How to Fix Overprocessed Bad Lash Lift: Guide with Reasons

How to Fix Overprocessed Bad Lash Lift: Guide with Reasons

While there are no dangerous ingredients in a lash perm kit, however, the lashes might get frizzy or split if you leave any of the lotions on for longer than advised. The effects of the injury won’t be apparent right away, but they will start to show within a day or two. Again, this will be determined by the thickness of your lashes.

Putting your lashes up against a rod is an excellent method to gauge their durability. Curls that meet resistance may need a longer training session. The nourishing lotion included in a Nicky Lashes eyelash curling kit is a great bonus since it helps eliminate any kinks that may have developed during the curling process. Try raising your lashes again in a couple of weeks if you’re not happy with the results the first time.

If you’ve overprocessed your lash lift, just reapply to the perming solution. Apply the spoolie on your lashes, and then let it on for at least five minutes. Then, after applying the setting solution for a minute, your lashes will have a more subtle curl. If you’ve ever tried and failed to successfully raise and tint your eyelashes at home, this technique is the next best thing.

An eyelash curl may be uncurled by a hot shower. As an adhesive remover, it excels. It is necessary to disassemble the setting solution once the adhesive has been removed. It is recommended to use an eyelash curler after applying castor oil to the eyelashes. Your eyelashes will eventually go back to their natural form.

Having your eyelashes permed does not absolve you of the responsibility of maintaining your health. The trick to keeping your eyelashes moist after a lash lift is regular upkeep. If your eyelashes grow overly curled, this will help them unwind. To alleviate some of the tension and prevent them from bunching up, brush them regularly.

How overprocessed lash lift can effect your lashes?

The popularity of lash-lift products has exploded. Once upon a time, getting a lash lift required a trip to the salon. Some people chose to use false documents to circumvent this problem, and such documents proved to be effective as well.

To prevent your natural lashes from being harmed by the glue used to attach the fake ones, we advise you to do a lash lift at home. You need not fear; everything can be done quickly and easily on your own. If you want to learn the proper techniques for properly lifting your eyelashes at home, check out our earlier article on “A Complete Guide on How to Lash Lift At Home.”

Given this, I’d want to address the root of the problem, which is excessive processing. Many ladies make this common error while trying to raise their eyelashes. Certainly not, as far as I can tell! An unpleasant side effect of too much processing is stunted or nonexistent eyelash growth.

Apply the eyelash glue for 30 seconds, then the perm lotion for 12-15 minutes, as a general guideline. A total of 20–25 minutes is needed if the fixing time is included. But remember that the length of time may vary depending on the thickness and length of your eyelashes.

Involvement of thioglycolic acid in lash lifts has been linked to dehydration and damage. If your lashes were frizzy following a lash lift, it’s because the perming chemical was too strong. These perming treatments are only suitable for very thick lashes. It will cause harm to your eyelashes, especially if they are thin.

To achieve their desired results, powerful perming agents need just a brief period of application time. Your eyelashes will get overprocessed and frizzy if you leave on harsh solutions for too long. Lash specialists need to assess the thickness of your lashes to find out how long to keep your perm on. But this is a tough thing to discern, sometimes resulting in excessively processed lashes.

What is overprocessed lash lift? 

Many spas and salons have started offering lash lifts as a result of the widespread popularity of the therapy. Treatments for a lash lift may be completed in a short amount of time and will leave you with noticeable results. While creating a work of beauty, artists should be mindful of the time it takes to process.

Too much time spent the processing lotion on the lashes is detrimental. What you don’t want is for your customers to leave your salon with lashes that aren’t healthy and beautiful. If you’re a makeup artist who’s ever wondered, “What is a lash lift over-processing, and how can I prevent it?” then this helpful instruction from Elleebana Store USA is for you.

Your client’s natural lashes will be safe when using lash lift creams properly. However, the processing lotion might be harmful to the lashes if left on for too long. Over-processing occurs when the processing lotion is left on a client’s lashes for longer than suggested.

Processing lotion rips down the lashes’ keratin bonds by elevating the hairs’ pH. This pliability allows cosmetic sculptors to give them a new form. However, the lash hairs become weak and easily broken if the pH of the lashes is altered in an extreme way.

What causes for Overprocessed bad lash lift?

