How to Do Bat Wing Eyeliner for Hooded Eyes? | Guide

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How to Do Bat Wing Eyeliner for Hooded Eyes  Guide

I can’t stop myself from bookmarking every single sparkly, graphic, and dreamy eye makeup look that New York City-based cosmetics artist Katie Jane Hughes posts on Instagram. One of her signatures, in instance, is both functional and beautiful. For those of us with hooded eyes, she’s come up with a great winged eyeliner approach.

Drawing on eyeliner that looks as sharp as Ariana Grande’s can be challenging for individuals with this eye shape, which often entails the skin around your eyes folding over your creases. When you make your flicks with your eye closed, you’ll notice a dip when you open it.

I have hooded eyes;therefore, I often overcompensate by pushing my wing closer to my temples to make it more noticeable. However, not everyone is as adventurous as I am. Hughes’s trick provides an answer. When your eye is open, you draw on liner in a batwing-like form, and your liner looks like any other cat eye. When it’s closed, though, it has an unusual swooping design. As a result, Hughes claims that it’s two looks in one.

What is the best way to apply bat wing eyeliner?

How to Do Bat Wing Eyeliner for Hooded Eyes? | Guide

Rather of drawing the shape using a pencil that is malleable and slides easily across lids, Hughes first sketches it out with a pencil that is malleable and glides easily across lids. Charlotte Tilbury’s Rock ‘N’ Kohl Eyeliner Pencil and Em Cosmetics’ Matte Gel Pencil, which earned a Best of Beauty Award, are two of her favourites.

Hughes suggests creating your own pigment by spritzing a matte black shadow (or whatever colour you want to wing it with) with a setting spray like MAC Prep + Prime Fix+ if you have softer, maybe creepy skin around your eyes.

Are you looking for a new eyeliner look? We’ve got just what you’re looking for. Amrita Mehta, a beauty artist, demonstrates how to achieve this ultra-graphic bat wing eyeliner effect. It looks like a traditional cat eye, only turned up to 11. It flatters all kinds of eye shapes, especially hooded eyes, and is cool and surprisingly simple.

Here’s how to get your hands on it.

Step 1: Prime your eyelids.

With a full coverage, long wear concealer, create a smooth, even skin tone on the eyelid. Blend it all the way up to the brow and all over the lid.

Step 2: Set primer with powder.

Use a loose setting powder to fix the concealer. Choose a transparent powder or a hue that closely matches your skin tone. Amrita uses banana powder in her recipe!

Step 3: Make a rough sketch of your shape.

To get started, draw down the eyeliner shape you want to achieve first. She declares, “I’m going to take a pencil and etch out my shape.” “The basic rule is to line up the pencil with your nose and the corner of your eye, then slant it toward your brow. The path in which your eyeliner should go is from the tail of your brow to the corner of your eye, to the corner of your nose.” Hughes advises keeping your eyes and brows as relaxed as possible while sketching out your outline.

When applying eyeliner with wider eyes or lifted brows, the form you create may be twisted once your face is relaxed. Whatever you believe to be your baseline, try to keep your facial expression as neutral as possible.

Step 4: Concealer is a great way to freshen up your appearance.

Once you’ve created a basic outline of the eyeliner form you want, go in with a little concealer or a little brush dipped in makeup remover to create more exact edges. Steps one and two should be repeated on your other eye, with your first eye serving as a reference for placement (to get a more even, symmetrical look).

Step 5: Draw a line in lash line.

Line the upper lash line, linking it to your outer wing, with the same pencil. For a smooth, even line, use an angled shadow brush to smooth out the pencil lines.

Step 6: Draw an angled point

Draw a line from the tip of the outer wing in towards the eye crease and fill in the “point” to create an angled point. To tweak the shape, use an angled brush.

Step 7: Apply a liquid formula on your penciled wing.

