How to Dry Makeup Brushes Properly Guide with Tips

How to Dry Makeup Brushes Properly? | Guide with Tips

Introduction to the topic

How to Dry Makeup Brushes Properly  Guide with Tips

Everything about self-expression, entertainment and creativity. What is the place of a rulebook? Well, perhaps we just have to keep one rule: clean your makeup brushes.

In fact, we know it’s hygienic to clean our brushes. The skin cells, bacteria and other debris are transported straight from the braces into your faces, which means they are used daily. Let’s talk about why you haven’t before you reassure yourself and/or calculate how much time it has taken since you cleaned your trusted instruments.

Yes, it’s a chore and it’s time consuming, but much of the annoyance is how wet brushes are dried. They dry unevenly or with curved braids without fail, which isn’t ideal if they are so expensive. This is why we had to share when we saw a revolutionary hack from a Reddit genius. A dermatologist gave us some more tips and advice — to ensure we did everything we could do for our brushes and faces.

How do I dry makeup brushes?

How to Dry Makeup Brushes Properly? | Guide with Tips

Makeup pins are important in bringing any look of beauty to the next level and can really break your routine. The right ones will make you look fresh and perfect, while the wrong decision can make it much harder for you to make your makeup look. However, even the best brushes need a small TLC for the best performance in regular maintenance. Follow our guide for your brushes to clean and to dry.

Step 1: Start with clean towel

Choose a flat edge surface (bathroom countertop, table, cloth, etc.) and lay a clean towel on the surface. After cleaning the brows, fold over the towel and surround the brush (our favorite includes the Lancôme Full Face Brush #5 and the Conceal & Correct Brush #9). Then push it gently to stop the excess water and add an additional squeeze to ensure that it is not wet.

Keep the towel half over the pins. Before you set them up to dry, you’ll want to get some water from your brushes. The empty half of the towel is folded on the brushes and is fully surrounded by it.

Step 2: Let air dry brushes

Lay brush on the towel flat to the edge of the bristle. You want to get air circulating around the pins and dry thoroughly and evenly. Allow the brushes to dry for a few hours before using. It is advisable to wash and dry the rooms before bed.

Many people are drying their brushes in a cup and we warn against this while it seems easy. The ferrules contain the glue that holds the bristles and handles them together and cause the water to trick down. The water loosens the glue and destroys it, leading in turn to an excessive shedding of the bristle and shortening its durability.

Step 3: Press the towel gently with your hand

 Do it with each brush for five or six seconds to absorb some water from the bristles.

Step 4: On the counter edge place the brushes

You want to ensure that the brown bristles stick across the counter or shelf edge. Air flows around the braids and doesn’t rest on a damp surface. It helps the bristles dry more quickly and prevents bacteria from developing.

Leave the brush handles on the towel, just sticking the bristles over the counter edge.

It is a good idea to turn on a fan while they are dry, especially when they are in the toilet. The fan circulates the air and disperses the humidity.

In general, 3-4 hours are required to dry the brushes completely.

You’ll want to check the braids with your hand to make sure that they’re dry before you use them.

An alternative drying method is available for your pins

After you soak some water with a towel, you can dry the maquillage browns. Hang them upside down to air dry the maquillage brush. You need to know how to hang upside down maquillage brushes for air drying. Some hacks hang up the maquillage brushes.

1. Use a rod

A rod and plenty of hair binds are one way to keep your brushes dry. You can hang all your make-up pins on a rod using the hair links. Make sure that you hang upside down the brushes. The water from the tips of the bristle can be removed.

With intact glue and non-sprout bristles roots, you can dry your make-up brushes.

2. Use a cloth hanger

What if in your house you don’t have a rod? Then how can the brushes dry up? You can hang the pins upside down with hair ties with a towel hanger. Cloth hangers are available and can be the most accessible option in every house. The upside-down position allows the air to flow through the braids and thus to dry quickly.

Can you dry your brushes with the hair dryer?

How to Dry Makeup Brushes Properly? | Guide with Tips

Yes, a blow dryer can be used definitely. But only if you want the bristles to be damaged. There’s no better way to do things than to preserve it. So I leave it to dry and avoid my brushes becoming malformed or destroyed after a while. It’s like the sun.

On direct sunlight, I don’t recommend that your brushes dry up. It damages the bristles and finally disappears. It’s a makeup brush drying rack I recommend. Or use this hack, which is very useful for you.

The most frequent error people do with their maquillage is that they do not care for brushes properly.

Nearly everybody knows they’re not cleaning their pins often enough. But how do you dry it when you clean it? Can you use a make-up blow dryer? And if that is the case.

Is there an option ready for faster use?

After your brushes have been restored, it is best to dry your making-up brushes flat and airy.

After washing them, I use a clean towel to wrap the brushes and slight-pression the bristles, and squeeze as much water from the brush as I can. This helps you to remove most of the water that accelerates the drying process. This almost looks like wrapping your hair in a towel.

Then I reshape the pinions, and sit on any surface flat – better if the shape doesn’t flatten over the edge. I can place it in an airy location or near a sunlight source if I wash it in the morning. Never under the sun, however. Normally it’s almost dry by night, or if it’s hot, it’s almost dry. I store them then.

Some pins need to be dry longer, such as thick kabuki pins or thick bronze. They’re typically 2 days long for me. It helps to speed up the drying process by leaving the brushes in the room overnight.

Unless absolutely desperate, I do not recommend blow-drying, because it can too dry the brushes (when it has natural hair), or spoil the shape. Use the lowest heat setting at lower power if you plan to use a blow dryer.

