How to Get Lipstick Out of Clothes: 9 Easy Ways Guide

How to Get Lipstick Out of Clothes: 9 Easy Ways Guide

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How could a sliver of icy pink be responsible for so much misery? Lipstick stains are among the most dreaded to try and remove, whether they occur as a result of an awkward kiss or a careless spill on a carpet — and the miseries multiply if the clothing is white.

The good news is that we’re here to show you how to remove lipstick stains from clothing and carpets in safe, natural ways, so you don’t have to worry. Warning: You’re about to learn that it is possible, but you’ll need to act quickly.

When it comes to lipstick, it doesn’t have to spoil your clothes. To remove lipstick stains, use natural solutions that are safe for your health.

Is it possible to remove lipstick stains from clothing?

How to get lipstick out of clothes?

It’s a place we’ve all found ourselves. After putting the final touches on your makeup, you see it—the dreaded lipstick stain. Maybe you’re in the ladies’ room after dinner and accidentally spill some lipstick on your sleeve. You might uncover lipstick stains on your significant other’s collar when folding the laundry.

There won’t be any drama like in the old Connie Francis hit song, and all you have to worry about now is getting that stain out of your clothes. When it comes to getting nail polish out of carpet, you may have a few tricks up your sleeve, but for a lipstick stain, you’ll need a different approach. Take a peek at our cosmetics storage ideas after you’ve cleaned and sanitised everything. (Stains are less likely to occur if your vanity is neat and organised.)

However, removing lipstick off garments is one of the most common (and difficult) fashion mistakes. And unless the garment you’ve damaged is similarly crimson red, the stain is likely to be apparent.

You’re in luck, because there are ways to revive your lipstick-stained possessions. Dry cleaning isn’t necessary if you act promptly and employ a few basic strategies to get your clothes back to their immaculate state.

As far as lipstick stains go, they can be a double whammy. Oil-based and brilliantly coloured, they’re difficult to clean and practically indetectable. Even if you spot the stain straight away and are able to work on it right away, it will still take some elbow grease to remove it.

When you find a lipstick stain on an already-washed and dried clothing, things get even more difficult. The heat from the dryer will have fixed the stain and made it even more difficult to remove. But don’t worry, you should be able to remove the stain after a few efforts.

Lipstick stains are particularly difficult to remove. Today’s lipsticks are designed to last all day and night long. Lipsticks with petroleum-based ingredients and dye contain natural oils to keep your lips soft and supple. As a result, it’s difficult to remove from your clothing because it’s designed to linger on your lips.

How to remove lipstick stains from clothes?

Lipstick stains on clothing can be difficult to remove.

You can’t say the same when lipstick gets on your clothes and detracts from your image.

When your lipstick smudges across your dress or blouse, it doesn’t have to be the end of your outfit.

What are the best ways to remove lipstick stains off clothing? We’ve put up the comprehensive guide on lipstick stains removal.

No one likes to have their beloved shirt stained by their preferred dark red lipstick. While it may be easy to obtain a lipstick stain on your clothing, the process of removing it might be difficult. It doesn’t have to be difficult to learn how to remove lipstick from clothing. We’re here to assist you in any way possible.

Most of us have had to deal with a lipstick stain on a treasured piece of clothing. Lipstick stains can be difficult to remove from fabric, no matter if they were left by your lover or you accidently smeared some on your favourite outfit.

Fortunately, you don’t have to leave your house to get rid of lipstick stains on clothing. Learn how to rapidly remove lipstick from clothing, even after it has dried.

You should check the care label on the garment before using any of these procedures, as well as test the cleaning solution and liquids on an inconspicuous section of the fabric to verify that you won’t do any harm.

The sooner you remove the lipstick stain, the less likely it is that the lipstick will penetrate further into the fibres of the fabric. The clothing should also not be dried in the dryer while attempting to remove lipstick off garments, but should instead be air-dried.

What are the various methods for removing lipstick stains from clothing?

How to get lipstick out of clothes?

1. Dish soap is all you need

Bleach, for example, is useful for clearing stains, but it can also do further harm to the fabric and make the situation worse. Your clothes will not fade or lose its colour if you use liquid dish soap to clean it.

Using a dish detergent that combats greasy spots is recommended because many lipsticks on the market include natural oils in them. Dish soap is an excellent lipstick remover since it can be used on virtually any garment that can be washed in the washing machine. Dish soap can be used to remove lipstick from clothing.

Stain side down, place the lipstick-stained clothes on a piece of paper towel to absorb the water you use to remove the lipstick stain. Allow the dish soap to sit on the stain for 10 minutes after dabbing a tiny quantity on the backside. A moist cloth can be used to wipe the discoloration.

It’s important to replace the paper towel under your clothes once it absorbs the water and soap. You may avoid getting lipstick all over your clothes by periodically changing your paper towel.

Once you’ve removed the lipstick, you can just throw the clothing into the washing machine and proceed with your normal laundry routine. If the stain is still evident after washing, then the clothes should not be dried. The method should be repeated as many times as necessary if the lipstick stain remains.

2. Rubbing alcohol to get lipstick out of clothes

Lipstick stain being rubbed out by hand with a cloth

If rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer gel don’t work to remove lipstick stains from clothing, consider switching to a different detergent. Using the alcohol as a degreasing agent, the discoloration is effectively broken down.

The stain should be faced down on a piece of paper towel on top of the item.

Blot the stain with a cotton ball or clean white cloth that has been dampened with rubbing alcohol.

Apply cool water to the stain, wiping it dry, then repeating on the other side.

It’s just like any other piece of clothing.

3. Hairspray to remove lipstick?

That’s for real, folks! Hairspray’s primary ingredient, alcohol, is a degreasing agent, making it an excellent choice for removing stubborn grease stains. You can use this procedure if you’ve already cleaned and dried your item but the stain remains.

