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How to Fill in Your Eyebrows Naturally? | Quick & Easy Ways

Introduction to the topic

Some people have sparse or no brows at all, while others have sparse, bushy brows. A bad brow wax, excessive use of tweezers at home, or thinning your brows can all result in an unattractive brow shape. Whatever the state of your brows, you may restore their natural appearance by filling them in with certain techniques, equipment, and colors.

It’s important to note, however, that these methods aren’t just for correcting brow issues. If you’re in good form and want to look even better, a few strokes of colour will bring your eyes to life. When wearing a full face of makeup, light brows tend to disappear, so adding some colour can help define them. Pencil, powder, or mousse can be used to conceal light or sparse regions of the face.

With so many options for shaping and styling your brows, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. The process to attaining the “ideal” eyebrows will seem different for everyone because no two brows are the same (seriously—look closely at all of your pals, please). Having said that, there are a few common hacks, tips, and methods you may use to get there faster.

How to Fill in Your Eyebrows Naturally? | Quick & Easy Ways

How to fill in your eyebrows naturally?

However, one thing is for certain: thick brows are not going anywhere any time soon, and for good reason. In order to look more natural, keep your brows neatly trimmed. There are some people, though, who are born with naturally heavy brows. Eyebrows can be a problem for some of us who want to find techniques to make them appear fuller. It may appear difficult at first, but following our expert advice will make it a piece of cake. Continue reading to learn how to naturally thicken and fill in your brows.

Step 1: First, use an eyebrow brush to groom your brows.

Brush your brows upwards with a brow brush or spoolie before applying any brow makeup. A spoolie brush, which is commonly used to apply mascara, can also be utilised here. Shape and blend brow filler with the spiralling bristles of this brow brush. Brush your brows upwards after filling them in to blend the colour and shape any stray hairs that may have appeared.

Step 2: Decide on a Color Scheme

For those of you who have dark hair, choose for a brow colour that is one or two shades lighter than your hair’s natural hue. If you have light hair and want to darken your brows, go for a tone that’s half a shade or a full tone darker.

Step 3: The right tools and products must be chosen

Eyebrow definition for beginners is made simple with this kit from famed Japanese cosmetics brand Japonesque (Note: This product is currently sold out, but we recommend purchasing an Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Kit for something similar). In the event that you’re buying everything separately, think about which kind of brow powder, pencil, or mousse will work best for your brows.

Use a brow wax if you’re applying powder or pencil to keep your brows from smearing. Mousse, on the other hand, dries on its own after a few hours in the refrigerator. Blinc Eyebrow Mousse ($24) is a fantastic example of a product that won’t flake. Use a brow revitalizer like TalikaLipocils ($59) to help fill in sparse brows caused by stress, ageing, or thyroid problems.

Step 4: Use Caution When Applying Products

A mirror is a need. It doesn’t matter whatsoever method you employ; just be careful not to overdo it. Also, avoid applying excessive pressure on the skin. When it comes to adding colour, it’s always easier to do so than it is to take colour away. This kind of fine-tuning will assist you in managing your product so that you do not accidentally go overboard. When you’re done with your brows, step back and take a long, hard look at them in the mirror. You’ll be able to tell if they look natural and balanced this way.

A shade that is too dark or has the improper undertone will make it appear as if you painted on false eyebrows. Requesting free samples from your salesman is very acceptable. If you only look at the tube or the colour printed on the container, it’s hard to know how the product will look on you and your brow hair.

Step 5: Make Your Brows Look Great with Brow Gel

Consider your facial shape when shaping your brows for a natural (rather than dramatic) appearance. The most important thing to remember is to use little, hair-like strokes to create some form. Make sure your brows aren’t overly severe or squared off in the front. Overextending your eyebrows can also make you look older because it makes your face appear smaller. Keep it basic and smooth with an arch that is not too pointed or overdone for an organic appearance.

Our brows, like our bodies, are all unique in shape and size. Bear in mind, though, that not all brow forms are created equal. Your entire look might be ruined by an unnaturally formed brow that is overly thick or thin or just too prominent. Thick brows may be a blessing and a curse, depending on how you use them.

Even if you have to put in some effort to shape and maintain a tidy appearance, your brows will appear naturally full. On the other side, if your eyebrows are sparse, you’ll have a more feminine look. However, they have the potential to appear unnatural at times and make grooming more difficult. It doesn’t matter what kind of brows you get, as long as you don’t go too far from your natural shape. In the end, the ideal brow shape is one that complements your features.

What is the quick way to fill in your eyebrows naturally?

fill in your eyebrows naturally

There are numerous brow products to choose from, including pencils, powders, and pomades. However, I like using a brow powder for a quick, effortless, and natural-looking brow.

If you make a mistake, brow powder is the most forgiving and easiest to fix. However, I prefer the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow powder to the many others available. Basically, you’re looking for the one that matches your brows the best.

An angled brow brush will be your next beauty must. Many brow brushes, like this one, have a spoolie attached to the other end. The clean mascara wand can be used in the event yours does not (which is what I use).

So, here’s how I fill in my brows quickly and easily on those hectic mornings.

Step 1:

Fill in the Brows with Brow Pencil.

Brush your brow hairs downward with a spoolie or a clean mascara wand. For this, you want every brow hair to be down.

Step 2:

Fill in the sparse parts of your brows by brushing on some brow powder and gently blending it in. If my hair is going in one direction, I’m going to do the same thing.

