How to Prevent from Mascara Running Down Face?

What is mascara?

How to Prevent from Mascara Running Down Face

Mascara is a commonly used cosmetic to improve the eyelashes. The eyelashes can be darkened, thickened, extended and/or defined. The modern Mascara product usually consists of one of three shapes — liquid, powder or cream — but most of it contains pigments, oils, waxes, and preservatives with the same basic constituents. A liquid in a tube is the most common form of mascara. Let’s read and know, How to Prevent from Mascara Running Down Face?.

The proper purpose of Mascara, as defined by the well-known, highly spoken brand, is to determine Kay beauty and enrich eye lace as elegantly as designed in the hashtag #LashGoals, with a large, voluminous bottle containing honey as the ingredient of a Vegan, Cruelty-free and Paraben-free nature. And so to redefine this, the additional Lashes mark with the right technique is supplemented by a densely bristled wanded brush to ‘have two coats on the high and a reverse over the lower ones’ to get a Mascara volume and length promotional Eye look.

Why does your mascara smudges?

How to Prevent from Mascara Running Down Face

Mascara smudging through the whole face is one of the most annoying events of your life. All this concealer under the eye is ruined and the fanned lashes are uncomfortable. A simple waterproof mascara would be an obvious solution, right?

Your mascara might not actually be the problem. If you use a heavy eye cream before using your mascara, the texture and moisture of the mascara can be affected,”. “Humidity and eye cream oils are mixed with the skin’s heat and oils. This heat rises to the mascara and affects the mascara formula, which breaks the ingredients down into those dreaded mascaras.”

Waterproof does not mean smudge-resistant. Waterproof Maybelline Great Lash for example, Mascara tends to smudge, so it is not because products that are waterproof and never smudge.

You should always be assured that before using the wand, you have removed any excess mascara. Sweep the brush head carefully against a clean paper towel before you apply mascara. Only one swipe is all right. It takes out any additional mascara and appears to make a big difference as far as you are concerned.

When it comes to smudging, no two mascaras are alike. You might have to try some things before you find one that does not smear you but Maybelline Great Lash ($5) and Givenchy Phenom Eyes ($28) are two mascaras that you are not looking for.

Raise your hand if you have ever felt that your mascara was personal. I know you have all looked into the mirror at midday and had to wipe the darkening of black stripes on your upper lid at the end of the day. let’s see what makes your mascara run down your face:

1. You always put mascara on top lashes first

You know the nervous dots you get on and under your eyes? You know them? Start with your bottom cloth when you put your mascara on to avoid them. If you do not look down, your top picks will smudge. Look straight forward and put your wall at the base of your cloves when you make your top lashes.

Then move your band up and Marlena, founder and CEO of the blog Makeup Geek, recommends using a squeaky motion. “This will help make the pins curling. Repeat it until you have as thick a pinch as you want, usually two to three coats. Tilt your head slightly forward when it comes to the under pinches so that you do not get mascara on your cheek.

2. You do not separate your lashes

Nevertheless, it can make lashing clump together sometimes, no matter how hard it is to avoid it. Just make sure that your latches do not hold together by combing them with a spoolie after application.

Neil Scibelli suggests that you use whatever formula you have already left in the brush to make your bottom pinch so that you do not smudge and clump on your bottom pinch and make the finish natural and cleaner.

3. Oily skin

Always notice that bi-phase eye makers have a layer of oil? After all, oil is a fine remover — including the oil you produce in your face.

As the oil on the face breaks the basis, so your mascara breaks down. As the day goes on and you produce more oil, the eyelashes that come in contact with your skin (these are the upper laps for some people, the lower laps for many, or the two) will begin to act as though they were coming in touch with a makeup remover.

For this reason, when it comes to mascara transfer, you often do not hear of dry or ordinary people having such difficulty as people with oily skin.

4. Your mascara wand isn’t wiped

More product is on the wing when you pull it from the tube than you actually need. You can prevent cleavage and sticking together by wipe it off before application.

This prevents clumping, smudging and overall excessive clogging of product. Right at the opening of the mascara you can remove the excess product, so it ideally goes back into the tube,


5. At the end of the day, applying another mascara layer.

Mascara doesn’t look like the blush or lipstick that is at the end of the day easy to use again. “It’s not [reapply] that I will [reapply] if you don’t have time to do your entire face.” “Have a more waterproof mascara.” Use a completely different formula when you really need midday mascara boost. Something like Revlon All-in-One Mascara ($9, ulta.com) with a small, defining brush.

How to stop your mascara from smudging?

How to Prevent from Mascara Running Down Face

Perfectly finishing a maquillage eye; with an eyeshadow perfectly mixed and a fleek cat eye, just to see that your mascara is smearing a few hours. Make-up unintended is the worst nightmare for every girl and the latter is a common make-over misfortune that we would like to avoid.

If you’ve never addressed the matter, consider yourself fortunate, but this article is for you for those of you who were the victims of the mascara problem. Some useful advice and tricks to prevent smear and running mascaras are provided here.

1. Waterproof mascara is best bet

Many women who try to avoid scrubbing naturally opt for a waterproof formulation, since it holds your scrub with a death grip. This is the trouble—if you wear a waterproof mascara every day, it leads to a nightly pulling and rubbing routine, because that is a pain to remove.

