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How to Remove Eyelash Extensions at Home  Makeup Guide

You might feel brave enough to take your own action on the eyelash removal process, however removing eyelash extensions is best left to pros, as it involves removing surgical-grade adhesives. Not only do you lack expertise and tools, you can also easily contaminate your eye with bacteria and wind up with an infection. “You should always wait for an expert to remove eyelash extensions for the safety of your eyes and for the health of your natural lashes,” says AndraCiulei Marin, the designer and Artistic Manager of the Courtney Akai Lash Boutique in NYC.

The beauty service of the day certainly appears to have been Eyelash extensions. A new series of false eyelashes has gone by every day, since lash extensions can provide anyone with the instant gratification of lengthy, complete eyelashes (including not being born with them). Long eyewear is enough to convince anyone to spend their hard-earned cash on such a service. But we cannot always take the time to get our lashes touched, with busy schedules and an increasing number of responsibilities (or removed). Therefore, the question: can your eyelash extensions be removed at home?

Well, yes you can but you it’s not recommended.

How to remove eyelash extensions at home?

remove eyelash extensions

To remove eyelid extensions successfully at home, basically you should do all that your lash designer said you don’t do!

Remember that your designer tells you never to use oil-based maquillage remover? Oils are notorious for their breakdown and therefore poor retention of the adhesive used to apply eyelash extensions.

Follow these steps for eyelash extensions to be removed in the home:

Step 1:

Remove maquillage and wash your face.

Step 2:

Steam your face to loosen lash extensions.

Put on it your face and drape a large towel over your head, fill a mixing bowl with steaming-hot water. Remain 10 to 15 minutes along this path. This steam treatment helps loosen the eyelid extension glue bonds.

Step 3:

Get a little bowl with oil. Fill it. Cocoa oil is best used to remove lava extensions, but it may also be used for vegetable oil, olive oil, and castor oil.

The following step is to slightly warm the oil up. Make sure the oil is not too hot since you will deal with the eye zone, which is highly sensitive. Take your clean rosy finger for warmth. Take care. All you need to speed up the process is mild warmth.

Step 4:

Throw a sponge into coconut/olive oil, a cosmetic ball, or a make-up pad.

Swipe the top and the bottom lines carefully, make sure you don’t see any of the oil. This gives the extensions “slip” and helps them to slide from your eye.

Sweep your lash line again with the same cotton pad. You should begin to see a couple of lash extensions fall and remain in the cotton pad.

Step 5:

In the morning: Wash as usual your face.

Use the cloth wall of your finger and brush it as you would usually. You notice that a lot is going to fall, but there may be others. At night replay as necessary.

What are the different ways to remove extensions of the eyelash at home?

remove eyelash extensions

While you may want to remove all the remaining cloves at once, you can’t do it your own, and your last thing to do is remove the tweezer. “Pulling out cords in the early stages of growth could cause gaps to be regenerated for a long time,” Ciulei Marin says.

Although a professionally designed removal can’t be done in the comfort of your own home, you can take certain steps and products which are probably useful already, but don’t be surprised if it takes a couple of days or weeks for them all to finally be taken off.

There are several ways to remove your eyelash extensions in your home, according to Veronica Tran, founder of Candian spa Pretty in the city. The longer your clogs are on, the simpler it should be. Here are some of the methods recommended by the experts.

1. Every night, take away your makeup

As we all know, before you go to bed, you should always take away your makeup. Shari Marchbein, a dermatologist certified in New York City, says, ‘this could lead to painful styles and inflammation and also stop the natural growth of the eyelid’s guts from making them overnight.’

2. Try to loosen your lash extensions by taking a hot shower

Remember, even when you’re in a shower, not to pick up, pluck, rub or pull the extensions. If not, your natural clog and your eyes will be damaged. Plucking can cause breakage of your existing cords, not to say touching your cords can spread bacteria quickly to your cord and surrounding area of your eye. Instead, try taking a warm shower if you’re trying to speed up the downtime process. Just as your Lash artist should advise you not to wet your laps and avoid vapor in order to prolong your laps’ lives, doing the opposite can help loosen any traffickers which still hang on your laps for dear life.

3. Apply castor oil with your fingers before bed, both before and after removal.

Castor oil breaks down slowly while sleeping the adhesive’s bond, loosening the extensions, so that they can fall off by themselves more easily. “When you remove at home you shouldn’t expect all of the extensions to go away at once,” says Tran. “Without damaging your natural lashes, only a special adhesive remover available in the salons can accomplish this.”

Richardson proposes that you keep using castor oil on your natural lashes before bedtime, after your lash extensions have been successfully removed, to help strengthen your natural lash.

Joshua Zeichner, a dermatologist certified by the New York Board, agrees with Richardson’s tip, says “Castor oil was traditionally used as a natural remedy for thinning hair and eyelashes. “It forms a protective coating over the hair shaft to literally thicken it and improve healthy growth, like hair conditioners.”

4. More mascara

You can try to hide remaining laminated extensions with lengthening mascara and eyeliner instead of picking or pulling. “They’ll mask these stragglers right up with a good black liner on your upper deck,” Ciulei Marin says.

It can not only help mascaras combine hollow extensions which seem to hold on to their beloved life, but it can also help to weaken the adhesive by using mascara daily. “The majority of mascaras are loaded with waxes and oils so that in about a week they are ready for use.” Reach an oil-based remover to gently remove your mascara at night to really accelerate the process.

5. Take a break from eyelash curler

It is also a recommendation for Richardson to stay away from mechanical curlers because they can damage your natural cords, even by pulling cords out at the root or breaking it in half.

