How to Use Eyelash Extensions with Glasses Guide

How to Use Eyelash Extensions with Glasses? | Guide

Introduction to the topic

How to Use Eyelash Extensions with Glasses  Guide

So, if you wear glasses, can you get eyelash extensions? The answer is a loud yes!

One of the problems many women experience when wearing glasses is that they rub the mascara on the lens. This is one reason why lash extensions can actually offer eyeglass wearers even more benefits.

Instead of using multiple mascara coats in the morning and dealing with smudges throughout the day, consider investing in an extension of a beautiful lash. Extensions are an easy and affordable way to luscious sport looks around the clock. Your eyes look bigger, brighter, and even if you wear your glasses, “pop.”

If you’re really worried that your glasses interfere, just bring them to your appointment. In this way, you can see whether your desired length is a problem before the complete set is applied. Your lash artist will then produce a set that is tailored to your needs.

Is it all right to wear glasses with eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions with glasses

Yup, surely you can!

It does not mean you can’t ROCK eyelashes and embrace your mistakes simply because you wear glasses.

Your routine of beauty ought not to end because you are a wearer of glasses!

However, it will be problematic if you wear long eyelashes. They scratch your lenses and get furious like hell — whenever you blink your eyes.

It’s all about trial and mistake!

You don’t know at this point if it’s going to work for you unless you try it!

One of the problems many women experience when wearing glasses is that they rub the mascara on the lens. This is one reason why lash extensions can actually offer eyeglass wearers even more benefits!

If you’re really worried that your glasses interfere, just bring them to your appointment. In this way, you can see if your desired length is a problem before the complete set is applied. Your lash artist will then produce a set that is tailored to your needs.

This is also why eyelash extensions are increasingly popular.

Instead of dressing with mascara early in the morning and wrapping all day, you will find a much confident and comfortable investing in a fake eyelash extension.

Extensions are an affordable and convenient way to lighten your eyes.

Especially if you wear glasses, your eyes will look bigger, brighter, and stand out.

What type of eyelashes can you wear with glasses?

Stand back and be enlightened with five different types of false eyelashes and some great tips to facilitate your life.

1. Accent lashes

Accent lashes

The accent was long a favorite among, and they add perfectly to any makeup bag. Used solely on your outer corners, you can make your lash look as natural or dramatic as you wish without being restricted by your lenses. 

Your eyes will look faultless all day long after you’re getting to know the girls well. Have you known… Ardell stores a fantastic range of accent lace in various thicknesses and styles, or try Eylure’s pre-glued corner lace for a super easy lifetime?

2. Individual short lashes

Individual short lashes

Why not test certain individual lashes if you’re looking for lashes that can help you get a full-length look while avoiding the commitment and hassle of a strip lash? The idea of applying people may seem somewhat daunting, but it doesn’t have to be.

We don’t propose a whole set of people every morning but allow you to fill spaces in your natural flashes and the ability to create your own style. The shorter style of individual lashes reduces the narrator of falsification by preventing the squashed effect of the clogs behind your lenses. You knew… Did you know… We store different styles and colors of individual and multipack lace.

3. Individual eyelash extensions

Individual eyelash extensions

Although it may be the most complex and time-consuming type of lash extension, each lash offers the most flexibility for the users. And this can be a great option for those with glasses. You only have to use fake eyewear to fill any gaps and create a more natural look with less interference than a whole set. And a shorter version of the individual eyelash extensions can also be provided to avoid them falling behind your glasses and falling away easily.

4. Strip lashes

Strip lashes

Strip lashes are easy and easy to apply and are a good choice for those who want to use lash extensions on a regular basis. While strip lashes can be seen as a slightly more dramatic look, you have plenty of style and color options. Make sure you’re shopping. Now strips come in different lengths and tightness, so find the one that fits well into your glasses.

5. Lashes fine blend

Lashes fine blend

There are many fine mixing strips in a variety of styles to suit your creativity and personality. Suppose you want to wear gloves while “no false cloves, cloth look” is for you. You can find a range of thinner blending pins that contribute to length, volume, and style without limiting your creativity. You knew… Did you know… We stock the popular Ultra Natural strip lash from Eylure for fine mixed lashes.

Few tips to know if you are wearing glass eyelash extensions

With your lash extensions, you can wear any kind of glasses or sunglasses. As long as your stylist can determine the correct distance, you can go well. Key factors to remember are:

1. Trust your designer

A no-brainer, but you have to trust your designer. Make sure you read reviews at the salon that your lashes are done. It’s important to know that you’re doing it in a reputable location with trained scholars after all, and sight is important, right?

It also helps to have confidence in your designer (even if this is your first time). Make sure you feel comfortable enough to share your concerns with them.

2. Shopping for new glasses or sunglasses

Shop locally and always tries to make your best fit! Look for rounded, curved glasses. Flat glasses sit closer to the face, while round glasses give your lenses more room. Many attempts may be necessary to find the perfect shape to keep your lashes free and clear, but you will make a payoff with the perfect pair with some persistence.

3. Don’t worry about perfection.

If you wear glasses, eyelash extensions will still be visible. Due to the enhanced curls used, your eyes are more open and more popular.

You may be concerned that the thickness and reflection of your glasses could make a statement against your eyelid extensions. Your lashes look just as great from our experience and still give you that noticeable factor.