Your brows will look like this once you’ve finished filling them in.

Step 3:

Use the spoolie to brush your brow hairs up and into position after you’ve finished filling in the region. Voila! While that’s sufficient for most occasions, if you notice any areas that require additional powder now that your brows are in place, go ahead and fill them in with more powder.

Because I couldn’t find my other brow powder, I had to use this one, which was a little too warm. Using the perfect shade, on the other hand, allows you to achieve a better match with your natural brows.

Few tips to keep in mind while filling in your eyebrows naturally

fill in your eyebrows naturally

Whatever your level of experience with eyebrow makeup, you should remember that it is an art rather than a science to properly define your brows. As a result, be patient and open to trying several things until you find something that works for you.

1. You’ might be filling in your brows with the wrong kind of makeup.

There are numerous ways to fill in your brows on the beauty aisle, including powders, pomades, pencils, waxes, and gels. Choose a product that is appropriate for your appearance and skill level.

When it comes to filling in any stray hairs, pencil is your best bet. Pomades work well if you want to give your brows a bolder appearance or make them darker. For women with full brows, waxes and gels work best because they have a light tint and serve primarily to control stray brow hairs.

2. Use concealer to draw attention to your brow bones.

To finish, every Instagram makeup artist’s final step is highlighting, which they’ve all mastered. Use a concealer and a little brush to draw the outline of your brows’ arches so they stand out.

After that, use a cosmetic sponge, such as the Beautyblender Micro Mini ($18,, to blend in the concealer evenly. If you don’t have tweezers on hand, concealer can be used to hide stray hairs. To avoid the stark bright hue, I perform this step (as well as the rest of my brow process) prior to applying foundation.

3. Find your exact shape using the tip of your makeup brush.

Using the end of any cosmetic brush in your kit, you can easily discover your brow’s shape. Start your brow by running the brush up the side of your nose, starting at the hairline where your brow should end. Once you’ve done that, position your nose’s tip over your eye’s center—where the furthest point of your brow should be. Finalize by lining your nose and eyelid with the eyeshadow brush. The hair should be cut off where the brush meets your brows.

4. Use an eyebrow stencil to create the desired shape.

Instead of trying to colour outside the lines of your eyebrows with powder, pencil, or gel, try using an eyebrow stencil, which is a small template you attach or hold over your brows to prevent you from “painting” outside of the lines. With so many stencils to choose from (my favourites are the Anastasia Beverly Hills Stencils and the Ardell Brow Perfection Stencils), it’s easy to try out new looks, such as a stronger brow or an even more natural-looking straight eyebrow.

5. To obtain the best colour payoff from powder, moisten your brush before applying it.

If you’re filling in your brows with powder or gel, soaking your makeup brush first will help you get even more colour. The most natural-looking brow is one that is one or two shades lighter than your hair. Don’t overdo it on the ultrablack, then.

How to fill in thick eyebrows so they don’t look weird?

Brushing my brow hairs down reveals more of the sparse regions, making it easier to fill them in fast while maintaining a natural appearance. Whenever you don’t feel like spending thirty minutes on your brows, this is the ideal solution for you!

Just so you know, some brow kits include a little angled brush and spoolie as well.

For the perfect shape, you’ll need a brow product after you’ve brushed your brows. Filling them in with a dark pencil, on the other hand, is a bad idea. Instead, use a powder or eyeshadow to keep your brows looking more natural.

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Top 5 FAQs & answers related to How to fill in your eyebrows naturally?

What kind of makeup do you use to fill in your brows?

The quickest and easiest approach to fill in your brows is to use an angled brow pencil to draw a line under the beginning of your brow, and then disperse it upward with a spoolie brush. What’s the catch, though? If you don’t completely mix it in, the effect will be harsh.

When it comes to Spoolies, are they good or bad for your brows?

It’s possible that it’ll irritate the hair on your brow. Bailey warns that using too thick of a bar of soap on your spoolie could cause hair to fall out, resulting in bald spots. And the hair on your brows can fall out and grow back in a matter of weeks.

What is the best way to get thicker eyebrows in three days?

Castor oil is a byproduct of castor oil production. This is a simple, yet efficient, method for increasing the size of your eyebrows naturally.
The oil extracted from the coconut. If you want thicker eyebrows, coconut oil should be at the top of your list of ingredients.
Extra virgin olive oil is a preferred cooking oil. Another fantastic home remedy for thicker brows is to use olive oil.
Onion juice is used in this recipe.
The yolks of eggs.
Jelly made from petroleum.

Is it bad to have sparse brows?

“Self-confidence is affected when one has thin eyebrows, even if one had naturally thick brows before tweezing and waxing made them thin. Or, if your brows are naturally sparse, you may be unconfident in general. However, you have the advantage of not being obnoxious or aggressive “Haner provides an explanation

Which brow shape do you think looks best?

You have the most desirable face shape, so a delicate, shallow arch on your eyebrows looks best. This keeps the natural harmony of your face in place. If your face is diamond-shaped, go for a soft brow with a curved or soft arch to soften the angles


fill in your eyebrows naturally

As you can see, perfect brows take a lot of work (and time). If you’ve had enough, you can make do with what you’ve got on hand. If you’re short on brow gel, try using mascara instead. As an alternative to holding wax, use dark brown eye shadow as brow powder, brownish-black eyeliner as eyebrow pencil, or even hairspray on an eyeshadow brush as an alternative. 

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