How to Make Brown Eyes Look Lighter Naturally: Guide

How to Make Brown Eyes Look Lighter Naturally: Guide

Introduction to the topic

Brown-eyed girls can achieve the same results with makeup as light blue or green-eyed people, but did you know that if you have brown eyes, you can achieve the same results by changing the colour of your clothing? According to Vogue’s video on her makeup technique, Eiza Gonzalez has a hidden weapon that helps lighten her brown eyes a few shades. Do you want to learn more about this?

Color your eyes blue or purple if you’re like me and have brown eyes. This is an excellent beauty tip, as well as an excellent set of colours. It’s a basic visual technique that can be done with just a few colours of green,” the star of Baby Driver noted.

For brown eyes, cold colours are needed to bring out the sheen that would instantly lighten them up. Eyeshadow in shades of green and gold look best on hazel eyes because they reflect light and bring out the natural hue of your irises. You should also steer clear of extremely dark hues, which are better suited to those with darker skin tones.

What causes brown eyes?

How to make brown eyes lighter?

Only one type of pigment is responsible for all eye hues, even the less common blue and green eyes. Depending on how much melanin is in your iris, the colour of your eyes can be determined.

When the iris contains less melanin, the eyes seem blue. Green, hazel, or light brown are the most common colorations for eyes with higher melanin. Melanin-rich skin tones range from medium to dark brown.

The hue of one’s eyes is a hereditary feature. In reality, it’s more difficult to forecast eye colour based on your family history than you may think. As many as 16 genes are known to be involved with eye colour.

As a result, it’s not uncommon for members of the same family to have children with eye colours that differ from their own. It’s impossible to predict the colour of a child’s eyes because of the many genetic variants and interactions.

It’s also worth noting that the eyes of many Caucasian newborns lack melanin and appear blue for the first few months of their lives. Eye colour can shift from blue to green, hazel, or brown in as little as 12 to 18 months as more melanin builds up in the iris.

The eyes play such a significant role in our appearance. They not only affect how we see the world, but they also have an effect on how others see us. According to popular belief, eye contact is a sign of deeper emotional connection, and this is because our eyes are one of the first things others notice about us.

People tend to notice the colour of each other’s eyes since eye contact is a normal aspect of social interactions. If you’ve ever been taken in by someone’s lighter eye colour, it’s probably because it’s uncommon. You’re not alone if you’ve ever wished you could lighten your eye colour.

In order to stand out or vary your appearance, it’s common to desire to experiment with different eye colours or styles. It’s not as simple as getting a perm to make your straight hair curly, but lightening your eye colour is definitely feasible. The best part is that you don’t have to resort to potentially harmful chemical or laser treatments to brighten your eyes.

The idea isn’t to change your eye colour because it is impossible, but rather to experiment with makeup to make your eyes stand out and shine. Simply peruse the images in this page for some design ideas. You might attempt vivid blue, purple, or green around the eyes like this actress does if you have stunning coffee-colored eyes like Eiza. Your eye makeup needs a facelift!

How to change your eye color?

How to make brown eyes lighter?

You can alter your eye colour by doing the following:

No matter what eye colour you’ve got—brown or blue—you may have pondered how you’d appear with green eyes, for example. We’re all familiar with the idea that our irises can be affected by a variety of variables, including our diet and our emotions. Using celebrity examples, we’ll show you how eye colour can alter one’s whole appearance.

The website Bright Side has compiled some fascinating information on the subject of changing one’s eye colour.

Mood affects eye colour

Bright feelings come as a surprise to our bodies. When you’re in a state of intense fury or exuberant delight, your heart rate and breathing rate increase, making it more difficult to breathe, but your iris colour also changes. It can intensify, go from light to dark, and all in between.

People who have experienced joy appear to have the most vibrant hues.

Detoxing and a raw food diet

Iris colour is thought to be linked to the health of internal organs in alternative medicine. This branch of medicine is known as iridology, although there isn’t enough evidence to call it scientific.

Nevertheless, Dr. Robert Morse, a health specialist who has treated over a quarter of a million patients, feels that eye health may be divided into two categories: brain health and stomach health. It is his belief that a diet rich in fruits and vegetables may alter the colour of your eyes, and he has even produced a series of movies to support it.

Makeup and clothing

Make your eyes appear brighter and more colourful by wearing darker clothing, as well as putting some colour on your eyelids or using white eyeliner. It’s all in your head, so don’t worry if your eyes bulge a little more than usual.

Melanin levels and aging factor

It’s possible to be shocked by a baby’s greyish blue eyes later on. The low melanin level in irises, which disperses light and shows an even brighter, blue-like colour, is the key to blue eyes, often known as the “sky effect.”

Many babies between the ages of 3 and 18 months can see their eye colour darken as the number of melanocytes in their irises increases. People who reside in mountainous areas, for example, are more likely to be born with blue eyes, which later turn hazel, but this is largely determined by the parents’ eye colour. In some cases, a child’s eye colour doesn’t settle until they’re 12.

The eye colour of a baby that is born with brown eyes does not change during the course of his or her life. The outer layer of the iris’ iris absorbs and reflects light due to its high melanin content, giving it a brown hue.

Temperature changes caused by the sun

If you spend a long period of time in the sun’s rays, you may notice that your eyes become darker in colour.

Your well-being is of utmost importance

Eyes can also turn yellow or green if you’re ill or have an eye ailment like the following:

Horner’s Syndrome: Third cranial nerve complications. The diseased eye(s) may turn a lighter shade of brown due to this condition.

