How to Wear Eyeshadow Under Eye? | Makeup Guide

Can you put eyeshadow under your eye? | Makeup Guide

What exactly are eyeshadows and why are they used under eye? 

Eyeshadow is a form of makeup that is widely used to highlight the eyes. Eyeshadow is typically used to grab attention to our eyes. It will surely make the eyes look beautiful with the correct colour combination and techniques. It is often used to shade or “shadow” the eyes, but it can also be used to lighten, brighten, and enlarge them. 

Harsh lines under those lovely eyes can actually make them look smaller, so shadow is the ideal solution. Using shadow to line your lower lashes will give you a softer outline than a traditional liner. The majority of eyeshadows are powdered and involves talc, but cream and liquid shadows are also available. Eyeshadow also comes in a variety of textures, formulas, finishes, and effects. 

What are the types of eyeshadow?

How to Wear Eyeshadow Under Eye? | Makeup Guide

There are various different types of eyeshadows which varies according to their properties. 

01. Cream eyeshadow

Cream eyeshadows are typically packaged in a pot, but they are now also available in pans, tubes, and sticks. Cream eyeshadows have a lot of colour payoff, which is why they’re so common with fashion bloggers and celebrities. With the aid of a shader brush, add cream eyeshadows. Certain people like this sort of eyeshadow because of its shimmery texture and long-wearing consistency. 

If you’re interested, it’s best to avoid using cream-based shadows in hot weather because they’re not waterproof and can quickly melt. Though creamy shadows are perfect because of their shimmery finish, long-wearing formula, and blend ability, the disadvantage is that they crease quickly and must be set with powder.

02. Powder eyeshadow

Powder eyeshadow is the most popular form of eyeshadow used by the majority of people. It’s more common because this is the simplest kind of eyeshadow to blend. They’re typically packaged as a duo or quad palette. Some pigments are also available in pans as stand-alone pigments.  

Powder eyeshadows are available in a variety of finishes, including matte, satin, and shimmer. It’s also important to note that because the skin around your eyes can be sensitive, you shouldn’t rub powder eyeshadow in them. 

03. Liquid eyeshadows

Liquid eyeshadows, along with powder, are the best starting point for learners. As they come in a sleek tube with a soft brush, applying them is very convenient. A genius beauty trick is to use liquid shadow as a foundation for your lids. It clings to pigment, increasing its vibrancy and durability.  

However, since liquid, like its cream-based equivalent, creases quickly, this isn’t a great choice for anyone with oily lids. To make a colourful winged-eye, use liquid eyeshadow straight onto the lids with the wand or with a fine, thin liner brush. Liquid eyeshadows dry easily, so keep that in mind. They are easy to use but challenging to learn. 

How to apply eyeshadow properly under eye? + Video Guide

How to Wear Eyeshadow Under Eye? | Makeup Guide

Are you having trouble to apply eyeshadow properly? Don’t worry, this section will guide you through a step-by-step procedure on applying eyeshadows in a correct manner. 

1. Decide an appropriate makeup brush to apply the eyeshadow properly

For even, accurate, and hygienic makeup procedure, invest in some better makeup brushes. Synthetic brushes are generally preferred over natural-fiber brushes because they are less expensive, easier to clean, and won’t cause allergies. 

2. Use base eyeshadows

Using your eyeshadow brush, scrub your favourite base shade throughout your eyelid. To prepare for a more dramatic look, carry this base colour all the way to the top to your brow bone. 

3. Use dark shadows for eye crease

As dark colours attract light, using a darker tone of shadow in the crease of the eye tends to make your eyes pop by adding depth and dimension in just the right place. Begin with your eyes open, while using your brush to draw a line where you want the dark colour to appear.

Then close your eyes and blend throughout your lids, smoothing out any harsh lines and focusing pigment in a “V” structure on the outer edge of your eye. 

4. Use dark colours for lash lines

With a super-dark eyeshadow, you can achieve a similar effect. Apply the dark colour with a flat, short-bristled brush along on the corners of your top eyelid, where your eyelashes initiate, and along the bottom lash line. 

5. Use a shimmery shadow to highlight

Apply a shimmery whitish eyeshadow or pencil instantly under the brow to make your eyelashes pop and add lift. To brighten the effect, apply a similar light colour to the internal corner edge of the eye. 


This article explained the uses of eyeshadows. Moreover, types of eyeshadows with a step-by-step applying guide was also mentioned. 

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