How to Make Foundation Darker Guide with 10 Easy Hacks

How to Make Foundation Darker? | Guide with 10 Easy Hacks

Introduction to the topic

How to Make Foundation Darker  Guide with 10 Easy Hacks

If so many of us order items online during the pandemic and don’t buy them in shops, you could buy a non-refundable product that you really want you to try it in advance. If your base is too light for the tone of your skin, don’t worry — you can try a few tricks before you get money wasted.

One thing you can do with your very pale foundation is try to use it as a shimmer free highlight, according to PopSugar. Use it to stretch your nose, to put your bow on your lips, to lift your cheeks’ apples, or to freshen the eye corners and areas below the eyebrows. Also note that, if you’re someone whose skin tone changes a lot depending on the season, you can use the too light foundation. How much harder you get during the winter months could be difficult to confront, but the outlet suggests that you think to keep up the foundation, just to try. You never know, maybe the shade of the foundation will become perfect after your summer tan is gone.

How to make foundation darker?

How to Make Foundation Darker? | Guide with 10 Easy Hacks

It doesn’t seem like their head is like someone with a completely different skin tint from their body. I’m not able to tell you how many times I saw absolutely gorgeous women wearing a terribly flippant foundation shade. The use of the wrong colour base is a big mistake because it’s just so easy to see the error. You may not be picking it up in the mirror due to the illumination, but you can bet that another person will notice it once you exit.

Regardless of how much a make-up whiz you’re, we’re prepared to bet you have bought the wrong shade of teint products at least once. We have all fallen victim to the abysmal behaviour of beauty worlds in terms of creating greater shade for women of colour, starting from concealer which is too light to the foundation which looks pink enough for Lacto Calamine.

Now, we can all buy correctors, adjacent foundations and hiding shades and try playing a wicked scientist and blending things into our colour. But it’s too often a task, and easier solutions are available.

There are indeed some ways you can change your shade at home before you toss your overly light foundation in the bin until it suits your complexion.

In some bronzer or Darker shade of a foundation or a coverer, StyleCraze recommends a mixture.

Try a small quantity on a maquillage palette before you mix the darker shade into the bottle – you will not finally buy two cosmetics wasteful.

If you have yellow undertones — especially amongst people with South Asian roots — you can also try mixing a little turmeric to give a golden lustre to your foundation. However, the outlet warns you if you follow this path, because turmeric can stain your skin. So, try your arm a little and see what you think, and try at home before you openly take a peat look. That said, you can try to add a bit of blush when you have pink undertones to give a rose colour to your concealer.

Hopefully, you can make your money from your new foundation with these tricks and a little bit of ingenuity. Hey, if everything else fails, you can always pass to a pale friend in need.

10 Easy hacks for darkening your foundation

How to Make Foundation Darker? | Guide with 10 Easy Hacks

Selecting the right maquillage foundation that looks perfect for the skin is difficult, because every skin tone requires a different appearance to ensure that radiance does not look artificial.

When we purchase and apply a foundation at home, we may know that it is not in the skin tone but is too light. Here are some useful tips to help you make use of this foundation and not keep it stored in your composite case. Don’t miss these how to tips if your base is very light.

1. Mix with other foundation

The best way to use an excessively light foundation is to blend it with other foundations at home. That way, you can get the perfect shade for your skin and save some money, as this trick will solve skin variations in the summer and winter. See how the mixing can be done.

2. Mix it with loose powder

If you are searching for an adjuster at home, an easy fix is right before you. Try to mix some dark, loose powder into your base. The pigmentation helps to change the shade and build a basis that is darker and closer to your own skin. You can also use the base as normal and simply lay a dark powder on top.

3. Mix in bronzers – good for skin with brown undertones in particular

A great way to strengthen your base is to mix it with a little bronzer. Not only will this shade darken, but it will give your skin that sun-kissed look we all love. This also works well for people with brown or undertone skin tones. When you don’t want your whole skin to look bronzed, try using it to give the look you want around your cheeks, nose, brow, and chin.

4. Use it as a highlighter

To use a highlighter, put your light-tone base in the middle of your nose for longer, add luminosity on the top of your cheeks, or lend a definition on the top of the greedy bow. Use it for an instantaneous elevation on the eyes and under the eyebrows.

The use of your too light foundation with a dark powder layer on the top is another approach in accordance with Since nearly nobody’s the same skin colour on the face (the skin is lighter in the centre, and darker in the direction of the perimeter), it is well suited for most people and a great way to develop natural angles around the face. You can also use powdered bronzer for a subtle obscuration and sun-kissing effect over your base.

5. Mix it with moisturizer

If you don’t care about a lighter coverage, it can help to mix the colour with the base of a moisturiser. If you decrease opacity, the colour of your foot will fuse more smoothly into your skin, so no line of demarcation will be so obvious.

6. Do not forget to drag base down to your neck

We know it is important to fuse underneath the jaw in order to avoid this tough foundation line. But if you don’t have anything to mix in to make your base light or darker, dragging it further down your neck and mixing it properly can help it look more like the right colour. The reason is, the slight colour shade that necks have already made it more unclear if the colour is slightly declining is a gradual change in colour.

7. Turmeric

Yellow skin individuals face many hurdles, so that their shades can achieve the correct intensity. Turmeric may be an ideal choice for them. Yes, that right, turmeric, you’ve heard it. Turmeric is called a super staining product, and you can also use a little of it on your face. The idea is straightforward: just mix a bit of turmeric with your base. And then use the mixture to get the correct consistency on your face.

But we would recommend you to try it in your home before you apply it. Because the intensity can be different, and you certainly don’t want to mess up with the look of your party. It is recommended for your too light foundation to use a small drop of turmeric and then simply mix and mix. This darkens your foundation and gives the look you want to your yellow skin.

