How to Fix Eyelash Extensions That Are Too Long GuideHow to Fix Eyelash Extensions That Are Too Long Guide

How to Fix Eyelash Extensions That Are Too Long? | Guide

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How to Fix Eyelash Extensions That Are Too Long  Guide

Do you feel like Yzma from the film Emperor’s New Groove now that you’ve got your new eyelash extensions? You might end up looking like an alpaca or a giraffe with off-brand eyelash extensions. The long lashes of both of these are unnatural on a human. If you have eyelash extensions that are too long, you do not need to worry. The steps in this article will show you, How to Fix Eyelash Extensions That Are Too Long.

By applying eyelash extensions, you can make your look appear as though you’re wearing makeup or falsies when you are wearing nothing at all. However, you may end up with lashes that are too long, resulting in irritation or annoyance. To prevent the risk of cutting your own eyelashes, you should never try to remove your eyelash extensions while they are on your eyes. Doing so could result in cutting your own eyelashes, causing permanent damage. You may want to adjust your extensions in your next appointment, or you can remove your extensions at home.

If your eyelash extensions are too long, what do you do?

fix eyelash extensions

If you’re thinking of getting rid of your long eyelash extensions, you should wait before doing so. It is strongly discouraged to cut extensions while they are attached for several reasons.

  • Even if you have natural eyelashes, you may end up cutting them.
  • There is a risk that you might harm yourself.
  • Roughly cut eyelashes may result in making you look untidy.

If your eyelash extensions are too long, what can you do? Down here are just a few of the ideas you could try:

1. Contact your technician

Contact your technician and have him/her swap out your eyelashes. Ask your technician to change the length of your lashes if you notice that your lashes are longer after the installation. Lash extensions can take several hours to install, so you’ll have to set up a separate appointment. Even if your eyelashes are not how you wanted, don’t be afraid to ask for a fix.

The aesthetician should trim the lashes before applying them to your natural lashes, just in case they’re too long. As soon as you walk out of the beauty salon, you can inquire about getting your lashes replaced. You will save yourself the constant feelings of discontent that come from constant dissatisfaction.

2. Bending

While eyelash extensions can be shortened by cutting them, there are other methods that don’t involve cutting. The edges can be bent upward so that they have some curvature, which will help make them appear shorter. Don’t worry; loosening the glue will only make you look better.

3. Check the length before installation

Before the lashes are put in, confirm the length with the technician. Additionally, they should have charts and sponges to help you select the perfect length for your eyelash extensions. Before you attach the false lashes, you should first take the necessary measurements and trim the false lashes if necessary.

4. Learn lash car before you go for extensions

If you were given a brand new pair of eyelashes, and you don’t know how long they should be, then you’re clueless. Before clipping the lashes, study the Innova Lash Tweezers hints.

5. Stand in front of mirror

It is critical that you exercise extreme caution before trimming your lashes. You can damage your eyes by making even the tiniest of mistakes. So you can see what you’re doing, do this in bright light. Preferred eyelash extension tweezers by Innova include the best tweezers for eyelashes. Be careful when setting up the mirror so you don’t make any mistakes.

6. Tell your technician about shorter length you want

When you say “shorter,” what does that mean to you? Your technician may only apply shorter lashes if you request for it. If you request for shorter lashes, your technician may only apply one size shorter. Describe exactly what you want your eyelashes to look like, using photos and detailed words.

Use compelling words like “elegant”, “simple”, “fresh”, “smart”, “classy” “I want to achieve a natural-looking look that is not too extreme. For illustration, I’ve brought a picture to show you what I mean.”

7. Trim them

After discovering that false lashes are not perfect, you should then trim them.

Sometimes you have to trim false lashes if you get a new pair, especially if you have smaller eye size. Because most people prefer longer lashes, eyelash manufacturers will make false lashes in different sizes that can suit most people.

To remove false eyelashes, all you have to do is clip them. With regards to your counterfeits, you have the option of making them look real or fake, but the only step necessary to produce them is to track and branch out some safety and branching issues.

False eyelashes, as false eyelashes are designed for you to adhere to your eyes, are an exact match.

8. Choose extension with short strip or cut it short

Additionally, there are various types of eyelash extensions, including curvature, length, thickness, and a choice that is both comfortable and natural looking.

If the lash strip is too wide for your eyes, or the lashes are longer than you prefer, you should choose a different lash type.

Because of this, before applying new eyelash strips, remove each one to ensure the most attractive appearance and fit.

Inform your technician that you would like your lash extensions removed. If you absolutely hate the way your lashes look and you want to get rid of them, ask your technician to remove them from the salon. This is frequently done on-the-spot, and you may even be able to fit me in right away.

9. Cut some strands carefully

If your lashes appear too long, cut some strands from the outer edge of your lashes with small lash scissors.

This is because it is easy to cut too short, causing your lashes to be too short for your eyes.

Measure it over your lashes again to see if it’s trimmed.

Keep at it, and even if you fail, you’ll learn something new.

Continue pruning, and if the shape looks correct, apply the lashes.

Watch How to trim lash extensions (DIY)

Top 5 FAQs & answer related to How to fix eyelash extensions that are too long

Is it possible to cut the eyelash extensions down a bit?

Your extensions should not be trimmed, as this would cut your natural lashes. Additionally, extensions are tapered so they arrive at a point already. To fix this, you can ask your makeup artist to shorten your lashes.

Why shouldn’t your eyelash extensions be too long?

Long and heavy lash extensions can stress natural lashes, resulting in them breaking, bending, and possibly not growing back. Your natural eyelashes should be extended no longer than 1 to 2 mm.

To get the best results, how long should eyelash extensions be?

I want to know what the ideal lash length is for me.
Between 10 and 12: Medium (Natural Mascara Look)
13-14: Long, adding just a touch of oomph.
Lengths ranging from 15 to above (Dramatic Glamazon) These lengths are a rule of thumb but your eyes may perceive them as being longer or shorter depending on your eyes.

What to do if eyelash extensions are too long?

With your eyes closed, remove the false eyelash from your eye. To shorten the lash strip, use a pair of small scissors to cut off the extra length from either end. Keep the shorter false eyelashes and cut off the longest ones if you have tapered false eyelashes. You’ll achieve a softer, more natural-looking look with this.

How to know if false eyelashes are too long?

To find out if your eyelash extensions are too long, look in the mirror and count your eyelashes.
The inner lash extensions you ordered are too long and don’t look realistic. As the extension on the lash technician was longer than the natural lashes, it resulted in the extension being too long for such a short area of natural lashes. When overly long lashes are used in the inner corner, the result is a falseness that you don’t want.


How to Fix Eyelash Extensions That Are Too Long  Guide

A lot of people know that we love fake lashes, so that’s what we consider our trademark product. And people now opt for a more permanent solution: eyelash extensions, due to their magical, transformative properties. To be selfie-ready 24/7, they are THE answer. But they require plenty of TLC. We want to provide you with all the details in advance so you can make an informed decision about whether or not you want to invest in some infills.

Do not handle those shears if you’ve recently gotten eyelash extensions. Your eyelash extensions won’t last nearly as long if you cut them.You might as well cut your extensions as well, since you’ll likely be trimming your own lashes anyhow.

To have natural eyelashes is to have facial hair, which breaks up the natural lashes that eyelash extensions provide. When natural lashes are cut frequently, it becomes more difficult for them to fully grow back.

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