Another tip: Don’t straighten up your brushes. The main reason is that the waters and humidity will run through the ferrule and weaken the glue that holds your pins together, so that in the future you can feel a greater shedding if you dry them straight.

What are the risks of blow drying your brushes?

How to Dry Makeup Brushes Properly? | Guide with Tips

There are several reasons why you should never use a blow dryer on the brushes of your make-up.

We know it’s a chore to wait for your pins to dry, but drying them isn’t the best way, despite your thoughts, to dry makeup pins quickly.


You can basically end up styling them in heat if you blow your brows, which damages their shape.

Brushes are specially designed to preserve their shape, and therefore they are an important part of preservation.

Damages the adhesive

The adhesive containing the brushes may, as any other adhesive, degrade or be damaged by excessive heat.

In other words, you should not only not blow dry makeup brushes but should generally protect them from extreme heat and not keep them in the sun, near winds or in a hot car.

You have very delicate bristles on your make-up brush. Due to over-drying, they can damage. In addition, over-drying can lead to split ends.

Damage to fibers

The bristles are even more sensitive than your own hair, although your brush are vegan, and they can damage, dry and even split ends.

How often should your brushes be cleaned?

dry makeup brushes

Most dermatologists will advise you to clean your tools once a week – minimally – to prevent product accumulation, particularly foundations and cover-up brushes. Becoming cleaner because of these brushes on your face, legendary maker Bobbi Brown says they’re the better. But with an eye shadow and pinching brushes, she’s a little more lenient. “At a minimum two-month cleaning of the brushes used around the eyes,” she says.

Continuous cleansings not only help you to clean your skin. According to the maquillage artist Ashleigh Ciucci it can extend bristle durability and make better product applications by regularly soaping your maquillage brushes. “Porous brush hair and sponges hold on to the oils, waste and bacteria,” she says. “Your application will be spotty and blending difficult if your brushes are dirty.”

The handle, the bow and the braids. The ferrule is the metal section that sticks and fastens to the handle. With the help of glue the braids stand firmly in the ferrule. So water could go into the ferrule when washing the brushes. And it could be even deeper if you dry the pins up (the wrong way).

Well, you probably don’t think it’s a big deal. If you do that all of the time, however, the water will weaken the indication and eventually your brushes will break down.

What is most important is to avoid water being inside the brush for too long. And here’s the right place to dry. Now, therefore, you know why. You will definitely last longer if you clean and dry your brushing correctly. And no bacteria will develop.

When you make up every day, you know your looks can be made or broken by a maquillage brush. You may look like a clown at last. Or you might finally look perfect.

Something should, of course, be clean on your face. This not only ensures that any makeup is applied smoothly, but is also critical to preserve skin health. “If your make-up brushes are not cleaned, you’ll probably block your pores and cause breakouts by applying fresh maquillage along with older brush residues,” Burns tells. “Bacteria may cause skin infections in the most serious cases.”

Water and a gentle soap (regular soaps can dry the braces, especially if they are made of natural hair) and brush cleaner are required for the best and most thorough cleaning method.

The maker Benjamin Puckey is particularly a big fan of Parian Spirit Profi Make-Up Brush Cleaners, made of food solvents which gently dissolve powder, liquid and wax make-Up composition. During the process, there are dozens of cleansers specifical for cleansing brushes. However, if your favourite face wash is just all you need, you would prefer not to buy the cleanser specifically for your brushes. Mario Dedivanovic, the go-to makeup artist of Kim Kardashian West, is renowned for using a simple face cleanser Philosophy Purity, because, he says, he will do the same for his brushes if he does so thorough but mild work on his face.

Although frequent cleaning can help to extend your brushes’ life, there are indications that you should not overlook when determining that you can no longer do the best.

“When the squirrels begin to fray, hang, or become loosed, then it’s time to shake your make-up brush,” Brown says. “I cannot emphasize enough that the right tools are as important as the make-up itself to achieve the look you want. You won’t be up to the job if your brush becomes too pinched or squashed.”

Watch Clean & dry makeup brushes in minutes | Video

Top 5 FAQs & answers related to How to dry makeup brushes

How do I dry maquillage brushes?

Allow it to air dry when hanging from a drying rack brush upside down. You can also put a microfiber, so it can dry the water and other gunk under your body.

Do I have to let my maquillage brushes air dry?

This is the best way for your brushes to dry and care for. The drying time may vary depending on where you are, how wet or hot or seasonal.
Do not forget to let the dry air of all your beauty products, do not want brushes or find the mold beauty blender!

Can you use wet makeup brushes?

Due to the following reasons, you should not use wet makeup brushes:
· There may be many germs or bacteria in the make-up brush that is wet
· The form of the brush becomes wet. And you can’t make your face up correctly with a deformed brush.

How to dry your makeup brushes?

You can hang your make-up pins upside down using different hacks. Some of the following are:
· Use a hanger for cloth and hair.
· Use a rod and ties to hair.
· Use a brush hanger for makeup.
· Make it magnetized and hang your makeup brushes with anything metal.

Is it all right to soak your makeup brushes?

The water may reverse your brows glue, leading to faster removal or total destruction of your bristles. It should not be done.


dry makeup brushes

I hope you’ve learned how to makeup brushes dry quickly in the article. You can dry your make-up pins with any techniques you want. However, after every wash, I would suggest you dry your makeup brushes. This helps maintain for a long time the shape of the maquillage brushes. It extends your make-up bracelets’ shelf-life.

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