How to Do a Beach Wave Perm for Medium Hair at Home?

How to Do a Beach Wave Perm for Medium Hair at Home?

Even if we’re changing seasons, there’s no reason to let go of your summer hairstyle just yet. Hairstyle-wise, a beach wave perm is a great way to extend the summer into the fall. A hair perm can help you get the perfect beach waves no matter what your hair is like. If you want to know how to get the best permanent wavy curls, read on to find out everything there is to know about this salon texturizing method.

This hair treatment is very similar to a regular perm, except that the end result is looser waves rather than tight curls on your previously straight hair. Hair perming, which restructures your strands chemically to generate texture and body, can make it possible to get a curly or wavy hairstyle even if you have thin or fine hair, says the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD).

Different perming methods and styles, such as spiral perms and multi-textured perms, can achieve a wide range of looks. The solution used to perm your hair will be the same as any other type of perm, but the tool used to establish your waves will be unique.

Foam rollers wrapped more loosely than the thin, homogeneous rods that produce a tight curl are used to obtain the beachy wave appearance. Remember that perming your hair, like dyeing or relaxing it, can be harmful and need specific care, so the AAD suggests choosing just one service at a time.

How to do a beach wave perm at home with our DIY beginners guide?

Women all over the world are spending countless hours in front of the mirror, arranging and heat-styling their hair to get the coveted beach wave appearance. The question then becomes, “What if all that effort is? Here’s where the beach wave perm comes in – it can be just what you need to achieve beachy waves year-round!

In this comprehensive tutorial, you will learn everything there is to know about the in-demand beach wave perm, from its definition and application to the potential harm it might cause. 

Similar to regular perms, beach wave perms use a chemical solution and rollers to permanently shape the hair into waves or curls. The beach wave perm differs from the traditional curly perm in that it does not produce curls in a spiral pattern. The result is more realistic-looking waves that resemble those you’d find on the beach.

A beach wave perm can last anywhere from 8 weeks to 6 months. As the perm’s effects fade, the waves will gradually disappear. Because of its subtlety, this perm demands less dedication at the outset than others of its kind. All hair types can have wavy perms done, although the results will vary depending on the individual’s inherent curl pattern.

Wavy perm hairstyles: what you need to know before getting one?

Don’t get too excited, but what would you say if we told you we found a way for you to permanently have waves that never need to be styled. Don’t be put off by perms because of how they used to look in the ’80s; they’ve gone a long way since then. The beach wave perm has revived the perming trend, and we couldn’t be happier.

In all honesty, I can’t think of many people who wouldn’t like waking up to the sound of ocean waves. The hair is wrapped around tiny individual rods in the traditional perming method, resulting in tight, consistent curls. To achieve looser waves in a wave perm, the hair is wrapped around larger rods.

Your natural hair pattern and how well you take care of your beach wave perm will determine how long your style will last. Do You Offer Wavy PermsWavy perms are advantageous because they may be used successfully on the hair of varying lengths and textures?

Although perms work best on coarse, thick hair, folks with fine hair can also benefit from them with a consultation with their hairdresser. However, those who have previously colored, bleached, or chemically straightened their hair should avoid receiving a perm because it is such an extensive chemical process. Because of the potential for damage to processed hair, many salons will not perform the procedure. Hence virgin hair is recommended.

Perm hairstyles for a classy look

Many women are using Curl Centric to enhance their hair care regimen, so if you’re considering going natural, developing curly hairstyles, or studying the latest hair growth methods, you’re not alone. Curl Centric is the go-to salon for any and all varieties of curly hair, from kinks to coils. Keep reading to find out how to achieve voluminous curls while maintaining your natural curl pattern.

These are some of our most-read pieces for those with curly hair. Newbies should read all of these articles to learn how to identify their curl pattern, how to define their curls, how to select the right products, how to work a deep conditioning treatment into their regimen, and how to achieve different looks without visiting a salon.

