Lash Lift Didn't Work Can I Do It Again: Guide to Fix

Lash Lift Didn’t Work Can I Do It Again: Guide to Fix

There are good days and bad days for everyone, including the finest teachers. When I first began performing lash lifts, we had to bend the rods and the solutions came in little vials/bottles. Eyelash lifts used to be a major pain, but in the year 2020, eyelash extension technology has evolved significantly. Keep going and start troubleshooting; we’re dealing with human bodies here, and they’re all different!

What can I do differently in the future to prevent this from occurring again? We are here to assist you tackle lash lift issues like these and more. Is it possible to tell how long ago the glue was made? If it has a stringy or claggy texture, it is likely to be rather ancient. Make sure your lid is always totally closed and standing straight up for the best results from your lash glue. Be sure to check the date you opened the bottle or look at the expiration date.

Too much glue will make it take too long for the lashes to cling to the shields/rods, giving the impression that the adhesive isn’t doing its job; too little glue will prevent the lash lift solutions from piercing the lash. Only use a little bit at a time and spread your efforts out throughout the rod.

Some lashes are more difficult to adhere to than others, requiring a little more adhesive and a bit more time spent pressing the lashes down as the glue dries and sets. Using a micro stick, apply a little bit and hold this on at the tip if you discover part of the lashes are not adhering; this will not compromise the solutions or the procedure.

What are the reasons why my lash lift didn’t work? 

It’s not hard to understand why lash lifts are quickly becoming a customer favorite. The extended and curled lashes last for 6-8 weeks with no upkeep from the customer. However, as is the case with any cosmetic procedure, there are certain clients whose lashes just do not respond to a lash lift.

However, don’t fret; we’re here to provide a hand. Here are seven explanations for why your lash lifts aren’t doing the trick, along with a handful of tricks for making them more effective.

1. The amount of glue used was excessive

This is one of the most prevalent yet overlooked difficulties with botched lash lifts. You need the adhesive to adhere your clients’ lashes to the shield, but what might happen if you are not cautious is that too much adhesive can block the solution from functioning on your clients’ lashes.

Use very little adhesive; the top of the client’s natural lash should be the only part adhered to the shield. This will imply that your Step 1 and Step 2 solutions can perform their work appropriately without the glue stopping them. You may use a Y comb to remove any extra glue and split your lashes if you feel like you may have used too much.

2. The failure to clean properly

Like any other beauty procedure, getting your lashes ready in advance is essential. Before beginning the Lifted treatment, make sure the lashes have been well washed. The lift might be compromised by leftover makeup or foundation.

3. The strategic deployment of solutions

Lifted Solutions should be applied just to the base of your own natural lashes, not the whole length of them. If the solution is applied all the way from the base to the tip, it might overprocess the lash and destroy it, leading to a disastrous lift. Take care not to oversaturate the area with the solution since doing so will not improve the lifting ability.

4. Timings

Timings are a tricky one to teach, but you surely learn as you go along. If you get your timings incorrect, whether it be a minute too long, it may dramatically affect how the lashes lift. You’ll need to check the state of the client’s natural lashes before you begin the procedure. To keep track of how long each stage of the Lifted process takes, a timer or Lifted Timer is recommended.

5. Lash shield size

Another factor that might affect a lash lift is the shield size. Many people mistakenly assume that a larger shield would provide a greater lift. Curls created by smaller shields tend to be more subtle and natural, while those created by larger ones tend to be more exaggerated.

Most treatments may be performed on customers that are size small or medium. If you’re not sure, try holding various shields in place and curl the lashes over and visualize where your product placement, etc. would be. When using a tiny shield, more patience or tape may be required to prevent the shield from being pinged off by coarse lashes.

6. Position of shields and air gaps in the skin

Put up a shield. If the shield is too large, cut it down so that even those with little eyes can see. Remove some material from either end to make it uniform, then visualize the curl you’ll get by placing the shield at various points down your lash line. The customer should also take into account how much skin is exposed between the shield and the eyelid.

