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How to Fix a Lash Lift That’s Too Curly  Makeup Guide

We are all addicted to those videos that go awfully wrong. When you realize on your face you are making a mistake, that’s the most wonderful part. It’s the same thing about pimple pop-up videos, but still watching them.

The thing is: with some well positioned accessories, you can hide your bad haircut. As for the pimples, you can cover the signs with make-up when you accidentally hit them.

But when a lash lift goes wrong, you can do nothing but wait. The mess will not be fixed by much use of the nourishing solution.

Eyelash lifts don’t get perfect all the time. There is a way to reverse the eyelash at home if you don’t like the way your eyelashes care for the perm jobs and want to get rid of them.

How can I fix a lash lift that’s too curly?


We linked Statice May, a beauty expert and hairstylist, in this post and asked her to give me her best hints to turn an eye perm at home.

Stacie suggests you concentrate on the tips that are normally given for optimal care when you are looking for the best way to reverse the eyelash perm. Any lash technician will tell you that the lash permshave rules: keep them dry during the first 48 hours and avoid oil based goods. In this context, it helps reverse the process by doing the opposite of any of these three.

You can only partially reverse the process if your clogs are over permed and you end up with too curly eyelashes. I advise you to lie on a bed and to have a friend to aid you in the following procedure. It simplifies the process and reduces the risk of a solution of perms in your eyes. This procedure also works if you want your cloves to look straight and more naturally.

Try the “Lift” and “fixer” lotions of Aryana New York Vegan Lash and Eyebrow Kit if you do not have a perm or a setting solution. The kit is 100% non-violent, vegan and animal. It has a booster lotion made of beaver oil and hyaluronic acid. Studies have shown that ricin oleic acid, a chemical compound that accounts for about 80% of beaver oil, can contribute to the growth of scalp hair. Hyaluronic acid contributes to the hydration and nutrition of eyelashes.

Let’s see the step-by-step guide to reverse a too curly lash lift:

Step 1:

Apply a solution to the too curly lashes using a spoolie. Brush the ends of the roots and add more perm solution as you move. Continue on until the over-permitted cloves start to settle. It should not take more than two to five minutes.

Step 2:

Remove the perm solution from your eyelashes using a cotton pad. Don’t pull the eyelids as you do this. The cotton pad is usually pressed on top of your cloves.

Step 3:

Apply a setting solution to your lashes using a different spoolie. Brush the roots gently to the bottom. Here, you only need a small number of settings. This step should not exceed 1 minute.

Step 4:

Remove the excess settings with a cotton pad carefully. Do not pull your pad on your cloves, and remember to press gently.

You’ll notice that your eyelashes have relaxed a bit if you have done everything correct. In your cups you will always have curls.

Step 5:

Use your spool to make the finishing brush of your cloves and curl them as you want.

If you use the lash lift, it is crucial that you take your time and follow the letter instructions. As mentioned above, some of these errors can be easily corrected. Those which cause too much damage will only be fixed by time. The good news is that even if the lash lift is incorrect, it will do no permanent damage. Remove the speed with DIY hacks of the healing process. Wipe it one more time with the cleanser and allow a month to breathe.

Visit the website Nicky Lashes to get your hands on aneyelash perm kit. Your Home Edition kit provides an easy and safe way to have lovely lashes at home for 8 WEEKS.

5 mistakes to cause a lash lift that’s too curly


Have you ever done a lash lift and all you did for past customers, but the lift turned out to be unfortunate for some reason? Or didn’t the cunning lift? Frustrating, right? Admittedly, not all customers are the same with different lashes.

However, I would say that 90 per cent of those who reach me over a bad rise make very frequent mistakes. I will talk about these mistakes in this post and how you can hopefully avoid them to give you better, more consistent results. Note that this does not apply to all brands for lash lift. We always recommend that you get help from your trainer, as they are specifically trained for the brand they train/distribute.

Make sure that you make no such mistakes:

1. The silicone pads continue to move on

– The eye area and lashes were not fully cleaned and still contain oil residue. Give another cleaner to make sure that you use an oil-free remover. Lash locks recommend primary locks.

The other reason is because your adhesive is old and you lose its stick. Substitute the glue for it.

2. Not to completely clean the cloves before the procedure is performed

Before the procedure is done it is important to have clean eyelashes.

Doubt and oil can prevent the eyelash lifting solution from entering the follicle of the eyelashes, which, turning, cannot lift and change the shape of the lashes, even if no make-ready residue or a trace of mascara is present in your cup.

3. Solution storage

Your lifted solutions must be stored in a cool, dry place. Before you begin your cloth lift treatment, please take care to squeeze your bags well and bring them to room temperature. It begins to go off each time the solution is open to the air. Whether you’re using bags or flasks. Therefore, they may not be as performing as they should if you did not store your products correctly.

4. Faulty styling

You know how to style pickles properly. It is important. You must determine the length, thickness and curl to suit your customer. Recall considering things like the direction of natural lash growth, the facial bone structure, the shape of the eye and eye distance. For instance, most customers want the look “cat eye,” but only a very small number of people actually have the right look to take this appearance away.