Since its inception several years ago, the natural hair movement (also known as “going natural”) has been met with widespread approval. Curly hair is fashionable, and the goal is to perfect your natural curls. Even better, it fits well with the growing trend of people embracing their natural hair texture and opting for healthier lifestyles by using natural, organic hair care products.

A relaxer, harsh hair dyes, and heat styling equipment can wreak havoc on naturally curly hair, but there are ways to restore its health and beauty. Depending on your preferences, you can either major chop (or reset cut) and start again with straight hair, or you can transition back to your natural curls. Big chopping, often known as a reset cut, is the practice of drastically reducing the length of your hair.

If you used a chemical relaxer, for instance, and then decided you preferred your hair curly, you could just trim off the relaxed ends. Conversely, transitioning is letting your natural hair grow out while protecting the damaged hair for a set amount of time. Curl Centric will teach you the fundamentals, intermediate steps, and advanced methods for taking care of your curly hair. Wash days, loose curls, natural oils, and other curly hair care techniques are discussed in this section. 

The length of your hair is contingent on a number of factors, including the stage you are in (see above). Individual hairs go through all four stages of hair growth at once. Different hair strands can be in different stages of growth at the same time. Curly hair follows the same general hair growth process as straight hair in terms of the hair growth cycle.

What are the different types of perms for thin hair?

All young women and girls seem to be getting perms these days, and the most important part of getting a perm is the perm rods. Using chemicals and curling rods, you may achieve long-lasting curls that will last for months.

A perm looks great at first, but it requires a lot of upkeep afterward. There are a lot of chemicals and reagents involved because it changes the cross-linking bonds in your hair. Therefore, you can care for your hair in a manner appropriate to the hairstyles you choose. Let’s have a brief look at the various perm rods and perm hairdos available.

There are also many more variations on the beach wave perm, such as the spiral perm, the flex perm, and so on. Carefully consider which one you want to adopt and which one will work best with your hair. However, modern fashion techniques have made available a variety of perms that will let you show off your waves.

Simply put, a perm rod is a rod that is used to perm hair in the style of a beach wave. Hairstylists can choose from a variety of perm rods. You can modify it to work with your specific kind of hair. Alternatively, perms rods can be purchased in a wide range of lengths and hues.

Depending on your hair length, you’ll need either a short or long perm rod. The same rod won’t work for every hair type or style. Perm rods come in a variety of lengths, from two to ten inches. As a result, you have a better understanding of the various options available while receiving a perm.

Not only may perm rods be used on hair of any length, but they are most commonly utilized on medium to long locks. A hair curler is a common tool for creating wavy or curly hair, perfect for a day at the beach. That “just-off-the-beach” style is something every fashion-conscious person aspires to achieve. Use a perm rod to get those beautiful hairstyles.

How to roll hair with perm rods and different perm rod sizes?

Different sized and shaped perm rods can be purchased. The following are some examples of perm rod sizes that work well for various curl patterns and beach waves: This long perm rod measures 7/16 inches in diameter, making it ideal for creating jerry curls. A Jerry curl is a very deep curl that mimics a curly hairstyle.

This rod, measuring 7/16 inches, is ideal if you want to go for the Jerry curl. To achieve the best results when creating beach waves with a perm, use a rod that is 11/16 inches in diameter. This perm rod can give you a medium curl style in no time.

Loose, deep curls may be achieved with the 3/4-inch perm rod. Get in touch with your hair impressionist and request a perm rod of this size if you’re interested in achieving this loose, deep hairstyle. When you want a body wave perm, the small 1-inch perm rod is what you need. When going for a body wave perm, smaller perm rods tend to produce the best results. It will make your body look like it belongs on a beach.

In order to perm your hair, you can choose from a number of different products now on the market. The sort of permanent wave achieved in the hair is highly dependent on how the hair is rolled over the perm rods. In order to achieve the most desirable curls using perm rods, please read on.