  • On the lipstick stain, apply the hairspray.
  • Hairspray can be left on the stain for up to 15 minutes.
  • Dip a clean cloth in warm water and wring it out.
  • The towel can be used to remove the hairspray from the stain.
  • It’s just like any other piece of clothing.

4. Use bleach or stain remover

A stain remover may be all that is needed to remove the lipstick if the stain persists. When it comes to removing stubborn stains, chemical-based stain removers may be more effective than eco-friendly options. Before applying a stain remover, please verify the care label directions.

5. Lipstick excess should be removed

Use a dull knife or the edge of a credit card to gently remove any remaining lipstick remnants from the fabric. You can use this if a large piece of lipstick has fallen onto your garment and you want to protect it from spreading.

6. Lemon juice and baking soda

Lipstick stains can be removed from shirts and other garments with the help of baking soda and lemon juice, two common household ingredients. Lemon’s acidity dissolves the lipstick, making it simpler to remove from clothing.

  • 1 tbsp. bicarbonate of soda
  • Citrus flavoring: 1 tbsp

Make a thick paste out of the lemon juice and baking soda. Make sure to wait thirty minutes after applying the paste before putting the lipstick in your mouth. Clean the clothes as usual in the washing machine. To dry the item of clothes, place it outside in the sun.

7. Shaving cream

There are many household items that can help you remove lipstick stains from your clothing, such as foaming shaving cream. When you rub it into the stain, it acts as a pre-wash.

Allow at least 15 minutes for the shaving cream to rest on the lipstick stain before washing as usual. Make sure the stain is gone before putting the item in the dryer. You can repeat the method until the stain is completely removed.

8. Peanut butter to remove lipstick off clothing

That’s not a typo. Because of its natural oils, peanut butter is more than simply a flexible spread when it comes to eliminating lipstick traces. For whatever reason, we have no idea how this came to light.

Over the affected area, dab a little amount of peanut butter.

30 minutes or until completely dry

Remove any remaining peanut butter by rinsing the stain well with warm water and dishwashing liquid.

If the stain doesn’t go away, you can repeat the instructions above as many times as necessary.

9. Liquid glycerin is used to remove lipstick

Glycerin is a component found in a variety of products, including soaps, moisturisers, and sunscreens, but it can also help erase lipstick stains by loosening and softening the stain.

A small amount of glycerin should be applied to the discoloration.

With a clean, damp cloth, apply the glycerin to the fabric and knead it into the fibres.

Allow it to sit for 30 minutes before serving.

Remove the discoloration by blotting it with a clean cloth or running cool water over it.

Is it possible to remove lipstick stains from clothes at a dry cleaner?

Yes! Dry cleaning may be an option if the garment can be cleaned in this manner. You should remove any solid particles from the garment before heading to the dry cleaners as instructed above. The shorter time that passes before the stain sets, the better it is. Before they begin, be sure to make your dry cleaner aware of the stain.

Using a dull knife or edge, gently remove any lipstick solids from the surface of your dry-clean only garment. Blot the stain with a clean white paper towel. Visit your dry cleaning as soon as possible and be sure to point out and identify the spot to your cleaner.

Pre-treat stains with the stain removal pen offered in the home dry cleaning kit before tossing the garment in the dryer bag.

Drycleaning fluid is recommended by certain stain remover specialists. The chemical perchloroethylene, sometimes known as perc, is found in most dry cleaners and dry cleaning solutions. The National Toxicology Program in the United States has classified this substance as a probable carcinogen. When inhaled, this substance can cause irritation to the eyes, nose, and throat as well as dizziness and headaches. In addition, research has shown that the air in your home might be polluted by what doesn’t stay to your clothes after they’ve been dry cleaned.

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Is it possible to get lipstick out of clothes?

Lipstick stains can be removed from clothing with the help of rubbing alcohol (if appropriate for the fabric). Rub alcohol should be applied on a cotton ball or white cloth. Rub the stain away. After you’ve blotted the stain, use cool water to wash away the alcohol.

How do you remove lipstick stains from freshly washed and dried clothing?

You can use this procedure if you’ve already cleaned and dried your item but the stain remains.
On the lipstick stain, apply the hairspray.
Hairspray can be left on the stain for up to 15 minutes.
Dip a clean cloth in warm water and wring it out.
The towel can be used to remove the hairspray from the stain.

What is the best way to remove stubborn lipstick?

How to Get Rid of Liquid Lipstick the Right Way!
Oil. Grab a bottle of olive oil, coconut oil, or even baby oil and head to the kitchen….
Vaseline. Even Vaseline can help you remove lipstick….
Water with Micellar Disinfection. Micellar water is gentler on your lips than makeup wipes, while yet leaving them soft and supple.

How well does OxiClean work on lipstick?

Say good-bye to lipstick smudges and welcome to fresh-smelling garments! OxiCleanTMMaxForceTM can also be used to eliminate stains like blood and wine. OxiCleanTM Versatile Stain Remover powder can also be used to absorb bigger stains.

Can lipstick stains get off from a wash?

Blot the stain from the clothes using a clean, moist cloth in a dabbing motion. It’s best not to rub the stain, as this will just make it worse. After that, follow the washing instructions on the garment to clean it. Repetition is essential.


How to get lipstick out of clothes?

Once the stain has been eliminated, we have two last recommendations:

To prevent the fabric from permanently absorbing the stain, wash it in cold water.

Prior to drying, double-check that the stain has been eliminated entirely. To bake in lipstick stains after all the time and effort spent attempting to remove them is just plain wrong.

It’s important to remember that if you scrape, soak and wait, the stain will ultimately go.

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