4. Customize your lens lenses

Try adjusting the lens if you can’t adjust your lenses! Ask your lash designer to turn into a more dramatic curl. Curvy lace is more than out, and your lenses are more likely to miss and hit with you!

5. Your lashes are going to hit your glasses.

The big thing about eyelash extensions is that they can be customized very well. Talk to your Lash extension specialist and let them know that you wear glasses.

In my case, I decided to wear my clothes on the appointment so that my lovely stylist Cristina and I could see how much space I had between my clothes lenses and my natural clothes. Then I spoke to her about the length and style I wanted (I decided to go for a classic cat’s eye set), and they turned out wonderfully.

They won’t hit your lenses until you choose the right length and style! You should go for shorter lashes with more curls so that they are away from your glasses.

Top 5 eyelash extensions to buy if you are a glasses wearer

Let’s have a look at the top 5 eyelash extensions you should buy as a glasses wearer:

1. False Lash, style no. 003 Eylure Accents

False Lash, style no. 003 Eylure Accents

False Lashes Eylure Accent is the perfect way to give your everyday look with glasses subtle fullness and natural length. Jessica Chia, an Executive Beauty Editor for Allure, said to the magazine, “It is great because it’s half-length, so you don’t have to cut it!” 

Moreover, they are easy to be applied so even beginners can feel confident that they will be placed on, and the included lash glue is irritating in order to prevent itching or puffiness. It looks quite natural and affordable. I have no difficulty with putting it on or taking it off. I don’t have to trim them; I have not even to trim them.

2. Mega volume lashes

Mega volume lashes

We have gorgeous, easy to apply, matte, 100 percent vegan, and latex-free mega volume cloths from our second generation. They offer the wispy look that customers love absolutely. Yegi Mega Volume Lash is soft and fluffy, and thanks to special adhesive bondings at the base, it is extremely easy to fan out without falling apart. They are perfect for a complete and dark look.

Our Mega Volume Lashes 2.0 version offers better bonding, foil support, and a longer duration bend. They are also in new sizes and thicknesses available.

3. Yegi premade lashes

Yegi premade lashes

Yegi Premade Lash (2D-7D) fans have been designed for easy extension of volume eyelashes. They are latex-free, heat-bound, and have an exceptional volume and fullness. They are unique. It can be used to create a natural, complete, or dramatic look based on the fan’s thickness. Purchase the 2D if you want a more natural look. Choose the 6D if you want a more dramatic style.

We are proud to offer a wide range of eye linen extensions in different styles and sizes.

4. Ardell faux lashes

Ardell faux lashes

You need to wear large, bulky, false cleats while wearing glasses to prevent bathing of the lens, such as ARDELL Demi Wispies. ARDELL is one of the most famous brands in faux lashes with the right amount of floating, feathering, and curling. The flared lash style is shorter on the inside and longer on the outside, which makes them perfect for wearers of glasses. And the lash band is really unnoticeable with their Invisiband technology.

I love these eyelashes because they fill in and curl the right amount. Mix well with your own cloves without looking too hard or too dramatic. It creates your eyes and makeup application with a beautiful, elegant look.”

5. Ardell Individuals Duralash Combo Pack

Ardell Individuals Duralash Combo Pack

If you’re a false newbie probably won’t start with singles, but this Ardell Individual Duralash Combo Starter Pack kit is an excellent choice, especially for the glass wearers, if you have some experience under your belt. You can use the short cups of the kit to the inside corner; however, go to the more dramatic, knotted, or long black cups for the outside cups, which point away from your cups.

Watch How to wear false lashes with glasses | Video

Top 5 FAQ’s & answers related to eyelash extensions with glasses

If you wear glasses, can you have lash extensions?

So, if you wear glasses, can you get eyelash extensions? The reply is a loud yes! There was a mistake. Even if you wear your glasses, your eyes will be bigger, brighter, and “pop.”

If I wear glasses, what length should I get?

We advise you not to choose laces, which are too long to touch the glasses, which will make them uncomfortable for you while at the same time ruining the shape of the labs. Longer lashes do not affect your daily life, for those who do not wear glasses.

What sort of eyelash extensions should I wear with glasses?

Instead, opt for subtly dramatic false eyelash sets. Such lashes are often shorter than a typical, but no less dramatic, pair of falsifying eyelashes. This makes them the ideal solution for glass wearers because the ends of their frames should not be touched.

Are my eyelashes supposed to touch my glasses?

Nose pads also aid in aligning glasses to the center of your eyelashes and keep lenses away. It is important to avoid touching the lenses because this is not only uneasy when you blink, it is also bad for the eyes and can lead to excessive strain on the eye.

How do I pick extensions of eyelashes?

The length you and your designer choose depends on how thick or thin your own lashes are. You could wear a longer extension if you naturally have long, thick laces. Those with sparse or shorter lashes can choose to extend the spectrum to the shorter end.


 Eyelash extensions with glasses

Some beauty trends are far more tedious than others for girls who wear glasses to fit into our routines – and fake eye extensions are no exception. While they can add a glamorous look that makes your eyes stand out, lash extensions can also be slippery.

Imagine looking at larger eyes that seem more open and pop without trying. Imagine spending less time in front of the mirror trying not to smudge your mascara and sleeping more. But wait, just one problem: you’ve got a prescription.

Only by wearing glasses can you not enjoy the pleasures, beauty, and leisure time with eyelash extensions. So, if you want to know if or not you should take extensions but feel that your specs might hold you back, you must have cleared your mind after reading this post.

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