As a result, strategic positioning of shields is essential. As a consequence of the separation, the lift quality will be diminished. Too much downward pressure on the shield will cause the lashes to kink, producing an L-shaped lift. If you want to avoid being hit by lashes, position your shield as near to the line of attack as feasible. If your customer has hooded eyes, a fantastic trick is to gently tape up the lid. You’ll be able to see the eyeliner more clearly, which will aid with shield placement.

Lash lift didn’t work can i do it again? 

Anyone who wants long, thick lashes without the use of lash extensions or fake lashes might benefit from a lash lift. It is conceivable that your lash lift didn’t take for a variety of reasons, some of which we discuss here. The processing period may not have been long enough for the thick or straight lashes. The recommended processing timeframes (using the elite method) are 5 minutes for Step 1 and 7 minutes for Step 2 for thin, curly lashes and 6-7 minutes for thick, straight lashes.

Due to the rapid nature of our lash-lifting method, it is not recommended to prolong the procedure. It is possible to execute a relift at the scheduled appointment time if there was no discernible lift after evaluating the lashes’ dried condition. However, the processing time must be reduced by at least 50%. Repeated lash-lifting sessions may be done for the same price as a half of the original processing times.

Keep in mind that this is a chemical technique applied to your natural lashes. Therefore the materials need to be properly preserved and blended before application if you want to get the best possible outcomes. Is there a lack of solution, or was there not enough of it?

Make sure that the mascara has not been applied directly to the base or the tip of the lashes and that it has been distributed evenly across the lashes. The recommended application of solution 1 is to the lashes’ midsection; however, if the lift does not take, try applying solution one closer to the lashes’ roots.

How to re-lift or reverse lash lift?

It is not hard to understand why lash lifts are becoming more popular. Your customers may have long, curled lashes for up to 8 weeks with this treatment and very little maintenance. However, as is the case with any cosmetic procedure, occasionally unexpected results occur. Eyelashes can either lift at all, or they can curl too much. If a client’s eyelashes have become excessively curled as a result of too much perming, however, the lift may be undone. Here are some of our best-kept secrets for undoing a lash lift at home.

This is a guide on how to undo a lash lift.

  • It is recommended to first use our Protein Remover Pads to thoroughly clean the eyelash area.
  • The Step 1 Lift Solution is then combed through the lashes for around 2 minutes with a mascara brush.
  • Take away Step 1, then apply the Fix Solution from Step 2, and do it all over again.
  • Use the brush in a constant, back-and-forth motion to separate the lashes, but be careful not to curl them. When brushing down, use straight strokes.
  • After removing Step 2, apply the Enrich Solution in Step 3. Keep on for a whole day.

After you’ve done all that, it’s best to wait 4-6 weeks before giving the lash lift another go. This is done to protect the follicles of the eyelashes and prevent any harm from occurring. If you want long, natural lashes using our Lifted kit, remember to take your time and follow the directions carefully. Depending on the health of the client’s own lashes, you may need to make some minor adjustments to the times. Lifted solutions should be applied exclusively to the root of the natural lash and nowhere else. The natural lash might be excessively processed and damaged if the solution is applied from root to tip, which would lead to a subpar lift. Take care not to oversaturate the area with the solution since doing so will not improve the lifting ability.

Few important tips to fix your wrongly done eyelashes?

The routines of applying and removing makeup are crucial to the maintenance of healthy lashes. Curlers and extensions for the eyelashes are also potential concerns. Here are some of the most prevalent ways to harm your eyelashes.

1. Makeup on as you snooze

Of course, you don’t want to wash your face at the end of the day, and removing your waterproof mascara is an especially unpleasant task. However, sleeping with makeup on is a leading cause of eyelash damage and breakouts.

Mascara’s stiffening effect on the eyelashes makes them more vulnerable to damage. When you hit the hay with the formula still on, your eyelashes will be pressed against the hard surface of your pillow, which might cause them to shatter due to their already fragile condition.

Makeup By Lips LLC founder and owner Sharon Lipetz Gjieli advises, “Always carry makeup wipes or makeup remover in your bedside for the lazy evenings when cleaning your face is simply not an option.” If you spend a lot of time putting your makeup, you should take just as much time removing it.

2. Applying mascara and then curling your lashes

Surely everyone enjoys the sensation of curled eyelashes. The effect of using the miraculous device is instantaneous, with eyelashes appearing three times longer after only one push.