Fuch’sHeterochromic Uveitis is a chronic, mild inflammation of the cornea and sclera in the anterior segment.

As a result, the pigment granules on the cornea’s backside get dislodged. This condition is known as Pigmentary Glaucoma. The colour of the front of the iris could be altered by the accumulation of this loose pigment. Glaucoma medication may also alter the colour of the eyes.

Eye lighitening using lasers

An Argentinian Instagrammer lost his sight after undergoing an operation like this, which was once considered extremely dangerous. As of 2011, laser surgery was developed by Dr. Gregg Homer that can alter the colour of the eyes. It is possible to lighten irises by destroying melanin-producing cells using a laser. To put it another way, if you have brown eyes, you can change them to blue or grey.

20 seconds into the process, the results are noticeable in 2-4 weeks. From a fellow dermatologist who uses lasers to remove birthmarks and moles, Dr. Gregg Homer came up with this novel notion.

Research has shown that this procedure does not impact vision, but more time is needed to explore all possible negative effects. You can conduct this treatment without worrying as soon as I allow my daughter to do it,” Homer even stated in one episode.

What role does the color of one’s eyes play?

How to make brown eyes lighter?

The colour of our eyes is a physical characteristic that we receive from our parents as a result of a complicated interplay of genes. To put it simply, the eyes have a colour spectrum in the middle, with two extremes of hue. There are two types of brown eyes: those that have a high concentration of melanin in the iris, and those that have a low concentration.

The lack of this melanin generates blue eyes, the lightest colour on the spectrum, which is analogous to the melanin that determines our skin tone. Honey (a light brown with yellow undertones), Hazle (a brown with green undertones), and a variety of other colours can be found in the middle of this spectrum, as well. Underneath their melanin, all people with dark eyes have blue eyes.

A genetic variation of brown that lacks melanin is responsible for this. Over the course of millennia, this mutation was gradually incorporated into the human gene pool.

There are many stunning eye colours to choose from, but some are more uncommon. Green and hazel-colored eyes are the rarest in the population because of their distinct green pigments. Although new pigmentation in the eyes, such as green, cannot be created, melanin levels can be reduced to make the eyes look lighter and reveal the eyes’ underlying hues.

What are the different ways to naturally lighten my brown eye colour quickly and affordably?

Raw veganism or waiting till the age of 50 are both totally acceptable options if neither of those is what you want to do. If you’re looking for a natural quick fix, here are some possibilities that can be utilised in conjunction with the long-term methods or as a stand-alone treatment.

1. Make-up and Fashion

It is our vision and brain that understand and decipher the hue of our eyes. Fortunately, there are tricks we can use to alter the way our brains see colour.

When applying makeup, choose a shade that contrasts with the colour of your eyes to make them pop. Because it provides your brain something darker to compare your eye colour against, if you have brown eyes, wearing black eyeliner will make them appear lighter.

The best way to make your eyes appear lighter is to wear or apply makeup that draws attention to the colours you want to stand out the most in your eyes. Make the honey undertones in your brown eyes stand out even more by wearing honey-colored clothing! Brown eyes with green undertones can appear more hazel if the eyes are highlighted with green tones as well.

2. Spectacles for enhancing

Slightly translucent, these lenses can be used to enhance vision in low-light situations.

They can’t completely change the colour of the eye, but they can make it stand out more by enhancing it.

Lenses that are completely transparent

People can entirely alter their eye colour with the use of these lenses because their iris is fully coloured in.

The following hues are available for opaque lenses:

  • Violet
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Brown
  • Hazel
  • Grey
  • Lighting

The idea that your eye colour varies depending on your emotions is based on some reality. It turns out that your eye colour changes with the size of your purple, which can be facilitated by a change in your attitude.

In order to make your eye colour appear darker, your purple stretches, shrinking your iris and compressing pigment in that location. As the pigment in your iris thins down due to shrinkage of your pupil, it appears lighter.

Watch How to make your eyes look lighter | Video

Top 5 FAQs and answers related to How to make brown eyes look lighter

What can cause a shift in the colour of your eyes?

When it comes to changing your eye colour, there are a few things you can do to impact the outcome.
Intensification of exposure to the sun. Exposure to light, as previously stated, triggers the production of melanin in your body….
Changes in the Size of the Class
What You Put on.
Heterochromia’s evolution.

Is it possible to alter the colour of one’s eyes?

In some situations, eye colour might change owing to damage or heredity, according to studies. Heterochromia is a condition that causes people to have two distinct irises. This is a common complication of eye injuries or trauma.

Is honey able to lighten the colour of the eyes?

Due to the fact that eyes are coloured by their pigments within and their reflections outside, this is why. Since honey has no effect on either of them, using it won’t alter the colour of your eyes.

Is it possible for brown eyes to go green?

The brown-to-green or blue-to-brown transformation of the eyes is particularly hazardous. Horner’s syndrome, for example, might be indicated by significant changes in the iris’ colour. The iridocyclitis of Fuchs.

How much of your eye colour can be influenced by what you eat?

“Diet can definitely alter the colour of your eyes. The truth is that it’s been known for some time now.” He went on to say that eating raw food had actually affected his eyesight. When they started out, they were quite dark, but now they’re light brown with a green ring around it.


How to make brown eyes lighter?

In terms of eye colour changing, decorative or cosmetic lenses are the safest and fastest method.

Reduced risks can be achieved by purchasing lenses from a trusted supplier, having them fitted by a doctor, and taking adequate care of them.

People who want a more permanent change in hue and are considering surgery should be aware of the many serious hazards. It isn’t regarded as a possibility.

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