How to Use Lipstick as Colour Corrector? | Makeup Guide

How to Use Lipstick as Color Corrector? | Makeup Guide

For a long time, lipstick has always been the most common form of makeup. Lipsticks are commonly used to brighten the lips and even affect the overall appearance of the face. Lipstick adds color to the lips and makes the user’s face glow.  

Lipsticks even have the potential to be used as other cosmetics. They could be used as eyeliners, for example, by dabbing a small amount on the back of the hand and applying it to the lids using an angled brush. 

Using lipstick as color corrector

How to Use Lipstick as Colour Corrector? | Makeup Guide

So, is it really possible to use lipstick as color corrector? 

Shades of red are exactly opposite tones of blue and green-veiny colors, which are at the source of the under-eye shadows, according to the color wheel. Contrary to popular belief, opposing hues on the color wheel can negate each other out, allowing red a feasible option for neutralizing blueish tints. 

However, it would be difficult to integrate and layer for the ordinary lady, and if used beneath the eyes, it will crease and smudge. Because no one looks at their makeup six hours later, these ideas only apply on Instagram or in demos. Furthermore, applying lipstick as a concealer could exacerbate acne. 

How to use lipstick as color corrector? 

Choosing the right color for your skin tone would be the first step in using lipstick as a color corrector. On top of that, you’d use concealer that matches your skin tone. Try a peachy or pink tone if you’re fair. If you’re tanned or dark-skinned, a bright orange or red will look great around your mouth, as it does with darker skin tones.  

Starting with an eyeshadow brush or your fingertips, dab on the lipstick. If you have a green lipstick, you can use it to cover up the red in a blemish. 

Using lipstick to conceal dark circles 

How to Use Lipstick as Colour Corrector? | Makeup Guide

Dark under-eye circles are difficult to treat and necessitate extra effort. Bright red lipstick worn under concealer, on the other hand, may be the key to a brighter, quite awake-looking under-eye region. The vibrant red colon assists to balance out the dark purple and blue tones. 

Simply get an eyeshadow brush to apply red lipstick to the whole under-eye area after applying foundation. Start with a little coating of color and build it up as necessary till the discoloration is gone. Then, using a makeup sponge, mix in the concealer red layer and start building up your coverage till the red is totally covered. Finally, dust your face with a finish powder that complements your skin tone for a uniform and seamless touch. 

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This article explained the usages of lipsticks and if it could be used as color corrector. Moreover, explanation on how lipsticks can be used as color correctors was also mentioned, followed by techniques to use lipstick to conceal under-eye dark circles. 

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