This is something that you really have to take into account. Most looks need to mix at least two different curls, so they mix better and look more natural. Too big extensions or too big fans are not good for long term wear, if they can’t handle the weight it can seriously damage the natural lash.

5. Timings

Timings are difficult to teach, but you will certainly learn as you go. If it’s too long for you, it can really affect how you lift your laps if you have a timing wrong. Before you start your treatment, you must assess the condition of the natural clogs of the client. Best to do is to keep an eye on the exact timing for every step of the lifted process by using a stopwatch or an updated timer.

How do you know if your lash lift is overly done?


“If the solution is not properly dispersed across the lawns, it may lead to poor elevation. How can the solution go on for too long over chemicals processes?”

Lashes can end up curling over or curling back. We prefer a lift that is pretty feminine and subtle, a natural fan.”

That’s exactly why I had a lash lift that went wrong.

What’s worse is that in 24 hours after the lift your picks can still curl – it’s a badly over-wrapped pick-up.

Let’s look at the signs that say your lift is overly done:

1. The lash lift worked very well and created too much curls

– You can do this by repeating the clog lift, but when you do not use the rods and lift the clogs this will allow you to peel the solution down from top of clog down to the bottom. Wipe off when done and then set your solution and allow 1-2 minutes to go through this process. Rinse off the cloves. The lamp lift will be reversed and the problem resolved.

2. Your lashes merge together

If your lashesget merged together, sorry that it carries the bad news – there’s no amount to clean them up. Your only option is to obtain a cysteine keratin lash lift. The allowing agent removes the frisk and kneads from your lashes during this treatment.

Cysteine increases the pH level of your lash and opens hair scales. This lifts and divides them gently. As cysteine is heat-activated, the lamps revert to their natural state as soon as the pressure is released. The lashes get their strength back and become hydrated after infusing them with keratin treatment.

3. Curls look uneven

We mentioned before that the laminates may be crinkled over curling or if the glue is not applied and removed correctly. The positioning of your lifting pad is another mistake that destroys the shape of your pads. When the pad is under the line of clogs, the clogs curl from the tips only.

The pad should be on the lash line so all the pads are evenly curled.

4. After treatment, are the eyelids crimped or swirly?

– The treatment may have been applied too far from the lashing line, lifting the lashes too late – (near the tips). Lifting treatment must be applied very close to the clog so that the clogs are immediately lifted.

This is caused by clogging and the lifting solution lasting too long. When this happens, the customer uses coconut oil or a lash-conditioner for sleeping at night and leaves. The natural cuts can be rehydrated.

5. Eyelashes don’t lift

Well, it’s more often than you would think, and it’s very simple because of that.

Well, here’s the most frequently happening – you haven’t cleaned out the mascara! The greater part of the time someone reaches me, he sends me photos of their process and tons of mascara can be seen on the pin! The first step when your client is on the table, when you carry out a lift, is to clean the entire eye area thoroughly.

This does not only mean wiping the eyes lazily and calling it good. Throughout, clean it even if they don’t wear makeup! It prevents solutions from entering the hair follicles that cannot change the shape of the lash and the cleaves do not lift if you do not get all the mascara/makeup off.

Watch Common lash lift mistakes end how to fix it | Video

Top 5 FAQs & answer related to how to fix a lash lift

Can a lash lift go wrong?

The lash lifts are the fastest and easiest way to make it look like you are wearing mascara when you don’t. Lifts are a permit for your lashes. But you should know, not every lash lift is equal and if it is made incorrect, it can go quite wrong.

Why doesn’t lash lift work?

If you have a barrier like mascara, pollution, dust or oils, the lash lift solution will not absorb it correctly and this will lead to poor lift conditions. This could be the problem if your lift worked only on one eye and not on the other, maybe one eye had a maquillage or oils.

Why was my lash lift overly done?

The curl looks awkward
The placement of the lifting pad is another error that destroys the shape of your cups. When the pack is placed under the cord, the cords curl from the tips. The pad should be positioned straight on the lash line to curl all the clocks uniformly.

Is it possible for a lash lift to reverse?

If you want the lash permit to be reversed, you need to shower the first step. The product is broken down. The next step is to use the oil directly on the cloves to break down the formulation of keratin. With an eyelash curler, give your cloves a lift without the permit.

Can you use coconut oil to relax an overly done lash lift?

Do not use cocoa oil or rice oils on the cloves – that will make them smooth. We also advised the sleeper or face sleeper to see that because customer’s laughter is still muddy, or that both eyes can raise and fall, thus leaving the lash lift inaccurate. It’s best to sleep on the back.



The key thing to fix a lash lift that’s too curly is to keep them hydrogenated once or three times a week by using them with cocoon oil and Vaseline. This should prevent them from being frizzy first and only keep applying coconut oil or Vaseline if your lashes are finished frizzy.

If you use the lash lift, it is crucial that you take your time and follow the letter instructions. As mentioned above, some of these errors can be easily corrected. Those which cause too much damage will only be fixed by time. The good news is that even if the lash lift is incorrect, it will do no permanent damage. Remove the speed with DIY hacks of the healing process. Wipe it one more time with the cleanser and allow a month to breathe.

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