After you’ve applied a great, clean, exact shape with a pencil, go over it with something a lot more long-lasting: liquid eyeliner. Hughes loves to make her own liquid liner with black eyeshadow and setting spray instead of using a conventional product. “Now I’m going to take a black eyeshadow and a little bit of M.A.C. [setting spray] and spray some of it right onto the eyeshadow,” she explains. “Then I’ll mix everything together with a skinny eyeliner brush to produce a paste. I like using this type of liner formula because it glides and has an inky, flowy, opaqueness to it, as you can see.” Starting at the base of the wing, apply this paste (or your preferred liquid eyeliner formula) exactly over the shape you sketched in pencil during step one. Fill in any spots where the pencil missed or where the drawing is more sheer.

Bat wing eyeliner for hooded eyes

How to Do Bat Wing Eyeliner for Hooded Eyes? | Guide

We appreciate a strong makeup look. While bright red lips, draping blush, and mile-long lashes are relatively simple to produce with a variety of products and techniques—not to mention on practically all skin tones and facial shapes—nailing the ultimate wing tip is far more difficult. At least, not until celebrity beauty artist Katie Jane Hughes took to Instagram to provide what we think is the year’s most useful makeup advice.

Eyeliner in the shape of a bat wing. When people have problems applying a winged eyeliner look, it’s usually because they have hooded eyes, which smudge the silhouette rapidly. Hughes’ bat wing eyeliner method, thankfully, is here to save the day. Applying eyeliner with your eyes open and staring straight ahead is the key. You’ll be able to get the sought wing tip this way, with the exception that your angled bat wing silhouette will be visible when you close your eyes. To be clear, this isn’t a negative thing. Hughes pioneered the distinctive shape, which has since become a social media legend.

Eyeliner is a simple element that may make a big difference. A little colour on your lash line may enhance your eye colour, shape, and overall style, whether you’re trying for a classic cat eye or a more modern neon approach. However, it’s one of those things that can be difficult to master (unless you have the steady hand of a surgeon), especially if you have a hooded eye shape. A single flinch or blink at the wrong time can lead to a tiresome cycle of removing and reapplying eyeliner, or perhaps make you swear off the product entirely.

But don’t worry; with a few minor tweaks to your application technique, you’ll be an eyeliner ace in no time.

Even though Halloween is one of our favourite times of year for makeup, there are some beauty trends that we can wear well beyond the holiday. Take, for example, bat-wing eyeliner (and no, we don’t suggest sketching the scary animal by your eye). Bat-wing liner is a beauty trick for hooded eyes that helps you achieve a winged-out cat-eye that fits your crease shape.

Different looks to try with bat wing eyeliner for hooded eyes

How to Do Bat Wing Eyeliner for Hooded Eyes  Guide

“Building the wing with the eyes open is actually the secret to applying eyeliner for hooded eyes,” adds Spickard. To begin, he suggests constructing the shape with black eyeshadow first, so that any mistakes can be easily corrected.

“You can go over it with a very pigmented liquid eyeliner once you’ve constructed the shape,” he advises. It’s also crucial not to construct your bat-wing liner with your eyes closed. Spickard adds, “You’ll end up with a tremendous mess on your hands.”

Whether you’re a beginner in makeup or a seasoned pro, mastering the wing tip eyeliner is a must-have skill for everyone. Unfortunately, it isn’t always as simple as it appears. With practice, you’ll get there, but it’s especially difficult if you have hooded eyes. Before you know it, your cat eye is smudged all over the place since it isn’t quite functioning.

The bat-wing liner technique comes in helpful in this situation! No, it’s not a Halloween craze when you sketch the spooky animal by your eye. Applying your liner in this manner helps you achieve a winged-out cat-eye that addresses your crease form.

We’ve never been the same since celebrity beauty artist Katie Jane Hughes debuted this fantastic winged eyeliner tip. The secret to creating this distinctive shape and wing is to apply your eyeliner with your eyes open. The trick is that your liner looks like any other cat-eye while your eye is open. When it’s closed, though, it has an unusual swooping design, giving it two distinct looks. Isn’t it pretty cool? Plus, it looks great whether or not you have hooded eyes.