It’s not hard to understand why lash lifts are quickly becoming a customer favorite. Your customer’s lashes will stay curled and extended for 6-8 weeks with no further effort on their part. However, as is the case with any cosmetic procedure, there are certain clients whose lashes just do not respond to a lash lift.

1. This glue is very strong

When it comes to unsuccessful lash lifts, this is one of the most prevalent yet often overlooked causes of failure. Although the adhesive is necessary for securing the customers’ lashes to the shield, using too much of it might prevent the solution from penetrating the lashes and causing damage.

Apply the glue sparingly, just enough to hold the shield in place on the client’s natural lash at its highest point. Steps 1 and 2 will be able to function normally without being hindered by the glue. In the event that you feel like you’ve used too much glue, you may use a Y comb to remove the excess and divide your lashes.

2. Mistakes in hygiene

It’s important to be ready before getting lash extensions or any other kind of lash treatment. Before beginning the Lifted treatment, make sure the lashes have been well washed. If there is any leftover makeup or foundation, it might potentially hinder the lifting effect.

3. The repository for answers

A cold, dry environment is ideal for storing Lifted solutions. Before commencing the lash lift treatment, make sure your sachets are at room temperature and give them a thorough smash before using. When exposed to air, the solution always goes off. This is true whether you choose sachets or bottles. Therefore, you may not get the expected results from your items if you haven’t properly preserved them.

4. Positioning the solution

Lifted Solutions should be applied solely at the base of the individual natural lash. You risk overprocessing and damaging the lash if you apply the solution from root to tip, which will provide a really subpar lift. More solution does not always mean a better lift, so proceed with caution.

5. Timings

Timing is difficult to impart but may be picked up on the job. Even a minute too long of a treatment time might have a significant impact on the lash lift. Before beginning the therapy, you should evaluate the health of the client’s natural lashes. The easiest way to keep track of how long each stage of the Lifted process really takes is using a stopwatch or a Lifted Timer.

How to avoid overprocessing lashes during lash lift?

Therefore, excessive processing is harmful. I’m curious as to how it affects the lashes. Your customers’ lashes won’t be irreparably harmed, right? Over-processing won’t cause lash loss, but it will harm the lash hairs and leave your customers’ lashes appearing dry, frizzy, and unmanageable.

Clients who hope to have long, healthy, and attractive lashes following treatment may be very disappointed. Worse still, over-processing symptoms don’t often present themselves right away. Eyelashes that have been over-processed might take up to two weeks to dry out and frizz.

The cuticle of a lash cannot be restored to its previous health after it has been damaged. The good news is that our current eyelash situation won’t last forever. Our eyelashes have a normal growth period of 60 days to 90 days.

Over the course of two months, new lashes will grow to replace the damaged ones your customer lost. Customers with damaged lashes might temporarily improve their appearance using lash conditioners. Over-processing isn’t irreversible, which is wonderful to know, but it’s still preferable to prevent it in the first place than to accept it and live with the repercussions.

You undoubtedly want to know how to prevent lash lift over-processing now that you know what it is. Fortunately, you can avoid this by following our helpful processing instructions.

How to fix overprocessed and too curly lash lift?

Every woman should feel empowered by the knowledge that her eyelashes are thick, silky, and natural. Because of our stunning eyes, we are able to breeze through life. True, life isn’t always fair. When you first open your eyes in the morning, you can see that your eyelashes are excessively curled. It’s tough to accept, but here we will teach you how to cure a botched lash lift.

Getting your lashes curled is a lot like getting a lash lift; both involve the use of harmless perm solutions to achieve the desired lift and curl. A lot of luck and skill on the part of the lash artist is necessary for excellence. Let’s cross our fingers that we’re spared that unfortunate circumstance. But if you do have this awful condition, you should know that there are techniques to remedy an overprocessed lash lift at home.

1. Enhance a weak lash lift

A lash lift with Cysteine is completely risk-free, so you may have it done whenever you choose. If you’re unhappy with the results of your lash lift, you don’t have to wait for your natural lashes to grow out before having them corrected. Hooray!

2. Lay back and let me curl your lashes

To unwind your lash lift, all you need is a little oil. So, to put it another way: You may lengthen your eyelashes by using castor oil or pure coconut oil with a clean q-tip before night. Next, brush the oil into the lashes with a clean spoolie, working from the roots to the tips in a downward motion to help straighten the lashes.