The application of mascara is incomplete without first curling the lashes. “Curlers for the eyelashes should be used before mascara and not too near to the lash line. The cuticles of the eyelashes will be harmed, leading to breakage, “Consultant Sabah Feroz from Blink Brow Bar suggests; if you’ve ever wondered why your eyelash curler seems to become so clogged up, now you know the answer.

3. False eyelashes

If you want long, thick, and gorgeous lashes quickly, eyelash extensions are your best bet, but only get them from a reputable salon, and don’t overdo it. Talin Haghnazarian, a certified cosmetologist, says, “I refuse to put on a lash extension that is too thick or too lengthy for a natural lash.” You risk damaging the follicle irreparably or triggering premature lash loss. Latisse is a product that has been authorized by the FDA to grow eyelashes longer and thicker over time.

4. The act of rubbing one’s eyes

As many women will confirm, this practice is hard to break since it’s so gratifying. However, the next time you feel the need to act, it may be wise to hold off. Rubbing your eyes too roughly might cause damage to the eyeball and the eyelashes if you do it often enough. Always use caution around the eyes, and this includes removing your mascara and patting your face dry.

5. Put on old eye shadow

Makeup has a shelf life, so it’s time to toss away that old, stale stash. Don’t try to squeeze more product out of an empty tube, even if you think you can. It’s possible for harsh bacteria to thrive in old mascara, leading to lash loss, damage, and infections.

“Replace your mascara and eyeliner no later than once every three months. Consider switching to a new mascara or eyeliner if your eyes are often watering or itching. “Please take notice, Gijeli. The issue may be allergies or an eye infection, so see an ophthalmologist if it continues.

6. Heat

High temperatures are harmful to the human body (at least when it comes to beauty). It may cause your skin to get parched, your hair to feel like hay, and, yes, damage your eyelashes. Stop warming it up with a blow dryer or on a hot plate. Extreme heat may damage the lash hairs’ structural integrity.

7. Plagiarizing a pair of fake eyelashes

It’s the end of a fantastic evening, and you can’t wait to take off your false eyelashes and wash your face. Kate Stromberg, a famous cosmetic artist at COLOR Salon at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, warns that if you yank them off, you risk losing part of your natural lashes.

The glue on the lash line may be gently removed by soaking a Q-tip in an oil-based cleaner. If you want to avoid being hurt badly, “then carefully pull from the centre of the falsie outward.”

Watch How to fix a horrible lash lift at home | Video

Top 5 FAQs and answers related to lash lift didn’t work can I do it again?

When can I have another lash lift?

The average lifespan of a lash lift is 6-8 weeks, however this range is very individual. This technique should be performed every 6-8 weeks to raise the new hair growth, but no maintenance sessions are necessary in between.

What are the risks if lash lift doesn’t help?

Poor lifts come from the lash lift solution not being absorbed adequately because of a barrier, such as mascara, grit, dust, or oils. If your lash lift only worked on one eye, it may be because there was still makeup or grease on one of your eyes.

Can you do a lash lift twice in one week?

In fact, often two lash lift procedures may offer you even greater results than a single session alone.

Can I repeat my lash lift?

The lash lift may be undone, or the lashes can be lifted again. Always base your selection on the state of your client’s lashes after treatment, what your client is most comfortable with, and what will assist prevent any long term harm as much as possible.

Can I perm my lashes twice?

The curl from the lash perm should hold for around a month. Further, this medication should not be administered more often than every four weeks. “The technique tears down the structure of the hair, so it may be rather drying for certain individuals and make lashes seem brittle,” adds Merszei.


Remove all of Step 1 and Step 2 solutions using a dry cotton bud at all times. If you use a cotton pad that has been dampened, you may find that your false eyelashes no longer cling. If your lashes start to fall off, you may secure them back to the shield by de-tacking some micropore tape and taping the tips in place.

The product simply has to fill the bottom third of the screen for an order to be placed. The application of cling film may aid in the product’s effectiveness by trapping in heat. Caution should be used while applying cling film to the lashes so as not to smear the solution up to the tips.

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