Hooded eyes with bat wing eyeliner can be achieved in a variety of ways:

The classic

This look went popular after it was posted on TikTok. Take, for example, Jenny Stubb’s popular refresher instruction on the original bat-wing style. She demonstrates how it’s done by breaking it down into three simple steps. You’ll be nailing it in no time if you keep a steady hand while looking straight into the mirror.

Foggy Bat Wings eyeliner

Hughes, the developer of bat wing eyeliner, knows how to use it in a variety of ways, both opaque and transparent. She used eyeshadow and makeup remover to create a look that was similar to typical eyeliner formulas.

Graphic lines

Everyone loves a good graphic moment, so go all out with your liner look to increase the ante. With sharper lines, go from the original 60s vibe of the bat-wings to modern e-girl in under a minute.

Sheer Gray Bat Wings eyeliner

Remember that a lined lid appearance doesn’t always necessitate the use of liquid eyeliner or even traditional crayon eyeliner. Instead, dampen an angled eyeshadow brush and dip it in your desired colour before sketching it into place. Cotton swabs bathed in micellar water are quite effective in cleaning.

Top 5 Bat-Winged eyeliners for different eye shapes


1. Winged eyeliner for small eyes

If you have close-set eyes, Lavonne offers a simple makeup hack that can bring out their beauty: draw a double wing around them.

Make a little flick outward after drawing liner along your top lash line. Apply liner to the bottom lash line in the same way, but don’t go any further in than the middle of your eye, or you’ll end up with even closer-set eyes. To make the wings stand out even more, dab a little concealer between them.

2. Eyeliner with a winged effect for round eyes

You have round eyes if you can see around your iris (on the bottom or top).

Starting from the outside corner with an angled brush and cream eyeshadow or liner, Lavonne recommends drawing at a downward angle toward the eye’s outer corner for wide eyes. Apply the liner inwards, stopping where your pupil is when you’re gazing straight ahead, at the centre of your lid.

3. Downturned eyes’ winged eyeiner

Downturned eyes are characterized by the corners of your eyes slanting toward your cheekbones.

Lavonne recommends a delicate line of eyeliner from the inner corner to the outer corner for downturned eyes. Extend your wing toward the crease, following the outside corner of your brow as a guide (don’t go any further!). Pick a lovely colour that matches your irises to add a burst of colour to your entire look.

4. Winged eyeliner for almond eyes

You have almond-shaped eyes if your eyes are oval in shape with narrow corners.

Lavonne advises taking use of your lid space if you have almond eyes. Draw your eyeliner all the way across the lash line from the inner corner, then flick it out, stopping at the tip where your crease begins.

Watch Hooded Eye Eyeliner Tutorial – The Bat Wing 🦇 | Video

Top 5 FAQs & answers related to How to do bat wing eyeliner

Is it true that winged eyeliner makes your eyes look bigger?

It’s up to you. Winged eyeliner can also be used to give the appearance of larger eyes. If you have small eyes, avoid using a lot of eyeliner on your upper lash because it will make them appear smaller.

Is it possible to apply winged eyeliner on hooded eyes?

You have hooded eyes if the crease of your upper eyelid isn’t visible when your eyes are open. Don’t worry, applying immaculate winged eyeliner to hooded eyes is simple. Create the outer wing tip where the lid’s hood begins to ensure the liner isn’t hidden by the lid.

What is the greatest eyeliner form for hooded eyes?

You can make the liner as thick as you wish because your eyelid is hooded—thin lines are difficult to notice when your eyes are open. A thick, elongated wing will give your eyes the most shape and definition if you’re trying for a cat eye.

What is bat wing eyeliner?

Take, for example, bat-wing eyeliner (and no, we don’t suggest sketching the scary animal by your eye). Bat-wing liner is a beauty trick for hooded eyes that helps you achieve a winged-out cat-eye that fits your crease shape.

Is wing eyeliner still fashionable in 2021?

Move away, classic cat eye, since the excessive eyeliner look is out in 2021. The winged eyeliner trend has been around for years, but it’s worn out and deserves a rest in 2021. Rather than attempting the perfect cat eye, spend your time perfecting floating eyeliner.



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