How to Make Your Eyelashes Stay Curled in 10 Easy Steps?

How to Make Your Eyelashes Stay Curled in 10 Easy Steps?

Congratulations if you were born with doll-like lashes. Aside from being a time waster, curling your eyelashes every day is also ineffective. An eyelash curler is a must-have when it comes to eyelashes. may be both a best friend and the worst adversary for someone with naturally straight lashes.

It’s my go-to trick for making my eyes appear brighter and larger. But the curl it gives me doesn’t linger as long as I’d like it to. The battle for perfectly curled lashes is a serious one. To ensure that the curl lasts as long as possible, it is possible to curl the lashes in advance.

Why won’t my eyelashes stay curled? 

Long lashes have always been a part of my genetic makeup. Sadly, they can’t keep a curl in place for more than 30 seconds at a time. My lashes begin to droop minutes after I’ve finished applying my makeup. Attempting to lengthen my lashes alone by using an eyelash curler has failed miserably, so I turned to more widely known methods of eyelash curling in the hopes of finding anything that worked.

1. My eyelash curler has been pre-heated

This eyelash curling tip will help keep your lashes curled. Makeup artists and Pinterest users alike have shared this tip with me a half-dozen times now. Thermal eyelash curlers are designed to keep lashes curled for an extended period of time.

Heat may be used to curl or straighten the hair on the head, and eyelashes are also made of hair, so the idea makes logical. Curling your eyelashes is as easy as using your normal curling technique and an eyelash curler with a heat source. Hair dryers are great for warming up. my Shu Uemura eye curler before using it on each lash.

2. Eyelash curler with mascara wiggling

Wiggling mascara and heating an eyelash curler is a second method for keeping eyelashes curled.When it comes to completing tasks, I’m a real slacker. applying mascara on a daily basis. For whatever reason, my hands aren’t steady enough for me to apply them without getting it in my eye or on my eyelids.

For the first time in a while, a technique called for twirling your mascara wand to raise your lashes. Apparently, this is the “proper technique” to apply mascara since it keeps your lashes apart and fuller looking, but I’d never tried it before now. I’m glad I did.

Simply twist the applicator at the root of your lashes and then pull up fast is all you need to do. This ensures that your lashes aren’t weighted down by product because the majority of the product is concentrated at the bottom of your lashes. I decided to give it a try because it made sense.

3. Curling eyelashes while using mascara

This was a new trick to me, and I wasn’t sure how it would help keep my lashes curled, but I tried it nevertheless. All that was required was to curl your lashes before applying mascara, which looked straightforward enough. After attempting to hold the curler in one hand and the mascara applicator in the other,As a result, my face was covered with mascara for the rest of the day. eyes, the curler, and my fingers.

Fortunately, I am not ambidextrous. Putting on the mascara was difficult for me because I kept dropping items and worrying that I would rip out my lashes while rearranging the makeup to keep everything under control. In the end, my lashes appeared like they hadn’t been given any mascara at all.

4. Partially curling lashes for a longer lasting curl

Curling lashes in sections to better hold eyelash curls worked like this. I was apprehensive about attempting this technique after a disastrous attempt to apply mascara using a curler. If I can’t even curl my lashes in one direction, how am I supposed to do it in sections?

Because I’m a bit of a slob, I knew I’d have to be especially careful not to yank out any of my lashes. To begin, I curled them as usual, then switched to a new part of the hair and curled them until they were near the ends. In order to ensure that my hair was properly curled, I went through the process twice, although I was careful when squeezing the curler in case it didn’t work.

5. Before applying regular mascara

Waterproof items are not something I’m a fan of. Waterproof makeup terrifies me because of the chemicals or hydrophobic substances in the product, especially since it will be close to my eyes, yet I’ve been avoiding it for years. However, a lot of the advice on how to keep your eyelashes curled for longer is to use waterproof mascara beforehand.

How to make your eyelashes stay curled in water?

Curled eyelashes enhance the appearance of our eyes, making them appear larger and more attractive. However, it can be challenging to keep them in the desired position throughout the course of the day. Makeup tips to keep your eyelashes curled in water, without mascara, and after applying mascara will be covered in this post. Keeping your eyelashes curled in water is a must if you’re taking a swim or photographing underwater.