3. Curly eyelashes

This may be a common occurrence, especially if your eyelashes are very long. Eyelash trichomegaly refers to abnormally large eyelashes that may be longer, curlier, darker, or thicker than average. You can notice changes in your eyelashes if you have this illness.

4. Home eyelash lift reversal

The best way to undo a lash lift Use our Protein Remover Pads to gently remove any residue from your lashes. Next, using a mascara brush, apply Step 1 Lift Solution along the length of your lashes and let it on for around 2 minutes. After removing Step 1, go to Step 2 and apply the Fix Solution.

5. A lash lift is redone

Within two months of getting a lash lift, your lashes will gradually go back to their original position. Lashes should fall in a uniform pattern that does not draw attention to themselves. If necessary, you may repeat the therapy after at least a month has passed, or you can wait until they have returned to their original condition.

Will a bad lash lift correct on its own?

If you’ve had a botched Lash Lift, there’s little you can do except wait at least six weeks for your lashes to grow out and try again. Find a LashTechnician who has successfully completed the Lash Lift Treatment before. When scheduling any kind of cosmetic procedure, it’s preferable to be informed about the items that will be used, and Lash Lifts are no exception. As a result, you will know whether or not the therapy is appropriate for you and how long it will last.

The Plump Lash Lift is available at Lucia Lash/ Brow in Philadelphia, CT, NYC, and Park Slope, Brooklyn (Japanese Keratin Lash Lift). Our Cysteamine-based, Thio-free perming lotion is mild enough to remodel the hair’s internal links without doing any damage. This recipe is exclusive to Lucia Lash; it’s used by no other salon, it’s gentler on the hair, it helps the hair stay strong and healthy, it’s not sold in the United States, and it’s only produced by a single Japanese manufacturer.

Watch Lash relax, recovery treatment | fix fizzy and burnt lashes | Video

Top 5 FAQs and answers related to overprocessed bad lash lift

What am I doing wrong with my lash lift?

Perhaps the perming solution wasn’t left on long enough, and that’s why your lash lift didn’t work out. Overusing adhesive is a frequent contributor to an unsuccessful lift. Your eyelashes won’t perm correctly if you use an adhesive on them because it prevents the solution from attaching to the hairs.

When you have your lashes lifted, does it mean they’re becoming damaged?

It’s safe to repeat the operation every six weeks, provided you see a trained specialist and don’t rush things. However, if the person doing the procedure is unskilled, you run the risk of damaging your eyelashes.

What can you do about a botched eyelash lift?

If you’ve overprocessed your lash lift, just reapply to the perming solution. Apply the spoolie on your lashes, and then let it on for at least five minutes. Apply the setting solution and let it dry for a minute; your lashes will be a little less curled.

Does using coconut oil on your eyelashes counteract the lifting effect?

If you want your eyelashes to stay curled, you should never put oils like coconut or castor on them. We further caution that a side sleeper or a face sleeper may find that one or both eyes have raised or dropped while sleeping, leaving the lashes misshaped since the lashes are still pliable (shape-changing). Back sleepers benefit most from this position.

Does a lash lift prevent you from using mascara?

A quick yes! Anyone, regardless of eyelash type, should be able to apply mascara to emphasize the natural curl that gives their lashes their lively appearance. To avoid this, simply use a high-quality mascara. Comparing this to how one may treat one’s hair may help you visualize the process.


Over-processed lashes can seem dry, brittle, and unhealthy looking, sometimes even frayed. Over-processing may also cause lashes to become permanently curled or point in an unnatural direction. Products with shorter treatment times and an emphasis on boosting salon profits have proliferated in recent years, but doing so has come at the expense of natural lash health.

Lashes may be lifted chemically to alter their orientation by severing disulfide bonds inside the hair and re-bonding in a different configuration. Damage may occur if a high concentration of the active chemicals used to break down and reconstruct these bonds is applied for an extended period of time.

An eyelash that has had its cuticle destroyed will never recover its smooth, healthy appearance. Because of the porous surface, it creates, hair will become weaker and more susceptible to damage from shampoos, face washes, and makeup removers as they are used over the next several weeks.

The situation with the broken lashes will only get worse. When processing goes too far, it can’t be undone. There is no quick fix, but conditioning elixirs and serums may help prolong the look of your lashes as you wait for new growth to catch up with the old.

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