Is it safe to remove eyelash extensions at home?

remove eyelash extensions

The safest way to remove your eyelash extensions is to remove them from a professional, both for your natural pickles and your eyes themselves. Extensions can be adhered to in most cases with a grade surgical glue which should not be messed with by a novice. Bacteria can also be easily spread through the eye area, which is avoided easily by a lash artist (they have hundreds of hours of training, not to mention the proper equipment). So you ought to look if you can wait to see a specialist.

However, in these circumstances, you inevitably cannot get into the lounge to remove your laughs and may want to take things into your own hand. Whether you’re taking intermediate arrangements or giving up extensions for some time to breathe in your natural pulp, there are fortunately some damage-free, skilled ways to remove eye extensions in your home. Just listen to our warnings of the health and safety risks of getting things into your own hands.

You may have many questions about eyelash extensions, particularly if you had them for the first time. One of these issues may be, can they be removed safely at home or must a professional see you remove them.

Although your eyelash extension at home can be safely removed, your safest option is to go to the professional. Professionals are trained and experienced with eye extensions carefully removed without damaging the pin or irritating the eyes. When you remove eyelid extensions, bacteria that may cause irritation or infection can easily be introduced to your eyes. It’s much safer for a professional to take care of the job because they know how to remove the lash extensions safely.

However, you can take certain steps safely when you are going to remove your own eyelash extensions at home. Professionals have shared some tips to help you to remove your cloves safely without damaging your eyes or eyelashes.

5 Tips to remove eyelash extensions at home

remove eyelash extensions

Tips to remove eyelash extensions at home: follow these tips to avoid damaging the original eyewear at home:

1. Try to be patient

First and foremost, you can try to prevent eyelash extensions from being removed prematurely if you can help them and especially not at home. This is because eyelets are attached using surgically adhesive to your natural cloves – they are designed to withstand and are not easily released from water, soap, and sweat. Renowned technicians should be free to remove your extensions, so try to go back to your cosmetologist to work if possible.

2. Do not pick or pull the lash extensions

In an eager rush to remove lash extensions, there are a few important things you have to remember before you try to correct this situation, which could finally reverse the situation. The aim is to keep your pins as healthy as possible, so it is imperative that you know what not to do first.

Clementina Richardson, who founded Envia Lashes, renowned lash and brow expert, reaffirms the importance of holding your hands off your pins for optimal results. “Do not cut off your lashes or select extensions of your lash. Choosing them will only damage your natural clods and your extensions will eventually grow and shed your natural clod.” Combat the urge to choose any extensions as much as you can, as this may influence your laughter and even stun the growth of new laughter.

3. Know the risks

Safe removal at home, but caveats are possible. “Each company produces a specially formulated lace adhesive remover, free of damage to the natural lace, to break down the bonding of the glue,” Hillman explained. “It is almost impossible to remove compounds from the home without a lash damage because of their professional glue.”

4. Be extra careful with your natural lashes after removal.

When extensions are deleted, the best way to care for your pins and to keep a look long is to be somewhat confusing if you can’t make it for a new set in the living room. Whether you want false cloves to wear or to grow your natural ones, the good news is that you can keep the look of extensions in a few different ways. Lotti recommends Lashify to keep you up to your next appointment for the quickest remedy.

5. Be gentle

When your extensions fall off, be gentle to your natural eyelids, particularly during maquillage. “Try not to press the pins or the eye area too strongly and avoid rubbing,” said Ciulei Marin. Nourish and strengthen your hair instead with an eyelash serum and try those tips if you want to look longer.

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Top 5 FAQs and answers related to how to remove eyelash extensions at home

Do your natural lashes get ruined by eyelash extensions?

It is important to know what to expect prior to eyelash extensions. Sometimes they can damage natural clogs, others can cause clogged extensions and no damage to their natural eyelashes. However, it is very unlikely that your laugh extensions will damage your laugh if they are applied and removed properly.

Will the extensions make my eyelashes grow again?

Yes, most of the time you get an eyelash extension, they will grow back. However, for them to fully grow back to what they were before the lash extension was introduced it might take several weeks or months.

Is it safe to remove eyelash extensions at home?

Is Eyelash extensions safe to remove at home? The safe way to remove your eyelash extensions (both for your natural pickles and your eyes), is for a specialist to remove them. In most cases, extensions are adhered to with the use of a high-level surgical glue that is novelty.

How to remove eyelash extensions without ruining your natural lashes?

Eyelash extensions can be removed at home on your own. The most common way to break down the lash adhesive is using cocoa oil or olive oil. Having said that, it is always better for a professional to remove your pins to avoid damage to your natural pins.

Is it bad to pull eyelash extensions to remove them?

Don’t pick or pull!
Whether it is a nervous habit or your extensions just bother you, you will never want your eye extensions to be pulled or chosen. This single act can cause the most damage and cause your natural lash to poorly grow.


remove eyelash extensions

It could be even harder to remove if you cannot patiently wait until the false lashes shed with naturally occurring lashes. But it is important to weigh the risk of getting into removal when you have no alternative but to remove lash extensions at home.

It can change the risk to your eyes, eyelashes and skin first depending on which type of remover you are using. The skin around the eye can swell, the eyes can reddish, natural lashes can all fall out.

You should never use professional eyelash removers at home. The risks are simply too high.

Oils such as coconut oil, olive oil, baby oil are natural options, and if you are an amateur, you can make better choices. But be aware that you may lose a few cloves because oils are not as strong as professional clothing. To break the adhesive link, you may need a little pulling.

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