Step 1

The first step is to curl your eyelashes, then dry them with a blow dryer. help shape and hold the curl.

Step 2

Start with a single layer of clear waterproof mascara gel. The gel keeps your curl in place and strengthens your lashes. For your lashes, it serves as a waterproofing base layer.

Step 3

Put on two thin layers of waterproof mascara and let it dry completely before you go out. Before adding a second layer, let the first one dry for a few minutes. With the first coat in place, your curls will stay in place, and the second coat will give them, even more grip and definition! Additionally, the second layer helps to ensure that all of your hair is covered, including the roots.

Step 4 

One coat of clear waterproof mascara gel should be smeared on top of the waterproof mascara. This final step seals in your lashes and curls even more. Aiming for fuller, longer lashes is the goal. waterproof as possible by strengthening them and then sealing them.

Water is the deadliest enemy of curls, and your waterproof makeup will ultimately run out. Make sure you have waterproof mascara, gel, and curling iron on hand in case you need to touch up your makeup.

Can you train your eyelashes to curl naturally?

Vaseline as a Magical Potion “How” is simple: Apply a small layer of goop to your eyelashes and curl them with an eyelash curler. You can use the cream to keep your eyelashes from becoming brittle and protect the base of your eyelids.

Curling your lashes is a great way to draw attention to your eyes. Your lashes could even break off your lashes if you don’t do it right. Make sure your eyelash curler has a soft and spongy pad if you want to give your lashes the greatest and healthiest curl possible.

DIY hacks to make your eyelashes stay curled? 

What are your plans for the upcoming holiday season? Well, from my perspective, it’s fantastic and a lot of fun! Returning to our subject, here are some eyelash curler recommendations that every woman should be aware of.

In addition to brightening your eyes, eyelashes can also help you look more attractive. By curling your natural lashes and taking good care of them, you may extend the life of your mascara and avoid clumping when wearing false eyelashes. Eyelash curlers are a great way to enhance your eyes’ natural radiance by adding volume and definition.

1. Apply mascara after curling your eyelashes

After applying mascara, most women follow up with a quick curl of the lashes. But you shouldn’t do that at all! It’s best to avoid curling your lashes after using mascara because the product makes your lashes stiffer. Stiff strands can break or fall out of curl when you try to use a curling iron on them. As a result, curling your lashes before applying mascara is always a good idea.

2. Be careful with your lashes

While curling your eyelashes, it is crucial to remember to maintain your lashes clean. It’s much easier to apply mascara when your lashes are clean and well-hydrated, thanks to the benefits of regular eyelash cleaning. As a result, before using a lash curler, be sure to remove any eye makeup and thoroughly clean your lashes. You can be confident that this will produce the best outcomes for you.

3. Heat the curler a tiny bit

In order to get the best curl and the longest wear out of your eyelash curler, make sure you heat it up first. To do this, you’ll need metal curlers that can be heated quickly. Using a hair dryer, heat the curler to the right temperature. Curl the lashes as soon as possible with an eyelash curler to ensure that they are correctly curled.

4. Eyelash curlers should be kept clean at all times

Another possible cause of unattractive eyelashes is a failure to clean your eyelash curler on a regular basis. An eyelash curler that is filthy or contaminated might spread bacteria to your lashes and eyes. Clean your eyelash curler with soapy water. Wipe it dry with a cloth once it has been washed sufficiently.

5. Hold on

In order to get the most out of an eyelash curler, you should keep it in place for many seconds before releasing it. The curler should be heated and held on the lashes for about 20 to 40 seconds, depending on the thickness of your lashes. It’s important to remember that if you hold for longer, the lashes will retain their curled shape.

6. Apply Vaseline on the skin

To give your lashes a dewy appearance, dab some Vaseline on them. Make sure your eyelashes are free of dead skin and debris by cleaning the eyelids or eyelashes. Apply a little layer of Vaseline to the lashes. Using the same method, curl your eyelashes the same way. Using this technique, you can achieve the appearance of thick, full lashes.

