every two weeks or so is a decent place to start, but with oil-based products, you may need to do it more frequently. The brush you’re using makes a difference as well. Unlike natural-bristle brushes from Burberry Beauty or Rae Morris, the Hourglass brushes are comprised of synthetic fibers, so they may go longer between washings.

What distinguishes Artis’ cosmetic brushes from others?

The ARTIS brushes have shorter, wider-circumference bristles. They’re also a lot stiffer than before. The dupe’s bristles are longer, thinner, and more flexible than the original’s. For concealer and lipstick, a stiff brush is far more convenient and effective.

An artist paints a canvas or a wall using conventional cosmetics brushes and makeup sponges. As a result, brushing your teeth is like extending your arm in different directions. In most cases, women who use cosmetics aren’t painting anything but themselves, and using conventional brushes makes that more difficult.

When it comes to applying makeup, I think it’s best to observe someone else do it with their fingers and mimic their movements. Artis brushes can be identified by their orientation and motion. Artis brushes are designed to look and feel like the way your fingers apply cosmetics to your face.

The engineered Artis CosmeFibre material and configuration not only doesn’t hold on to the product in the same way animal hair absorbs formulations, but it also excels what can be done with simply fingers. Of course, I also wanted to improve the distribution ability of the product.

“Having been a beauty artist for over 40 years, I already knew what most people expect a cosmetics brush to be,” says Artis brush’s inventor. Furthermore, I was aware that these weren’t beauty brushes at all; they were actually borrowed art brushes that hadn’t been designed with the intention of being used as makeup brushes at all.

As a result, I set out to design instruments that were more like makeup brushes, dispersing makeup ingredients to produce more natural-looking effects. Creating a distribution method for modern formulae such powder, liquid, creme, and hybrid formulas was necessary to make this happen.

This new system has to be simple to use, far superior than the current ones, dependable, and visually appealing all at the same time. It was my goal to design ergonomic handle forms that appear like modern art sculptures while also outperforming traditional brushes. Finally, I arranged the handles and bundles so that they could be applied independently.

I thought it was about time the makeup brush joined the ranks of other high-end cosmetics as a luxury lifestyle item. The design of the instruments designed to apply these fantastic goods always disappointed me, and even if you have a brilliant product, it doesn’t matter if you apply it incorrectly (with the improper applicator). Luxury design, higher performance, and improved ergonomics are the most notable Artis features.

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Top 5 FAQs and answers related to How to clean artis brushes

What makes Artis brushes so superior?

You’ve made it in life if you own an Artis Brush set. So, what makes these brush sets so special? It’s because the proprietary microfiber substance and immaculate finish of the beauty and skincare products they’re designed to give are remarkable.

What materials go into the construction of Artis brushes?

To manufacture Artis brushes, a thermoformed resin with a metallized finish was employed, similar to those used in high-end vehicle parts, and CosmeFibre® monofilaments were used for the fibres.

Is it true that the quality of your makeup brushes makes a difference?

The truth is that expensive brushes may make a tremendous difference when it comes to blending and applying makeup, even if we don’t want to spend the money.

Is it worth it to buy Artis brushes?

A unique feature of this brush is the slanted handle. This allows you to better control the brush’s direction. So, in my opinion, yeah, it’s well worth it. For the same price as a single cosmetic sponge, you can get away with using this one for years.

Can I clean my makeup brushes with Dawn dish soap?

Dawn dish soap, according to makeup gurus, has excellent degreasing capabilities. Makeup brush cleaning supplies you’ll need. Then, on the other side, add olive oil and liquid soap. To get a good amount of product on your brush, swirl it around a bit until you’re satisfied.


The majority of people who wear cosmetics spend a lot of money on it in an effort to look better. But they forget how important it is to apply and distribute a highly technical makeup mix to attain the desired results. Here comes the cosmetics brush to the rescue. I’ve seen makeup professionals use the same product but different tools to apply it, and the results were all different.

Instead of expecting the product to accomplish everything on its own, the focus should be on how you do something, the technique. It’s an investment in your routine to get a good makeup brush. It’ll help you get better results from all of your makeup applications.

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