Why Is Inner Corner of False Eyelashes Won’t Stick Guide

Why Is Inner Corner of False Eyelashes Won’t Stick? | Guide

Initially, what exactly are fake eyelashes and how do they work? 

False eyelashes have quickly become the most common method to strengthen and finish one’s makeup appearance. They are re-usable and extremely effective. The majority of lashes are synthetic and made of a plastic-like substance. Synthetic lashes are less expensive than those made of human hair or animal fur, but they are also the heaviest of all kinds and, due to their extra-shiny texture, they clearly look more ”fake.” 

Animal lashes are made from polished fur collected from various species, such as minks and horses. Human lashes, on the other end, are made from human hair, but unlike synthetic lashes, both human and animal lashes are ultra-fine, fluffy, and simple to curl. Even so, if they were exposed to water, they would lose their structure. 

Natural lashes have a more elegant appearance. These are lashes that will increase the length and thickness of your lashes without getting carried away. Complete lashes, which are clearly much thicker than natural lashes, are also available. Although these lashes appear to be too heavy for daily use, they are ideal for photographs.  

Individual lashes, likewise, come in various lengths and are added one by one until the lash line is fully covered. These lashes take longer to apply, but they look much natural where your eyelid reaches your lash line, and you can tailor your length and look by applying as many or as little as you like. 

How to apply false eyelashes correctly?

Why Is Inner Corner of False Eyelashes Won’t Stick  Guide

So, below mentioned is a guide to apply fake eyelashes properly. 

  1. If you are new to fake lashes, begin with some cheap supplies, so that they won’t be wasted if you fail. 
  2. To begin, scale the strip against your own eyelid and trim away any extra. You should save the extra lash strip to stack on top of the lash strip at the outer corners of your eyes later. You may also use it to add a little more depth to your natural external eyelashes. 
  3. Apply the lash glue, but don’t stick them immediately. Let the glue dry for about thirty seconds. Bend the strip to make the ends stick when it’s drying. This secures the adhesive to the ends, preventing them from lifting as you apply them. 
  4. Next, it’s time to actually apply them. You could look down into a mirror that is almost perpendicular to your forehead. Your eyelid will stretch, just as though you were shutting your eyes, and you’ll be able to observe the strip more clearly. When applying, remember not to close your eyes. If using your fingers is difficult, tweezers can be used instead. 
  5. You can use an eyeliner to hide the lash strips. Draw the line from the beginning of the lash strip to the internal corner of your eye with your liquid eyeliner. 

How do you get the inner corner of my false eyelashes to stick? 

Why Is Inner Corner of False Eyelashes Won’t Stick  Guide

Make sure the lash is a third of the way in rather than on the very inner corner, and cut it shorter than the eye length. You can also mould each lash by rolling it gently around a pencil or pen. If necessary, you can use curved eyelash applicators. Tweezers may also be used to press the band and your lashes along. 

Make sure the adhesive is sticky; if it’s too wet, it’ll slip around and make it more difficult to adjust it to the correct position. It’s also a good idea to add a little more eyelash adhesive to the lashes’ ends and inner corners. The inner and outer corners of false lashes are the most difficult, so apply a little extra glue to them to get them to hold down and stay sticked. 

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This article explained the usages of fake eyelashes and a guide to apply them properly. Moreover, the issue on these fake eyelashes not sticking to the inner corner eye was mentioned. 

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