How to Shower with Eyelash Extensions by 10 Steps Guide

How to Shower with Eyelash Extensions by 10 Steps? | Guide

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How to Shower with Eyelash Extensions by 10 Steps  Guide

If they are long and curved, the cloves will be more beautiful and attractive. But having nice and suitable lashes isn’t something everyone can always do. Today beauty can also help you access the eyelashes and help your eyelashes to become more charming with the advancement of technology. If you want to use your eye extensions to the best of their ability, it is important to take care of them at home. Lash extensions that are not properly cared for fall out sooner and can irritate the eyes.

To maintain good eye health and to extend the life of your extensions, proper maintenance is imperative. If you care for your extensions properly, they will probably remain in place until the winds that hold them out are natural. Let us mention the information note after eyelash extensions that can provide knowledge on how to treat your eyelash extensions more efficiently to ensure beautiful lashes!

What to know and how to shower with eyelash extensions?

shower with eyelash extensions

You should try not to wet your new cloves in the first 48 hours. The water reacts with the glue of the eyelash extension and causes flash treatment. It’s a bit like cooking an external chicken – cooked outside and frozen inside. Basically, water causes the lash bond to break and become fragile.

You’re safe to shower again after 48 hours. It is a myth that when you have a new set, you should never wet your eyelash extensions!

1. Proper maintenance

Although easy to maintain, proper care and maintenance ensures that your lash extensions last longer. Be aware that these common tips that seem to be ignored are not forgotten. For adhesive to dry, the first 48 hours are crucial and provide a strong, durable link. It is therefore very important to follow the following instructions. Firstly, make sure that your eyelash extensions are kept dry and do not shower, wash your face with hot water or wet the cloves. Furthermore, prevent swimming and exposure to steam, heat or saunas.

Neither on nor around your eyes use oil-based creams and lotions. Your natural eyelashes should be wet not for at least two hours; 48 hours are ideal for properly attaching the adhesive to a dry eyelid. A dry washcloth can be rolling over your brows to protect your extensions from being completely saturated. Second, do not apply the makeup of the eye or lash. Thirdly, tinting eyelash should be avoided and permitting or chemicals, chemical peeling, waxing, or laser treatments around the eyes should be avoided. The last tip is to avoid sleeping on one side or the stomach.

2. Take care for 48 hours

A mix of water and lash extensions is perfect. The rumors that have gone around are unfounded. The only hitch after your lash appointment is immediately. For the first 8 hours, you cannot apply water on your lashes until they are completely dry. This time frame allows the adhesive bond to correctly attach the synthetic lash fibers to your natural lash to avoid premature drop. You don’t want those wonky-looking cloves too early, I bet. After 24 hours, you will be free to jump into the pool or swim in the bath.

3. Use swimming goggles

A popular technique is simply the use of swimming glasses designed to keep the water out of the eyes. If you’ve got a couple of goggles lying around, just make sure that they are clean and dry from any chlorine before they’re on the shower.

You may also want to test the quality of your guns before using them in the shower and check that they are not leaking and that they fit comfortably to your face (and clothes!).

Try showering with tidy water. We want to avoid moisture and higher in the vicinity of your lashes.

When you leave the shower, dry your lid before removing it.

Avoid showering 48 hours after you have applied your extensions. Extensions of Eyelash use special glue to bond your eyelids. This glue can take up to 2 days to dry completely. Do not shower or wet your extensions for the first 48 hours after you put them on.

Your technician will tell you exactly how long during your appointment you should avoid taking a shower.

4. Do not rub your eyes during shower

If you are one of the people who love to rub your face while you are in the shower, if possible, avoid the eye area and be gentle along and close to your lash line.

Vigorous rubbing, tugging or anything that can cause your lash friction can damage them. The less you mess with your lashes, the longer they last, as a rule of thumb.

shower with eyelash extensions

5. Use Eye Shields during Shower

Shower eye shields, also referred to as facial shields, are a perfect solution for those women who want water and steam in shower to protect their eye shields. The hypoallergenic shield prevents even the most sensitive skin to irritate while making it easy to clean and rinse your face.

6. Handle with care

It could only be all you need to keep your cloves in place at all times with the utmost care. You almost constantly have to touch your face, whether you dry it or apply cosmetic products or facial scrubs. Be soft with your cloves and avoid rubbing them rigorously while you do any of these. Before or after a shower, you can wash your face separately and pay special attention to how your clogs handle them.

7. Review your cosmetics

Refrain from any washings, soaps, or shampoos containing alcohol or oil. These products do not gel with your eyelash extensions that cause the lashes to detach because the adhesive bond breaks down. One further advantage of using oil-free products is that they are acne-free because they do not block your pores. You need to consult your laminated stylist to verify whether your products are suitable for natural laminating.

If a humidifier is applied directly to the face, the glue breaks down because of the oil in it. It does not mean that these creams cannot be applied. However, you must be careful to avoid the area around the cloves.