How to Use Perm Rods to Curl Your Hair Don’t forget to use shampoo and water to completely rinse your hair: Applying a shampoo designed to dissolve residue left behind by hairstyle products is a must. Some products leave residue on the hair that might be harmful to the perm process. 

Therefore, take special care when you wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner. In order to get rid of buildup and knots, a clarifying shampoo should be used. Hair conditioner and hairspray are not permitted. Detangle your hair by combing it carefully. For best results when brushing your hair, opt for a wide-toothed comb.

Make sure your hair is detangled and smoothed down. Start by sectioning your hair into five or six pieces. Get pumped up about the rolling process by using a clip to secure the components. If you brush your hair and then use endpaper to secure the ends, you can keep your hair from bending over on itself. 

To achieve a perm, gently roll your hair over the rods. While working over the perm rods, make sure your hair doesn’t look like it’s making a nook for fish. It’s important to keep spraying water on your hair to keep it from getting curly and forming a fish nook. The strands will remain undamaged.

Spritz the dry areas with water after the rolling procedure is complete: This procedure guarantees that all of your hair will be well hydrated. It also ensures that your hair will not absorb chemicals unevenly. Around the hairline, use a protective gel: The results of this procedure are twofold.

It prevents the chemicals from dripping onto the face, and it helps the chemicals stick to the cotton thread, protecting the skin along the hairline. When you’re done curling, take out the cotton and wash your hair. Make sure to rinse your hair thoroughly, but avoid using too much water. Prepare to spend about 5 minutes in the shower. You may notice a slimy feeling from the chemicals in your hair. 

Rinse off to get rid of that odor. If you don’t want dripping wet hair, wrap it in a dry towel and let it air dry. Put some neutralizer in your hair and let it sit for a while: Cotton is used to prevent damage to the hairline during this procedure.

After taking out the perm rods, give it a final rinse. Use lukewarm water for washing. Comb your hair out completely, but wait 48 hours before washing it. To avoid unnecessary frizz, wait at least 48 hours before washing your hair after curling it. A minimum of 48 hours of dryness is required to eliminate frizz.

Watch I got a wavy perm for the first time | Video

Top 5 FAQs and answers related to beach wave perm for medium hair

Just how long does a beach wave perm keep its waves?

Six months or so To get the most out of your wavy hair, you should incorporate new products into your routine that are designed to treat your new texture. A well-maintained beach wave perm can last for up to six months.

Do you have to worry about your hair getting damaged if you have a beach wave perm?

Does it work with all different kinds of hair, or just certain ones? Simply put, no. Dues caution that the beach-wave perm is only for those with very thick, heavy, and straight hair because of the chemically intense nature of the technique. Fine and/or dyed strands are especially vulnerable to damage and breaking.

How can you keep your beach wave perm looking fresh?

Rohan told me to only comb my hair when it was damp and to use products without sulfates and sodium chloride. If your hair is damp or dry, don’t brush it. The tidal surge gradually recedes over the course of two to five months.

After a perm, which should be inspected?

After having your hair permed, you should discuss what shampoo and conditioner to use with your hairdresser. Get some hair conditioner. Chemicals used in perming pose a threat to your hair’s health and natural moisture balance. Restore your hair by conditioning it at least twice a week.

When styling perm-fresh hair, which should you avoid doing?

For at least two days after getting a perm, you should avoid getting your hair wet. If you wash your hair before the perm is completely dry, you risk ruining the style. The first time you wash your hair, don’t use a flat iron or any other heat styling products. The re-bonding process may potentially be affected.


If your hair is healthy, you have plenty of it, and you’re willing to put in the maintenance, then, by all means, try a beach wave perm. You may save a lot of time in the mornings by not having to style your hair before you leave the house, and you’ll also adore waking up with beach-ready hair every day.

We hope you now have enough information to decide whether or not a beach wave perm is right for you. All the best to you and your hair!

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