7. Keep your hands off the bars

When curling your lashes with an eyelash curler, be sure not to pull or twist them. When using an eyelash curler, be careful not to break the lashes or cause any fallout. If you try to curl your eyelashes by pulling on them with a curler, you’ll only end up damaging them further.

8. Root-curling is the proper way to begin

Lift the lashes by curling them all the way up, starting at the root and working your way down to the tip.

9. Mascara is a great way to finish the look

Curling and lifting your lashes using an eyelash curler is an excellent first step, but you should also use a volumizing mascara to amp up the drama and radiance of your entire eye makeup look.

10. Make sure they’re dried properly

After applying mascara, be sure to let your lashes dry completely. Mascara should also be applied in the same direction that your lashes were curled. Please wait for your mascara to dry completely! Whoa! Those eyelashes of yours are the nicest I’ve ever seen!

Top 5 mistakes to avoid while curling eyelashes

Using an eyelash curler may completely transform your makeup routine because it curls, beautifies, and pops your lashes all in one go. This makeup gadget, which appears to be something you’d never put near your eyes, has completely transformed my life. In spite of its intimidating appearance, it’s actually quite simple to use. To be fair, you may have been misusing the tool.

1. To begin with, do not curl your lashes

Your lashes can stiffen and break if you use an eyelash curler after applying mascara, so avoid doing so. Make it the initial step of your daily cosmetic procedure instead of an afterthought. Surely you don’t want to ruin your winged liner or concealer under your eyes? Before applying eye makeup, curl your lashes to keep them clean and free of dirt and debris.

2. Incorrectly pumping it

To get a long-lasting curl, you should pump the eyelash curler five to eight times and hold it for a few seconds. Start at the base of the lashes and work your way up to the tips, ensuring that the lashes are perfectly curled. Using the right technique will ensure that your lashes have a flattering curve and that they are enviable.

3. As a result of using it with excessive force

To get the desired or long-lasting curl, don’t clamp your lashes too firmly. This will only harm the health of your lashes. In addition to causing your lashes to fall out, pressing too hard can give you an unnaturally straight bend instead of a natural-looking bend. It only takes a couple of light squeezes of the curler to complete the trick.

4. Using a curler that hasn’t been washed

Your eyelash curler should be cleaned on a weekly basis, just like your other beauty products and brushes. What’s the matter? It is possible that styes (also known as eyelid pimples) can be caused by the pad insert collecting product residue, bacteria, and debris. Every week, use a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol or micellar water to clean the eyelash curler.

5. Using an eyelash curler that isn’t heated

This is a brilliant trick that keeps the curl even on droopy and straight lashes. The same way you use heat tools to curl your hair, heat your curling tool to keep the curl in your lashes. Heat your hair dryer for a few fast seconds while holding it around 10 inches away. Curl your lashes while making sure they aren’t too hot to avoid burning them.

Watch My lash routine | Video

People also ask questions and answers related to the how to make your eyelashes stay curled?

Who has the world’s longest eyelashes?

You Jianxia (China) has the world’s longest eyelash, measuring 20.5 centimeters (8.0 inches). Shanghai, China, was the location where the eyelash was measured on May 20, 2021.

Before or after using mascara, do you curl your lashes?

For Pelvic-Desevic, this causes lashes to clump together and for mascara to adhere to the curler. “Never curl your lashes before applying mascara.” Before using mascara, Siciliano recommends curling your lashes first.

How long do eyelashes last?

A natural lash’s normal life span can range from two weeks to eight weeks.

How long can you expect your eyelashes to last before they fall out?

Typically, salon-applied eyelash extensions last between two and four weeks. A portion of your eyelashes may fall out prematurely. Therefore this is a precautionary measure.

My eyelashes fall out for no apparent reason?

Blepharitis, trichotillomania, and autoimmune illnesses are among the most common causes of eyelashes falling out.


Many factors might cause lashes to lose their curl. For certain folks, Clementina Richardson, celebrity lash stylist and founder of Envious Lashes, says that straighter eyelashes don’t keep curling effectively.

Humidity, eyelash curlers, and over-processed lash treatments are among the other factors that can cause your fringe to fall flat, according to the author. According to celebrity makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes, it can be as simple as not curling your lashes correctly or using too much mascara.

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