8. Don’t go for steamed baths

Keep your showers cool so that you don’t build a lot of steam. Steam can loosen the bond between the eyelids and the glue. If you take super-hot, steamy showers, consider cooling down the temperature so that your extended glue is not weakened every day. Turn your bathroom fan into your shower to clear the steam faster.

You should also prevent the use of eyelash extensions in saunas or steam rooms.

9. Pat dry upper and lower area of your eyes

Drain your laps above and below to dry them off. Do not put the towel directly on your eyelashes when you dry your face. This can remove your extensions. Take the towel over and under your eyes to dry the area instead. Let the air dry in your eyelashes before you make up.

If you need to moisturize your face, keep your eyes or eyes hydrated. The oil in an eye-extension moisturizer can break down the glue.

10. Use eyelash shampoo

Although it’s a strict no-no to rub your eyes, you can take eyelash extension shampoos readily available on the market to clean them. These help maintain glue and add more longevity to your semi-permanent cloves.

Even after extensions, some people can’t give up their loved eye-makeup. Eye products, including the remover, must be oil-free to maintain your lash bonding. It is recommended to dip a Q-pin in the remover to remove the eye composition gently instead of using cotton balls or pads. The extensions of cotton particles may interfere. In short, the extensions of the lash should be left as far as possible alone. 

What happens if my lash extensions get wet?

shower with eyelash extensions

If you get your lash extensions wet after 48 hours, don’t worry; the glue probably had plenty of time to dry and set them up entirely. In them you can even swim!

Within the first 48-hour time frame you might lose a few clicks, or if you accidently splashed water on your face or got the extensions moist, or if your click becomes stiff, causing the clicks to break away early.

It really depends on how much you get wet. I got lash extensions on my wedding day and ended up crying literally two hours after the ceremony (no surprise there).

I was able to remove the tears without ruining my make-up or losing my lash extensions through VERY light blotting with tissue.

If you expose the lashes accidentally to water, before you should – the glue is moisture overloaded and dries immediately. This means that the lash extension has not properly linked to and fallen off your natural lash.

You shouldn’t wet your lash extensions. Overall. Getting your long lashes wet will not only make them fall faster, but also make them feel so strange. They feel heavy and uncomfortable with the second water.

Plus, they’re dry forever. Have you ever tried your eyelashes blow-drying? I know it’s insane.

We were ALL there before. You had a sparklingly new set of magnificent lash extensions applied. You hoped in the shower and exposed it to steam out of habit. Or worse, you’ve just popped your head under the shower jet – soaking up your lovely new cloves.

Don’t stress – it’s something that always happens. The key thing is to make sure that you are honest with the lash-tech and let them know that during the curing process the lashes are in contact with water.

Sometimes the glue is completely fine and you don’t lose the cloves prematurely. Sometimes the cloves are quickly decayed because of something called a “shock-treatment.”

Watch How to deep clean clients dirty lashes | Video

Top 5 FAQs & answers related to how to shower with eyelash extensions

What if you your eyelash extensions get wet?

Do not wet your lash extensions
The water reacts with the glue of the eyelash extension and causes flash treatment. It’s a bit like cooking an external chicken – cooked outside and frozen inside. Basically, water causes the lash bond to break and become fragile.

Can I get my eyelash extensions wet after a fill?

If you care about them, like no oil make-up remover, no mascara and take a couple of extra precautions, such as not to shower for an hour or to touch them AT ALL in hot water. You should be all right.

After 24 hours can I get my lash extensions wet?

Yes, after 24 hours, you can get your lash extensions wet; below are some tips for lash extension after care. Don’t rub fingers, gently clean the upper eyelid. Don’t look in the shower directly into your eyes. Strong water pressure may lead to a loss of shape and fall early.

How do you wash your face after getting eyelash extensions?

After Eyelash Extensions Care
· Be gentle.
· Keep the Eyelash Extensions dry for 4-6 hours following your appointment.
· You can wash the face with a washcloth in the sink to avoid the area of the eye.
· Keep all oil-based products out of your eyes and remember that everything on your face is going to the eye region.

How can I protect my shower eyelash extensions?

A dry washcloth can be rolling over your brows to protect your extensions from being completely saturated. Second, do not apply the makeup of the eye or lash.


shower with eyelash extensions

Professional technique for improving your natural lashes with no falsification or mascara, lash extensions include synthetic clogs on each of your natural clogs, using an adhesive. Wait a minute to your nearest lash stylist before you go! Since this is an artificial process, with your natural lashings you won’t enjoy all of your freedoms.

Eyelash extensions are a semi-permanent way to ensure that you always wear mascaras or falsities. They are individually applied by a certified eyelash technician with a special glue. When you are considering eyelash extensions, but worried about ruining them in the shower, stay out of the shower for 2 days after your extensions are being applied, wash your face in the sink and keep your eyelash extensions looking good for a longer time using oil-based cleansers and removers.

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