Use regular mascara but add waterproof to the tips of your cloves, if you are the type who has long cloves that touch over your lid constantly. Thus, the mascara formula will not pass when you blink. When you remove the formulation at night, it will be much easier to take off and overall, less aggressive in your eyes because you only have some of it on (yes!).

2. Eyebrow gel

The clear brow gel is one of the best ways of avoiding accidental raccoon eye. Yes, you also have your mascara in place with the same stuff that you used to hold your brows. One of the most underrated beauty products is clear brow gel. Follow your favorite mascara by applying a few coats, go over the top with a clear brows gel.

This will screen the mascara below and prevent it from smearing, blossoming or leaking through your face. Make sure that you dry your brow gel for some time, or otherwise you’ll finish on your brow. The best thing is brown gel doesn’t add goop or bulk to a clove, so it doesn’t dry up and ruin your clove, unlike waterproof mascara.

3. Don’t pump your mascara wand too much

Before applying the mascara, pumping your mascara aggressively doesn’t do anything but allow air into the product that makes it dry, sloppy, and then tangy. It also reduces the product’s shelf-life! That’s the secret reason why your costly mascara is so rapidly going wrong.

4. Keep blotting

Do you have oily eyelashes? This is truly an ordinary problem, creating a slippery platform with a smudged mascara on your eyes. But this is easy: just put a sheet of blotting paper in the deck and under your eyes to absorb any excess oil before applying makeup.

5. Use eye primer

But if you are not using a facial primer, which is that you can easily mix together and over your eyes at the same time, I highly suggest that you take just the addition of 20 additional seconds to dab on a designated eye first, instead, such as a cult favorite Urban Decay Primer Potion or a favorite drugstore E.l.f. Shade lock, in order to mattify your lid.

It not only prevents the creation and sliding of your shadows and liners, it can also help prevent the leave of your mascara after a few hours.

Top 5 things to consider while applying mascara

Mascara running down face

Think of Mascara as your finishing touch – after your eyeshadow, eyeliner and any eye make-up that you use, it completes your look. But it’s time to pick your product, before you start swiping. Are you interested in volume, length, curl or all of them? These techniques work for every mascara:

1. Flexibility

A tip from makeup artists that we hear again and again? Bend the walls of your mascara. Though it may sound scary to snatch your favorite brush, bend your tip gently to make the brush horizontal – it will make maneuvering the wall around difficult-to-reach areas such as the inner and outer corners of your eye easier.

2. Curl your lashes before applying mascara

Use an eyelet curler to lift and extend the latches before applying mascara. This will make it possible for your mascara to stick better. Choose to approach the lash line as close as possible without punching, like the Eyeko Magic Express Curler.

3. Start from center

“I love wiggling the mascara from the roots and always in a fan style: the internal cleaves peered to the nose, the center cleaves towards the temples, and the exterior cleaves are thickly brushed towards the temples,” suggested MacKay.

4. Choose wisely

Take your time to purchase mascara in a suitable way. Take a while to determine the purpose of the mascara before reaching a decision. The characteristics are distinguished by the need of the lashes. Select a volume mascara that will make them thick and bulky to extend the mascara with the essential oils for short eyelids.

5. Look down while applying

Alright, it may sound like the world’s simplest tip, but many women forget to apply mascara, so it is important to repeat! When you next apply mascara, just look down instead of watching the mirror.

This technique shifts down the lattice to prevent them from hitting the mascara and prevents the mascara from ruining the eye shadow ever again. This technique will not make you deal with mascara smudges. Who could make such a big difference, knew a small change?

Watch 6 common mascara mistakes – and how to avoid them | Video

Top 5 FAQs & answer related to Mascara running down face

What to look for while buying mascara?

1. The apply must be easy. Nothing is so mischievous or awkward, as a mascara whose wand is too large and user-friendly.
2. Long duration
3. Easily coming off.
4. Must dry fast and efficiently.
5. Doesn’t look bogged down.
6. Does what it is saying.

What’s wrong with my mascara?

It will leave the lashes clumpy if your mascara is dry. Remove the tube into a cup of hot water and loosen the formula and make the application thinner and easier.

How do you remove bad mascara?

Only take a cotton pad and gently scrape it off after you are sure the smear will be dry. First dip it into micellar water if it is difficult to remove the mascara.

Why is my mascara clumpy?

It is easy for clumps to form with too much mascara on the brush. “The best way to clear the brush from excess is before applying, brush the surplus lightly on the tissue. You can also scrape the brush on the tube or scrape with a clean wall

Why does my mascara always smudge under my eyes?

This is Oil. After all, oil is a fine remover — including the oil you produce in your face. As the oil on the face breaks the basis, so your mascara breaks down.


Mascara running down face

Mascara is one of the best inventions for beauty in the world and the easiest way to look awake. But this is also one of the most difficult to use and besides getting it all over except your cloves, you can make other mascara errors that can damage your clod.

Camara Aunique, the Lash expert and founder of Camara AUnique Beauty, suggests that you put a coat on the front eye, then head to the next eye, while the top laths sift and sift, and then apply a coat on the bottom latch.

Too many mascara coats may weigh down your lace and even make it fall out. Just be careful and follow these pro tips and your mascara will never run down the face.

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