8. Blush for those with pink skin undertones

It is a great idea to bring your skin back to pinkish tones by adding a little blush to your foundation. Apply a little blush to your hand and mix it with your base. Use a natural pinkish glow on the face once you have properly blended it.

9. Use correctors

Whether you really have to lighten or darken your foundation or even add some warmth or an olive tone, try a special corrector to customize the foundation. With these typical products, remember that it goes a little a long way.

10. Add shade adjuster to your foundation

Formula Foundation Physicians shade adjuster is a set of two liquid colour drops specifically designed for your base to match your unique skin shade in a perfect shade. This adjustment in colours are added to the dark foundation, while remaining true to their natural depth, with a bright antioxidant blend of vitamin C & E. Just add some drops, without changing the finishing, to pump up your base.

How to know that you are wearing the wrong foundation shade?

How to Make Foundation Darker? | Guide with 10 Easy Hacks

Read that list and get into the large mirror that is filled with dawn through an immediate window. If you are not sure that you are wearing the right shadow, or want to doublecheck that you are.

Here are some tips for you to recognize that you are wearing wrong color of foundation:

1. Your base feels like a cakey

The texture and feel of the foundation is essential to ensure that you wear the right one for your unique type of skin. The heavy foundation days are gone; it is not necessary and certainly not desirable, because your skin won’t be natural. Even the lightweight formulas provide the highest possible coverage. Try another formula if it looks and feels cake or thick on your face. For dessert time, leave the cake.

2. Your skin break outs always

Many products do not work for people with sensitive skin on the markets. You might say that your skin is not sensitive, but you’re never going to know how much your skin speaks to you! You may be okay with a so-and-so product of brand name but you may not be working with another product of the same brand.

3. You never changed foundations

You probably don’t have the best product for your complexion if you have the same foundation in the past 15 years. Skin changes over time and ages. Over time. Often this means that you need another kind of foundation product and even another shade to match changing skin shades. A lightweight foundation perfect for younger, softer skin may not be a 20-year-old skin. In the same vein, when the skin matures, it may not be necessary for the heavier product to cover breakouts and treat the oil skin.

4. Testing colour on the arm

You’re 3 hits in the shop if you’ve tested the colour under fluorescent lighting alone. Ask for a sample instead, take a sample home and try it on your jawline. You know, if the colour disappears, the right shade has been found.

5. Your face looks more tan

Your face appears to be tanned but not the rest of your body. Even if you are very fair and want to look a few darker shades, it’s not the way to do it with a different shade than your natural skin tone. Let this job go for bronzers instead. Match your foundation with the right products to your actual skin and contour.

If your base is too dark, what to do?


Do you think you found the ‘perfect’ shade of maquillage at the store, just that it isn’t your shade later? How many times have you placed your foundation in a rush to understand that your skin tone is too light? Most foundations may look like a match for your skin tone, but sometimes a very different picture may be found on the whole face.

For a dark foundation, the easiest solution is to add a light dissimulator to the blend and mix. That’s due to the lightness of the concealer used in our eyes. Or if the base is marginally dark, use the concealer around your mouth AND eyes to prevent the face from looking darker because of the basis.

Do not worry if you have purchased a foundation that is darker or shade. When the hollows of the cheeks and the nose are neutral (which are pinkish, purple, and ashy) or cool, use it to shape it. Use it as a bronzer on your forehead and on the face-side along the cheekbone, when it is red or warmly tinted.

With a dark foundation on your face, the idea of contouring helps you to add shadows to your face and sculpt it.

One of the best things you can do is use a concealer to the contour if your face is acne or troubled on the parts of the surrounding area. This is because most contour products are not covered by a concealer. So, it lifts the foundation, disguises and exposes your acne and blemishes if a cream contour is applied. This doesn’t happen if you use a dark concealer!

Watch Wrong foundation shade? Here are some hacks to fix it | Video

Top 5 FAQs & answers related to how to make foundation darker

What if you purchase the incorrect foundation shade?

If you’re wrong to buy a darker shade, simply mix it with the cover or mix it with a hydrant. Your foundation can be lightened with a little humidifier and set with powder.

Should the base be lighter or darker than the skin?

Search for the perfect color. The foundation must be the perfect match for the skin colour whether you have red hair and fair skin or black hair and dark ebony skin. Do not purchase a foundation to make your face look even darker or lighter or to alter its underlying colour.

How do you blend the right underlying shade?

Combine the base with a maquillage brush for even covering. Take your mixing sponge or brush and gently tap into your skin the darker foundation. Then combine the two shades of the foundation with your sponge or brush around the face, to blend them into small, circular motions.

How do I know if I have too light a foundation?

You’ll look ashy or like a grey cast on your skin, if your makeup is too light. It can make your teeth muddy if the formula is too dark. Look for the shade that is most likely to disappear into your skin.

How to make your foundation darker?

Mix some pure liquid or gel bronzer instead of adding another base shade to your liquid make-up. The bronzer gives your makeup a warmer tone, as well as being darker, so your fake sound will match.



Imagine that: you are on the make-up aisle, twinkling in the dozens of shades, all of them lined up in line. You’re holding it up one by one – perhaps even opening a few, just to look better. Then what happens when you think you’ve finally found the perfect shade for your skin tone? You just bring it home to find you were awfully mistaken.

A familiar sound? The best thing is that, but it doesn’t have to mean a trip back to the store to choose the wrong shade. In fact, there are many easy ways of darkening or lighting your foundations.

Many other processes are in place to darken your shade. However, these are the simplest ones mentioned above. You’ve understood them, hopefully.

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